Fifth Annual Going For The Gold Gala Had Guests All Scrubbed Up To Celebrate Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing

Long gone are the days when nurses were women in starchy white uniforms with their hair in tight buns and wearing white stockings and white leather shoes. Today’s backbone of the healthcare industry is made up equally dedicated professionals, but they’re both men and women in colorful scrubs and running shoes and clogs. They are also facing daunting challenges in a world of … [Read more...]

Sugar Ray Leonard Scores A KO At The Children’s Advocacy Center Of Collin County’s “Join The Fight Luncheon”

If WFAA-CH.8’s Pete Delkus ever tires of weather guessing, he could easily be the first male Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. That man in his natty attire and slicked back hair can get a crowd rallied up like the best of the Aggie Yell leaders. No better example for proof than the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County’s “Join the Fight Luncheon” that took place on … [Read more...]