First Ever Women’s Texas Film Festival Will Take Place August 19-21 With Films Galore At Texas Theatre

Women are making news today and it’s not just in Philadelphia. Today the Women’s Texas Film Festival is making news by being the “very first full-fledged festival in the state of Texas to focus solely on the work of female filmmakers.” And the scheduling of the festival couldn’t be more timely. It will take place when it’s just too plain hot to be outside — Friday, August 19, through Sunday, August 21.

And what better place for the screening of six feature-length films and 31 short films than Texas Theatre.

According to WTxFF Founder/Artistic Director Justina Walford, “We are thrilled to bring this celebration of female film making to Dallas, which is home to some of the most enthusiastic and discerning film audiences in the entire country. Rosemary Myers’ richly sardonic ‘Girl Asleep’ bursts with candy colored images of girlhood while confronting some darker realms of our heroine’s heart. And it is a vision so truly female, created for our eyes. Add to that, a lineup of films that amuse, surprise, provoke and frighten. And film goers will get a taste of the skill and imagination of some very talented women pulling the strings and at the helm of visual storytelling. We look forward to putting the women responsible for these stories on a pedestal here in the heart of Texas.”

Of course, in keeping with the film festival spirit, there will be panels with topics like “Gaming and VR, The New Frontier Demonstrated”, “I Made That – Female Producers Tell the What, Why, and How of Producing,” “Discussing ‘Beware The Slenderman’ with Psychiatrists and Pediatric Counselors” and “A Director, a Writer, a DP, and an Editor Walk into a Bar.”

Tickets are available now! VIP Festival passes are going for $95 until Monday, August 1. After that they’ll cost you $150. There’s also a Shorts Program package that’s only $25.

Oh, you want to hear about the films that will be show. Follow the jump for the festival’s full lineup. [Read more…]