Each Moment Matters Lunch Proved That Each Moment Does Matter

A record may have been set Friday at the Each Moment Matters. Yes, they raised $353,430 and honored The Harold Simmons Foundation with the EMM Lifetime Achievement Award and 49 EMM Honorees (Isabelle K. Adams and Katherine K. Adams, Gil H. Andres, Mike Blake, Eleanor and Howard Bond Ph.D., Frank D. Bracken, Dalene Buhl, Owen Simpson Buntyn, Brent E. Christopher, Wendell Cox, Janet Denney, Nancy Diebolt, Suzanne Dwight, Rebecca Gafford, Marla Gravens, William Gruver, Ernest Higginbotham, Martha Hardwick Hofmeister, Kay and David Jordan Ph.D., Mrs. Melvin “Dean” Kadesky, Charles Kemp, Sharon King, Dan Klein, Mary and Roger Kuehn, John “Victor” Lattimore Jr., Jody W. Lindh, Francie Mancillas, Ellen H. and Conrad, J. Masterson Jr., Wil McCall, William McGinnis, Cyndy and Rev. Dr. Blair Monie, Ruth P. Morgan Ph.D. Sara Bernice Moseley, Helen and Jimmy Payton Sr., Terry Price,Rev. Dr. Nancy Ramsay, Sydney Reid-Hedge, Leonard Riggs M.D., Orville C. Rogers, Valerie Sanchez, Presbyterian Village North, Sew and Sews, Janet Sims, Kent Skipper Ph.D., Randy Smith, Rev. Dr. Clem Gordon Sorley, Kitty St. Claire, Betty and Ray Stephens M.D., Adelle and Jim Taylor, Rev. Dr. John D. Williams and Mark Wischmeyer).

But they also managed to break a time record for a lunch this season.

Benefiting Faith Presbyterian Hospice, the luncheon officially started at 12:05 and at 12:57 guests surprised the valet parkers with “It’s over,” sending the staff hustling for vehicles.

What a gift on a Friday and proving that “each moment does matter.” After all, this event was held to raise money to create a hospice center for all in the area. What a downer? No. Hospice is the kindest service provided to individuals and their families as the final stage of life takes place. One only has to experience the confusion, helplessness and anxiety that occurs when it’s determined that life is ending. Hospice professionals manage to bring a sense of calm, comfort, dignity and relief for all involved.

Maybe that’s the reason why luncheon Co-chairs Kimber Hartmann and Mary Ann Hyde appreciated their guests’ time and didn’t want to have a luncheon that went on and on. In addition to recognizing the 49 honorees and the commemorative book that included their portraits and stories, a video was presented recognizing the support by the Simmons Foundation. It was 10 years ago that the Foundation provided a grant to purchase computers for Faith Presbyterian Hospice. This past year the Foundation gave FPH a $10M grant for the Harold Simmons Foundation Inpatient Care Center at the T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center.   

It was also revealed that Charlotte and Don Test had given $2.5M to help fund the future hospice center’s Outdoor Reflection Center.

These numbers plus past donations bring the total amount committed to more than $30M. But the goal is $45M and a groundbreaking is tentatively scheduled for November 2013.

To help get closer to that goal, PC&SF Board of Trustees Chair Nell Carvell told the audience that The Turning Point Foundation and two anonymous donors had offered a matching grant for pledges up to $50,000. Only problem? The offer was only good til midnight.  

Then the group was thanked for their attendance and the lunch was done. Well, sorta. Yes, there were those who scampered happily to their cars, but many stayed to discuss what they had heard and congratulate those who make such a great difference in the community.

Area Foundations Get A Pat On The Back From Dallas County Commissioners for “Emergency Heat Relief” Efforts

Old timers are recalling the past heat waves of the 50’s and 80’s. Yup, it was pretty darn hot back then. But it’s the 21st century and the fact that there are those without air conditioning is an unbelievable nightmare. Just to experience a 45-minute brown out is excruciating.

The reality is that there are many among us that have no type of cooling for their homes. So often they are the ones who need it the most — the low-income, the elderly and shut-ins.

Monica Egert Smith, Mary Jalonick, Dr. Elba Garcia, Zachary Thompson, Linda Evans, Kathy Smith

To help these folks in this killer summer, the Meadows Foundation, the Communities Foundation of Texas, the Dallas Foundation and the Harold Simmons Foundation have pooled their resources and purchased air conditioners for installation by the Dallas County Health and Human Services personnel for those “suffering from the extreme heat in our community.”

It all began in 1999 when DCHHS approached The Meadows Foundation for assistance. That first year the Foundation awarded $5,376 for the purchase and installation of 22 A/C’s. Fast forward to 2003 when the Foundation provided $50,000  resulting in 200 air-conditioning units.

“Every summer, people suffer from the extreme Texas heat,” said Meadows Foundation President and CEO Linda Perryman Evans.  “We realized that the best way to help the citizens of our community was through a collaborative effort that would bring more resources to focus on heat relief.”

Through her relationships with the area’s finest foundations, she created a partnership to collaborate on this situation.  Through this team of foundations, $766,726 has been raised to support the heat-relief effort. That’s 4,273 A/C units!

This month an Emergency Heat Relief Fund has officially been established at The Dallas Foundation starting with a $10,000 seed grant from Meadows.

“Our goal is to have $100,000 per year in the fund to enable DCHHS to purchase and install at least 500 air-conditioning units per year to address needs,” said Dallas Foundation President Mary Jalonick.  “We invite individuals, corporations, and foundations to join us in this life-saving effort and encourage everyone to contribute to the fund.”

Tuesday the Dallas County Commissioners Court recognized these outstanding foundations for their working together with the DCHHS. How right that was.

Photo provided by The Meadows Foundation