ReuNight’s Four-Legged Guest Of Honor Stole The Fundraiser’s Limelight At The Statler And Nary A Person Minded

Just as temperatures and rain were dropping, the fundraising season had hitting an all-time high on Wednesday, November 8. As one vet put it, “Tonight I just have too many fires to put out and it’s cold and wet.” Still that person made the time for The Family Place’s ReuNight at The Statler.

Instead of having a fashion designer like last year’s Donna Karan, the guest-of honor was The Statler mascot llama that could only stay for cocktails.

Thanks to the chill and wet stuff, plans to have the cocktail party and meet-and-pet with the llama were moved to the lobby on the ground level below the ballroom. It didn’t bother the two- or four-legged critters at all.

That person with the fires to put out even made time to have a photo taken the ears-up llama that was picture perfect every time.

Kristi Hoyl and Jennifer Dix

Ron Hoyl, Amy Turner and Richard Dix

ReuNight Co-Chairs Kristi Hoyl was receiving non-stop congrats on her new role at Baylor Scott And White Health…Co-Chair Jennifer Dix was the ultimate hostess greeting guests with a hug…Co-chair Husbands Richard Dix and Ron Hoyl were the supportive and adoring husbands… Speaking of dutiful husbands, Allan McBee hit the couch as soon as he escorted wife/Texas Trailblazer Lynn McBee into the reception. Allan was waylaid by a years-old knee injury that may require revisiting.

JB Hayes and Robert Weatherly

Allan McBee

The arrival of the Jones clan rallied the photographers with Gene Jones and Charlotte Jones Anderson and Shy Anderson being flashed like the llama in the back of the room.

Kristi Hoyl, Jennifer Dix, Paige Flink, Charlotte Jones Anderson and Gene Jones

Ahead of schedule, the crowd including Caren and Pete Kline, Pam and Vin Perella, Mersina Stubbs, Angie and Kevin Kadesky, Amy Turner, Shelle and Michael Sills, Niven Bannister, Claire and Dwight Emanuelson, Cindy Stager, Neil Patel, Tim Adair, Cara French, Heather Randall, Tia Wynne, Mary Martha Pickens, Brooke Shelby, JB Hayes, Robert Weatherly, Tucker Enthoven with mom Julie Ford and Lisa Ogle, moved to the upper level ballroom which Kim Bannister’s design was simply captivating with columns showcasing the ReuNight icons (Charlotte Jones Anderson and Shy Anderson, Gene and Jerry Jones, Ron Kirk and Matrice Ellis Kirk, Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger and T. Boone Pickens).

Neil Patel and Tim Adair

Kim and Niven Bannister

ReuNight ballroom

After dining and bidding on a few luxury packages, they danced into the night with the Jordan Kahn Orchestra on stage.

More than one guest worried about the llama’s stress level as the ever-changing guests and camera flashes. Not to worry. As the final photo was taken, the llama sauntered out the front door like any pooch on a evening walk, as a pizza delivery fella walked in with box in hand for a hotel guest.

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JUST IN: 2017 ReuNight Honorary Chairs Include Such Dallas Icons As Andersons, Joneses, Kirks, Nasher-Haemiseggers And A Pickens

The 2017 ReuNight Co-Couple Chairs Jennifer and Richard Dix and Kristi and Ron Hoyl are taking full advantage of having The Family Place’s high-roller fundraiser at the legendary Statler on Wednesday, November 8. After all, the former hotel had been the site of some of Dallas’ most memorable galas way back when. Ah, memories! For instance, that October 20 night in 1973 when oil baron Ed Cox threw a little soiree for his daughter Chan Cox. The grand ballroom was turned into an undersea grotto with aquariums placed in the walls and Skitch Henderson and his orchestra performing in a pirate ship. Just around 10 p.m. the Jackson Five performed on stage to the delight of the thousand heavy hitters.

But over the years, the hotel was upstaged by newcomers like the Hilton Anatole, the Hyatt Regency, the Ritz Carlton and the Omni Dallas Hotel. The Statler fell upon hard times. But thanks to a recent gazillion-buckaroo renovation, she was rejuvenated into a multi-use, luxury high-rise complex with residences, hotel rooms, offices and restaurants.

Charlotte and Shy Anderson (File photo)

Gene and Jerry Jones (File photo)

While the Dixes and Hoyls had already scheduled “unofficial Statler mascot” Llinda Llee Llama … no, not the original, but one of her great, great grandllamas… to be available for photo opps with the 200 guests in the Statler Courtyard Garden, they weren’t satisfied. They wanted something to “pay homage to Dallas icons.” So, they set their sites on some local heavy-hitting headliners to serve as honorary chairs. Boy, did they land ’em — Charlotte and Shy Anderson, Gene and Jerry Jones, Ron Kirk and Matrice Ellis Kirk, Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger and T. Boone Pickens.

Ron Kirk and Matrice Ellis Kirk (File photo)

David Haemisegger and Nancy Nasher (File photo)

T. Boone Pickens (File photo)

Goodness! Talk about having folks who represent everything from sports and politics to retailing and energy. Makes perfect sense, since these are the elements that have made Dallas the powerhouse of Texas kingdoms.

The three-course dinner with wine pairings in the Grand Ballroom will be followed by a “curated live auction of luxury goods and trip packages.” Then it will be dancing on the original Statler dance floor and/or having a nightcap or two at Waterproof, the pool-deck bar.

Want to join the llama and other mamas and papas to support The Family Place? Here‘s where you can get your place at the dinner table.

MySweetCharity Opportunity: 2017 ReuNight

According to 2017 ReuNight Co-Chairs Jennifer and Richard Dix and Kristi and Ron Hoyl,

Richard and Jennifer Dix (File photo)

Ron and Kristi Hoyl (File photo)

On Wednesday, November 8, ReuNight will be one of the first public events at the newly remodeled Statler. A modern approach to a classic icon, the Statler blends the past with the present. For this reason, ReuNight 2017 will pay homage to important Dallas icons. ReuNight has become an exclusive annual dinner and live auction that attracts respected leaders and philanthropists that raises much-needed funds for The Family Place.

The evening’s format will include cocktails in the hotels’ first-level garden and photo opportunities with the infamous Llinda Llee Llama, the hotel’s living mascot. Guests will then head upstairs for a sumptuous three-course dinner and wine pairings in the grand ballroom complete with table-side cocktail service. A limited, live auction of luxury goods and trips will be conducted during dinner. Afterward, guests will enjoy a lively after party on the pool deck overlooking the Dallas skyline.

Statler Hilton*

Founded by a group of community volunteers in 1978, The Family Place empowers victims of family violence by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that create independence while building community engagement and advocating for social change to stop family violence. As the largest and leading domestic violence service provider, the organization delivers proven programs that address emotional and physical abuse and incest. The Family Place provides free comprehensive victims’ services that prevent violence and fully support women, children and men on their path from fear to safety.

The event is limited to 175 guests so we encourage you to visit to ensure your participation in this unique event.

* Photo provided by The Family Place

JUST IN: Jennifer And Richard Dix And Kristi And Ron Hoyl To Co-Chair The Family Place’s 2017 ReuNight

Just when you think no more news could develop in the rising summer temperatures, The Family Place team proved they were filled with news.

But they weren’t sharing all the developments for the annual ReuNight dinner and auction just yet.

What is known is who will be co-chairing the event. It will be a couple of gals who are old hands at bringing the dough — Jennifer Dix and Kristi Hoyl.

The two ladies single-handedly made the 2010 and 2011 Cattle Baron’s Ball at Southfork spectacular.

Richard and Jennifer Dix (File photo)

Ron and Kristi Hoyl (File photo)

To shore up their efforts, they’re bringing along two R’s — husbands Richard Dix and Ron Hoyl.

As for when and where, the foursome won’t cough up the info yet. But stay tuned. Pressure is being applied to get the details.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala Announcement Reception Didn’t Need Gas To Fuel The Plans For The Fundraiser

Announcement receptions can be “Oh, we already knew that” for the guests. But the 2016 Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala announcement on Monday, August 1, boded more ho-hum with loads of folks still on summer hiatus. Gee, you couldn’t blame ‘em as the temps were moving comfortably into the three-digit range.

Sherwood Wagner

Sherwood Wagner

Roger and Marena Gault

Roger and Marena Gault

Ah, but then this wasn’t your typical announcement. Already DSO Gala Co-Chairs Marena and Roger Gault along with their BFF Sherwood Wagner had raised the bar with a little soiree at Sherwood’s mansion that had tongues wagging like a metronome set at 208 BPM. The claim was it was the party of the year and only ended because a major storm was blowing in big time.

But before guests gathered at the Meyerson for the update, the DSO staff had shown its flexibility. Seems that earlier in the day the gas had been turned off at the Meyerson. No, it wasn’t a question of the gas bill not being paid. It was just one of those technical glitches. Still, it did create some challenges, like the afternoon’s tasting for the gala had to be moved across the way to the Belo. And when the gas was still lacking just before the reception, the evening’s pass-around appetizers were cooked up at Belo. But nary a guest knew of the situation because all was in place as they arrived.

Sherwood Wagner and Marena Gault

Sherwood Wagner and Marena Gault

As for the day’s tasting, Sherwood had a real surprise when, unbeknownst to her, walnuts were in one of the courses. She suddenly had an allergic reaction resulting in lips that the Kardashians would have envied. Luckily, relief was found and Sherwood’s pucker was perfect for the reception.

Another perfect 10 was scored by Kara and Randall Goss, who strolled along the sidewalk looking cool. Kara was in white breezy evening pants with pockets (“I love having pockets!”) and Randall didn’t show a smidgen of perspiration in full suit and tie.

Kara and Randall Goss

Kara and Randall Goss

Margaret and Barry Hancock and Kristi Hoyl

Margaret and Barry Hancock and Kristi Hoyl

Also in fine bib and tucker was Underwriting Co-Chair Barry Hancock in suit and tie with wife/Underwriting Co-Chair Margaret Hancock in white lacy sundress.

Joining the Hancocks was Underwriting Co-Chair Kristi Hoyl, whose husband/Underwriting Co-Chair Ron Hoyl had to work. Kristi admitted surprise that daughter Sydney Hoyl, who had been at camp in New York for a couple of weeks, had not sent one letter home. It seems that Kristi had even arranged for pre-addressed envelopes, and still no mail from Sydney. Not to worry. When Sydney is at college in need of funds, she’ll improve her communication technique.

As for the DSO Gala on Friday, September 16, there’ll be no traditional theme. It’s just gonna be a fun evening, with pianist Lang Lang as the featured headliner. The table decorations are in the final stages of preparation, but be prepared for black tablecloths.

Black tableclothes

Black tableclothes

According to Roger, both ticket and sponsorship sales are 78% toward goal and ahead of last year. While insiders report that the percentage of sales is higher than Roger’s guesstimate, it shows that the magic of music and fundraising are moving along despite the Texas heat.

JUST IN: 2016 Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala Plans Announced

Evidently good news doesn’t take the day off even for Presidents’ Day. With the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League’s Debutante Presentation Ball this Saturday, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Gala Co-Chairs Marena and Roger Gault are breaking news about the DSO’s fall fundraiser plans.

Marena Gault and Sherwood Wagner (File photo)

Marena Gault and Sherwood Wagner (File photo)

They’ve even tapped their best buddy Sherwood Wagner to serve as their honorary chair for the Friday, September 16th black tie gala at the Meyerson.

According to Sherwood, “Marena and Roger are so passionate about the symphony and its place in the community. I am excited to become involved with this year’s Gala to help further the exceptional work of the Dallas Symphony.”

Margaret Hancock (File photo)

Margaret Hancock (File photo)

Kristi Sherrill-Hoyl (File photo)

Kristi Hoyl (File photo)

Adding to the leadership will be Margaret and Barry Hancock and Kristi and Ron Hoyl, who will be the underwriting co-chairs.

And who will be joining DSO Maestro Jaap van Zweden and the orchestra on stage? International piano super-duper star Lang Lang!

If you’re interested in tickets to all the gala perks and/or sponsorship, contact Tab Boyles at 214.871.4045 and he’ll make you very happy. But if you just want to attend the concert and after-party, hold your horses. Those tickets can be gotten by calling 214.TIX.4DSO, but not before Monday, February 22.

Then start thinking what you’ll be wearing. After all, this gala is the official start for the fall black-tie season.