Community Partners Of Dallas’ yCPD Field Day Campers Were Shaking And Baking Under A Bright Sun With Cookies And Mitts At The Rustic

While former Park Cities society writer Agness Robertson was being feted in the air-conditioned surroundings of The Reserve for her turning the century mark on Saturday, May 20, 126 millennial types were shaking their booties at The Rustic for the Community Partners of Dallas’ yCPD Field Day.

Puzzle Relay

Face the Cookie

Face The Cookie

Wheel Barrow Relay

Needless to say, the attire was strictly lightweight cottons, shorts and tank tops accessorized with sunglasses, baseball caps, sneakers and tattoos. Checked at the door, or rather the registration table, was any type of dignity as some of the ten games (Egg Race, Wheel Barrow Relay, Booty Shaker, Gatorade Flip Cup, Suck it Up, Puzzle Relay, Face the Cookie, Noodle Toss, pin the “y” on the yCPD and Social Media station, where all team members had to send out a selfie or team photo with the signature hashtag of the day – #ycpdfieldday) required some unusual physical requirements in the competition.

Suck It Up

Suck It Up

Booty Shaker

Gatorade Flip Cup

Pin The “Y” on yCPD

How about some examples? There was Face the Cookie requiring individuals to flip an Oreo cookie from their foreheads to their mouths. The Suck It Up having team members with straws maneuvering up M&Ms from the table into bowls. Pin the Y on yCPD had blindfolded competitors spun around and then trying to pin a “Y” on the yCPD banner with a little coaching from a fellow teammate. And, of course, The Booty Shaker proved to be the one where swiveling hips was a plus. With tissue boxes tied to the back of the waist, the goal was to jiggle, wiggle and move the white ball out of the box onto the ground.

DJ McCrae and Sonia Azad

KDFW meteorologist Jennifer Myers, who has handled the emcee duties in the past had to bailed at the last minute due to reschedule eye surgery. No problem. WFAA health reporter Sonia Azad stepped in looking pretty darn adorable and was a real trooper.

Paige McDaniel and Haley Urschel

With DJ McCrae providing the music to keep things cool despite the heat, Community Partners of Dallas President/CEO Paige McDaniel, HaleyUrschel, CPD VP of Development and Communications Joanna Clarke, Co-Chairs Crystal Lightbody and Tanner Hartnett, who brought along baby Bode Hartnett, were having a great time just watching the action.

Tanner Hartnett, Bode Hartnett and Crystal Lightbody

Of the 19 teams of  six in the opening competition, the top ten teams competed in the quarterfinals’ “Present Yourself” relay, which “had one team member moving down the field as their teammates wrapped them in wrapping paper, added ribbon, then a bow and finally a gift tag, to identify the top 5 teams.

“After a tight competition, 5 teams were declared the winners and prepared to compete in the Three-Legged Race.   With decisive wins, teams ‘Beer Pressure,’ a runner-up last year, and ‘Geriatric Millennials’ took the top two spots to compete for the title of ‘yCPD Field Day 2017 Champion.’

Hungry Hungry Hippo*

“The final competition was also new – a classic game of Hungry Hungry Hippo, but with a twist, people.  With two members from each team serving as the ‘hippo’ and collecting balls as their teammates pushed them on a scooter, it was a race to see who could collect the most balls first.  

From the left: (front) Haley Urschel, Crystal Lighbody, Tara Callahan, Tanner Hartnett, Sonia Azad; (back) Katie McDaniel, Katie Sears, Caroline McDaniel and Ian Hayashi*

“The competition was close, but team ‘Beer Pressure’ came away with the win. Team ‘Beer Pressure’ included team members Katie McDaniel, Tara Callahan, Haley Urschel, Caroline McDaniel, Katie Sears and Ian Hayashi. Each member of the championship team received a massage at COREHealth Wellness Center, a gift card to The Container Store, a 2-week pass and swag bag from Orange Theory Fitness and a commemorative trophy.”

Sponsors for the event included:

  • Qualifying Rounds Sponsors ($5,000) — APEX Clearing;
  • Red Ribbon Runner Up ($1,000) – Brunswick Group; McGuire, Craddock & Strother, P.C.; Riveron Consulting; and Rodney and Linda Tow;
  • White Ribbon Honorable Mention ($500) – Anistos Gobal; Greg Beane of Verner Brumley Mueller Parker; Embassy Suites Dallas Park Central; Longvista Consulting, LLC; Paige McDaniel; Orangetheory Fitness; Premier Transportation Services; and
  • DJ Sponsor – COREhealth Wellness Center.
* Photo credit: Tamytha Cameron

WFAA’s Sonia Azad To Fill In At yCPD Field Day For KDFW’s Jen Myers

Well, darn it! KDFW‘s Jen Myers isn’t gonna be handling the emcee duties at Saturday’s yCPD Field Day. Ah, shoot! She’s always so much fun. But the red, curled meteorologist has a note from her doctor ’splaining why. Her planned cataract surgery was moved up a week. So, she’s definitely good for the excuse.

Jennifer Myers (File photo)

Jenny Anchondo (File photo)

Normally, Jen would have her besty morning pal/KDFW anchor Jenny Anchondo fill in for her. Not so. She has a doctor’s excuse, too. Jenny is due to deliver her first-ever munchkin any day now.

Booty Shaking (File photo)

Not to worry. The Community Partners of Dallas crew has gone across the channels and will have WFAA medical reporter Sonia Azad doing the play-by-play at The Rustic. Hope someone has warned her that the event is a combination of the Olympics and the pie fight in “The Great Race.”

Doesn’t matter. It’s more fun than having Six Flags all to your own and still helps the kids in need through CPD. Festivities start at 2 p.m. and, if you can’t pull a team together, why not just show up and watch the fun!

Plans Announced For Grown-Ups-Only 3rd Annual yCPD Field Day At The Rustic

Perhaps the Community Partners of Dallas brain trust realized that adults were envious of the organization’s annual “Change Is Good” providing a plethora of kid-oriented activities in the fall. After all, that bounce house and bungee jumping looked pretty inviting even in wet weather.

The CPD Young Friends Group came up with the perfect solution — yCPD Field Day in 2012. It had teams of six competing in three-legged and wheelbarrow relay races. Overtime, the activities got more off-the-wall as the number of teams grew.

Jennifer Myers (File photo)

Hershey Kiss Relay (File photo)

Booty Shaking (File photo)

Word just arrived from yCPD Field Day Co-Chairs Tanner Hartnett and Crystal Lightbody that this year’s games will return to The Rustic from 2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 13, with KDFW red-curled meteorologist Jennifer Myers emceeing. In addition to the grown-up libations and live music, the competition will be just made for people watching. Just imagine trying to unwrap a Hershey’s kiss wearing mittens!

According to insiders, game-mistresses Paige McDaniel and Joanna Clarke are threatening to come up with some new outlandish games just made for cell-photoing.

Sponsorships start at $500 and teams are $350.

yCPD Field Day Had Hershey Kiss Relaying And Booties And Bobble Heads Shaking For Community Partners Of Dallas

Forget camps Longhorn and Waldemar. The summer camp action was at The Rustic on Saturday, May 21, and the campers were of voting age. Leave it to Community Partners of Dallas to take its annual kids-friendly “Change For Good” and create an adult version — yCPD Field Day. Only there were no bounce houses or bungee jumping.

Paige McDaniels and Joanna Clarke

Paige McDaniels and Joanna Clarke

Taking place in the heat and humidity of Saturday, May 21, mist fans were in high roll and icy beverages were just a hand off away. Funny as it may seem, the coolest millennials were gangbusting the are-you-serious activities which were dreamt up by CPD Funmeister Joanna Clarke and Event Chair Sarah Carbonnet. Adding to the off-the-wall antics was KDFW (FOX) meteorologist Jennifer Myers at the mic. (Folks didn’t realize that red-haired Jenny was at the mic-helm. She had doffed her straight auburn wig to let loose her glorious “Annie” red curls and donning Jackie-O shades.)

Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers

Another head-turner was the A-Team that may not have won the games, but they sure knew how to pose!

Angela Edgell, Karie Kieffer, Diana Leach, Crystal Lightbody, Bobby Martin and Paige Martin

The A-Team team members Angela Edgell, Karie Kieffer, Diana Leach, Crystal Lightbody, Bobby Martin and Paige Martin

Here’s an eyewitness report from the shenanigans:

As they checked in, the 102 participants shopped the Mystery Bag station, which featured a variety of “mystery” prizes valued at $50 or more. For $25 each, purchasers were surprised with items including Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks tickets; a four course meal for 6 people in your home by The Cuisine Counselor; gift cards to Dallas favorites spots, such as Neiman Marcus, Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano, The PilatesBarre, Trinity Groves and St. Bernard Sports; Fossil Smart Bracelets; and bottles of liquor and wine.

Sarah and Cameron Carbonnet

Sarah and Cameron Carbonnet

Emcee Jennifer welcomed participants before introducing Field Day chair Sarah Charbonnet followed by CPD President/CEO Paige McDaniel, who thanked all for their support of the 2nd annual event, which is hosted by the organization’s young professional’s group, yCPD. She then shared a recent example of the incredible work CPD does in partnership with Child Protective Services, made possible by the support from the community, including those in attendance.

After Jennifer reviewed the format of the day, the competition began with 17 teams of six competing for the title of “yCPD Field Day Champion.” DJ Andrew Figueroa of Everlasting Sounds provided the vibe as competitors took the field.

Booty Shaking

Booty Shaking

After the initial Qualifying Round, where all teams competed at 10 different games, including, Egg Race, Suck it Up, Wheel Barrow Relay, Booty Shaker, Gatorade Flip Cup, Bobble Head, Hershey Kiss Relay, Face the Cookie, Noodle Toss and Social Media station, scores were tallied to whittle down the field to the top 10 teams. The top 10 teams then competed in a Potato Sack Race to identify the top 5 teams, but the initial race was too close to call between 7 of the 10 teams and so a “sudden death” potato race was conducted in order to confirm the top 5.

Bobble Heading

Bobble Heading

Hershey Kiss Relay

Hershey Kiss Relay

The top 5 teams lined up for a classic field day game – the Three-Legged Race. Teams “Beer Pressure” and “McGuire, Craddock & Strother” took the top two spots for a place in the final.

Beer Pressure Team from the left (front row) Tara Callahan, Brianna Riddell and Katie McDaniel; (back row) Nic Waldron, Kevin Allen and Ron Johnson*

Beer Pressure team members from the left (front row) Tara Callahan, Brianna Riddell and Katie McDaniel; (back row) Nic Waldron, Kevin Allen and Ron Johnson*

Where last year’s final round, Tug of War, showed who had the most brawn, this year’s round, the Obstacle Course, required a different set of skills. The round started with a Brain Teaser, where teams had to solve a word puzzle before moving to the next station. Station 2 called for each team member to leap frog over the other to the 3rd station – Tunnel Crawl. After each member of the team crawled through the tunnel to the other side, the team moved to the final station, which brought back one of last year’s favorite qualifying round activities – Sponge Relay. Both teams rushed to fill up sponges full of soapy water and wring them out in an adjacent bucket, but “McGuire, Craddock & Strother” quickly took the lead and finished well ahead of “Beer Pressure.”

McGuire, Craddock and Strother team from the left (front row) Claire Carroll and Jack Gannon; (back row) Grant Blair, Jon Mitchell, Michael Trecha, Erin Dowell, Clair Gannon and Walt Prudhomme*

McGuire, Craddock and Strother team members from the left (front row) Claire Carroll and Jack Gannon; (back row) Grant Blair, Jon Mitchell, Michael Trecha, Erin Dowell, Clair Gannon and Walt Prudhomme*

The 2016 winning team (and last year’s champions as well) was McGuire, Craddock & Strother (Claire Carroll, Jack Gannon, Grant Blair, Jon Mitchell, Michael Trecha, Erin Dowell, Clair Gannon and Walt Prudhomme).

Championship prizes for each team member: $50 gift card to The Container Store, a massage at COREhealth Wellness Center, a 2-week pass and swag bag from Orange theory Fitness, 2 class passes from Flywheel Indoor Cycling and trophy.

With the final round complete, all participants stayed for the after party featuring the Rustic’s cocktails and savory fare including double queso, brisket quesadillas, boar meatballs, onion-y rings and French fries.

2nd Annual Field Day sponsors were:

  • Blue Ribbon Winner ($2,500) – Brunswick Group and Apex Clearing;
  • Red Ribbon Runner UP ($1,000) – Orange Theory Fitness, Riveron Consulting and Shackelford;
  • White Ribbon ($500) – Embassy Suites Dallas Park Central, The Hartnett Law Firm, Sarah and Cameron Charbonnet, McGuire Craddock & Strother, Greg Beane Family Law, Premier Transportation and Paige McDaniel and
  • DJ Sponsor – COREhealth Wellness Center.

Despite the heat and humidity, this event was one that proved fundraising is cool.

* Photo credit: Tamytha Cameron Smith