2018 Turtle Creek Tour Of Homes Includes Five Fabulous Residences And A Post-Tour Get Together At Paula Lambert’s New Digs

There’s the high life and then there’s the Turtle Creek high-living lifestyle. And this time of year, Turtle Creek is just drop-dead gorgeous with the fountain between Lemmon Avenue and North Hall Street, the blooming beds of flowers that would have pleased Monet and the all-polished-up mansions of the sky bordering Turtle Creek Boulevard. To support the preservation of … [Read more...]

Turtle Creek Association’s Annual Fundraiser Will Offer A Home Tour Of Six Showplaces And An After Party Overlooking Turtle Creek

Boy, has the Turtle Creek Association lined up some incredible residences for its 2017 Home Tour. On Sunday, April 9, from 1 to 5 p.m., ticket holders will be able to check out the in-the-sky residences at 3525, The Claridge and Park Towers and the more down-to-earth homes on Turtle Creek Bend and Rock Creek Drive. But wait! There’s more. The Association has also arranged … [Read more...]

MySweet2016Goals: Jennifer Shultz

According to Turtle Creek Association CEO/President Jennifer Shultz, "Raise awareness that the Turtle Creek Association exists and what it does for the community. "Make the 15th Annual Turtle Creek Tour of Homes on April 10th a success. It's my first time to participate and it's our largest fundraising event, so I am glad to have the help of some amazing … [Read more...]

Jon Beasley To Head Up Turtle Creek Association

The Turtle Creek area is one of Dallas' gems. But this beauty is not totally natural. Mother Nature may lay out the groundwork, so to speak, but it takes a lot hands-on tender loving care and roll-up-the-sleeves fundraising to keep it up. A driving force behind this effort is the Turtle Creek Association. The group just announced that Jon Beasley has been named the TCA's … [Read more...]