Treasure Street’s “Color Me Texan” Co-Chairs Niven Morgan And Shelby Wagner Were Bullish On Breaking Records

Before the longhorn steer set hoof on the grounds of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for the annual Treasure Street fundraiser, the numbers were already boding “record breaker”on Thursday, October 19, with way more than 1,000 in attendance. Think 1,300 coming together to “Color Me Texan.”

Shelby Wagner and Niven Morgan

The bovine was the photo opp of the night with all types lining up for a selfie. However, the snap of Co-Chairs Niven Morgan and Shelby Wagner got stalled. Niven was searching the grounds for his presentations notes. In the meantime, Shelby looked picture perfect despite Niven’s claims that earlier in the day Shelby had been hauling hay for the event set up.

BTW, this wasn’t Niven and Shelby’s first involvement with Treasure Street. As Shelby put it, “Niven’s been supporting Texas Scottish Rite for years.”

Niven added, “We were just flattered that they asked us to chair Treasure Street.”

Greiner Arts Academy Middle School Mariachi band

The organizers were also smart. This year’s outdoor fundraiser took over the parking lot at the corner of Oak Lawn and Maple. Almost immediately upon leaving their cars, guests were greeted by the 18-piece Greiner Arts Academy Middle School Mariachi band.

Treasure Street hay bar

Following the path to the check-in, they discovered the steer and a micro-version of Cattle Baron’s Ball with food stations (Campisi’s, Haystack Burgers and Barley, Matt’s Rancho Martinez, Parigi and Paul Martin’s American Grill), a stage for Emerald City, towering bars made of bales of hay and tall tables and chairs. And on this night, there was no need for a tent. The sky was perfect.

Janice Provost

Pretty-in-pink Janice Provost womaned her Parigi station and reported that the previous weekend’s Dining On The Prairie Dinner Series for Trinity Audubon had been a grand success despite the challenges of limited facilities.

At 7:30 America’s Got Talent electric violinist Svet surprised the audience by performing.

As for the live auction, it lived up to the record-breaking feel of the night with the tennis package with John Isner going  for $12,500 and the John Lannom terrain-hunting buggies going for $45,000. The results? Thanks to the silent and live auction, the total haul of the night was more than $1.2M.

Gerry Fronterhouse and Annette Simmons and Kathy and Rodney Woods

Others in the crowd were Honorary Co-Chairs Ginny and Randy Bailey, Annette Simmons and Gerry Fronterhouse, Mark Edgar, Ann Davidson with Mark Porter, Carolyn and Karl Rathjen, Carol Seay, Sue and Jimmy Gragg, and Kathy and Rodney Woods.

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is the nation’s premier pediatric center for the treatment of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological conditions and learning disorders, such as dyslexia. For almost 95 years, we’ve provided exceptional medical care to the children of Texas. Through decades of economic ups and downs, individuals, foundations and corporations in our community have supported our work and made it possible for us to continue in our mission, caring for children regardless of any family’s ability to pay. Our successes are due to wonderful friends like you!

“As we look back, we’re incredibly grateful for the partnerships we’ve forged through community-wide events like North Texas Giving Day (NTxGD). Oh, what a difference A DAY makes!  Since we first stepped foot into the NTxGD ring, we’ve raised more than $355,000 to underwrite the cost of Patient Care at the hospital.  These monies are used to cover the costs of everything from clinic visits and surgeries to patient art programs and recreational camps. More precisely, the funds are used to give children back a childhood that might otherwise be lost to complex diagnoses and frightening medical procedures. Thanks to our NTxGD donors, children like Hayden – who began receiving treatment at Scottish Rite Hospital when he was just 18 months old – have a chance to bounce back and move forward, inspiring all of us with their resilience and fire.

Harlem Globetrotter Anthony 'Buckets' Blakes, Dr. Karl Rathjen, Hayden Vallee and Harlem Globetrotter Fatima 'TNT' Maddox*

Harlem Globetrotter Anthony ‘Buckets’ Blakes, Dr. Karl Rathjen, Hayden Vallee and Harlem Globetrotter Fatima ‘TNT’ Maddox*

“In 2008, Hayden was diagnosed with Early Onset Scoliosis, a rare and potentially fatal form of spinal curvature. Initially, the 79-degree curve in his spine was treated using halo gravity traction and a series of Mehta casts which were adjusted and replaced every 8 to 16 weeks. Later, traditional metal support rods were implanted. Unfortunately, his condition did not resolve. In 2015, Hayden became one of the first patients at Scottish Rite Hospital to be surgically fitted with MAGEC rods. Unlike traditional spinal implants, MAGEC rods do not require additional surgeries to make adjustments. Instead, an external magnetic controller is used to non-invasively lengthen or shorten the implanted spinal rod. Periodic lengthening allows the rod to provide adequate bracing during growth and ultimately slows curve progression.

“Thanks to our talented surgeons and this incredible technology, Hayden’s prognosis is good – he’s out having a ball and doing all the things a typical nine-year old does.  In fact, he recently hiked his first mountain! Donors who support our work and believe in the unlimited potential of our special patients have made such a difference for Hayden and for thousands more children challenged by orthopedic conditions like scoliosis. With the ongoing care of our clinicians and continuing assistance of our community, we know the inspirational stories of our patients will continue to unfold in amazing ways!

“Thursday, September 22, is your chance to make a difference for kids.  Get Up and Give to Scottish Rite Hospital!”

-By Stephanie Brigger, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Vice President of Development

* Photo provided by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

In seven years, North Texas Giving Day has pumped more than $119 million into the North Texas community. In 2015, $33 million was raised through more than 118,000 gifts benefiting over 2,000 nonprofits.

On Thursday, September 22, support Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children by linking here and spreading the word. #NTxGivingDay

Cotton Patch Cafe’s “March To A Million” Kicked Off The Annual Challenge To Raise Funds For Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

From the moment one enters Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the aroma of popcorn sets it far away from what is traditionally known for antiseptic smells. Adding to the “user-friendly” environment on Tuesday, March 1, was the kick-off festivities for Cotton Patch Cafe‘s March to a Million. Here’s a report from the field:

On Tuesday, March 1, Cotton Patch Cafe held a “March to a Million” event in partnership with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. This event kicked off Cotton Patch Cafe’s fundraising initiative for the month of March (also known as the “March to a Million” challenge) in which Cotton Patch is working to raise a cumulative one million dollars to complete their 10 years of partnership.

Dylan Smith*

Dylan Smith*

Patients were invited to come to the hospital’s atrium and spin a prize wheel to win Cotton Patch branded items (such as sunglasses, T-shirts, gift cards and coupons). One enthusiastic patient of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dylan Smith, won a pair of red sunglasses and was all smiles when spinning the prize wheel. Cotton Patch also featured some of their classic menu items for tasting and a photo booth with props was on-site. Bianca Bouchelle, a patient of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, enjoyed Cotton Patch’s chicken tenders, chips and queso as well as their notorious Dr Pepper Cake.

Patients and their families had a wonderful afternoon of fun and festivities.

Some patients even participated in a dessert-making contest in which patients created their own “dirt” dessert that contained crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding and gummy worms. Chef Eric Justice helped Katie Daniels, Jordan Anderson-Urune, C.C. Torres and Will Biedenbach create their sweet treats. Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children President Bob Walker even made an appearance and spent time talking with patients and Cotton Patch employees.

C.C. Torres and Will Biedenbach*

C.C. Torres and Will Biedenbach*

Bob Walker*

Bob Walker*

Cotton Patch has worked to raise money for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children through matching customer donations with gift cards! For every $25 a customer donates, Cotton Patch will match with a $25 gift card. This year, Cotton Patch aims to raise $250,000 to reach one million cumulative dollars donated. As of March 21, they have raised over $116,000. All Cotton Patch locations are participating, and donations can also be made online at

Performing Art Lovers Learn About Plans For 2016 TACA Silver Cup

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children’s 20th annual Treasure Street moved across the street to the new section of Old Parkland Campus for its annual Treasure Street fundraiser and the weather was delightful. Talk about being neighborly. This was the first official fundraiser on the grounds of the remarkable undertaking. Another neighbor pitched in with the talent and that was The Rustic’s Pat Green.

Pete and Caren Kline

Pete and Caren Kline

Don Glendenning and Ruben Esquivel

Don Glendenning and Ruben Esquivel

Barbara and Stan Levenson

Barbara and Stan Levenson

Brent and Kay Franks

Brent and Kay Franks

North of town the art lovers Kay and Brent Franks, Barbara Daseke, Charlene Howell, Pete and Caren Kline, Wanda Gierhart, Kevin Hurst, Barbara and Stan Levenson and past Silver Cup recipients Don Glendenning, Joyce Mitchell, Lucilo Pena and Ruben Esquivel flocked to Jennifer and John Eagle’s home for the announcement of the 2016 TACA Silver Cup recipients. With John flying in from a business visit to California, Jennifer started off the evening doing solo hosting. No problem. This certainly wasn’t her first TACA Silver Cup reveal.

Jeff Woodward

Jeff Woodward

But it was the first for the Dallas Theater Center’s relatively new Managing Director Jeff Woodward. And he had very good reason for being there. Not only did he get to meet some of the performing art leadership, one of the DTC’s favs was named the 2016 Silver Cup recipient — recent past DTC Board of Trustees Chair Rebecca Fletcher.

Bit of trivia: When Rebecca’s inducted into the Silver Cup Club, it will be only the third time that a mother and daughter have received the award. Rebecca’s mother Bess Enloe was awarded the Silver Cup in 1993. Other mother-daughter Silver Cuppers included Margaret McDermott and daughter Mary McDermott Cook and Deedie Rose and daughter-in-law Catherine Marcus Rose.

Bess Enloe, Donna Wilhelm, Rebecca Fletcher, James E. Wiley Jr. and Joyce Mitchell

Bess Enloe, Donna Wilhelm, Rebecca Fletcher, James E. Wiley Jr. and Joyce Mitchell

Tara Lewis

Tara Lewis

Plus, her fellow recipient James E. Wiley Jr. has been heavily involved and supportive of the DTC by serving on its Executive Committee and chairing the Individual Giving and Trustee Development Committee. But that’s just a smidgen of his involvements in the Dallas arts community. There’s also the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, the Dallas Black Dance Theatre and the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

But you already knew all of that. Still, you might not know that the luncheon is scheduled for Friday, February 19, at the Hilton Anatole.

Hopefully, the streets and skies will be clear, so folks can safely celebrate the newest Silver Cup twosome. Luncheon Co-Chairs Pilar Henry and Tara Lewis are presently negotiating with Mother Nature to behave herself.

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

“As an organization, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) is well-known for the care we provide to children. Each day, our 800 employees assisted by hundreds of dedicated volunteers strive to improve lives and give children back their childhood. We are supported by kind donors throughout the community who give generously to further our mission. Yet our staff is equally committed to our task, giving not only time and talent as part of their daily duties, but paying it forward by giving back through the hospital’s annual Lend Our Hand Employee and Volunteer Giving Campaign.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children*

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children*

“Lend Our Hand is conducted each September, and not coincidentally, scheduled to coincide with North Texas Giving Day on September 17. While daily prize drawings, small incentive items and the promise of free food are definitely fantastic motivators, nothing is more motivating than the opportunity to maximize a gift to our organization. North Texas Giving Day entices old donors back and brings new donors pouring in! Together with friends in our community, TSRHC employees and volunteers have contributed more than $225,000 to the hospital on North Texas Giving Day since the program’s inception. These gifts were made even more meaningful with bonus funds awarded by Communities Foundation of Texas. In one strategically-planned day, we’ve been able to raise enough money to continue or expand valuable patient programs, purchase much-needed equipment and support some of our ground-breaking research.

Lend Our Hand Leaders

Lend Our Hand Leaders*

“This year, we’re thrilled to once again be participating in North Texas Giving Day and pleased that we can offer our employees, supporters and volunteers the opportunity to earn bonus funds on their donations. Our 2015 Lend Our Hand kickoff carnival will be filled to the brim with fellowship, food, games, and prizes…but nothing is more rewarding or motivating to our staff than knowing they’ve made a gift that has made life better for a child. Lending Our Hand on North Texas Giving Day is our favorite way to get up and give!”

-By Stephanie Brigger, Vice President of Development

* Photo credit: Lee Baker/Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

MySweetCharity Opportunity: Treasure Street

According to Treasure Street Co-Chair Leslie Ficke,

Pat Green and Leslie and Brian Ficke*

Pat Green and Leslie and Brian Ficke*

“2015 is a significant year for Treasure Street as it celebrates its 20th year raising funds for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children (TSRHC) on October 15. My husband Brian and I couldn’t be more proud to be co-chairing the event, especially on such a momentous year, and are thrilled to recognize Annette Simmons, the late Harold Simmons, Kammy & Andy Fleck as this year’s honorary chairmen.

“Treasure Street is TSRHC’s annual event that raises funds for its Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Clinic as well as general patient care at the hospital. Something most people don’t know about Treasure Street is that it was started by a patient’s family and their friends. These charitable families and friends decided to auction off their “treasures” to raise money for the hospital, which is where the name Treasure Street originated. In that first year, they were able to raise more than $150,000; the event now raises more than a million dollars, all of which goes back to supporting programs and patients at TSRHC. This year’s event will be held at Old Parkland and the evening will feature a silent auction, raffle, multiple food offerings as well as live entertainment. We are very excited to announce that this year’s entertainment headliner is Pat Green!

“The event is outdoors so attire for the evening is more casual than your typical evening gala. You’ll see everything from jeans to sport coats! For more information on Treasure Street please visit

“We hope you can join us for an amazing evening raising money for an even more amazing cause!”

* Photo provided by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

Gingerbread Stroll For Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Trumps Gwyneth’s Pop-Up

Am so thrilled that Gwyneth Paltrow is opening a pop-up shop for her GOOP line in a local shopping center.


The rumor mills are buzzing that the GOOP-ster is $1.6M in debt. Hey, who hasn’t had a couple of IOU’s in their sphere of financial wonderfulness? Lots! But that little situation is between Gwenny and her accountants.

The problemo that bothers some locals is that there is no sign of her poppy-up benefiting a local charity. That just may happen. But why wait?

Gingerbread Mansion by the Rosewood Mansion's Nicolas Blouin (File photo)

Gingerbread Mansion by the Rosewood Mansion’s Nicolas Blouin (File photo)

There is a grand opportunity to visit shops, spend buckeroos, feel good and support the 4th Annual Gingerbread Stroll. Organized by Christine McKenny and benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, it’s a killer for tastebuds. Only thang missing is an ice-cold glass of fully-fat milk and/or some wicked whip cream.

Please stop drooling. It’s going to mess up your keyboard.

“The Gingerbread Stroll has become a wonderful tradition during the most wonderful time of the year,” said Christine. “People of all ages gather with their family and friends to attend, and it’s always fun to see how the chefs express themselves creatively. Everyone loves a gingerbread house!”

There’s a 99% chance that Gwenny won’t be there, but the gingerbread man will be and he’s dying to have you bite his head off.

You can toast him and event adviser Lynn McBee at Cole Haan on Tuesday, November 18, if you can find a parking space. If not, then use that killer charm of yours and have the valet take your wheels.

Or, better yet, you can “silently bid on ornately decorated gingerbread houses, crafted by 12 of Dallas’ premier pastry chefs” including  Celebrity Café & Bakery; Charlie’s, Pastry Chef Winter Lockwood-Frank; Chocolate Secrets; Fine Arts Concepts, Joy Lynn; Four Seasons Resort and Club, Cafe on the Green; Hilton Anatole; Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion; Omni Dallas Hotel; Rosewood Crescent Hotel; Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Catering Team; Tom Thumb and The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas.

Just In: If You Were Planning On Attending Hollywood Dominos Dallas Saturday With Johnny Depp’s Main Squeeze, Scratch That Plan

If you were picking out your cutest frock for Saturday night’s Hollywood Dominos with Amber Heard at FIG, put the dress back on the rack. Seems Johnny Depp’s fiancée has had a conflict of scheduling for the Texas Scottish Rite/The Art of Elysium fundraiser. Organizers say, “Yeah, the fundraiser is still on…just not Saturday.”

That’s as awkward as being the only guest to show up for a bridal shower.

Maybe the blonde, Austin Amber is trying to explain to Johnny about the rumors about James Franco. Don’t you just love TMZ kind of stuff?

Will let you know when the new date is picked and if Ms. Amber will be in attendance.

In the meantime, that cute dress doesn’t have to stay in the closet. See if there are any tickets left for the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin’s appearance for CitySquare’s “A Night To Remember” at the Winspear.

Just In: Metro PCS Dallas Marathon Is Canceled

Once again wisdom has prevailed. The announcement has just been made that the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon has been canceled.

Like the Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade, the Marathon was to benefit a hospital for children. The well being of others trumped the need to hold the event. So, when making your holiday donations, please consider Children’s and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

Upcoming Weekend Of Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade And MetroPCS Dallas Marathon Bodes Traffic Uh Oh’s

This weekend has all the promise of a traffic headache during the morning hours. On Saturday there’s the Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade in downtown Dallas. Then Sunday the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children will create road closures around downtown Dallas and East Dallas including White Rock.

For your convenience, here are maps of the parade route

Children's Medical Center's Holiday Parade route*

Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade route*

and the marathon’s race course.

MetroPCS Dallas Marathon Race Course **

MetroPCS Dallas Marathon Race Course **


If you’re planning on attending either or both of these events, please remember to bundle up. Temperatures will be chilly to say the very least. And you just know frostbite doesn’t go with any of your outfits.

* Graphic courtesy of Children's Medical Center Holiday Parade
** Graphic courtesy of MetroPCS Dallas Marathon

Accessible Luxury 2013 Kicks Off At Anteks For Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Fundraiser

While the MySweetCharity elves have been helping Santa’s elves the last few weeks, freelance elves have been filling in. One reports from the field that

Peggy and Dan Meyer

“On Wednesday, December 5, Jason Lenox of Anteks graciously hosted the Accessible Luxury 2013 Host Committee Kick-Off Reception. Patrons, sponsors and associated elite of this anticipated annual event perused the Design District home furnishings store which specializes in sophisticated rustic interiors. In addition guests enjoyed beer compliments of  Four Corners Brewery, wine and hors d’ oeuvres by Parigi. Peggy Meyer greeted everyone and made introductions of speakers Dr. Karl Rathjen and Lisa and Dr. Dan Sucato (2013 Accessible Luxury Chairmen).

Guests learned that the 2013 event will be held at Park Place Premier Collection Dealership on Saturday, April 20, 2013. The event will include a fashion show, a variety of offerings in the Bentley Bubble Room, McLaren Roadster Room, the Rolls-Royce Runway Room and the Maserati Man Cave outfitted with Anteks furnishings. A lucky winners of the reception drawing walked away with a gift certificate to Anteks and a piece from the home accessories line which Jason recently designed and launched nationwide.”

FYI: Accessible Luxury benefits Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. . . as if you didn’t already know.

Photo provided by Anteks

Treasure Street Magically Turns Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Grounds Into A Fundraising Wonderland

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children grounds

The weather was made to order Thursday night for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children‘s 17th Annual Treasure Street. But that’s sorta typical for anything associated with TSRHC. It always seems to be magically perfect. Whether it’s the smell of popcorn as you enter the hospital or the never-charge-for services policy, TSRHC seems to be the place where magic, medicine and miracles happen.

Richard and Betsy Eiseman, Shelby Wagner and Niven Morgan

But Thursday night it was the grounds surrounding the pediatric medical center that were the center of attention with 1,300 guests raising around $1M. With Co-chairs Susan and Stephen Butt and Betsy and Richard Eiseman Jr. looking on, the park’s sculptures and playground became a glamorous

Park Place Rolls Royce

party land with tents filled with silent auction items, a Rolls Royce lounging near the  stage of Chef Chair Dean Fearing, Houston Chef Robert Del Grande (Café Annie), The Barb Wires and Texas music legend Robert Earl Keen.

Chef James Dady’s food station

Speaking of Dean, he was also responsible for rounding up some of Texas’s tops chefs — Julian Barsotti (Nonna and Carbonne’s), Anthony Van Camp (SĒR Steak + Spirits), Bruno Davaillon (Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek), Paula Lambert (Mozzarella Company), Monica Greene

Jim and Amy Severson

(Monica’s “Nueva Cocina”), Jim Severson (Sevy’s Grill), Janice Provost (Parigi), Eddie “Lucky” Campbell (The Chesterfield), Robert Del Grande, Fort Worth’s Molly McCook (Ellerbe Fine Foods), Austin’s Larry Guilbeau (Central Market) and San Antonio’s Bruce Auden (Biga on the Banks) and Jason Dady (Tre Tratttoria & Bin 555) — to serve up food throughout the night.

Dean Fearing

Dean’s involvement in the annual fundraiser is due to, “My son [Jackson Fearing] was diagnosed with dyslexia at Scottish Rite when he was in the third grade. He’s now in the eighth grade, at the Winston School. Having him diagnosed at Scottish Rite was the best thing we ever did–once we got over the shell-shock!”

Highlights of the night included mixologist Eddie Campbell’s creating a “Treasure Street Smash” with bourbon, two custom-made hunt buggies auctioned off at the live auction for $70,000, and Richard Eiseman taking home the painting by local artist Christopher Martin and TSRHC patients for $9,000.

Accessible Luxury Patron Party’s Raffle Turned Out To Be A Two For One Family At Eiseman Jewels

While other jewel boxes. . . uh, stores were locked up as tightly as a pair of Spanx Wednesday night at NorthPark, Eiseman Jewels was overflowing with people. . . and happy people at that.

The reason was the patron party for the 3rd annual Accessible Luxury benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Last year’s event raised more than $50,000. And as a DJ provided a musical background, the real entertainment came in the form of a raffle for the winners to have their pick of Eiseman jewelry for the April 21 event at Park Place Dealerships.

Robert and Heather Murphy

Event Co-chairs Heather and Robert Murphy revealed that the fundraiser would feature foods from Kent Rathbun, Park Place luxury vehicles, fashions from Pockets and Oscar de la Renta and, of course, jewelry from Eiseman. They also thanked sponsors like Dana and Mike Arnold, Mary and Allen Schaar, Andrews Kurth LLP and Community Trust Bank.

Betsy Eiseman

While Betsy Eiseman was chatting with guests, husband/Eiseman main man Richard Eiseman was handling emcee duties with Texas Scottish Rite’s PR cutie Peggy Meyer.

Richard Eiseman

The drawing was held. Then there was a meeting of the minds and a momentary timeout. What was the problem?

Turns out that both winners came from the same family. Seems the wife put her name down on one raffle ticket and her MIA husband’s name on the other.

Won’t know which pieces they’ll select for the night, but you can imagine they’ll dazzle.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Makes Changes In Leadership And Creates Foundation

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children staffers  have been doing more than preparing for the January 30th “Amputee Ski Trip” for 14 teenage patients. Today “new appointments to its senior medical and management staff and plans to form a Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Foundation” were announced.

Hey, things don’t come to a screeching halt just because it’s Saturday.

Here are the changes:

  • Dr. J.A. “Tony” Herring, who has been TSRHC’s orthopaedic surgeon and chief of staff for the past 34 years, will assume the new title of “Chief of Staff Emeritus.”
  • Dr. Daniel “Dan” J. Sucato has been named TSRHC Chief of Staff.
  • J.C. Montgomery Jr., who has been president of TSRHC for the past 23 years, has been named founding Chairman and CEO of the TSRHC Foundation.
  • Robert “Bob” L. Walker has been named president and CEO of TSRHC.
  • Dr. Karl E. Rathjen has been named president of the TSRHC Foundation.

If you would like to read about these remarkable individuals and have some time on your hands, follow the jump: [Read more…]

It’s Cool To Celebrate “Christmas In July” At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

Let’s hope that when Santa and Mrs. Claus pull up at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children tomorrow morning they bring some cooler weather with them.

The reason for the stopover is the 12th “Christmas in July” for the patients and their families. There will be garland making, reindeer decorating and photo sessions with Santa. Since the reindeer are snowboarding in South America, the Clauses will arrive in a silver Dodge Viper.

Jayla Whitfield Couldn’t Make The Ronald McDonald House Of Dallas’ Picnic

Quincy, Walkie, James and Qwanell Whitfield

Five months ago Walkie Whitfield went into labor. Wonderful, great. She and her husband James already had two sons, four-year-old Quincy and three-year-old Qwanell, but this time the baby was a girl, Jayla. “Had I known that day how our lives would change. . . ,” Walkie said shaking her head last Thursday.

Jayla turned out to have triple-decker, major health problems including one requiring heart surgery. So much so that the family had to be uprooted from their home in Bryan/College Station to Austin and then to Dallas for help at Children’s Medical Center. While Jayla was undergoing surgeries and treatments, Walkie and the boys needed a place to stay, but who had time to “shop around” for a temporary home?

Thanks to the years of work and the money raised by Dallasites, there was an answer for the Whitfields and many more families with similar challenges — Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.

Sitting on the patio of the RMHD, the Whitfields were picnicking with other residents, former residents, volunteers and staff members. James, who couldn’t just up and leave his job back home to be with his family in Dallas, has been making the weekly trip to be with his family. This picnic was just another perk of being a RMHD family. Thanks to RMHD, Walkie’s been able to focus on Jayla’s recovery. Walkie even joked that Jayla was already showing signs of both parents, “She’s got an attitude like James and she’s a diva like me. She’s a fighter.”

Harper Visinsky

At another area of the RMHD patio, four-and-half-year-old Harper Visinsky tossed bags at a target, while her eight-year-old sister Madison and father/sports photographer Matthew looked on. The girls were perfectly healthy. The reason for their being at the picnic was their parents being RMHD volunteers.

Riley Danielle Mervin

Inside RMHD the face painter was happily  busier than a makeup artist at Neiman’s cosmetic counter. The line for barbecue was never-ending. Quite frankly, two-year-old Riley Danielle Mervin could hardly be expected to hold a plate, let alone see all the food laid out in the buffet line. So granddad Bruce Bowman was johnny-on-the-spot juggling dishes. Riley was fine and dandy, but she was staying at RMHD because her sister was on the mend down the road at Children’s.

Marilou Garcia

At another table were pre-teen Marilou Garcia and her 16-year-old sister Kimberly. Both gals had radiant smiles and looked like their biggest concern was picking their next nail polish color or getting on Facebook. Marilou had a platter full of food and was enjoying the whole idea of a picnic. Did she have a sister or brother at a local hospital? No. Marilou was the patient. You see she had had her leg beneath her knee removed the week before at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Unlike many who would be grousing about a similar situation, Marilou was confident and positive because the Scottish Rite folks were going to provide her with a prosthetic that would make her life so much better. In the meantime, her family was residing at RMHD.

Libby Lenz

Perhaps that’s why RMHD board member/volunteer Libby Lenz looked like one of the kids with her face painted and a big old smile to boot. It’s because of volunteers like Libby, staff members

Jill Cumnock

like Jill Cumnock and founders like Dr. Dale Fuller, who yesterday, today and tomorrow have made a home for families like the Whitfields.

Jayla, feel better and don’t worry about your family. They’re safe and sound at their home away from home.

Holiday Trees Will Be Sprouting Up At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Starting Tonight

If you’ve ever been to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, you know the first thing that hits you when you walk in the door is the smell of  popcorn. It immediately sets a feeling of being very user-friendly for munchkins.

With the holidays moving at a non-stop pace, TSRHC is adding to the sensory systems with its annual lighting and decorating of the Holiday Trees tonight.

It’s not your typical turn on a switch, the tree is lit and everyone goes home event. Heavens, no. We’re talking Scottish Rite, please!

The program starts at 5:45 p.m. with the giant tree being lit by TSRHC Trustee Ralph Wayne and TSRHC patient, four-year old Avery Taylor of Plano. Then more than 400 volunteers from community organizations will be decorate 50 holiday trees located throughout the hospital.

Of course, Santa will be on hand along with the Town North Concert Band. He’s no dummy. Santa always knows where the best boys and girls are.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Never Slows Down

Those folks at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital are as busy as air-conditioner repairmen. Here you thought they just healed children free-of-charge and made wonderful popcorn. Nope, they have a revolving door of activities for the kids and to help to raise funds.

Last Friday they had Santa pop in for a visit. Instead of his sleigh, he arrived in a red Dodge Viper with Mrs. Claus driving up in a silver Dodge Viper thanks to Padgett Printing.

Provided by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

This Thursday is no different. The TSRHC staff is busy at work preparing for the second annual “Summer Colors Art Show and Auction” from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at TSRHC with local artists Jenny Grumbles and Jill Scovell (art pictured) hosting a silent art auction.

Sorry, but the Clauses won’t be attending. They had to head back to the North Pole to settle an elf sit-in. Seems the little people want longer hot chocolate breaks.

But you can join the fun Thursday at TSRHC. Tickets in advance are $25 and $35 at the door.

White Rock Marathon Moves Start/Finish to Fair Park

If you participate in the annual MetroPCS White Rock Marathon, start thinking Fair Park. According to running diva Debbie Fetterman at the Dallas Morning News, one of the area’s biggest run (est. 20,000 runners) will move its start/finish from Victory Park to Fair Park on Dec. 5.

By doing this change, organizers will have more time to set up and participants will have more parking and easier access to starting areas.

The course will have to be adjusted, but we doubt the Dolly Partons will be MIA.

Benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the marathon’s registration opens June 1.

"Accessible Luxury" Can Overcome any Storm

The weather guessers are saying that storms are headed to Dallas tomorrow night. What would it take to get you out and about in such conditions? Yup, we just knew it. You’re the type that plays hard-to-get-out in damp weather.

Accessible Luxury” is just what will get your bumbershoot warmed up.

Benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the event will take place at Park Place’s Rolls-Royce/Bentley/Maserati location with Clarice Tinsley emcee-ing, DJ Lucy Wrubel (pictured) playing music, and Honorary Chairs Kathy and Tony Herring and Lark and J.C. Montgomery Jr. We just knew that would get your attention. But there’s more.

Event Chairs Ellen and Charlie Johnson, Devonie and McLean Coble, and Kelly and James Middleton have also arranged for you to sip champagne while browsing around Beretta apparel and gear, Noble Boutique’s gems and local designer Geoffrey Henning‘s fashions.

To top the evening off, Barney’s New York will have a fashion show at 8 p.m. featuring the Model Citizens of Campbell-Wagner Runway, LLC.

Now, don’t you feel silly to worry about a little rain?