MySweetWishList: Wilkinson Center

According to Wilkinson Center Volunteer Jane Shouse, “As a Wilkinson Center volunteer for many years, I’ve come to understand how deeply felt the desire to have seasonal traditions, the kind most of us take for granted, is for families who struggle day to day with poverty.  Their children dream of Santa, toys and treats of the season, and parents look forward to special … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Wilkinson Center’s 2017 Can Do! Luncheon Chair Beth Thoele Reveals Plans Including Awardees

One of those luncheons that always makes people feel good about their neighbors and their community is the Wilkinson Center’s Can Do! Luncheon. While only five years old, it has already gained a reputation for highlighting the accomplishments of the well-known and should-be-known types. Beth Thoele, who will also be chairing the Equest Women’s Auxiliary’s fall luncheon, is … [Read more...]

Wilkinson Center’s Spirit Of Taos Returns To Melissa Benge Collection For A Kick-Off Party With Boots And News Galore

The Friends of Wilkinson Center’s Spirit of Taos was such a successful kickoff last year at Melissa Benge Collection, they did a repeat on Wednesday, September 21. It's no wonder. With boots, turquoise, suede coats, belts, saddles, leather goods and silver buckles, the shop seemed to have brought the best parts of Taos to the Knox-Henderson neighborhood. This year the … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Opportunity: The Spirit Of Taos

According to The Spirit Of Taos Co-Chair Meridith Myers Zidell, “Supporting Wilkinson Center is a family tradition in the Myers family. My Co-Chairs Sloan Looney Dix, and Stephanie Taylor and, I all grew up in Lakewood and all of our moms have been active in the Friends of Wilkinson Center for many years. They passed on their passion and commitment to the mission of … [Read more...]

MySweetWishList: Wilkinson Center

According to Wilkinson Center Executive Director Anne Reeder, “Our Food Pantry clients need extra food for the holidays since kids are out of school and family members are in town. We would provide a small ham or turkey to help stretch food donations. If you would like to help, please send a donation check with the notation ‘Turkey/Ham’ so that Wilkinson Center can purchase … [Read more...]