Nancy Nasher And David Haemisegger Hosted A Reception For One Of The Late Ray Nasher’s Brainchild “Business Committee For The Arts”

When the late Ray Nasher dreamt up the idea of the North Texas business community partnering up with the visual and performing arts 28 years ago, the Business Committee for the Arts came to life. It was a glorious gathering of local executive and committee leaders like Jack Evans, Al Casey, Ted Enloe, Stan Richards, Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler, Howard Hallam, Richard Marcus, Henry S. Miller Jr., Burl Osborne, Liener Temerlin and a host of others, who served as founding members.

Over the years, the organization’s name changed to Business Council for the Arts and Ray’s daughter, Nancy Nasher, took up family support of the program.

Larry Glasgow

Kevin Hurst

On Thursday, May 25, Nancy and her husband David Haemisegger hosted a party at the Nasher Sculpture Center for BCA supporters like Kevin Hurst, Sarah and Dallas Film Society CEO/President Lee Papert, Dotti Reeder, BCA Chair Larry Glasgow and BCA CEO Katherine Wagner. While David was surrounded three deep in the garden by well-wishers, Nancy was greeting guests in the Center. Upon seeing Dallas Symphony Orchestra trumpeter Ryan Anthony, the petite Nancy smiled like a firefly. It was with good reason. Seems that the week of Cancer Blows benefiting Baylor Health Care System Foundation and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation through The Ryan Anthony Foundation, Ryan had had a relapse of his multiple myeloma.

Ryan Anthony, Nancy Nasher and Jonathan Martin

Nancy and David had been the honorary co-chairs for the May 8-10 gathering of world-renowned horn players.

But as Ryan told Nancy, due to funding and research, more developments had taken place to treat the deadly disease.

As Nancy, Ryan and his wife Niki Anthony and Dallas Symphony Orchestra CEO/President Jonathan Martin toured the Roni Horn glass sculpture exhibition, an onlooker commented, “Nancy looks so at ease and comfortable.” Perhaps it’s due to her feeling right at home filling Ray’s shoes.

Less than three weeks later Jonathan announced his taking a job in a Cincinnati, and Lee’s leaving the Dallas Film Society.

2015 Obelisk Awardees Are Announced High Atop The Mayfair

High atop the Mayfair in the Sky Club, the world looked glitteringly perfect on the evening of Tuesday, October 6. With a magnificent view of downtown Dallas and Turtle Creek, it was so amazing that even those with a hint of vertigo at the Business Council for the Arts event sloughed the malady off for the night.

Lee Papert and Susan Stich

Lee Papert and Susan Stich

The gathering including BCA Board Chair Larry Glasgow, Janice Evans-Page, Barbara Daseke, Lee Papert, Richard Eiseman, Susan Stich, Randall White, Dotti Reeder, David Haemisegger, Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer was to reveal The Obelisk Awardees that will be recognized at The Fairmont on Friday, November 13.

Katherine Wagner and Randall White

Katherine Wagner and Randall White

Originally called the Business Committee for the Arts, the art-supporting nonprofit was the brainchild of the late Ray Nasher. Established in 1987, it was created to bring together the Dallas business community and the arts. Over the years, the organization transitioned into Business Council for the Arts. But it stayed within the Nasher family, when daughter Nancy Nasher took over the role of Founder’s Chair. The Obelisk Awards were created “to salute North Texas businesses and community leaders who have immeasurably enriched arts and culture in the region through partnership, leadership and education.”

Ben Fischer, Laree Hulshoff and Jim Bowman

Ben Fischer, Laree Hulshoff and Jim Bowman

This year’s awardees are:

  • Atmos Energy Corporation nominated by WaterTower Theatre
  • Beyond the Horizon nominated by Undermain Theatre
  • Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and Plano Children’s Theatre
  • Edwin Cabaniss nominated by Steven Roth
  • Neiman Marcus Willow Bend nominated by North Texas Performing Arts and Plano Children’s Theatre
  • NorthPark Center nominated by Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Spec’s Wines, Spirits And Finer Foods nominated by the University of North Texas, College of Music
  • Stephen A. Waldman nominated by the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance
  • The Dallas Weekly nominated by Dallas Black Dance Theatre
  • Virgin America nominated by Dallas Film Society
Kevin Hurst and Larry Glasgow

Kevin Hurst and Larry Glasgow

The 2015 Obelisk Award Host Committee Chair Kevin Hurst and BCA Board Chair Larry Glasgow revealed that North Texas Public Broadcasting President/CEO Mary Anne Alhadeff will serve as luncheon emcee, and the special presenter will be Dr. Eric Olson, director of the Hamon Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine and professor and chair of molecular biology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

One change in this year’s presentation is the Obelisk Award itself. Breaking with tradition of a tall piece of art, glass artisan Jim Bowman has created a transparent purple, kidney-shaped bowl to be presented to the awardees.