Grovel Alert: Tutu Chic Fashion Show And Luncheon

Texas Ballet Theater dancers (File photo)

Not all the nonprofits are going quiet between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Well, of course, there is Crystal Charity Ball on Saturday, December 2. But on Tuesday, November 28, the Tutu Chic Fashion Show And Luncheon at the Winspear will have the champagne bubbling and the dancers doing pas de deux, pirouette and grand jeté in the Naeem Khan designs from Stanley Korshak with the guests on stage for a up-close view. 

Co-Chair Marybeth Conlon and Heather LeClair along with Presenting Sponsor Nancy Carlson have been busy getting guests on board for the Texas Ballet Theater fundraiser.

If you’ve purchased your tickets, congratulations! If you haven’t, you’d better hurry-scurry.

According to Texas Ballet Theater Development Manager Theresa Ireland-Daubs, “We are so close to hitting our goal of 30 tables!”

So, put off the grocery shopping for Thursday’s feasting and make your reservation here.

MySweetCharity Opportunity: Tutu Chic Fashion Show And Luncheon

Marybeth Conlon and Heather LeClair (File photo)

According to By Tutu Chic Fashion Show and Luncheon Co-Chairs Marybeth Conlon and Heather LeClair,

Texas Ballet Theater (TBT) and Stanley Korshak are partnering to present the annual Tutu Chic Fashion Show and Luncheon. In a unique fashion show, ballet dancers from TBT will dance, leap, and strut the runway on Tuesday, November 28, at the Winspear Opera House.

Back by popular demand, this year’s featured designer is internationally acclaimed Naeem Kahn.

Texas Ballet Theater (File photo)

Tutu Chic is a primary fundraiser for Texas Ballet Theater on behalf of Artistic Director Ben Stevenson, O.B.E. and Executive Director Vanessa Logan.

As the only professional ballet company in our region, and the second oldest in Texas, the Art of Ballet, Access to Ballet and Education of Ballet are priorities for TBT. Your ticket purchase helps ensure we continue to enrich your community with artistic performances, quality dance training and unique outreach programs which offer free introductory ballet instruction to public school students.

If you have any questions regarding your reservation, please contact Development Manager Theresa Ireland-Daubs at 817.763.0207 ext. 111 or by email at [email protected]

Click here for more information.

Guests Brave A Downpour To Meet The New Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Debs At Stanley Korshak

The rainstorm had come quickly, drowning the roadways with swift-flowing water and snarling rush-hour traffic. But a little wet stuff couldn’t deter the hardy souls who braved the downpour to attend the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League‘s Announcement Party for its 2017-2018 debutantes at Stanley Korshak. One attending the Friday, June 2, event on the store’s top floor was Mark Averitt, who said, “There was lots of water in our neighborhood. So we just took the back roads.”

While upbeat music like “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones played over the Korshak sound system, guests like Bridey and Gerald Meinecke, Julie and Jeff Kupp, Jennifer and Mark Gunnin, Stephanie and Bennie Bray, Melissa Lewis and Carla and Jonathan Leffert chatted with friends both old and new. Sarah Jo and Mark Hardin were on hand for son Spencer Hardin, who is an honor guard officer. Second generation/former DSOL deb Denise Beutel, who had co-chaired the 1996 ball with her mother Nancy Duncan, was taking on a new role as a mother of a 2018 deb — Caroline Beutel.

Not far away, the event’s grand dame, Tincy Miller, was introduced to someone who called her a “legend.” Tincy just laughed. Someone else said that more than two-thirds of the 30-plus ’17-’18 debs had shown up. And everyone was about to find out. 

Prior to the formal walk down the runway, Heather Moore coached the debutantes and the honor guard.

Lori Routh, Crawford Brock and Mari Epperson*

First, though, Korshak’s Crawford Brock welcomed everyone before turning things over to Mari Epperson, this year’s DSOL president. This year will be the league’s 71st anniversary, Mari said—and the 32nd annual deb presentation.  Then it was time for some shout-outs from Lori Routh, chair of the Presentation Ball, which is always the league’s major fundraiser. And, what would the announcement party be without a history of the Dallas deb ball from Tincy? “We are creating memories and a Camelot experience for each of you,” she promised.

From the left: Caroline Downing, Ashton Gillespie, Ellie Allums, Olivia Lewis, Marielle Le Masters, Hayley Waring, Kay Hitzelberger and Madison Hassell*

From the left: (front row) Shy Anderson, Houstoun Waring and Diego Garcia; (back row) Lendon Hall, Duncan McFarlane, Austin Clinkscales and Spencer Hardin*

At that, golden-throated Stan Gardner presented the Assembly (Caroline Downing, Ashton Gillespie, Ellie Allums, Olivia Lewis, Marielle Le Masters, Hayley Waring, Kay Hitzelberger and Madison Hassell) and the Honor Guard (Shy Anderson, Houstoun Waring, Diego Garcia, Lendon Hall, Duncan McFarlane, Austin Clinkscales and Spencer Hardin).

He then plunged into the main attraction: this year’s deb roster itself. Escorted halfway down the aisle by members of the Honor Guard, the debs included Caroline Allday, Meika Bass, Caroline Beutel, Alexis Bray, Helena Burns, Megan Casey, Bronwyn Cordiak, Grace Gunnin, Hope Hyde, Emma Jenevein, Anna Marie Jourdanou, Katie Kupp, Catherine Leffert, Lane McCormick, Annabel McGill, Megan Meinecke, Kay Merritt, Caroline Morway, Madison Stuart.

Anna Marie Jordanou and Houstoun Waring*

Caroline Beutel and Spencer Hardin*

Caroline Allday*

Meika Bass*

Alexis Bray*

Helena Burns*

Megan Casey*

Catherine Leffert*

Megan Meinecke*

Caroline Morway*

Kendra Averitt*

From the left: (front row) Catherine Leffert, Madison Stuart, Jacqueline Reagor, Caroline Morway, Kay Merritt, Megan Meinecke and Annabel McGill; (middle row) Juliana Szuwalski, Katie Kupp, Anna Marie Jordanou, Emma Jenevein, Hope Hyde, Grace Gunnin, Bronwyn Cordiak and Lane McCormick; (back row) Alexis Bray, Helena Burns, Megan Casey, Caroline Beutel, Meika Bass and Caroline Allday*

As a gentle reminder, Kendra Averitt held a sign behind the seated guests reading, “Smile.”

The Korshak party marked the official start of the whirlwind DSOL deb season. It will culminate with the 32nd Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Presentation Ball, on Saturday, February 17, at the Meyerson.

* Photo credit: James French

Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Deb Announcement Presentation Returned To Korshak With Champagne, Roses And Peacock Feathers

The clouds above were looking like bruised cauliflower on the evening of Friday, June 3. Outside Stanley Korshak, the valet check-in looked more like an afternoon school pick-up lane with valets apologizing for the delay. Across the street, the bulldozers were crunching down Old Warsaw.

Dixie Marshall

Dixie Marshall

Simona Beal and Gracie Beal

Simona Beal and Gracie Beal

John Cooper and Kendra and Mark Averitt

John Cooper and Kendra and Mark Averitt

But inside Korshak, the 2016 Dallas Symphony Orchestra League debs were dress-rehearsing upstairs in the women’s salon, as family and friends (Laura and Jason Downing, Simona Beal, Nancy Labadie, Lisa Laughlin, Dixie Marshall, John Cooper and Kendra and Mark Averitt), gathered with champagne flutes in hand, getting to know each other.

Stanley Korshak gowns

Stanley Korshak gowns

Instead of Neiman Marcus Downtown, where the announcement of debs has taken place in recent years, the event had returned to Korshak after 25 years on Korshak’s 30th anniversary. Thanks to the chilled drinks, the warmish temperatures were staved off. As one vet explained to a newcomer, “Nothing new. Once the overhead lights are turned up, the heat hits.”

Jolie Humphrey

Jolie Humphrey

Tincy Miller

Tincy Miller

With guests taking their seats on either side of the Korshak runway, the program got underway. DSOL Deb Chair Chair Jolie Humphrey looked downright giddy telling the crowd that the theme for the Saturday, February 18th white/black-tie presentation at the Meyerson would be Art Nouveau. Following DSOL Deb Presentation Founder Tincy Miller‘s recalling the origins of the major fundraiser for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Assembly and Honor Guard were presented.

The Assembly officers

The Assembly officers

Honor Guard officers

Honor Guard officers

Then the part of the evening that all had been waiting for started — the announcement presentation of the 2017 frosh class. Alas, a couple of the debs, it seems, had sent word that they would be no-shows. Yes, the debs-to-come were represented beautifully by those on the scene, with white roses and peacock feathers in hand. But they were disappointed that some had been called away to internships and holidays.

Aspen Moraif

Aspen Moraif

Betsy Smith

Betsy Smith

Isabel Yoder

Isabel Yoder

Only problem? Word of a couple of the MIAs hadn’t made it into the script, creating an “Oops” moment or two. But ever-cool DSOL Deb Presentation Announcer Stan Garner championed on without more than a moment or two of pause. Escorted halfway down the aisle by members of the Honor Guard, the debs included Layne Anderson, Gracie Beal, Evan Blanton, Lilli Boren, Olivia Burnett, McKenna Cook, Alicia Crenshaw, Caroline Downing, Marina Frattaroli, Heather Hall, Madeline Hendrick, Ellie Kind, Abby Loncar, Ashlyn Matthews, Juliana McIlveene, Natalie Monger, Aspen Moraif, Allison Rogers, Betsy Smith, Mary Stillman, Bailey Turfitt, Georgia Tyler, Emily Vaughan and Isabel Yoder.

Madeline Hendrick, Bailey Turfitt, Marina Frattaroli and Mary Stillman

Madeline Hendrick, Bailey Turfitt, Marina Frattaroli and Mary Stillman

As the gals finished their walk down the aisle solo, two or three DSOL-ers were standing behind the seated crowd looking like traffic cops pointing them to the hallway leading backstage.

After the right-official presentation, the gals joined their parents in partying a tad bit more. On the other hand, others guests waiting for the checkout at the valet chatted it up. Stan was the first to hit the line, preparing to pedal it to Southlake to join up with his wife Sara Lee Garner for a rehearsal dinner.

For a look at all the 2017 debs on the scene, check out MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Debutante Announcement Presentation

Natalie Monger

Natalie Monger

In less than 10 months, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League will be presenting the 2017 debutantes at the Meyerson. To get things moving along, the newest crop of young women were announced on Friday, June 3. Alas, due to summer vacations, not all the gals were on hand. But the ones who were there wore highest heels and adorable dresses to show off their longer-than-long legs.

Stanley Korshak gowns

Stanley Korshak gowns

Taking place on the top floor of Stanley Korshak, family and friends not only got to see the to-be-debs escorted down the aisle by members of the DSOL Honor Guard, they also got to know each other. Wise move, since the months ahead will be filled with activities and plans.

Madeline Hendrick, Bailey Turfitt, Marina Frattaroli and Mary Stillman

Madeline Hendrick, Bailey Turfitt, Marina Frattaroli and Mary Stillman

While the post is being prepared, get a look at the Korshak announcement party at MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

2016 Art Ball Auction Item #6: The Best Of Italy

Seriously, is there any spot in the world that oozes fashion, food and fabulous art more than Italy? Didn’t think so. That’s why this 2016 Art Ball package is a foodie-fashionista-fan of the arts’ dream of seven days in heaven. Drop the diet to prepare on the pasta. Here is the ultimate way to experience Italy like others only wish. Pinches on the cheeks not included.

The Best Of Italy (Value: $25,050)

Ulysses wandered the Mediterranean searching for his home. The winner of this 2016 Art Ball package will find the food, fashion and the fabulous places that Ulysses only wishes he could have found.

The Best of Italy*

The Best of Italy*

  • Florence and Fiesole — For starters there’s the former monastery located in Fiesole just outside of Florence. With its fabulous grounds and terraces, it stands today as the marvelous boutique hotel Belmond “Villa San Michele.” So typical of the region, this retreat is surrounded with breathtaking art, natural beauty and cuisine and wines that are right at home in Ital. To help the winners of this package feel right at home, there is a six-hour tour of the area’s highlights like the Accademia Gallery, Uffizi Gallery and Il Duomo di Firenze.
  • Solomeo — After a couple of nights in Florence, it’s on to Solomeo where Stanley Korshak’s Crawford Brock and his cashmere loving designer Brunello Cucinelli, whose schedule allows will tell about the history of the village. If Brunello isn’t available, one of his trusted associates will take the helm. If the stars in alignment (May 24 and 25), Crawford will host a private dinner party with Brunello.
  • Rome — Despite being located in the hub of Rome’s active scene, the winner will enjoy the serenity and luxury of Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel located within a 15-acre parkland. In addition to a full day tour of Tome including the Vatican’s Museum and the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
  • Naples Kiton Factory Tour — Just down the road there will be a private tour of Naples’ Kiton Factory, where tailors and craftsmen create world-class creations. On this occasion, the package winner will take home a custom-made sports coat and trousers plus a woman’s jacket. Just send that thank-you note to Crawford Brock.
  • Amalfi Coast — The final stop on the Italian adventure will be the Amalfi Coast’s Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa perched on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Formerly a 17th century monastery, the hotel has been meticulously “restored into an exclusive 20-room boutique hotel.” Its fabulous spa is perfectly situated against a natural showcase of beauty and enhanced by 21st century advancements in luxurious pampering.

Compliments of Strong Travel Services, Cindy Nesti Black, Villa San Michele and the Belmond Group of London, Crawford Brock of Stanley Korshak, Walks Inside Rome, Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Kiton and Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

* Photo courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art

Untangling The Confusion About Fashion Stars For A Cause Events

There seems to be some confusion in the air about Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas’ Fashion Stars for a Cause gala. A media outlet reported

“Galleria Dallas will present the 10th annual Fashion Stars for a Cause runway show and cocktail party benefiting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas Feb. 24 on the ice rink …. The runway show will highlight spring looks from Galleria Dallas retailers.”

Yes, the Galleria Dallas is hosting “Celebrat10n” to benefit Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas on February 24, on its ice rink with 500 expected to attend at $50 a pop. And, yes, there will be a fashion show with clothes from Galleria Dallas merchants. And, yes, the models will be both professional models and members of the Fashion Stars For a Cause ambassadors.

But it ain’t the big-time gala—and it ain’t Fashion Stars for a Cause’s 10th anniversary.

The actual Fashion Stars for a Cause gala including cocktails, seated dinner, a presentation of Belk fashions by the Fashion Stars for a Cause ambassadors (Sherice Lynette Brown, Francis Harrison Brito, Laura Fedock, Laurie Graham, Gina Marx, Kristy J. Morgan, Shelley Herrera-O’Neal, Shayema Rahim, Whitney Roberts-Kutch, Bridget Sommerlatte, Carmen Sargent and Amanda Ward) and the drawing for the raffle will take place on Friday, March 25, (aka Good Friday) at the Dallas Country Club. Tickets to the gala start at $250.

Another point that needs clearing up is the fact that this year will not be the “10th annual Fashion Stars for a Cause.” It will be number three.

The confusion may lie in the fact that it was 10 years ago that Suicide and Crisis Center’s Yvonne Crum created an event involving young women, fashions, a raffle, a speaker and dinner. It was called Fresh Faces of Fashion and she partnered up with Modern Luxury and Stanley Korshak. Being in the print business, Modern Luxury copyrighted the name and the event moved along for seven years benefiting Suicide and Crisis and featuring some of North Texas’ sweetest sweethearts, who diligently sold raffle tickets.

Then, a little over three years ago, Modern Luxury notified Yvonne that the decision had been made to change up the concept a bit. Instead of benefiting Suicide and Crisis, it would benefit different nonprofits, like the Salvation Army’s Echelon Group  in 2014 and 2015 and the Wilkinson Center this year.

In typical Molly Brown fashion, Yvonne regrouped and started Fashion Stars for a Cause that still had all the elements of her brainchild — women, fashion, raffle, speaker and benefiting Suicide and Crisis. Joining her in her effort was the Galleria’s Belk.

Joining Belk’s support Galleria Dallas offered to hold the February 24th event the month before the biggy gala. However, their promotional materials included “10” in “Celebrat10n” and a release was issued reading,

“On February 24, Galleria Dallas will host Dallas’ fashion luminaries in a spectacular fashion show on the center’s noted ice rink benefiting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. The festive event recognizes the 10th Anniversary of Fashion Stars for a Cause, the gala event created by Dallas philanthropist Yvonne Crum to Inspire Hope and Style.”

Suicide and Crisis Center's "Celebrat10n" page

Suicide and Crisis Center’s “Celebrat10n” page

When asked about the confusion regarding the 10th anniversary of Fashion Stars for a Cause on the Suicide and Crisis Center website and in the Galleria’s promotion of “Celebrat10n,” Yvonne responded that she had been unaware of the event being called a 10th anniversary of Fashion Stars for a Cause. She had been promoting “10 years of Inspiring Hope and Style” and would advise Galleria officials of the misunderstanding and have the Suicide and Crisis Center’s website corrected. (UPDATE: The Suicide and Crisis Center’s website has been updated since this post was originally published.)

The great news is that North Texas has plenty of room for events that feature fashion, females and fundraising.

Korshak Check To Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep School Had The Wrong Amount Much To The Delight Of School Representatives

There was a problem with the check that Stanley Korshak’s Crawford Brock and his staff presented to Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep on Tuesday, May 19. The amount — $21,300 — was wrong. But more about that later.

Cristo Rey and Stanley Korshak staffs

Cristo Rey and Stanley Korshak staffs

The funds had been raised through contributions from Korshak customers benefiting Catholic college preparatory school in Pleasant Grove.

Beginning in July 2015, Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep will provide economically disadvantaged students of all faiths with a Catholic college preparatory education. The 128 ninth grade students accepted into its inaugural class will enroll in a full course load of college preparatory coursework for four years, as well as participate in a Work Study Program to help fund their tuition. Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep is the 30th School in the Cristo Rey Network of nationwide schools.

Gunnar Rawlings, Kelby Woodard, Crawford Brock, Christine Roman and Tom McNearney

Gunnar Rawlings, Kelby Woodard, Crawford Brock, Christine Roman and Tom McNearney

And what was wrong with the amount on the Texas-size check? It seems that after the display check had been created, more donations came in. The final, for-real check was $21,900 much to the delight of Cristo reps including Dallas Corporate Work Study Director Gunnar Rawlings, Dallas Founding President Kelby Woodard, Dallas director of Academics Christine Román and Dallas Board Member Tom McNearney.

According to Crawford, “We are honored to donate these funds to such a well-deserving organization that is making a tremendous difference in our children’s lives. It is with great honor that the entire store family was a part of these fundraising efforts.”

Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep provides impoverished students of all faiths with a Catholic college preparatory education enabling them to become men and women of purpose and service. Through a rigorous curriculum, integrated with a hands-on professional work experience, students graduate ready to succeed in college and in life.

* Photo provided by Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep

Cattle Baron’s Ball Ladies Check Out Koch Fashions And Lunch On Capital Grille Salmon At Stanley Korshak

Table setting

Table setting

Despite the construction surrounding the Crescent Court world, the Cattle Baron’s Ball ladies found their way past the trash cans collecting drips around the fountains on the ground level. Some had headed to The Shak where word had been sent that the party would take place. Looked stylish and nice but empty of CBB types.

And rightly so. The real shebang was taking place in Korshak proper on the top floor.

Whoa! But Korshak Visual/Fashion Director Bret McKinney had tried something different. He hadn’t produced a luncheon fashion show before in the spot and he succeeded with a white tile runway surrounded by luncheon tables with white floral centerpieces.

Tia Wynne, Leigh Friend and Cara French

Tia Wynne, Leigh Friend and Cara French

Speaking of flowers, floral designer Cara French admitted that her mom, Prissy Gravely, was an angel on her shoulder. It seems Prissy is the matriarch of growing blossoms, and Cara is the blossom stylist.

Ashley Montgomery Lyon

Ashley Montgomery Lyon

Katherine Wynne and Sunie Solomon

Katherine Wynne and Sunie Solomon

After greeting and hugging, the gals including CCB Co-Chairs Mary Martha Wynne and Tia Wynne, Luncheon Co-Chairs Leigh Friend and Ashley Montgomery Lyon, Melissa Sherrill, Katherine Wynne, Jill Tananbaum, Sunie Solomon and Marjon Henderson, settled down to a fashion show of Koch clothes and a Capital Grille lunch that included bread basket with lemon butter, mint Arnold Palmer and asparagus soup with crème fraise and salmon salad with mango and avocado. For dessert it was a “Capital Grille tasty bite and a box of chocolate truffles.”

BvB Dallas To Auction Off 31 Stanley Korshak Wedding Gowns At BvB Bridal Blitz!

There are those dresses that one remembers. Not just the ones that red carpet at the 2015 Met Gala. But it’s those white dresses. Not just the ones with the blue satin sashes that Julie Andrews sang about. It’s those first communion dresses. It’s those graduation dresses. It’s those high school prom dresses. So pristine white that in the years to come they still remain ageless.

And then there’s that wedding dress that was more photographed than a Kardashian. It was flawless, whimsical and romantic.

So, where is this going? Well, those adorable gal, who make up the BvB Dallas ( aka Blondes vs. Brunettes Dallas) waging war on the football field against Alzheimer’s, are at an age when weddings and bridal showers are more prevalent than skeeters in the summer.

It seems that one of their own — Catelyn Cappelman — was being fitted for her wedding gown at Stanley Korshak (aka “Crawford’s Place”) and her mother-in-law-to-be told the bridal salon manager about Catelyn’s mom and showed her the video of Catelyn receiving her check. The staff was so moved by the story that they and Crawford Brock realized how much these young things wanted to help battle an “oldtimer’s disease.” So, the Stanley K folks donated 31 bridal gowns to auction off  at BvB Bridal Blitz! to benefit for the BvB Dallas efforts on Saturday, May 16, at sixty five hundred. Yup, 31 gowns!

Blondes vs. Brunettes Brides*

BvB Bridal Blitz!*

You were wondering what kind of the white gowns were up for bid. No Evan Picone nor Levi’s. Sorry, but this Korshak-level fashions. Think more along the lines of Angel Sanchez, Badgley Mischka Bride, Carolina Herrera, Inez Di Santo, Kenneth Pool Liancarlo, Rivini and Romona Keveza. In the world of bridal and deb gowns, these are super-duper names.

As for the BvB’s, they won’t be in sweats and neither should the guests. It’ll start at 9 a.m. with a “First Look” to try on the gowns before the rest of the world checks in at 10 a.m. But to try on these fabulous gowns, it does require some sustenance like bubbly and bites.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the public will be allowed to check out the dresses with the auction starting around 2:45 p.m. with the BvB ladies modeling them. All starting bids will begin between $1,800-$3,600, 70% the original retail prices.

And since the BvB’s are totally cool with the online way of life, you can get a sneak peek of the dresses “via Cyber-Dust, which is available on your smartphone’s app store.”

Suggestion: Get your ticket now, check out the gowns online and block Saturday May 16 for a fun time at sixty five hundred.

* Photo credit: Dyan Kethley

Art Ball Auction Item #7: His and Hers Ultimate Fashion Insider Package!

She loves bling. He’s a standout for his impeccable clothes. This Art Ball 50 live auction item is tailor-made for the couple who raises the winning paddle for the Dallas Museum of Art fundraiser.

His and Hers Ultimate Fashion Insider Package!* (Value: $40,000)

Loree Rodkin is known by the international set for many things. There was her first venture designing homes for rock stars like Alice Cooper and Rod Stewart. Then the turned her talents to managing such unknowns as Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker. Her third turn was making jewelry. Her first client was the late Elizabeth Taylor and you just know how she loved her sparkles. Since then Loree’s clientele has included Madonna, Steven Tyler, Elton John and her BFF Cher. But Loree’s following hasn’t been showbiz types only. She designed the inaugural jewelry for First Lady Michelle Obama.

The lady who wins this package will join Loree at her Hollywood studio and select $30,000 worth of goodies from her array of eye-popping necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.



And what about the chap in this couple? He deserves a little attention, too. Not to worry! He’ll find just what he needs at the Kiton factory in Naples, Italy, thanks to Kiton founder Ciro Paone and his love for quality. That love affair flourished in Naples. But instead of canvases and marble, Ciro’s talents and his craftsmen have created “the best of the best +1” in custom-made clothing from shirts, jackets with silk lining, shirts with hand-sewn buttons using Faro silk thread, seven-fold ties, shoes and even jeans of top-quality Japanese denim! And if he’s feeling generous, he might want to check out the pretties in the women’s wear collection for his special lady. After all, he’ll have $10,000 to spend on his shopping spree.

BTW, if the winners just don’t have time to go to Hollywood and Naples, they can just “choose Loree Rodkin jewelry and Kiton clothing” at Stanley Korshak.

* Curated by Stanley Korshak 
** Restrictions: Visits and selections must be taken before April 11, 2016. 
*** Photo provided by 2015 Art Ball

Round Robin March 26: Women’s Auxiliary Of The Salvation Army Texas Tea And Côtes Du Coeur Catalog Announcement

Wicked weather hit Oklahoma and the North Texas area dodged the torrential bullet on Thursday, March 26. Since the temps dipped, woolly wear didn’t reappear. But don’t worry. The nonprofits were still hot-to-trot.

Women’s Auxiliary Of The Salvation Army Texas Tea

Dixey Arterburn and Ramona Jones

Dixey Arterburn and Ramona Jones

The question for the Women’s Auxiliary of the Salvation Army on a normal day might have been, “How are the clothes coming?” or “How are ticket sales going for the Salvation Army fundraiser at Brook Hollow?”

Instead it was, “Did you find a parking space?” Seems the Crescent Court launched its face lift on the very same day as the SAWA’s Texas Tea at Stanley Korshak.

Libby Hunt

Libby Hunt

Evidently, everyone didn’t get the memo that the usual valet at Korshak’s front door would be replaced by the one at Capital Grille. But even then Salvation Army Fashion Show and Luncheon Co-Chair Dixey Arterburn arrived early and couldn’t find a parker at the Grille. Upon inquiring in a ladylike fashion with the Capital Grille staff, she was told to just leave her keys and it would be taken care of.

Guess it was just one of the adjustment to new arrangement days, but Women’s Auxiliary President Betsy Chambers, Ramona Jones, Honorary Co-Chairs Libby Hunt, Lissie McCullough and Sharon McCullough were right on time.

Lissie McCullough, Crawford Brock and Sharon McCullough

Lissie McCullough, Crawford Brock and Sharon McCullough

Regardless, Dixey and her Co-Chair Ginger Sager have arranged to have loads of the gently experienced designer clothes hanging around for sale on Monday, May 4, at Brook Hollow. Suggestion: start doing your arm exercises because you’re gonna be carrying out armfuls of fashions.

But on this day it was Korshak’s brand-spanking new clothes and “Texas Tea.”

Côtes du Coeur Catalogue Announcement

David Blank and Kate Rose Marquez

David Blank and Kate Rose Marquez

Later that evening, Diamond Doctor was being hit from all sides by the Côtes du Coeur gang. For a while DD David Blank stood outside greeting guests like Cindy Stager, Gillian Breidenbach, Corry Schiermeyer, Kevin Curley, Kim Bannister, Dick Meyer, Mary Martha and John Pickens, Nick Tarantello and Micheala Davis.

Cindy Stager, Gillian Breidenbach and Corry Schiermeyer

Cindy Stager, Gillian Breidenbach and Corry Schiermeyer

Kim Bannister

Kim Bannister

Mary Martha and John Pickens

Mary Martha and John Pickens

One reason for his doing the meet-and-greet outside was that the store was pretty well filled with peeps with glasses of wine in hand.

Whether it was the Côtes du Coeur wine lovers checking out the Red Escalade in front of DD, hunkering down over the cases of gems on the ground floor or venturing upstairs to see the OMG items, it was an amazing gathering. In addition to the gazillions of dollars of jewels, another reason for the turnout was the presentation of the Côtes du Coeur catalog for the April 25 fundraiser at the Hilton Anatole. Just in the nick of time, Côtes du Coeur Chair Kate Rose Marquez rang the bell calling all to the stairs for the catalog presentation. As the information about the wines was being read, it was obvious that some folks were already planning their bids.

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show Was About Saving Lives, Not Just Fashion, Food And Fundraising

Perhaps it was because the 2014 Winter Olympics were underway and competition was on the mind. Or, maybe it was because the 2013 St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show had seen such a dramatic change of venues (from the Anatole to the Meyerson) and was flawlessly executed except for the acoustics in the luncheon. This year’s Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraiser had a gold-medal standard to measure up to, in addition to being the luncheon’s 30th anniversary. With just a little tweaking of arrangements, the organizers had solved the past problem and were set to raise $500,000.

From preliminary signs, even Mother Nature was for once cooperating. Just days before the Wednesday, February 12th event, it had been touch-and-go. But the weather-casters were all in agreement that the sun would prevail with just enough chill to create a demand for furs and boots. For once they were right!

In addition to the wash of red, pink and white outfits filling the champagne reception in the Meyerson lobby, the sheen of pearl necklaces added a special sparkle to the occasion. One non-pearlized girl nudged a friend saying, “I didn’t get the memo about the pearls.” Still against, those white marble floors and with the sun streaming in, the lobby looked like the world’s biggest valentine assembly. Rightly so, since the theme was “Legends of Love.” Perhaps that was because Event Chair Carmaleta Whiteley was still in the early stages of newlywed status when the theme had been picked last year.

Topping off the sweetheart look were the smiles. Everyone seemed blissfully happy to be gathering for the 2014 season’s first fashion extravaganza and to shake off the winter doldrums.

Janie Condon, Claire Emanuelson and DeeDee Lee

Janie Condon, Claire Emanuelson and DeeDee Lee

Even DeeDee Lee was smiling. Seems that on the way to the luncheon one of the items on her hunky, chunky gold charm bracelet had nailed her, resulting in a bloody mess. A quickly placed bandage put a halt to that dilemma. DeeDee laughed it off, “Good thing I’m wearing a red dress.”

MaryBeth Conlon, Robyn Conlon and Megan Somerville

MaryBeth Conlon, Robyn Conlon and Megan Somerville

Robyn Conlon was with two of her fav gals — daughter-in-law MaryBeth Conlon and son Keith Conlon’s steady galfriend Megan Somerville.

Missing from the scene was Kate Rose Marquez, who had been part of the underwriting team with Olivia Kearney and Lynn McBee. KR had a good excuse. She was attending the American Heart Association’s Women’s Day Red Dress Awards with Capera Ryan in New York City. As for Lynn, she was a standout in black, claiming to be the Valentine’s Day Grinch.

Lori Jones, Michael Flores and Nancy C. Rogers

Lori Jones, Michael Flores and Nancy C. Rogers

Of course, Nancy Rogers was also a standout in her white dress, red fur coat, always-perfect smile and entourage of gorgeous galpals and Michael Flores. She had just flown in especially for the luncheon and had to hop a plane immediately afterwards. There’s just no keeping up with the lady.

Despite the pealing of the Meyerson chimes, the guests lingered a little longer to chat and sip champagne. Eventually, they found their way to their seats in the hall just in time for the lights to dim and a video to reveal the advances made in leukemia and lymphoma research and treatments on the stage’s huge screen.

When the video ended, the stage lighting came up revealing a lineup of women on stage. Some in the audience weren’t quite sure who or why these women were there. In the spotlight at the podium was KDFW’s Clarice Tinsley, who said, “Today honors this caring community of women on stage with me, who have fought so hard and this is the 30th anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.” There was no further explanation of their connection with the event. Were they mothers who’d had children suffering from the blood disease? Had they been survivors?

Former luncheon chairs

Former luncheon chairs

Former luncheon chairs

Former luncheon chairs

One of the women later remarked that she didn’t doubt the audience might have been confused: “You would have thought they would have just said that we were the past luncheon chairs?”

Carmaleta Whiteley Felton

Carmaleta Whiteley Felton

Carmaleta was introduced and recognized the luncheon founders Rusty Duvall and Janet Evans, presenting sponsors Nancy C. and Richard Rogers, Stanley Korshak,  Jan Strimple, her committee and Honorary Chairs Jan Miller and Jeff Rich. Another video came up with Jeff telling how this a personal situation for him, since his father had been battling leukemia for the past couple of years.

Finishing her talk, Carmaleta summed it up with, “Fundraising is not about raising funds. It’s about saving lives.”

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of North Texas Executive Director Dr. Patricia Thomson then told the group that over the past 30 years the luncheon had raised “over $8M,” with the day’s goal being $500,000. She also announced the creation of the “Giving Circle” and invited people to join.

Ellen Terry, Dawn Mellon and Clarice Tinsley

Ellen Terry, Dawn Mellon and Clarice Tinsley

It was now time for the awards to be given out. First was the presentation of the Lynda Adleta Heart of Gold Award to survivor Dawn Mellon. A video was shown with Dawn recalling the fears, challenges and gratitude of receiving successful treatments. As a smiling Dawn was presented with a Tiffany blue box from Ellen Terry, a slide announcing the award was on the screen. Evidently, spellcheck had ruled the slide, spelling Adleta’s first name with an “i” resulting in, “Linda.” Oops. That spellcheck software just thinks it knows everything.

Zach Rigby and Margaret Strand

Zach Rigby and Margaret Strand

After Dawn thanked the group, a video was shown about 6-year-old Margaret Strand, the Spirit of Tom Landry Character Award recipient. The youngster’s comments added levity to the program. Alicia Landry then presented the award to the little blonde in the pretty pink dress, who was escorted on stage by previous Spirit of Tom Landry Character Awardee Zach Rigby. As Margaret stood by looking like she’d rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather, Zach spoke to the group. He recalled the recent death of 9-year-old Zach Guillot, who had battled acute myeloid leukemia for four years. But he then added that the day was about living and asked for guests to help find a cure for the blood cancer.

Clarice returned to the podium saying that there were three more things on the day’s agenda: the fashion show, the luncheon, and a post-show champagne reception honoring Carmaleta and toasting the 30th anniversary at Stanley Korshak.

Model, Rawlins Gilliland and Gary Levinson

Model, Rawlins Gilliland and Gary Levinson

As she left the stage, the lights dimmed. With a dark backdrop sprinkled with what looked like purple amoebas, two spotlights dramatically highlighted two figures all in black on stage — orator Rawlins Gilliland and violinist Gary Levinson. Positioned at different levels on stage risers, it took on the appearance of an ancient Greek theatrical production with Gary playing as Rawlins read a script about the relationship of fashion and music for about five minutes. Some guests later admitted that, although the introduction was well presented, they still wondered what it had to do with the event’s 30th anniversary, the event’s theme or the beneficiary.

The 18-minute show was then underway, with bright spring clothes and matching music. As the finale of 30 Gowns for 30 Years began, the music took on a more dramatic tone as the models walked with serious expressions showcasing a variety of evening gowns.

Stanley Korshak fashion

Stanley Korshak fashion

Stanley Korshak fashion

Stanley Korshak fashion

Stanley Korshak fashion

Stanley Korshak fashion

30 Gowns for 30 Years

30 Gowns for 30 Years

Of course, there was an exception. It was a sweet young thing who, in a strapless, gown, was stepping down the stairway to the stage. She realized the neckline was starting to dip past the G- or even R-rated zone. What’s a girl to do in front of an audience of hundreds? Shoot. She did what anyone would do. Grabbed that naughty neckline with both hands and hiked it up. Mission accomplished, she flashed an embarrassed smile. Alas, just a couple of steps later, she stepped on her hem but recovered nicely.

The Stanley Korshak bride

The Stanley Korshak bride

In true fashion-show tradition, the finale was the presentation of a bride. The music seemed to only get more dramatic. While the 30 in colorful gowns stood in place like bridesmaids on the stage’s risers, a “voluptuous” bride in a magnificent wedding gown with a bouquet of red flowers and red, jewel-encrusted violin appeared at the head of the stairs. The beauty then walked halfway down the runway that stretched beyond the stage into the audience. Veteran couture fashion show guests noted the bride was a new face. They were right. The gown demanded a size-8 model, unlike the usual size-2 and -4 types who were serving as bridesmaids. So, this beauty was signed up specifically for this appearance. And it probably won’t be the last time she’ll be seen at fashion shows.

As the 30 paraded off the stage, the bride stood alone on the runway with head held high staring off into the distance, as if looking for a long-lost love. Just as the last of the bridesmaids vanished, the bride turned and solemnly exited stage right, looking like she was the brave victim of an arranged marriage.

The bride exits stage right

The bride exits stage right

But the serious tone disappeared as soon as the houselights came up and the guests headed to the lobby for lunch that, according to the luncheon menu, was supposed to include asparagus and rice with chicken. Instead, it was chicken but with plate-mates mashed potatoes and green beans. But who cared? The hunky chocolate cake in the shape of a heart wiped away any thoughts of the MIA asparagus and rice.

Besides, when you get down to it, Carmaleta was absolutely right. The day was for more than raising funds, fashion or food. It was for life saving.

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show Patron Party Brought Out The Red Of The Season

Legends of Love display at Stanley Korshak

Stanley Korshak

Against the black-and-white floor of Stanley Korshak’s third floor, the 70 or so St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show patrons dazzled. Perhaps it was thanks to the gals who highlighted the place wearing sweetheart red. With bare shoulders, both Dawn Mellon and Linda Ivy looked like they were ready for the February 12 Lymphoma and Leukemia Society fundraiser — Legends of Love. But leave it to Jennifer Houser to upstage one and all in her red fur coat.

Linda Ivy

Linda Ivy

Jennifer Houser's red coat against Stanley Korshak's black-and-white floor

Jennifer Houser’s red coat against Stanley Korshak’s black-and-white floor

Dawn Mellon

Dawn Mellon

BTW, Dawn will receive the Lynda Adleta Heart of Gold Award at the Wednesday extravaganza at the Meyerson.

According to LLS Deputy Executive Director Stacey Russell, the event that will mark the 30th anniversary of the luncheon/fashion show has a goal of $500,000. To do this, Luncheon Chair Carmaleta Whiteley has arranged to honor the past chairs, many (Kate Rose Marquez, DeeDee Lee, Claire Emanuelson, Janie Condon, Rainey Fogiel, Natalie Fogiel Moon) of whom were on the scene at Korshak.

The patron party also kicked off the event’s raffle of 11 luxury packages, which is aimed at raising at least $33,000. While the raffle tickets won’t be available for online purchase, they can be snapped up at the luncheon or by calling 972.996.5932. They’re a bargain at $25 per or five for $100. Or, if you happen to be at Highland Park Village Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., drop by Bistro 31 and you can check out The Barfield Collection. In addition to her handbags and accessories, Lisa Barfield Kopecky will have raffle tickets available for purchase.

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon Underwriting Team Announced Along With Crawford Brock’s MR Magazine‘s Lifetime Achievement Award

Carmaleta Whiteley (File photo)

Carmaleta Whiteley (File photo)

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show Chair Carmaleta Whiteley reports that she has lassoed three powerhouses to co-chair the underwriting for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser — Olivia Kearney, Kate Rose Marquez and Lynn McBee.

Olivia Kearney (File photo)

Olivia Kearney (File photo)

Lynn McBee and Kate Rose Marquez (File photo)

Lynn McBee and Kate Rose Marquez (File photo)

The event is scheduled for the Meyerson on Wednesday, February 12, with Stanley Korshak providing the glamorama fashions.

Speaking of Korshak, that Crawford Brock is a pretty smart fella. In addition to being king of the Stanley Korshak kingdom, he’s been smart enough to have his three retailing daughters (Leigh in pr, Laura in men’s and Helen in women’s) work for him. Can you imagine what it must be around the holidays in their household!

Well, daughter Leigh reports that Crawford was just back from NYC where he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from MR Magazine. The award is designed to “honor innovators who have made a permanent imprint on the men’s apparel business.”

Bart Trigg, Laura Brock Chandler, Crawford Brock, Helen Brock, Rose Clark, Gray Sawyer and Suzanne Warner

Bart Trigg, Laura Brock Chandler, Crawford Brock, Helen Brock, Rose Clark, Gray Sawyer and Suzanne Warner*

According to MR Editor-in-chief Karen Albert Grossman, “Aside from creating a unique and very special shopping experience for his customers, he’s willing to share his extensive knowledge of merchandising and marketing to inspire other independent merchants in the country.”

Hey, Karen, Crawford also knows and appreciates the importance of supporting the nonprofits in his market. Just ask the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Texas Ballet, Fresh Faces of Fashion and The Salvation Army’s Echelon Group.

* Photo provided by Stanley Korshak

Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show Weathered Well Despite The Sound Of Success

For months the question was who would have their way at the Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show. Would Mother Nature party poop with one of her annual ice storms, or would Stanley Korshak’s Crawford Brock charm and cajole her into playing nice?

Paige Slates and Crawford Brock

Paige Slates and Crawford Brock

It was well-known that Crawford was a keen supporter of the event and its beneficiary, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Why, Korshak had been providing the fashions and underwriting for the show for ages. But Crawford let it be known at the announcement party last year that change was in the wind. New venue — the Meyerson. Honorary chairs — vets Myrna and Bob Schlegel (they were honorary chairs of the recent February 2nd Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Deb Presentation at the Meyerson). Gangbuster fashions — Monique Lhuillier.

Tuesday he had his way. Well, at least, he had 90% of it.

Just 15 minutes before the 9:45 a.m. start, boxes were still being opened for last-minutes goodies to be distributed, and ushers were putting together programs. The weather tried to dampen the day with rain and fog causing a bit of a delay at the upper valet stand. A parade of umbrellas trekked into the lobby of the Meyerson. What frownie faces approached accompanied by umbrella-carrying escorts soon turned upside down once inside, where they were welcomed by trays carrying flutes of orange juice and champagne. One person innocently asked, “Is it too early for champagne?” A passerby laughed, “Never in Dallas.”

And who could be un-sunny when spying the sea of tables covered in pink tablecloths?

Saint Valentine's Day Luncheon & Fashion Show luncheon tables

Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show luncheon tables

Backstage, steamers were blowing wrinkles out of the Korshak fashions like a Botox happy hour. Fashion producer Jan Strimple was juggling last-minute directions with the models with the grace of a ballerina. Where normally musicians would be warming up for their performances onstage, the willowy models calmly sat around in civvies checking their smartphones or reading magazines, just like gals in a sorority house. In minutes, they would be walking the catwalk with the elegance of royalty.

Maggie Kipp and Angela Choquette

Maggie Kipp and Angela Choquette

Back in the lobby, photos were being snapped left and right. At the top of the stairs leading to the McDermott Hall, key players–Crawford, the Schlegels, Co-chairs Angela Choquette, Maggie Kipp and Paige Slates —posed for photos. While Angela and Paige opted for leather, Maggie took the day to heart wearing a short, hot-pink dress, diamond necklace, diamond-and-pearl earrings and loads and loads of curls. She topped off the swirls of curls with a feather fascinator. Much lighter than a crown, don’t you know. Perhaps she was trying it out for her next gig, as co-chair of the Mad Hatter’s Tea.

Relatively new Dallas Symphony Orchestra President/CEO Jonathan Martin looked over the crowd with his wife Amy saying, “This is a younger crowd.”

Jonathan and Amy Martin

Jonathan and Amy Martin

And while pink (Muffin Lemak, Lisa Troutt, Kristi Bare, Karen Lukin, Tammy Duclow, Linda Ivy) and red (Pat Smith, Clarice Tinsley, Doris Jacobs, Mary Beth Conlon, Katherine Coker, Cathy Vieth, Phyllis Comu, Renee Rouleau, Patricia Thomson, Emily Lee, Holly Davis) may have been the colors du jour, black and leathers were very well represented (Pat McEvoy, Ruth Robinson, Kim Miller, Cara French, Kim Bannister) as well.

Jayne Chobot and Shona Che're Gilbert

Jayne Chobot and Shona Che’re Gilbert

Jayne Chobot, who had been in charge of reservations, reported that her plan was to give hearts created to benefit the luncheon by jeweler Shona Che’re Gilbert to her bridesmaids. But the gems had proven too popular and had sold out.

Claire Emanuelson's unsensible shoes

Claire Emanuelson’s un-sensible shoes

Claire Emanuelson arrived in nose-bleed Louboutin stilettos. She said she had brought two pairs — sensible and un-sensible. “I left the sensible ones (YSL) in the car.” Her fashion strutting buddy DeeDee Lee couldn’t let that one go by without a follow up: “They’re both un-sensible!”

At 10:19 the chimes started calling the crowd of 800-plus to the McDermott Concert Hall. One usher upon greeting the guests said, “Good evening.” Couldn’t blame the fella. It was a bit early for the usual Meyerson crew.

To the amazement of many, the usual floor plan of the hall had been revised with a runway extending into the audience. Some had wondered if the fashions could indeed be seen by guests in the orchestra terrace’s back row. Ironically, those guests could easily see the Korshak clothes. It was the guests nearest the staging that had a little neck-craning to do to see over the elevated catwalk. Luckily for Kelly Green, who was seated at the corner of the stage, the aisle seat on the row was vacant, so she moved over for a better view.

Tom Landry Jr. and Alicia Landry

Tom Landry Jr. and Alicia Landry

Once the program emceed by KDFW’s Clarice Tinsley got underway, things went swimmingly. The presentation of the Lynda Adleta Heart of Gold Award did create a moment of laughter. To help itty-bitty presenter Ellen Terry “rise to the occasion” to speak into the microphone, a stagehand placed a wooden box in front of the podium. After presenting Crawford with the award and Ellen’s and Crawford exiting the stage, the stagehand quickly removed the box.

Next the Spirit of Tom Landry Character Award was presented by Alicia Landry to Joshua Cobler, who provided bone marrow for his little brother Jude. Each year Alicia’s escort is a different VIP. This year it was her son Tom Landry Jr. Joshua made a heartfelt plea for guests to sign up as bone-marrow donors.

Monique Lhuillier fashion

Monique Lhuillier fashion

Then it was time for The Best of Stanley Korshak presentation of spring fashions. On either sides of the stage were tiers with “ghost chairs” positioned as if waiting for musicians to take their places. But they went empty until the very end of the show. Just as Jan had promised — the finale was indeed grandiose. A faux conductor in tails took his place center-stage and started waving his arms as if conducting the DSO.

Grand finale

Grand finale

Instead of musicians, each model in a dazzling Lhuillier gown walked the runway and then took her place in one of the chairs. The final result was a stage of glorious colors that would have put Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny to shame. Little did the audience know this arrangement wasn’t happenstance. Jan had strategically placed each  model to create such an array of colors. Like a little girl playing paper dolls, she had created a poster board with the photos of each of the gowns. On it she tested and tested the final arrangement until she had it just right. And right it was. From a distance or up close, it had all the appearance of the world’s best Crayola box.

Finale seating layout

Finale seating layout

As guests left the hall at 11:32, Crawford received rave reviews like a first-time daddy. Suzanne Palmlund, Jennifer Houser and others didn’t hesitate saying it was the best show they had seen in ages.

Dawn Mellon

Dawn Mellon

It was now time for the luncheon. Everything had been pretty much perfection in overdrive until this point. Unfortunately, early perfection can slip in an “Oops” situation. In this case, it was the result of being too successful. Guests couldn’t help themselves. There was so much to chat about. The show was being praised and the clothes reviewed. But the marble floors, limestone walls and glass windows of the Meyerson lobby turned the massive room into a never-ending echo chamber. Despite tall speakers being stationed around the luncheon, the chatter drowned out the speakers on the small stage. The crescendo only grew as guests asked each other what the speakers were saying. To make matters worse, some of the key organizers were adding to the problem by table-hopping to visit. A few guests tried the standard clinking of silverware against water glasses to silence the crowd. While it wasn’t like prisoners sweeping metal cups against jail bars, and it did provide a lyrical accompaniment to the a capella factor, it did little if any good. Even guests close to the stage couldn’t hear the speakers. It got downright frustrating when model/stylist Dawn Mellon tried to tell her story about surviving leukemia. So many wanted to hear her story, but there was just no way as, “Can you hear what she’s saying?” became the chant. Valiantly, Dawn carried on.

Emmitt and Pat Smith

Emmitt and Pat Smith

After Dawn took her seat, the luncheon continued with no speakers for a while. Emmitt Smith strolled into the lobby. He had just been at Mayor Mike Rawlingsannouncement at City Hall regarding domestic violence. Now Emmitt was looking for wife Pat in a sea of women. Ironically, Pat was looking for Emmitt. Not to worry. They found each other within minutes. . . . 2012 Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala Co-chair Jennifer Clark was delighted to report that Anne and Steve Stodghill had just agreed to co-chair the 2013 gala. . . . Paige Slate’s mom, Dorothy Davis, found herself at a table with Cattle Baron’s types like Skye Brewer, Kristen Johnston, Kim Bannister and Nancy Gopez . . . Carmaleta Whiteley surprised friends by announcing that a wedding was in her future. Before providing deets, she was off to NYC to spend February 14 with her fiancée, Otis Felton.

Luckily, the rain was past tense just as the luncheon was ending, so the ladies could drive on over to Korshak to shop the runway goodies for their own closets.

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show Patrons Get Their Strutting Orders From Korshak Commander Crawford Brock

Troops . . . uh, patrons listening to Crawford Brock

Troops . . . uh, patrons listening to Crawford Brock

The St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show patrons headed to the top floor of Stanley Korshak Thursday to hear the final plans for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society fundraiser. Throughout the group of fashionable women, stories were shared about friends, family and associates who were victims of this blood disease.

More reason to grow the current guest count from 850 to 1,000.

Crawford Brock

Crawford Brock

Korshak Commander-in-Chief Crawford Brock admitted that in years past he had let others take the lead. Last year he decided to take more ownership of the annual fashion show/luncheon. That was sorta understating his role. Like Eisenhower was to D-Day, Crawford spearheaded the changes, and what changes they were. He moved it to the Meyerson, arranged to have Myrna and Bob Schlegel as honorary chairs and got Monique Lhuillier fashions on the runway. Luncheon/fashion show Co-chairs Angela Choquette, Maggie Cooke Kipp and Paige Slates wisely joined Crawford in revisions to the February 12th event.

Maggie Cooke Kipp

Maggie Cooke Kipp

Luckily, some things remained the same. . . like having  Fashion General Jan Strimple in charge of the production. She might as well be moving into the Meyerson after orchestrating the roll out of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League deb presentation on Saturday, February 2.

Lisa Ogle, Bret McKinney and Angela Choquette

Lisa Ogle, Bret McKinney and Angela Choquette

As for the fashions, word is making the rounds that the Lhuillier fashions are so figure-clinging that fittings were held early to make sure models could squeeze into them just right. But it’s also heard that the clothes are so fabulous that it’s worth the extra effort.

Muffin Lemak, Janie Condon and Claire Emanuelson

Muffin Lemak, Janie Condon and Claire Emanuelson

That’s important. These lunching ladies love fashion and proved it at the patron party. Muffin Lemak, Janie Condon and Claire Emanuelson went for skin-tight leather leggings. As one of the trio said, “When in doubt, wear leather pants.”

DeeDee Lee

DeeDee Lee

When asked why she hadn’t donned the leather look, nearby DeeDee Lee in black-and-white to the floor skirt laughed, “I didn’t get the memo.”

Suggestion: Get a ticket for this one. It has all the signs of being the fashion show of the season with its new location and the Lhuillier creations. And remember it starts at 9:45 a.m., so skip the OJ and have some champagne (aka breakfast of fashion champions during Valentine’s week).

Now, if Mother Nature will just play along. But chances are that Crawford has her going along with his plans, too.

St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show & Luncheon Is Making Big Changes And Korshak’s Crawford Brock Likes ‘Em

Myrna and Bob Schlegel are true gluttons for punishment. For a second night in a row, they opened Chez Schlegel for the good of others. Just the night before the Texas Woman’s University crowd was in for the “official announcement” (everybody already knew it) of Patricia and Curtis Meadows being the honorees.

But on Wednesday it was a totally different crowd, hemline and heel height. But what would one expect when it involves the St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show & Luncheon crowd? Some of the drill was the lovely same: Valet parkers to take vehicle after being navigated through the winding-through-the-Schlegel grounds. An outdoor setup with wine and champagne to provide sustenance as they made their way to the main house. Change that — main palace. Inside were the ever-young Myrna and Bob immediately concerned that one and all feel right at home. That’s the rub. Folks feel so at home with the over-the-top accommodations and food, they don’t want to leave. Okay, so maybe the thumping sound that was heard occasionally made some wonder, but old-timers laughed that someone was probably playing basketball on the indoor court on the top level.

While the original plan called for around 80 guests, the number ended up in the three-figure neighborhood.

Crawford Brock

As soon as the living room was once again packed with guests, news of the big changes for the annual St. Valentine’s Day fashion extravaganza were reported. Yes, Stanley Korshak would be taking even greater ownership of the fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of North Texas. Part of the “ownership” was moving the event from the Hilton Anatole to the Morton Meyerson.

While some would just say that the move was prompted by wanting it closer to Korshak, to make post-luncheon shopping more convenient, Korshak’s Crawford Brock just ain’t some folks. He’s a man who speaks his mind. Why, his plea at the Tutu Chic luncheon prompted one guest to make a six-figure donation. This time he didn’t hold back one iota. Boldly, he explained the move: “I don’t like the [Anatole’s] chandeliers; I don’t like the carpets. Dealing with those people is a challenge. ‘Why are we going there?’ I asked. We [Korshak] are in Uptown. The Meyerson is in our neighborhood. I’m hopeful now that this will be our home for eternity. … We’ve sort of been in the background up til now. We’re not gonna do that anymore. We’re going to be in the driver’s seat. This is gonna be a whopper!”

Whoa! Needless to say, eyebrows raised to hairlines. Don’t worry. No one mounted a storming of the Anatole.

As he revealed the game plan, it was obvious that General Brock was truly in charge. He got Paige Slates, who handles the Korshak pr, to agree to co-chair the event. In turn she got her buds Angela Choquette and Maggie Cooke Kipp to join her as fellow co-chairs.

Angela Choquette, Myrna and Bob Schlegel, Paige Slates and Maggie Cooke Kipp

Then Crawford went after the Schlegels to be the honorary chairs. But they came back saying, “We’d love to be your honorary chairs. But, can you move the date? We’re out of town!” Crawford got the date changed to Tuesday, February 12. In finishing up his pep talk, he announced, “I want 1,000 people there!” Knowing Crawford, he’ll get that number plus some.

Joshua Cobler and Jude Cobler

Speaking of Crawford, the annual Heart of Gold Award will be presented to him at the luncheon and the Spirit of Tom Landry Character Award will go to Joshua Cobler, 14, who donated bone marrow to his younger brother Jude, 7.

Shona Gilbert, Angela Nash and Cary Christensen Deuber

When guests had absorbed all these plans, they were updating each other with news. The favorite fashion pasttime among this set is pass-it-along-pregnancy wardrobes. It seems that when Maggie Cooke Kipp learned she was expecting, a friend insisted on giving her the maternity clothes she wore. In turn Maggie will pass the expando-matic clothes to the next budding babe. . . . Speaking of being due, Carey Deuber, who co-chaired the Karaoke Lounge in late February, reported that she’ll delivering a baby Deuber in 10 weeks. Perhaps baby Deuber should be named “Karaoke”. . Underwriting Chair Lynda Villareal in a Korshak cocktail dress admitted that she truly understood the trauma that patients experience. Lynda is a leukemia survivor. . . Hoffbrau’s Rainey Fogiel and daughter Natalie settled back on the oh-so comfy couches in the den with champagne, Casandra cuisine and DeeDee “Jingles” Lee and Korshak’s Ann Sappington . . . Angela Choquette was showing photos on her iPhone’s cracked screen of her three-year-old Papillion/Maltese “Herci” she had to rush to the vet after Herci swallowed a Tylenol. . . Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of North Texas’ Executive Director Patricia Thomson revealed that $8M has been

Tanya Roberts

raised thanks to the St. Valentine’s Day

luncheon, and the goal for 2013 is $410K. In addition to Korshak, Park Place, Ernst & Young, Modern Luxury and Tanya Roberts have already signed up to

help meet that figure. . . . Jan Strimple will once again be in charge of the fashion show and word has it that she plans to have the runway extend out into the audience.

As for the question of weather, Crawford is in negotiations with Mother Nature to behave. And if anyone can deal with Mother, it’s Crawford.

Stay tuned. MySweetCharity will have weather updates, but you knew that.

RockNRunway Went That Away With 600 For The Salvation Army

Crawford Brock and his Stanley Korshak crew must dress Mother Nature. Thursday night she was in a very good mood and provided optimal weather conditions for the second annual RockNRunway to benefit the Echelon Group of the Salvation Army.

Crescent Court retailing courtyard

While Janet and Crawford Brock observed part of the festivities from their luxury suite on the upper tier of Korshak, about 600 tanned, professional and beautiful types gathered in the terraces of the Crescent Court retailing complex. Finally, they realized all the fun was downstairs and joined the crowd. Lucy “Wild Woman” Wrubel was in the middle of the mob setting the pace with music. Hey, you didn’t think she got that streak in her hair by staying home nights crocheting, did you?

Rose Clark, Wayne Moore, Lisa Moore, Molly Cox, Justin Cox, Heather Furniss, Crawford Brock, Christina Geyer

To be part of the crowd, you needed to get invited, RSVP-ed and make a donation and/or bring in a gently pair of used jeans for their denim drive.

As payback, guests were shown the fall designs in three fabulous fashion shows orchestrated by fashionable style guru Bret McKinney.

Austin Ames, Amanda Callahan, Chart Westcott

And while the fashions were typical of Korshak (young, unique and hot), the crowd was holding their own nicely, thanks to Stanley Korshak. . . or as it’s known at “the shak,” SK. Jacquelin Sewell Taylor sparkled in a sequined Fendi top from SK. One can only imagine what she’ll be wearing for the TACA Custom Auction Gala that she, husband Phillip and Nick Even are chairing on September 21 at the Mansion. . . Sarah Fay Egan looked rather beautiful in a SK black ensemble. Of course, all the gals were sporting blonde manes that were to die for. . . Heather Furniss, who helped coordinate the SK-Salvation Army/Echelon event, wore a stunning Lanvin shell necklace from SK.

John and Paige Slates

But the headlines of the night were also being made by the news traded among the guests. You don’t think these people were just looking good. They were talking good, too. Adorable SK-er Paige Slates and husband John will be joining Ann and Trey Fielder in chairing the Habitat for Humanity “Urban Revival” event at Trinity Groves on November 8. . . Carmaleta Whiteley and partying bud James Shackleford were full of news. First was news about Anthony Wilkinson. Not only his “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” returning to Broadway, he’s just been named director of tourism for NorthPark. No sooner did that item drop on the Crescent court terrace than another news blast took place. Carmaleta coaxed James to reveal that his company SomaComm Inc. is managing the social media for NP. Somebody at NP is collecting talent like a youngster gathering prized eggs at Brook Hollow on Easter Sunday!

Then James turned the tables on Carmaleta, who had been busily delivering demo DVDs of Faye Briggs‘ family history throughout the hood. As one person put it, “I learned so much about Faye and had no idea of what she had accomplished in her life. It truly brought tears to my eyes.”

Carmaleta and her partner Philip Wier premiered Faye’s family history at the Magnolia a couple of weeks ago and the twosome have been answering queries about the in’s and out’s of such projects.

After the models had emptied the catwalks, guests danced in “the shak” at the Rap Up Party.

Let’s face it. RockNRunway is just a warmup of what is on the horizon for the fall/winter fundraising.

Photos provided by Stanley Korshak

St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show & Luncheon Has Clear Weather And A Different Direction


The St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show & Luncheon track record for the past two years took a definite turn this year. First, there was the weather Tuesday. Instead of facing frigid temperatures and ice storms requiring snow plows, this year the fur-bearing guests wore them for looks, because it just wasn’t that chilly. Maybe they were going to be prepared just in case a North Texas Super Bowl freeze breeze blew into town while they were partying at the Hilton Anatole.

Then there was the population of the stylish set attending the Leukemia & Lymphoma of North Texas fundraiser. Instead of the way-over 1,000 — whoa, last year there were reservations for more than 1,000, but due to the ice on the streets, there were a few empty seats — Luncheon Co-chairs Bunny Cotten, Angela Nash and Kristina Whitcomb opted to go lean and loving. They decided to host just 600-ish. As one professional event staffer explained, “But it’s the right 600.” Translation: they’re the type who spend moolah on raffle tickets and post-fashion show shopping and appreciate fashion ala Korshak.

Saint Valentine's Day Fashion Show and Luncheon tables

The layout of the Chantilly Ballroom that has accommodated events  of 2,000 guests was interesting. Instead of having the tables spread out more, the setup had the tables just a yard or so apart. Sorta like wearing Spanx in your jammies. Oldtimers who claim the Chantilly as their second home were a little surprised upon entering the ballroom to see such a distance between the doors and the tables.

Korshak fashion

Perhaps it was to allow guests to get a very up-close look at the Korshak fashions that paraded on the catwalk. The smart organizers arranged to have orchid centerpieces that while lovely did not block the view throughout the room.

But we digress.

Scooter parking space

As fashion show producer Jan Strimple was backstage going over last- minute details with her models and staff, the guests entered the ballroom. Robyn Conlon had a gathering of eagles including Connie O’Neill and Debbie Oates with her rehab scooter. Debbie’s first attempt to park her scooter tableside proved to be a bit of challenge. After all, a scooter isn’t a handbag that one can slip between chairs. Luckily, the open space between the cluster of tables and the walls was just perfect for the four-wheeler. What some folks may not have known is that Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show Chair Robyn was also in mobility-challenged mode. Seems that two weeks ago, her shower door shattered onto her bathroom floor with Robyn au naturale doing “the happy dance,” resulting in a need for “needlepoint” on the sole of her foot. How fitting. The theme of the St. V-Day luncheon was “Heart & Sole.”

Herschel Forester, Alicia Landry and Drew Pearson

Alicia Landry, who had been so gracious during the reception with former football player Herschel Forester and former Dallas Cowboy Drew Pearson, was behind the scenes preparing to present the Tom Landry Award. . . Katie Menges, who once again blew the limit on St. Valentine’s red, reported that husband Ken was somewhere between Boston and D.C.  . .  Major sponsor Nancy Rogers was MIA. :(. . .Doris Jacobs reported receiving texts about Leigh Bailey and husband Vinny Carrizales having just delivered baby Sophia Valencia Carrizales at 10:11 a.m, weighing in at 7.1 lbs. It appears that Sophia is already ruling the household roost. Leigh had said that if the baby didn’t come by St. Valentine’s day, they had been scheduled to induce labor at 6 a.m. on St. V-day. Sophia had other plans. At 4:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Sophia started kicking her way into the brave new world. . . Jewelry

Shona Gilbert

designer Shona Gilbert, who had scored such points on a recent show at the Dallas Museum of Art, looked smashing. It was truly surprising that one of the guests didn’t rip her necklace off her neck.

At 11:40 it was showtime, with KDFW’s Clarice Tinsley at the helm. (Editor’s comment: At an event held last year, a number of Facebook folks really tore into Clarice regarding the auction of puppies at a fundraiser. It should be noted that Clarice’s devotion

Clarice Tinsley

to animals is well-known, and that her association with the event was due to her friendship with the organizers, not with the auctioning of animals. She, like so many others at the event, had no idea that the auction of animals was against the law. We point this out because she became the scapegoat for many on the Internet.)

Ray Johnston Jr.

Ellen Terry made a touching presentation of the Lynda Adleta Heart of Gold Award to Ray Johnston, who somehow managed to accept the award with a touch of religion, humor and sex appeal. Gee, how did he do that?

Ellen Terry

What some folks didn’t know was that Ellen, who had lost her dear friend (Lynda Adleta) a couple of years ago, was emerg-ing in a “good place” with her partnering up with Briggs Freeman-Sotheby’s this past year. Just prior to the presentation, the production staff had realized that itty-bitty Ellen was going to be hidden by the podium. Instantly they found a case, wrapped it and Ellen grew in speaking stature saying, “Before I became a Realtor I was taller.”

Dalton Douglas and Kenedy Kundysek

Then Alicia and Drew arrived on stage to present Dalton Douglas and Kenedy Kundysek with the Spirit of Tom Landry Character Award. Unlike so many others in the room, Alicia was not in red. Why? Because she had run out of red outfits to wear. So she went with green.

The presentations were moving, touching and sincere reminders that funding was making major strides forward in the battle against these diseases. Ray, Dalton and Kenedy provided different angles on how patients and their families are not just coping but overcoming the challenges.

At 12:20 p.m. the Korshak fashions were underway with Korshak’s main man Crawford Brock at the lead table with adorable designer Chadwick Bell to his left. Showing the Strimple ability to be flexible for last minute developments, the opening song was a recording by Whitney Houston, who died this past weekend. While touching and in keeping with the past weekend’s loss of the songbird, it still set a bit of a somber mood, unlike upbeat high-diddily-type moods of other

Early show fashions on the runway

fashion shows. But that was the pace of the day with models showcasing outfits from the Korshak collections.

Later show fashions on the runway

Fashionistas found their tastes divided into two camps. There were those who loved the gray and beige colors of Chadwick’s designs and flowing fabrics of other Korshak designers.

Chadwick Bell fashion

And then there were others who sniffed that except for the opening, the colors were too muted and a bit lacklustre  and some of the fashions looked like their grandmothers’ housedresses. One matron, who snuck out early, said there was more color in the Valentine’s Day audience than on the stage. Hey, fashion is art and art is up for discussion. One woman’s housedress is another’s feminine frock. It all depends on the lady and how she wears it.

Regardless, the show and fashions were meant to recognize heroes within the community and to raise money to put leukemia and lymphoma away for good. It may have been a change of direction for the St. Valentine’s Day event, but change can be very good, if it raises “change.”

When It Comes To St. V-Day, Be Nice To Yourself And Take A Chance On The “Heart & Sole” Raffle

In the olden days, a proper lady would wait and hope that on Valentine’s Day she would receive a romantic gift from her sweetheart. Alas, sometimes those romantic gifts turned out to a new toaster or a set of radials and in other cases the “sweetheart” turned up MIA.

Nowadays, proper and improper ladies don’t have to sit around wondering if and what delivery would be made. And they certainly don’t have to depend on someone else to come through.

St. Valentine's Day show guests (File photo 2011)

That’s what so great about the annual Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon & Fashion Show’s “Heart & Sole” next Tuesday at the Hilton Anatole. Guests can gift themselves via the raffles that are a part of the event. For just $25 per chance (or $100 for 5 chances), you can have the opportunity to win trips (Las Vegas, Mexico, the Caribbean), fabulous fashions (Chadwick Bell, Rich Hippie, Nha Khanh, Abi Ferrin), jewelry (Bachendorf’s) and linens (Linen Boutiques).

Yes, we know. You want to know details about the destinations and packages. You’ll find them after the jump and the fact that much of the transportation is provided by American Airlines, that once again has supported the area nonprofits.

Oh, one more thing. After the luncheon, don’t hustle home for a nap. Boring! Instead head over to Stanley Korshak (they’re putting on the fashion show) to meet designer Chadwick Bell and for a grown-up beverage.And don’t forget to have “a complimentary make-up refresh from Chanel.” A girl just can’t be too refreshed on Valentine’s Day, don’t you know? [Read more…]

Tutu Chic Fashion Show And Luncheon Had Ballerinas, Legs And A Generous Secret Sugar Plum Fairy

Daffan Nettle

Timing is everything. Just ask the four Tutu Chic (aka 2-2) co-chairs (Kristi Hoyl, Daffan Nettle, Paige Slates and Alicia Woods). The quartet took over the reins for the Texas Ballet Theater benefit fashion show and luncheon at the Winspear

Paige Slates

Thursday from the event’s original chairs (Elaine Agather, Gina Betts, Tanya Foster and Olivia Kearney), who had been in charge for two years. While it wasn’t the 2011 chairs’ first rodeo, these fundraising vets faced a juggling challenge of having 2-2 on Thursday and the Crystal Charity Ball on Saturday.

What’s that? They had Friday to rest up in between gigs. Evidently, you’re new in town, partner. The CCB committee starts the ball preparations and installation the week of CCB at the Hilton Anatole. So, that meant the foursome were literally on their toes holding down duties for 2-2 and CCB. And you thought they just spent the week at a spa!

Naeem Khan

But the 2011 2-2 foursome were raring to raise funds and fun. Luckily, they had 2-2 vets like Stanley Korshak’s team led by Crawford Brock and Korshak fav designer Naeem Khan, who had been so very impressed with last year’s show that he brought his new collection for the ballerina models to wear.

Limo lineup

As the limos lined up in front of the Winspear and the guests arrived, it became apparent that not all the fashions were going to be on stage. The ladies chatting and champagning in the lobby were making it known that black

Leg fashions

hosiery (opaque, lace, fishnet, floral, stripes, dots and sheer) and boots (leather, fur, feather, over-the-knee, bootie, wedge and flat) are back for the season. As for the issue of where the hems should be, they were all over the place knee-wise — some above, some at and some below.

Tutu Chic models

When it was time for the really big show, all adjourned to the stage with its Nutcracker backdrop. The show did not disappoint. Once again the lithe ballerinas showed off Naeem’s fashions beautifully with their male partners. From short to flowing, the clothes once again proved they could handle any dance step.

Alas, walking was another issue. It seemed that a couple of the very long gowns felt the force of the models’ heels. Hey, but these are ballerinas and they knew how to simply sweep the train aside or pick up the errant skirt nicely as if it were all planned.

Tutu Chic finale

The finale was a kaleidoscope of glitter and vivid colors received with a standing ovation.

After all this, emcee Scott Murray started the bidding for a trip to Naeem’s show in New York during Fashion Week plus a $5,000 outfit. It went for a steal — $4,500. Oh, dear. Last year the trip and a Naeem gift certificate of $3,000 went for $11,000.

A knight was needed to champion the dancers’ cause for support. He appeared. It was Crawford. A man who is no stranger to a microphone or a crowd pled the case with overwhelming sincerity and emotion. He told them

  • how the lovely ballerinas often wait tables and work side jobs to allow them to rehearse and perform.
  • the dancers often go through two pairs of slippers ($80 a pair) a week.
  • unlike hungry professional models, the ballerinas were healthy looking

and on and on.

Nutcracker performers

His quest for the dancers had a definite effect on the guests. It seems that during lunch in Prothro lobby, an anonymous donor (wink, wink) asked how much it would cost to adopt one ballerina. . . well, what about two? . . . say, three? . . . Ah, shoot! The lady decided to cut to the chase and provided the group with an early Christmas gift of $100,000. Nice one, Secret Sugar Plum Fairy.

For more photos, check MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.



Crawford Brock and Linda Owen

Thursday, August 25: The Park at Woodall Rodgers may be under construction, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t rocking with its neighbors. One of those neighbors is, of course, Stanley Korshak. And like a good neighbor they’re tossing a party. No, wait! It’s not just a party. It’s “an inaugural event.” What that means is that they just might make this an annual do-dah.

“ROCKANDRUNWAY will be like  nothing we’ve ever seen as far as multi media entertainment,” said Korshak’s main man Crawford Brock. “The combination of live music and a fashion runway show will certainly prove to be a night like no other.”

This year’s launch party also just happens to be a part of “A Quarter Century of Style,” Korshak’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Hundreds Brave Snow And Ice To Attend St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Show

Photo Gallery Alert: Additional photos are available for viewing.

After suffering through the super snowball week of Super Bowl XLV, no one thought the area would be hit with a repeat performance. But it was. With weather predictors claiming a nasty encore, event organizers were scampering to the hills to postpone and/or cancel events last week. Ah, but not the ladies of Wednesday’s Saint Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show. Up to the morning of the event, they were staying true to course and weren’t wavering except to delay the event from 10:30 to noon.

Holly Davis

Chair Holly Davis emailed ,

“It is a very difficult situation but we are going forward with a delayed start at noon. Some people are confident about making the trek while others are opting to stay home. I hope everyone does what is safest and best for them.

We have models backstage getting ready right now to put on a fabulous show. Now… I better get ready too!”

It was a tough call, but Holly couldn’t back down. Too many pieces were in place that couldn’t be postponed. The Chantilly Room at the Hilton Anatole was decked out, the models and valets were ready to go on with the show, etc. It was every event chair’s idea of a root canal without anesthesia — a total loss or chance that some stalwarts would safely make their way to the event. As frivolous as a fashion show may seem under such conditions, fund raisers recognized that every cent is so necessary for the research in curing leukemia and lymphoma.

Evidently there were 500 stalwarts who braved the snow, ice and slush to make it to the show. [Read more…]