Tootsies’ Fashions Were Front-And-Center On Stage For KidneyTexas Inc.’s Behind-The Scenes “Transforming Lives”

The KidneyTexas Inc.’s Runway Report affair at Brook Hollow Golf Club on Tuesday, September 26, may have appeared to be a typical fashion show and luncheon ready for a crowd of 350. The runway was laid out in the ballroom and the luncheon tables in the Promenade. The reception was already underway even before the 10:30 start as guests with flutes of champagne strolled in … [Read more...]

JUST IN: KidneyTexas Inc.’s Runway Report Co-Chairs Plan “Transforming Lives” With Tootsies Fashions, Awards And Much More

KidneyTexas Inc.’s 2017 Runway Report Co-Chairs Christine Martin and Susan Russell have announced plans for the Tuesday, September 26, fashion show at Brook Hollow Golf Club with Linda and Steve Ivy serving as honorary co-chairs. This year’s theme which will be “Transforming Lives” was revealed in the logo designed by Lynn Townsend Dealey. The theme was especially … [Read more...]

KidneyTexas’ The Runway Report Had Everything From Heartfelt Stories To Bewitching Close Encounter With A Chandelier

There are just some things that your mammy and pappy harrumphed about as dinner table talk. Such things included one’s inner plumbing. Love the folks, but they weren’t always on the spot. While the subject of kidney disease may not have been considered as appropriate in years past, its outing has allowed countless people to learn and help. Since coming out of the topic … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: 2016 The Runway Report

Hey, the fashion-show events are well into marching ahead for fundraising. The KidneyTexas’ The Runway Report was in the front line on Tuesday, September 20, at Brook Hollow Golf Club. But unlike others, this one had a very special personal story driving the efforts thanks to KidneyTexas President Anna Bland “AB” Aston, Luncheon Chair McKamy Tiner and a grateful Ian … [Read more...]

Round Robin December 3: Crystal Charity Ball Prep Lunch, St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange Party And KidneyTexas Check Presentation

Despite the tradition of fundraising powering down in December, that theory was hard to prove on Thursday, December 5. Crystal Charity Ball Prep Lunch With pony tails, jeans and boots, the Crystal Charity Ball leaders were prepping the Anatole for the annual mega-fundraiser for kids’ charities just two days away. Whether it was organizing the goodies for the silent auction, … [Read more...]