What Do A Buffalo And A Maverick Have In Common? Jubilee Park!

One wouldn’t necessarily think that a buffalo and a basketball player would have much in common. But on Thursday, September 15, these two got together at Jubilee Park and Community Center. The occasion was the reopening of Jubilee Park with new playground equipment, walking paths and the dedication of a new basketball court for kids and families from the surrounding area.

Ben Leal, George McCleskey, Jeff Rice, Floyd Jahner and Mavs Man*

Ben Leal, George McCleskey, Jeff Rice, Floyd Jahner and Mavs Man*

The court was the result of a partnership between PlainsCapital Bank and the Mavs Foundation. And while such heavy-hitting execs like PlainsCapital Bank Dallas Region Chair George McCleskey, Dallas Mavericks COO and Mavs Foundation Floyd Jahner and Jubilee Park Executive Director Ben Leal and Board Chair Jeff Rice were in shirt sleeves and sundresses, the scene stealers for the kids were PlainsCapital’s Mo the Buffalo and Mavs’ wing 22-year-old Justin Anderson.

Mo the Buffalo*

Mo the Buffalo*

While Mo leisurely just grazed on hay and was gazed upon, the Mavericks Dancers, Drumline and ManiAAcs and Mavs Man were in high gear. But towering above the rest, Justin recalled the crowd, “When it comes to outdoor court, I remember being young, and it’s almost like everything else that’s been going on that day, that week. It’s all erased, and you’re just out there and you’re just soaking up each moment. I’m so excited to be able to see the smiles on their faces once again and be able to shoot hoops with them, because I know how much as a child it meant to me of the older kids to let me shoot around and player with them.”

Justin Anderson demonstrating a free throw*

Justin Anderson demonstrating a free throw*

Following the speeches and dedication complete with plaque, Justin shot the inaugural free throws with the children from Jubilee Park followed by a mini-basketball clinic.

* Photo credit: Danny Bollinger

Cattle Baronesses Hold Raffle Reveal At Park Place Porsche With 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster Reveal And Mo-On-The-Go

While private jets were scurrying off to Aspen, the Hamptons and Santa Barbara, the last vestiges of cool were checking in at Park Place Porsche. True, it was billed as the Cattle Baron’s Ball reveal raffle that included

Inspirato in Los Cabos*

Inspirato in Los Cabos*

  • Rolex Sea-Dweller (value: $10,400) donated by Eiseman Jewels and Rolex
  • $10,000 debit card (value: $10,000) donated by PlainsCapital Bank
  • Highland Park Shopping Spree (Value: $10,000) donated by Highland Park Village
  • Seven-night stay at the private residences at Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos (value: $6,000) donated by Inspirato
  • Susie Straubmueller taupe python tote and a hot pink python clutch (value: $5,000) donated by Susie Straubmueller

But in reality it was an overload of Porsche lovers who were waiting to see the black drop cloth pulled back and the reveal of the “all-new 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster (value: $65,000) that will be the sweetheart prize at the 2016 CBB on Saturday, October 15.

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster*

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster*

And for those who wanted to take the chance, Cattle Baronesses offered raffle tickets for those hoping to win the Boxster for a sweet deal ($100 a pop or six tickets for $500) or the other raffle packages for a mere $25 per chance or five for $100.

Richard Eiseman

Richard Eiseman

But, alas, CBB Co-Chair Cara French missed out. She was in London. And her Co-Chair Andrea Weber was perfectly tanned after a few days in the sun.

Richard Eiseman was sporting the season’s trendy footwear after going through chubby toe surgery on both feet. After 21 days, he had tried on real-live shoes and headed back to his flatwear sandals. Hopefully, his recovery at the family summer place in Maine will have him back in loafers or oxfords in time for the American Cancer Society fundraiser at Gilley’s.

Anne Stodghill with gal pal Kristina Wrenn checked out PlainsCapital’s burly mascot Mo, the buffalo, who was corralled just outside the Porsche showroom. Anne and Kristina were just back from touring Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. But Anne had little down time. The next morning she was off to Europe with family and prepping for co-chairing the 2017 CBB with Sunie Solomon.

PlainsCapital's Mo the Buffalo

PlainsCapital’s Mo the Buffalo

Kristina Wrenn and Anne Stodghill

Kristina Wrenn and Anne Stodghill

Nancy Gopez and Kevin and Marybeth Conlon

Nancy Gopez and Kevin and Marybeth Conlon

Others in the crowd included Isabell Novakov, Nancy Gopez, Marybeth and Kevin Conlon, Anne Davidson, John Relton and Dan Pritchett.

Raffle tickets are available here and tickets for the partying at Gilley’s are here!

WAIT LIST ALERT!: August 19th Media Panel For Nonprofits



Oops! That post about groveling got a response. Within minutes of the post going up, the August 19th Media Panel was filled to capacity. But…and you just knew there would be a “but”… a waiting list has been put into place. So, if someone can’t make it due to a conflict (example: your boss wants to meet with you about that raise), they’ll be replaced by folks on the waiting list.

And if you think waiting lists never work, rethink that. Thankfully, the past waiting lists have been very successful. Why? Because signed-up guests actually notify of their being unable to attend.

PlainsCapital's Mo the Buffalo

PlainsCapital’s Mo the Buffalo

So, if you’ve signed up, congrats! Remember to get there early (preferably before 8:45 a.m.). There will be friendly people in the PlainsCapital Bank headquarters lobby to direct you to the site of the panel. It’s a very cool room that overlooks Victory. Remember to bring along your questions, whether they’re in your mind to ask or on a piece of paper for the bowl. You’re gonna be in mighty fine company. Yes, the panelists (Kristina Bowman, Ron Corning, Jane Rozelle and Jeanne Prejean) are interesting, but your fellow guests come from all walks of nonprofiting. Please consider making time before and after the panel to meet others in your industry. The collection of professionals is a wealth of experience and knowledge.

And if for any reason you can’t make it, send your regrets here. And while we’ll miss you a ton, we won’t ask for a written excuse from your boss or doctor.

On the other hand, if you haven’t signed up, don’t give up. Register for the wait list and keep those manicured fingers crossed.

BTW, we tried to get PlainsCapital’s Mo the Buffalo to make a personal appearance at the panel, but he has this thing about elevators and thought it best to take a pass.

Grovel Alert: August 19th Media Panel For Nonprofits



Well, shoot! You did it again. Despite the late notice, the Media Panel For Nonprofits on Friday, August 19, at PlainsCapital Bank headquarters is within a whisper of being filled to capacity. Translation? Don’t put off signing up any longer.

In fact the response has been so overwhelming that the PlainsCapital folks are reporting that gratis parking is going to be as tight as enamel on teeth. But never fear. They don’t want panel guests to be worried, so they’ve provided a couple of suggestions:

  1. Check-in starts at 8:30, but try to get there no later than 8:45 a.m. There will be plenty of coffee on hand.
  2. If you have an associate also attending, think about carpooling.

Word has it that even adorable panelist WFAA’s Ron Corning is going to hike on over from the station’s Victory studio, just to allow an extra parking space.

PlainsCapital Bank*

PlainsCapital Bank*

If you’re already signed up, start thinking about the questions that you’re going to pose to the panelists that include Ron, PaperCity’s Jane Rozelle, photographer Kristina Bowman and MySweetCharity’s Jeanne Prejean. And if you’re shy about asking a question in person, write it down and put it in the bowl at the check-in table.

It’s gonna be fun, informative and a great way to start the weekend.

* Graphic provided by PlainsCapital Bank

JUST IN: Media Panel For Nonprofits Is Nearing Done-Deal Status



Oh, dear! With such short notice, the prediction for the nonprofits’ media panel on Friday, August 19, was that perhaps a baker’s dozen would sign up. But, oh, no! So very wrong.

Understand that the sign-ins are coming in nonstop. Guess word has gotten out that PaperCity’s Jane Rozelle is gonna have all the scoop about the new format that the monthly publication will be introducing in September. Or, maybe it’s WFAA’s Ron Corning’s additional duties as commentator and doing lengthier interviews with the likes of Tyler Perry. Or, perhaps it’s photographer Kristina Bowman’s fessing up on how to work with photographers and what types of photos to submit.  Everyone is hoping that MySweetCharity’s Jeanne Prejean will take her friendly medication and explain the easiest way to get coverage on MSC and answer any questions about the lifestyle of elves.

Since one of the most popular parts of the past panels has been the Q&A, it will be nicely in place and open to all questions. One surprising development that took place at the last panel was the nonprofit representatives networking and exchanging ideas with each other afterwards.

The conversation will once again be an honest effort to help those working with nonprofits to get their message across to both established and potential fans.

One nonprofit marketing staffer is even bringing along her CEO to help her boss better understand why their stories aren’t on CNN. Another PR firm that doesn’t normally deal with nonprofits is sending a couple of their associates to learn the unique issues facing nonprofit media pitching.

PlainsCapital Bank*

PlainsCapital Bank*

And, thanks to PlainsCapital Bank, the whole morning of chatting is free. They’re even gonna provide a great view of Victory plus a continental breakfast!

But there is a catch. You’ve got to register here and do it pronto. All you have to do is provide your name, the nonprofit that you work with and a phone number. (BTW, your information will NOT be used for any solicitation by anyone or any group.) Then mark down August 19 for an 8:30 check-in at PlainsCapitals headquarters. After the panel, go have a leisurely lunch and take a nap with visions of headlines promoting your nonprofit!

* Graphic provided by PlainsCapital

Round Robin November 13: Holy Moly! Seven Events In One Day

Thursday, November 13 was jam packed all day long. Hmm, seems like every day in November is turning out to be like that. Here’s the report on events from all over the area.

Obelisk Awards Luncheon

For more than two and a half decades, the Business Council for the Arts has been recognizing North Texas businesses and business leaders who believe in the “transformative power of arts and culture” with something called the Obelisk Awards. The nonprofit group did it for the 26th time, when it hosted a well-attended luncheon awards ceremony at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas.

With luminaries in attendance including Todd Meier, Jeremy Strick, and Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger—Nancy’s late father, Ray Nasher, founded the council in 1988—the luncheon was kicked off by Larry Glasgow, the nonprofit’s board chair, and emceed by Mary Anne Alhadeff.

Before Mary Anne oversaw the presentation of the 2014 Obelisks, though, attendees listened to remarks by luncheon Co-chairs Anne and Bernie DiFlore, Business Council CEO Katherine Wagner, and Comerica Bank chief economist Robert Dye. (Who knew the bank’s senior VP is also an accomplished painter?!) Then it was Mary Anne’s turn in the spotlight, as she disclosed that the event’s nine honorees had donated a total of $1.25 million to Dallas-Fort Worth arts groups in one year alone.

With that, it was off to the races with the 2014 Obelisks.

First up was the Lifetime Achievement Award, which went to Brian Shivers, a board member with the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden for nearly 30 years. Accepting the award, Brian thanked Dallas “for being a place that supports and encourages big ideas.”

Crayton Webb*

Crayton Webb*

Next came the New Initiative Award, which recognizes businesses for a new initiative with a single focus. The winners this year in the Small, Medium, and Large Business categories, respectively, were Eletorre, which manages community relations projects and web-based communications for nonprofits, like the Bridge-o-Rama event; Gold Metal Recyclers, which nurtures a variety of arts and cultural organizations in North Texas; and Mary Kay Inc., which has helped underwrite the Women of WaterTower Theatre group, among many other initiatives.

Then came the Arts Partnership Award, which honors companies that have supported one or more arts and cultural groups in North Texas for at least three years. The 2014 winners in the Small, Medium, and Large Business categories were, respectively, Fantastic Moves, a moving company that’s helped The Women’s Chorus of Dallas move pianos and risers over many years on a pro-bono basis; law firm Vinson & Elkins, which for decades has represented KERA pro-bono and supported other groups like the Dallas Museum of Art; and Pioneer Natural Resources, which, among other things, has made a 5-year commitment to the Dallas Theater Center’s educational programming for at-risk teens.

Barbara Daseke and Ben Fischer and Laree Hulshoff*

Barbara Daseke and Ben Fischer and Laree Hulshoff*

The luncheon concluded with two single presentations: the Arts Education Award and the Arts Leadership Award. The former, which recognizes business support for arts education programs, went to Carey International Inc., a transportation provider that helped the Nasher Sculpture Center expose its 10-year-anniversary project, Nasher XChange, to school and community groups. Finally, the Arts Leadership Award for long-term vision and commitment was presented to Barbara Daseke. She was recognized for her fundraising efforts on behalf of WaterTower Theatre, TACA, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Said Mary Anne Alhedeff of the spiky-haired Daseke as the luncheon drew to a close: “She is a one-woman dynamo. Perhaps this should be called the ‘Wonder Woman’ Award!”

Affordable Living Initiative Construction Celebration

It’s not every day that construction takes place to provide affordable living for low-income families, but on this day, it got underway with a celebration at Jubilee Park. Here’s a report from the field:

“In a joint partnership, Jubilee Park & Community Center, PlainsCapital Bank and City of Dallas Housing/Community Services Department launched a large-scale, four-phase affordable housing initiative that will result in 28 residences for low-income families in southeast Dallas over the next three years. Today, a construction celebration was held to commemorate this partnership and future homeownership for the families who will reside in these new homes. This event was held in Jubilee Park where the first six homes are being built.

Jubilee group**

Jubilee group**

“Representatives from Jubilee Park & Community Center, City of Dallas and PlainsCapital Bank, the families who will take ownership of these new homes, and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings attended the groundbreaking event. PlainsCapital Bank’s live mascot, Mo the Buffalo even made an appearance. At the close of the event, PlainsCapital Bank North Dallas President Doug Cook and Jubilee Park & Community Center Board Chairman Bill Addy competed in a Bobcat front-end loader race.

Mo and the Bobcat RAce**

Mo and the Bobcat Race**

“’The primary goal of the affordable housing project is to provide homeownership opportunities for low-income families who would otherwise not have the means to become homeowners,’ said Jubilee Park & Community Center Chief Executive Officer Ben Leal. ‘Through this partnership with City of Dallas and PlainsCapital Bank, we have a unique opportunity to be a part of making the American dream of homeownership a reality for these families in our community.’

“The cost of each new home is approximately $125,000. Both Jubilee Park and the City of Dallas will contribute a combined $50,000 toward the total cost of each home.

“Homebuyers will secure a mortgage of $70,000 to $85,000, based on their income. “Buyer Assistance” funds of $20,000 may be available from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Builder construction loans for phases II through IV will be provided by PlainsCapital Bank.

“Homebuyers must meet the income limits set by the City of Dallas which stipulate they have an annual income of 140 percent or less of the current HUD Metro Fair Market Rent Area estimate of the median family income for Dallas ($67,500). Homebuyers will also have the opportunity to participate in pre- and post-homebuyer education classes that will be provided by the East Dallas Community Organization.

“The single-family homes are approximately 1,300 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two-car garage. Energy efficient appliances will be included in the purchase price. Homebuyers have five home models to choose from. All homes will be LEED silver certified.

“Construction for the first six homes broke ground in September and are slated for completion in early 2015. Construction for the final phase of this project will begin in late 2015, with completion in the fourth quarter of 2016.

“East Dallas Community Organization is managing the construction, identifying and qualifying homebuyers, hiring building contractors, managing the purchase of lots and providing necessary paperwork associated with an affordable housing transaction to city, state and federal governing bodies and the designated title company. Woodmere Properties, who has built numerous affordable housing projects in Dallas, was selected as the home builder. ”

Chick Lit KO Party

Announcements evidently were high in demand for the upcoming 2015 season. As reported earlier, the Chick Lit-ters revealed their plans at a cocktail reception at Roberta Roller Rabbit for the Friday, April 24th luncheon. Wendy Messmann will be chairing the annual event at Brook Hollow benefiting Community Partners of Dallas that will feature author Stacey Ballis. Joining Wendy will be Honorary Chair Carol Seay.

2015 No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party KO

Over at Scott + Cooner, 150 enjoyed a cocktail reception and learned about the plans for the 2015 No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party scheduled for Saturday, March 28 at the Frontier of Flight Museum. Once David Nelson and Dennis Kershner will co-chair the event with Jody and Sterling O’Donnell serving at honorary co-chairs. The theme — “Under the Yum Yum Tree”!

DIFFA Holiday Wreath Collection

The DIFFA gang didn’t so much announce but rather kicked of the momentum for the season with its annual Holiday Wreath Collection at the Galleria. Despite evening rush-home traffic, folks Wreath Co-Chair Matt Wilkerson and Carol Quist joined DIFFA/Dallas Chairman of the Board Clint Bradley to checkout more than 40 designer wreaths were up for bid that had been created by individuals and companies like Stanley Korshak, Tiffany & Co., AIDS Arms, AIDS Services of Dallas, Gallerie Noir, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen (Lisa Garza), Gensler Architects, Swarvoski, Club Monaco, Jennifer Miller, RSVP Design Services, Dear Clark Hair Studio, Nine-Eighteen, Tatyana Murphy, Lucky Dog Barkery and Westin Galleria Dallas Hotel to name a few.

Playbills, Popcorn And The Press

Back at Fair Park the Press Club of Dallas presented Dallas Summer Musical’s Michael Jenkins with the 2014 Newsmaker of the Year Award. Pat Porter chaired the event — “Playbills, Popcorn and the Press” — along with Honorary Co-Chairs Cindy and Chuck Gummer at the Music Hall. Of course, it wouldn’t be an event honoring Michael without a bit of song and dance. That was provided by Cathy Rigby and Rachel York.

Encore for Advocacy

Speaking of music, Mavis Staples was blowing the roof off the Majestic for the Encore for Advocacy benefiting the Dallas Advocacy Center. Why even the Dallas Morning News’ special contributor Thor Christensen was impressed by her performance describing her as having “rarely sung with as much intensity as she did Thursday night at the Majestic Theatre, where she roared, snarled and scatter up a maelstrom.” Thor also gave a tip-of-the-hat to fellow performer Patty Griffin who shared the stage with Mavis.

* Photo provided by WaterTower Theatre
** Photos provided by PlainsCapital Bank

Have A Halloween Giggle Courtesy of PlainsCapital Bank

The good folks at PlainsCapital Bank, who have supported the MySweetCharity world since its beginning, love Halloween. Want proof? How about this?

The saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” MySweetCharity is proud to flock with PlainsCapital all year round.

PlainsCapital Bank Provides Some Fixer-Upper Help For SMU’s Moody Coliseum Renovation Project

For decades SMU’s Moody Coliseum has been the site of so many important events — athletic events, concerts, local high school graduations, university commencements, etc. But since the new neighbor (Bush Center) moved in across the way this spring, it’s really needed some spiffing up.

Still something like that is quite an undertaking, don’t you know?

Moody Coliseum (northwest exterior rendering)

Moody Coliseum (northwest exterior rendering)*

The project calls for “new seating, extensive renovations to the entry lobby and concourse, technology enhancements and improvements to office suites, restrooms and locker rooms.”

Luckily PlainsCapital Bank has come to the rescue by pledging to “sponsor a portion of the Moody Coliseum renovation project at SMU in Dallas through a generous multi-year donation.”

Alan White

Alan White (File photo)

According to PlainsCapital Corporation Chairman and CEO Alan B. White, “PlainsCapital Bank is committed to giving back to the communities where we do business. We understand the importance of good corporate citizenship and we are proud to be a sponsor of the Moody Coliseum renovation project that’s sure to be enjoyed by future generations in the Dallas Community.”

Instead writing a nice thank you note on Crane stock or sending an arrangement of peonies, the SMU folks are going to feature PlainsCapital Bank’s name and logo “exclusively on top of the Moody Coliseum scoreboard located above center court and on a plaque that will hang in the Champions Room of the renovated facility.”  

“We are very thankful for PlainsCapital’s generous donation and their commitment to improving our facilities and making Moody Coliseum a distinguished sports and events facility,” said Tim Leonard, SMU’s senior associate athletics director. “This revitalization project wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of companies such as PlainsCapital Bank.”

The renovations are scheduled for completion in December 2013.

* Graphic courtesy of SMU

Rotary Club of Dallas Presents Dallas Corporate Citizen Of The Year Award To Four Companies With Philanthropy As A Priority

The Rotary Club of Dallas has initiated an awards program “recognizing companies that go the extra mile.”  Sponsored by the 101-year-old RCD and D CEO, the Dallas Corporate Citizen of the Year Award‘s selection criteria is based on the company’s improving “the quality of life for others, philanthropic financial support, being a good neighbor and giving back to the broader community. These companies involve and encourage their employees at all levels to be active participants in their philanthropic endeavors with community organizations and make being a good corporate citizen a part of their core business philosophy.”

Alan White, Stan Richards, Emily Parker, Rhett Taylor of D CEO, Judy Pesek and Rotary Club of Dallas President Ben Casey

On April 25, RCD members and members of the award-winning companies gathered in the Venetian Room of the Fairmont to salute the awardees and their repre-sentatives:

  • Judy Pesek of Gensler
  • Stan Richards of The Richards Group
  • Emily Parker of Thompson & Knight, LLC
  • Alan White of PlainsCapital Bank

Congratulations to the recipients and to the RCD for creating an awards program to recognize companies placing importance upon philanthropy.

Real Girls Real Women Included Some Real Men At Thursday Night Party

While the party at Kathy and Rusty Tucker‘s house Thursday night was to honor the patrons for the Real Girls Real Women Luncheon (Tuesday, October 12 at the Anatole) for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, the gals had to share it with some men.

And RGRW Lifetime Achievement Awardee Ebby Halliday and Real Women honorees Harriet Miers and Becky Sykes didn’t seem to mind one iota. One of the men was PlainsCapital Bank‘s Ronnie Berg who joined Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas CEO Colleen Walker (pictured) in telling the group about the importance for leadership among young women.

Colleen emphasized how just five years in the Girl Scouts can impact a young woman’s life in such dramatic ways that front row guest Sally Hoglund demanded that this information be spread around. And that’s just what’s going to happen at the lunch when Ebby, Harriet and Becky will be honored along with Real Girl honorees Ashton Gepfert and Haley Avery. Why are Ashton and Haley being honored? Did they sell the most Girl Scout cookies? Nope. Try this one for size —

  • Ashton, who is  a high school student and Girls Scout from  Allen,  has  had severe hearing loss since childhood and has developed a campaign called Defining Differences which she created to raise awareness and acceptance of individuals with disabilities.  She has become a respected speaker and has created informative programs for teachers and first responders to assist in dealing with individuals who have disabilities.
  • Haley, a high school student and Girl Scout from Richardson who attends Bishop Lynch High School, was burned over 50 percent of her body and has used that experience to become a volunteer at the Parkland Burn Unit and to serve as a Burn Camp counselor in Texas and California.  She has accrued more 1,500 hours of volunteer time at Parkland since she began in 2007.

Ashton and Haley weren’t at the Thursday night party, but they will be at the October 12th lunch.

Oh, and who was that other man at the party that helped the ladies? Why it was Logan Betts, son of luncheon chair Gina Betts (pictured right with Logan Betts). The youngster helped his mom before it was time to toddle home for bed.

BTW, major sponsors deserving a salute are The Posey Foundation ($30,000), Frito Lay ($25,000), Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP ($10,000), Margot and Ross Perot ($10,000), PlainsCapital Bank ($10,000) and Ebby Halliday Realtors ($5,000).