What Do A Buffalo And A Maverick Have In Common? Jubilee Park!

One wouldn’t necessarily think that a buffalo and a basketball player would have much in common. But on Thursday, September 15, these two got together at Jubilee Park and Community Center. The occasion was the reopening of Jubilee Park with new playground equipment, walking paths and the dedication of a new basketball court for kids and families from the surrounding … [Read more...]

Cattle Baronesses Hold Raffle Reveal At Park Place Porsche With 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster Reveal And Mo-On-The-Go

While private jets were scurrying off to Aspen, the Hamptons and Santa Barbara, the last vestiges of cool were checking in at Park Place Porsche. True, it was billed as the Cattle Baron’s Ball reveal raffle that included Rolex Sea-Dweller (value: $10,400) donated by Eiseman Jewels and Rolex $10,000 debit card (value: $10,000) donated by PlainsCapital Bank … [Read more...]

WAIT LIST ALERT!: August 19th Media Panel For Nonprofits

Oops! That post about groveling got a response. Within minutes of the post going up, the August 19th Media Panel was filled to capacity. But…and you just knew there would be a “but”… a waiting list has been put into place. So, if someone can’t make it due to a conflict (example: your boss wants to meet with you about that raise), they’ll be replaced by folks on the waiting … [Read more...]

Grovel Alert: August 19th Media Panel For Nonprofits

Well, shoot! You did it again. Despite the late notice, the Media Panel For Nonprofits on Friday, August 19, at PlainsCapital Bank headquarters is within a whisper of being filled to capacity. Translation? Don’t put off signing up any longer. In fact the response has been so overwhelming that the PlainsCapital folks are reporting that gratis parking is going to be as tight … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Media Panel For Nonprofits Is Nearing Done-Deal Status

Oh, dear! With such short notice, the prediction for the nonprofits' media panel on Friday, August 19, was that perhaps a baker's dozen would sign up. But, oh, no! So very wrong. Understand that the sign-ins are coming in nonstop. Guess word has gotten out that PaperCity’s Jane Rozelle is gonna have all the scoop about the new format that the monthly publication will be … [Read more...]