Slipper Club To Benefit Rays Of Light With Funds And Volunteering

Leave it to the Slipper Club ladies to multi-task in supporting nonprofits. For ages they were largely a social club, but they added a new twist. Instead of just having social occasions, they decided to turn them into fundraising opportunities. Thus, their annual gala benefits a different nonprofit each year. But then in this age when hands-on involvement is as valuable as … [Read more...]

Round Robin February 28: Genesis Young Leaders’ Masquerade And 19th Annual Slipper Club Gala

Well, Mother Nature just couldn’t hold back any longer and she let the winter weather blow up a lot of plans for the weekend. But some groups rallied the troops, like the Dallas Festival of Ideas in the Performing Arts District and the Resource Center’s Toast to Life Voodoo on the Trinity at The Empire Room on Saturday, February 28. Here are a couple of field reports about … [Read more...]

Round Robin Sept. 18: Too Many To List

Every now and then, there are “go-figure moments” in fundraising scheduling. Thursday, September 18, was such a day. Here it was the tsunami of nonprofits emailing, calling and tapping sources to donate to the North Texas Giving Day. Last year most groups went dark to allow the big day to take place uninterrupted. This year the pendulum swung in the opposite direction with … [Read more...]

Slipper Club Gals Celebrate Mardi Gras To Raise Funds For Communities In Schools, While Moms Sit On The Sidelines

It's tough being a mom. Whether it's seeing your munchkin off to the first day of school or on that first date, there's a bonding stretch that no one but a mother can understand . . . especially a daughter. Such were the cases for Lauren Chapman and Callan Harrison Saturday night at the Slipper Club Gala at Brook Hollow Golf Club. Here Lauren was chairing the fundraiser … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Slipper Club Gala 2013

Forget New Orleans when it comes to Mardi Gras. The Slipper Club gals took the annual party time to new heights thanks to a gorgeous black tie crowd.Want proof? Photos just went up on the MySweetCharity Photo Gallery. Story to follow. … [Read more...]