Baylor Health Care System Foundation Meeting Gets To The Heart Of The Matter

You might say the Tuesday, December 12, meeting of the Baylor Health Care System Foundation was an affair of the heart. That’s because the featured speakers were Dr. Shelley A. Hall—chief of transplant cardiology and mechanical circulatory support and heart failure for Baylor Scott And White Health—along with one of Baylor’s best-known heart-transplant recipients. But, more on … [Read more...]

According To Lisa Singleton, “The Nonprofit Life Is No Party”

Nonprofits deserve respect. Some out-of-touch types still consider the fundraising sector as goody-two-shoe people who use guilt and pity to get a donation. Those unknowing ones probably still think the buggy whip will make a comeback. A remarkable article was recently written by Dallas volunteer fundraiser/ Brunswick Group Director Lisa Singleton for the Brunswick Review … [Read more...]

Baylor Health Care System Foundation Board Is Served Up Future Plans And Causes For Growing Concern About Skin Cancers

Financial progress, personnel transitions, and skin care—specifically, “Dermatology Innovations and Skin-Care Secrets”—were on the agenda Tuesday, May 10, when the Baylor Health Care System Foundation board held its quarterly luncheon meeting at Dallas’ Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center. After attendees like Ken Schnitzer, Shannon Skokos, Tom Dunning, Jill Smith, … [Read more...]

‘Victory Dance’ Marks Over-The-Top Successful Fundraising Campaign For Baylor Health Foundation

If the mood was enthusiastic at the Baylor Health Care System Foundation’s A Night of Gratitude at the Dallas Country Club on Tuesday, April 26, there was a very good reason. The foundation, after all, had just announced the successful completion of its first-ever comprehensive funding campaign, Campaign 2015: Baylor Makes Us All Better. The campaign, which had an original … [Read more...]