Nasher Prize Reveal Draws Dallas Art Lovers To The Warehouse With Rave Reviews

Nothing can keep art lovers from a new breaking occasion, not even rush hour traffic around the Galleria. So, the Mercedes and Bentleys made their way through the jam fest on Tuesday, September 19, to The Warehouse just beyond the LBJ-Dallas North Tollway square dance. And what was the draw for the usual Dallas proper artsy types to venture away from their comfort zone? It … [Read more...]

Selection Of Columbian Sculptor Doris Salcedo As The 2016 Nasher Prize Laureate Receives Rave Responses

Cindy and Howard Rachofsky have been toiling in Addison. Their project has been The Warehouse on Inwood Road. Thanks to the Rachofskys teaming up with architect David Droese, the former furniture storage space became an art showplace. While the Dallas Women’s Foundation held their patron party on Thursday, September 24, there, the universe of art lovers came together along … [Read more...]