Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary’s 2018 Fashion Show And Luncheon Plans Revealed By Chair Lisa Singleton At Eiseman Jewels

Nobody at Eiseman Jewels seemed to notice that ¾ moon hovering over NorthPark, Zeke Elliott’s legal woes or even the World Series on Wednesday, November 1. They were there to celebrate plans for the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary‘s 2018 Fashion Show and Luncheon.

Marvin and Lisa Singleton, Margot Perot and Betsy and Richard Eiseman

As Eiseman proprietor Richard Eiseman took a knee upon seeing the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary founder Margot Perot, he quickly offered the knee recognition to his wife Betsy Eiseman.

Candace Winslow and Nikki Webb

Joyce Fox

In another part of the showroom were Joanna Clarke, Nikki Webb and Candace Winslow. It would later be discovered to the wine-flute sipping crowd including SAWA President Betsy Willis, Ramona Jones, Barbara Sypult, Joyce Fox and Kim and Greg Hext, that Nikki and Candace would be joined by Kim Quinn and Merry Wyatt for underwriting efforts for the annual Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary’s 2018  Fashion Show and Luncheon at the Meyerson on Wednesday, May 9.

Barbara Sypult, Marvin Singleton, Margot Perot and Ramona Jones

As an incentive to rally the troops, Major Barbara Rich reported that last May’s fashion extravaganza had just barely missed its goal of $1M.  

Needless to say, SAWA Fashion Show Chair Lisa Singleton didn’t drop a note and warned the group that she and fashion show producer Jan Strimple would be checking closets for gently used clothes for the fundraiser.

Jan Strimple

Anne Davidson

Immediately Presenting Sponsor Anne Davidson announced that Lisa and Jan were editing her closet the upcoming weekend.

JUST IN: The Salvation Army Dallas Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show Is Ramping Up

Jan Strimple (File photo)

Jan Strimple (File photo)

Just got this report about Monday’s OMG Salvation Army Dallas Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show from a MySweetCharity resident:

“The girls & I are at Brook Hollow for dinner … and getting a sneak peek at Salvation Army ‘resale shop’, tent & set up. Going to be a treat tomorrow!!”

If you’ve got a ticket, you’ve got entrée to a buying spree.

Red-haired fashion maven Jan Strimple is on a roll. She did the living Picassos and can-can dancers Saturday night at the Art Ball. With nary a bit of sleep, Jan without a hair out of place did the Nardos Imam fashion show of fabulous wedding gown presentations Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton and now Monday she’s hitting with always-fashionable outfits and gowns donated from the likes of Dallas fashionable high-and-mighty at Brook Hollow.

Translation: Bargain time!

Would someone please tell Mr. Sandman to let Jan to have some sleepy time?

Just In: The Bush Ladies To Be Honorary Tri-Chairs Of The 2014 Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show And Luncheon

Laura Bush (File photo)

Laura Bush (File photo)

The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show and Luncheon Chair Gina Jones just revealed the Bush gals (former First Lady Laura and her twin daughters Barbara and Jenna) will be the honorary tri-chairs for the Monday, May 5, fashion extravaganza.

All of your favorites — Chic Boutique, Jan Strimple-produced fashion show, luncheon — will return to Brook Hollow.

Fashion loving Doris Jacobs has been named underwriting chair.

Warning: This event is going to be a sellout. Best to get your ticket now.

Nancy Bierman And Karen Dealy Reveal Changes For 2013 Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show And Luncheon

Nancy Bierman and Karen Dealy

Like coutured generals, the 2013 Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show and Luncheon Co-chairs Nancy Bierman and Karen Dealy gathered the troops to announce a change of direction for the annual shop-til-you-drop fundraiser. And, of course, to reveal the plans, one would never expect these gals to do it in a pup tent or a plain Jane office. Nope, the ladies gathered Tuesday at Janis Coffee‘s marvelous manor in University Park.

So, let’s not stall and get right to the announcements.

First, the date is set for Monday, May 6. Put that down right now.

Second, the show and luncheon will return to Brook Hollow Golf Club after the 2012’s event being held at the Fairmont this past year. Sure, the hotel offered plenty of protection and room (Venetian Room for the Chic Boutique, the Regency Ballroom for the show and the International Ballroom for the luncheon), but the parking challenges were a real downer. Let’s face it. The Fairmont was originally built as condo towers and more parking was not part of the original equation.

And, yes, a tent will be incorporated once again at Brook Hollow, but Nancy and Karen are in negotiations with Mother Nature to play nicely.

Third, the honorary chairs will be the Perot ladies — Nancy Perot, Suzanne McGee, Carolyn Rathjen, Katherine Reeves and Sarah Perot.

Fourth, Tootsies will be coordinating the thousands of clothes and accessories bound for sale at the event.

If you’ve never ever been to this luncheon-fashion show, you have not only missed some major bargains but also some marvelous people-watching. The most fashionable mavens including the 10 Best Dressed scour the racks looking for finds that sister fashionistas have donated. If you’re a veteran, you know that purchases do double duty representing both pride and good taste.