Change Of Plans For Stiletto Strut Slated To Benefit Community Partners Of Dallas

Remember back  in April 2014 when Community Partners of Dallas’ Paige McDaniel pulled out a couple of gorgeous stilettos from a gift box at the annual Chick Lit Luncheon? The reason was the announcement that CPD would be the recipient of the 2015 Stiletto Strut at NM Downtown. The response to the announcement was cheers. And, of course, everyone want those heels.

Jennifer Morris and Paige McDaniel (File photo)

Jennifer Morris and Paige McDaniel (File photo)

However, the 2015 Strut had to be put off due to construction on the street and other issues. Now, with CPD in the middle of its big push to complete funding for the new facilities, there just ain’t time to wedge in the Strut.

And besides the downtown traffic is so bumper-to-bumper, the days of stiletto strutting may have marched into the sunset.

JUST IN: 2015 Stiletto Strut Is Postponed

If you had the Stiletto Strut marked down on your calendar, get out the white out.  Just received word that Neiman Marcus Downtown and Community Partners of Dallas have decided to postpone it until fall 2016. Here’s the word just received from CPD:

Stiletto Strut (File photo)

Stiletto Strut (File photo)

Hold your heels! Due to multiple circumstances, the 2015 Stiletto Strut, scheduled for October 15, has been postponed. We are so grateful to our chairs, honorary chairs, host committee members and sponsors for their continued support, and we look forward to sharing more information as soon as it is available.

Neiman Marcus and CPD are committed to making the event the best in 2016 so keep your stilettos polished and be ready to strut to support the abused and neglected children of Dallas County!

One can’t help but suspect that you’ll be able to find something to do Thursday, October 15. Besides the new date means you’ll have a new excuse to buy a new pair of heels.

Community Partners Of Dallas Team Announces Date And Co-Chairs For 2015 Stiletto Strut

After taking the year off and cooling their heels, the Stiletto Strutters are returning this fall! The ladies will be doing the walk once again around Neiman Marcus Downtown’s home block fueled by the bubbly energy drinks.

Stiletto Strut (File photo)

Stiletto Strut (File photo)


As reported earlier, this year’s beneficiary is Community Partners of Dallas.

Here are the deets. It’s gonna be on Thursday, October 15. Whoa! That’s gonna be a very busy day, but aren’t they all? However, this one is gonna have folks hitting the Celebrating Women Luncheon at the Anatole for lunch, taking a nap and then heading to NMD to walk.

Paige McDaniel and Joanna Clarke (File photo)

Paige McDaniel and Joanna Clarke (File photo)

CPD-ers Paige McDaniel and Joanna Clarke have arranged to have the HuffinesHolly and Haley — co-chair the event with Honorary Co-chairs Sydney Huffines and Patty Huffines.

So, start thinking about which pair shoes will be hitting the streets with you and schedule your pedicure now if you’re gonna go open toed.

JUST IN: Community Partners Of Dallas To Be Neiman Marcus Downtown’s Stiletto Strut Beneficiary Starting Fall 2015

Jennifer Morris and Paige McDaniel

Jennifer Morris and Paige McDaniel

It was just announced at the Chick Lit Luncheon that starting in 2015, Community Partners of Dallas will be the beneficiary of the Stiletto Strut held at and around Neiman Marcus Downtown.

Marjon Zabihi Henderson and Hayley Louden

Marjon Zabihi Henderson and Hayley Louden

CPD President/CEO Paige McDaniel revealed the news when she told the 600+ guests that NM had sent CPD a gift. Luncheon Chair Jennifer Morris brought the gift-wrapped box to the podium, where Paige pulled out a pair of Louboutins and made the announcement.

No wonder NM’s Marjon Zabihi Henderson and Hayley Louden were looking so mischievous at the table with luncheon speaker Julia Reed.

Word has it that instead of being a spring walk-around, it will take place in the fall.

As soon as the deets are finalized, we’ll let you know.

More about the lunch later. Just wanted you to know the latest.


The Guys Want To Loaf While The Ladies Stiletto Strut Around Neiman Marcus Downtown For The Family Place

2012 Stiletto Strutters (File photo)

2012 Stiletto Strutters (File photo)

Ever since the Stiletto Strut starting circling the Neiman Marcus Downtown block, it’s been a ladies-only affair of champagning, chatting and charity supporting. After all, how many fellas want to don nose-bleed-high heels and stroll the streets in rush hour traffic.

Robert Weatherly (File photo)

Robert Weatherly (File photo)

That’s what we thought, too. That is until this year. No, it’s not what you think. The fellas aren’t going to be wobbling around on heels, but they will be doing “their own thang” to help raise money for The Family Place, this year’s Stiletto Strut beneficiary, on Thursday, April 25.

Robert Weatherly is chairing the Loafer Lounge at The Joule. And true to its name, the gents will be loafing around the pool deck until the ladies take to the street. Then they will rise from chairs and cheers the gals from on high.

Afterwards, the boys will be joined by the girls for the Patron Party.

Both groups will have their own tailor-made raffles.

For the girls:

  • $100 tickets have a chance to win
    • Season of Shoe (a pair of shoes every season from NM Downtown)
    • Sewell Gift Envelope (a “mega collection of gift items valued at over $6,000 to more than 30 of the most upscale businesses in town”).
  • $25 tickets have a chance to win
    • Weekend Getaway Package (two-night weekend stay at The Joule, dinner for two in Charlie Palmer, two hours of ESPA time for two and an ESPA gift box from Headington Companies), 
    • Lana Jewelry Collection,
    • Dinner and Wine Pairing for 8 (La Madeleine creator Patrick Esquerre will present an evening to remember. You just have to choose the location and guest list.) or
    • 10 Hours with Wardrobe Consultant Debby Allbright.

 For the guys:

  •  $100 chance tickets have a chance to win
    • Golf Package (Four tickets to the Colonial Golf Tournament with weekend use of a Cadillac and a car wash and four tickets to the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament with a weekend use of a Cadillac and a car wash with car service provided by Uber)
  • $25 tickets have a chance to win
    • Loafers at Hadleigh’s (a pair of the coveted Hadleigh’s Gentlemen’s Smoking Slippers,
    • Dinner for Six With Chef John Tesar (Dinner and wine pairing with Chef John Tesar and car service provided by Uber) or
    • 10 Hours with Wardrobe Consultant Debbie Allbright.

Besides sharing the goal to raise $$ for The Family Place, the Stiletto Strut and Loafers Lounge tickets can be founded here while they still last.

The Family Place Partners Announce 2013 Leadership

With the new year comes new leadership. The Family Place Partners have announced the leaders of their various fundraising projects for The Family Place.

  • The 2013 Family Place Partners president will be Jennifer Burns with Jennifer Tobin serving as president-elect.
  • Texas Trailblazer Award Luncheon on Thursday, September 26, will be chaired by Barbara Durham and her daughter Julie Rado.
  • Partners Card program will be chaired by Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman.
  • You already know that Jenifer Strauss Dannhauser, Stacy Girard and Lindsay Jacaman are chairing the 2013 Neiman Marcus Stiletto Strut on Thursday, April 25.

Share-A-Date: 6th Annual Stiletto Strut

Thursday, April 25: It was just made official Thursday at Dallas Fish Market that the 6th Annual Stiletto Strut not only has a date but co-chairs as well. The “strut” around Neiman Marcus Downtown will once again benefit The Family Place, but this year it will be chaired by Jenifer Strauss Dannahauser, Stacy Girard and Lindsay Jacaman on April 25.

Co-chairs Lindsay Jacaman, Jenifer Strauss Dannhauser and Stacy Girard

As in the past, before the ladies in high, namedropping heels start their stepping around the downtown block, they’ll be getting their whistles wet with champagne and all types of thirst quenchers in the store.

One of the highlights is the raffle that includes the winning of a new pair of NM shoes for six months.

As more deets are revealed, we’ll keep you updated. And there will be more deets.

Photo credit: Shana Anderson

Family’s Place’s Stiletto Strut Game Allows You To Guess Which Designers Hit the Pavement Around Neiman Marcus

2012 Stiletto Strutters

OK, we’re going to try something a little different. As you know the Stiletto Strut is a grand event for heels to hit the street around Neiman Marcus Downtown. Somewhere Stanley Marcus is loving the idea of all those gorgeous women strutting and strolling around the flagship that he once watched go up in flames right before Christmas.

Ah, but you’re wondering what is going to be different this time for the Stiletto Strut that took place on April 26 benefiting The Family Place under the co-chairmanship of beauties Suzanne Droese and Piper Wyatt. Instead of talking about the champagne and the gals gabbing about stuff, we’re going to run photos of the shoes. Let’s see how good you are in guessing who the designers are. No, there are no prizes, just a lot of pride that you know your footwear.

The answers will follow the jump. And if you want to check out the happy shoe owners, head to the MySweetCharity Photo Gallery! Happy guessing.

Lorene Smith and Gwyneith Black

Nancy Rogers and Julie Hawes

Holly Moore and Ceron

Muffin Lemak, Shelle Sills, Claire Emanuelson and Paige Flink

Suzanne Droese and Piper Wyatt


Lynn McBee

Share-A-Date: Fifth Annual Stiletto Strut

Paige Flink, Lorene, Elaine and Bradley Agather and Shelle Sills (File photo)

Thursday, April 26: Dallas women love their foot fashions. Whether it’s the Agather gals (Elaine, Bradley and Lorene) in dizzying heels or Sally Hoglund‘s sneakers, they walk in heeled splendor. That’s why the annual Stiletto Strut around Shelle Sills‘ downtown Neiman Marcus is so popular.

This year the Fifth Annual SS will be “streetwalking” on Thursday, April 26, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. benefiting The Family Place.

Course it doesn’t hurt that the strollers area fueled up by grown-up high octane. In addition to Honorary Chairs Cindy Rachofsky and daughter Meghan Looney, Event Chairs Suzanne Droese and Piper Wyatt have arranged for a drawing for a number of items like:

  • “Season of Shoes” — a new pair of shoes each month for six months from the NM DT
  • Custom-made cowboy boots by Roma’s Custom Boots
  • a wardrobe makeover with Debby Jett Allbright of Fashionomics
  • pieces from the Ashley Pittman collection
  • a Girls’ Night Out by Equinox.

Hosted by NM Downtown and The Joule Hotel, all proceeds will go to The Family Place’s local initiatives.

Stiletto Confusion Hits The Pavement For Good

The arrow on MySweetCharity’s confusion meter started going out of control when news arrived about the 1st Annual Stiletto Stampede slated for Saturday, March 3, benefiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Whoa! Had Neiman’s decided not to “Stiletto Strut” on Thursday, April 26, for The Family Place? Oh, dear! Not to worry. Was not the case.

Yes, both events share the word “stiletto” in their titles, both involve retailers, both require outdoor exertion and both benefit nonprofit groups.

But unlike the annual Stiletto Strut strolling around the block at NM Downtown, the Stiletto Stampede is going to be a high-heel, 100-yard dash “with a mission to encourage young women and men to understand the risks of breast cancer and empower them to prevent the disease by utilizing breast self-awareness through early detection and screening methods.”  

Since the exact location for the dash was not provided and Tootsies is hosting the event, one can only assume it will take place near the Preston Road store, which ironically was a Neiman’s way back when.

Stampede organizers hope the event will make the Guinness Book of World Records by having 1,000 persons in high heels. In fact, the first 1,000 registrants will get pink stilettos from Lauren Jones Footwear and designed by Nchantment Image Consultant Darla Parsons.

Alas, no mention has been made what time of day the event will take place. Hopefully, it won’t coincide with the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge opening festivities. . . like the run in the morning or the day-long street fair. Shouldn’t matter. After all, this city is well-known for supporting fundraising events.

Mystery Speaker Is Unveiled At Meeting Of The Family Place’s Partners Women’s Auxiliary

The 60 guests at Maggie Kipp‘s home Wednesday evening were there for The Family Place Partners Women’s Auxiliary membership meeting. To entice the gals to attend, a tantalizing ingredient was added to the mix of business and wine — “a secret special guest speaker will take you behind the veil.”

Melissa Sherill

With Jan Harbour making the rounds of serving wine, FP Development Director Melissa Sherrill, who is six months pregnant with twins, was the ringmaster of the evening. She led off with her check list of FP business —

  • Hadley Galt updated all on the Oct. 6 Texas Trailblazers Award luncheon at the Hilton Anatole where Pulitzer Prizer winner Sheryl WuDunn will speak and Margot Perot will be the honorary chair.
  • Stiletto Stutt will once again benefit The Family Place at Neiman Marcus Downtown.
  • The Partners Card

    Partners Card Co-chair Nancy Scripps reported that the 10-day sale-a-thon will take place October 28 – November 6 and they’re hoping to repeat last year’s success of hitting $1M in sales and selling more than 15,000 cards.

Jan Harbour

Then it was time for the mystery guest. No, wait! Jan had to make one more sweep of the room with a bottle of wine.

Mystery Speaker

Now, the ladies were ready. In walked a figure in a hijab. It was Gloria Godat Snead-Amarilla, who had helped found the Chiapas Project and had traveled to more than 100 countries. With the veil covering her face, she told the group that she was going to speak on the problems facing Muslim women in multiple countries.

“Ladies, this is not a fashion statement. This is a bondage statement.” She went to say that as an American Christian woman, she had a driver’s license, mortgage, property, etc.

Looking around the room, Gloria then said, “But if I were a Middle Eastern Muslim woman, I’d be the exception, not the rule.”

Gloria Godat Snead-Amarilla

With that she removed the veil and discussed the limited rights that Muslim women have in this day and age. Gloria reminded the assembled women that as recently as 1967, legislation gave Texas women certain new rights, and that women’s suffrage was passed in 1920 — only 91 years ago.

Neiman Marcus Cleared The Streets For Stiletto Strutters

The number of attendees at Thursday’s Stiletto Strut at Neiman Marcus Downtown might have seemed a bit less than last year’s, but that was understandable.  For the past three years, SS has benefited the American Heart Association and grown in popularity each year. But Neiman’s decided that with so many organizations in need, it would be wise to let others have a chance to join the fun. So this year The Family Place was selected as the beneficiary.

Paige Flink, Lorene, Elaine and Bradley Agather and Shelle Sills

With the Agather girls (mother Elaine and daughters Bradley and Lorene) chairing the event and NMD’s Shelle Sills and her staff managing the

Todd Fiscus

operations, it was going to be smooth walking. Even the weather was playing along perfectly. Just to make sure the fun factor would be alive and well, they called in Todd Fiscus to serve as sole-master of ceremonies. To do this he brought along his pink moving van to serve as a rallying point at the Commerce entrance for the ladies.

Nail polished floor

But first there was the warm-up. No, the gals didn’t do pushups in couture or sprints through the Zodiac Room. Well, a couple of them did do pickups in the cosmetics departments resulting in a casualty when a bottle of blue nail polish hit the marble floor in the designer bag area. Had this happened anywhere else, cardiac arrest would have set in. Ah, but this is  magical NM where anything can be handled seamlessly. After staffers cleared the broken glass and blue polish for safety sake, NM operations  manager John Collinsworth nonchalantly said it wouldn’t be a problem because of the floor coating. By Friday the floor would back to simple perfection. (Editor’s note: A firsthand check verified that nary a spot of blue could be seen the following Tuesday.)

Blaire Hohenshelt, Karissa Schuler, Becky Dondero

Back to the gals and their preparations. Upon arrival and the mandatory hugs and kisses

Lauren Auffenberg Hill

with Todd, the guests received goody bags from greeter Donny Boaz, who had just completed his role of preacher in the pilot of  Good Christian Britches.

Christine Martin's Louboutins

Yes, the ladies wore their nicest outfits, but seriously all eyes were on shoes. All the names were there including Louboutin (Karissa Schuler, Leslie Gunawan Johnson, Leigh Bailey, Christine Martin, Elaine

Muffin Lemak's Jimmy Choos and Claire Emanuelson's Pradas

Agather), Tory Burch (Blaire Hohenshelt), YSL (Becky Dondero), Prada (Lauren Auffenberg Hill, Lynn McBee, Kaki Roach, Claire Emanuelson), Manolo Blahnik (Vicki Chapman, Lee Bailey), Chloe (Lauren Chapman), Stuart Weitzman (Tia Wynne), Alexandre Birman (Bradley Agather), Gucci (Paige Nash), Ferragamo (Kelsey Swingle Robertson), Jimmy Choo (Muffin Lemak), Diane von Furstenberg (Lorene Agather), Guiseppe Zanotti (Piper Wyatt), Guess (Natalie Costa) and Jessica Simpson (Elizabeth Tripplehorn).

Strutters starting off

After a good “hydrating,” the ladies marched out the door with DJ Jen Miller playing “These Boots Were Made for Walking.”  To prevent last year’s almost oops when a Dallas transit bus nearly mixed it up with the chic troopers, NMD security had blocked Main Street both ways for the ladies to have their way.

Heading to the finish line

They looked stellar as they started their round-the-block march, but that head-held-high feeling showed signs of waning by the time they made their way back to homebase sharing Commerce with evening traffic. Ah, come on. Three-, four- and five-inch heels weren’t made for power walks.

Sally Hoglund

Perhaps that’s why Sally Hoglund in her decorative sneakers and Sydney Hoyl in her adorable flat sandals never missed a step and were the envy of all.

Sydney Hoyl

Suggestion for next year: Have the guests bring an old pair of shoes to donate to The Family Place’s residents.

Share-The-Date: Dallas’ Stiletto Strut

Elaine and Bradley Agather

Thursday, April 28, 2011: The gals will be sipping champagne and donning their most lethal-looking heels to “Stiletto Strut” around downtown Dallas benefiting The Family Place. The ladies rev up their engines at 6 with cocktails on the ground floor of Neiman Marcus Downtown with a take-off time at 7.

Event Chairs are the Agather gals — Mama Elaine and her daughters Bradley and Lorene. Honorary Chair is Sally Hoglund.

It’s truly an hysterically girly event with loads of laughter and chatter benefiting women and children whose lives are not a laughing matter.

Thousands of Toes Strut for American Heart Association Around NM Hood

The Stiletto Strut should have been renamed the Pedicure Parade last Thursday when thousands of toes were on display at the downtown Neiman’s. Benefiting the American Heart Association, the block-walk around NM had forced many of the ladies to their favorite manicurists to dress up their toenails (pictured). After all, when you’ve spent a small fortune on your shoes, you just can’t have unkempt toenails.

Just between us, some of the ladies admitted that they got fresh pedicures because they were wearing shoes from last season. Well, it is the recession, you know.

So, want a blow by blow of the activity? Here goes: [Read more…]