TACA Custom Auction Item #1 — Around The World With Rosewood

Back in 1966 when the late Jane Murchison (Haber), Evelyn Lambert, Virginia Nick and Betty Black Guiberson were trying to raise money for the Dallas Theater Center, they planted the seeds for TACA. To accomplish the fundraising, they held an auction — “it consisted, essentially, of four booths selling exotic food, one at each corner of the brand-new NorthPark center, and a write-in auction in front of Jas. K. Wilson.” By 1968 they had decided to try an auction on television, so they approached Channel 39. It turned out to be a combination of a mega-telethon and “Saturday Night Live” with local unknowns and well-knowns serving as hosts.

Legend has it that originally TACA stood for “TheAter Custom Auction” or “The Auction for Cultural Arts,” but the final representation is “The Arts Community Alliance.”

Over the years, TACA changed directions and expanding its beneficiaries and activities to include the Silver Cup Luncheon, Party on the Green and the TACA Custom Auction that eventually replaced the TV auction. It made sense. Afterall, the garnering of countless items, volunteers and sponsors for the TV auction required a heck of a lot of effort compared to the Custom Auction. This year the collection of TACA Custom Auction Gala items at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek will be limited to just six. Here is the first of the six that will be up for bid on Friday, September 8:

TACA Custom Auction Gala Package #1 – Around The World With Rosewood*

Phileas Fogg and Passepartout would have had absolutely killed for this worldly excursion. Instead of schlepping around the world in 80 days, the winner of this live auction package will experience international luxury ala Rosewood style with a guest. Within 15 days, the twosome will fly American Airlines to the following five Rosewood properties for three-night stays:

Rosewood Phuket**

Rosewood Puebla**

Rosewood Washington**

Rosewood Little Dix Bay**

Rosewood London**

The only downside is that it’s going to spoil the twosome for future trips.

* Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels and American Airlines 
** Photo provided by TACA

TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Item #3: Luxury In London

The center of world headlines seems to have been London in recent years. There’s been the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the marriage of Kate and Will and now the birth of the newest to-be-king, Baby George. This TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction package is simply perfect for the diehard Anglophile or someone who just love the ultimate British experience.

Luxury in London* (Value: Priceless)

Rosewood London**

Rosewood London**

When in London, the place to call home isn’t Buckingham Palace. It’s two elegant Grand Premier Suites at the Rosewood London, and that’s where two couples will stay for three nights complete with breakfast. And then there are things to do and decisions to be made. First Christie’s. Hmm, the couple must decide if they want to have the world-class auction house arrange for a private tour of a 2014 Christie’s London Auction Preview Exhibition followed by cocktails in Christie’s boardroom. Or, would they rather have afternoon tea with Christie’s UK Chairman David Linley? You remember David, don’t you? The son of the late Princess Margaret and photographer Tony Snowdon, David was the hit of the Art Ball a couple of years ago.

David Linley (File photo)

David Linley (File photo)

And speaking of tours, the foursome will have a backstage tour of the historic Royal Opera House plus tickets to a Royal Opera production.

But what is London without fashion, and what is more British than Burberry? The two couples will have runway seating at the February Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show for the presentation of the fall collection.

American Airlines will provide coach-class, round-trip transportation to London and the Rosewood London will provide airport transfers.

* Courtesy of Rosewood London, Christie's, 
The Royal Opera and American Airlines
** Photo provided by TACA