Partners Card Results Are In And Are Record-Breaking Once Again

Andrea Weber, Kelley Schadt, Nancy Scripps, Paige Flink and Bob White

Remember Partners Card back in late October and how you’re still in rehab from credit card OD-ing? It was for a very good cause — The Family Place. But you’re still wondering how much good was achieved. 

Not to worry. A week ago Thursday The Family Place hierarchy and fans gathered at Bachendorf’s to hear the results like election night.

Believe it or not, the total was a whopping $1,040,937 that beat all previous records.

“After reaching the million-dollar milestone in 2010, we knew we had to push for another record-breaking year,” said The Family Place Executive Director Paige Flink. “The situations we have seen in families seeking help this year have been overwhelming. The results from this campaign help support the life and death services provided at The Family Place. With our goal of not turning away clients who need safety, these funds will help close the funding gap we have for 2011.”

While it seems like $1M is becoming a common number bouncing around fundraising efforts nowadays, it’s still a breathtaking accomplishment in this time. Countless numbers of volunteers spend incredible numbers of hours to reach those seven figures. Congratulations to the Partners Card team for another year of success.

Photo credit: George Fiala

Dallas, Get Shopping!

The Partners Card

Sure, the Rangers may have lost the World Series, but Dallas’s favorite sport is underway — the legendary Partners Card shopping spree.

If you haven’t gotten your card, get it now!

You can shop at Dallas best retailers, benefit The Family Place and get amazing discounts until November 6. So, get shopping.

Mystery Speaker Is Unveiled At Meeting Of The Family Place’s Partners Women’s Auxiliary

The 60 guests at Maggie Kipp‘s home Wednesday evening were there for The Family Place Partners Women’s Auxiliary membership meeting. To entice the gals to attend, a tantalizing ingredient was added to the mix of business and wine — “a secret special guest speaker will take you behind the veil.”

Melissa Sherill

With Jan Harbour making the rounds of serving wine, FP Development Director Melissa Sherrill, who is six months pregnant with twins, was the ringmaster of the evening. She led off with her check list of FP business —

  • Hadley Galt updated all on the Oct. 6 Texas Trailblazers Award luncheon at the Hilton Anatole where Pulitzer Prizer winner Sheryl WuDunn will speak and Margot Perot will be the honorary chair.
  • Stiletto Stutt will once again benefit The Family Place at Neiman Marcus Downtown.
  • The Partners Card

    Partners Card Co-chair Nancy Scripps reported that the 10-day sale-a-thon will take place October 28 – November 6 and they’re hoping to repeat last year’s success of hitting $1M in sales and selling more than 15,000 cards.

Jan Harbour

Then it was time for the mystery guest. No, wait! Jan had to make one more sweep of the room with a bottle of wine.

Mystery Speaker

Now, the ladies were ready. In walked a figure in a hijab. It was Gloria Godat Snead-Amarilla, who had helped found the Chiapas Project and had traveled to more than 100 countries. With the veil covering her face, she told the group that she was going to speak on the problems facing Muslim women in multiple countries.

“Ladies, this is not a fashion statement. This is a bondage statement.” She went to say that as an American Christian woman, she had a driver’s license, mortgage, property, etc.

Looking around the room, Gloria then said, “But if I were a Middle Eastern Muslim woman, I’d be the exception, not the rule.”

Gloria Godat Snead-Amarilla

With that she removed the veil and discussed the limited rights that Muslim women have in this day and age. Gloria reminded the assembled women that as recently as 1967, legislation gave Texas women certain new rights, and that women’s suffrage was passed in 1920 — only 91 years ago.

Share-A-Date: Partners Card 2011

Paige Flink

Friday, October 28 – Sunday, November 6: The very idea of shopping in cooler times is riveting. Add Partners Card to it and it’s enough to make you want to buy your Partners Card now.

But you can’t. At least you can’t for now. The $60-cards that provide 20% discounts at hundreds of stores don’t go on sale until mid-September. Yes, you just know MySweetCharity will alert you to the exact date as soon as it’s official.

Did you know that last year the Partners Card program sold 15,000 cards raising a record-breaking $1 million for Paige Flink‘s Family Place? And, remember, 100% of the proceeds go directly to The Family Place.

Partners Card’s Million Dollar Soiree Hits The Jackpot With A Very Cozy Crowd

Wednesday night the valets were advised to expect a crowd of 150 for the Partners Card‘s Million Dollar Soiree at Blue Print on Fairmount. That estimate seemed to be off by about 100. The place was so jammed that it was body wedging time through the first floor. What? You think we’re exaggerating? It made Holly Golightly’s party seem downright sparse.

IMG_0103But unlike Holly’s anything-goes-gathering, this was strictly charming and filled with gorgeous types. Rightly so, since most of the past chairs and partners card presidents were on hand. Just trying to get them together for a group photo was as challenging as shooting an SMU sorority photo. Finally it was decided to pose the gals on the Blue Print stairs. Even then it required a couple of shots (pictured).

The reason for the event was to celebrate this year’s Family Place‘s Partners Card program hitting the million-dollar mark. Now, sit down and count on your fingers. If each Partners Card is $60, how many Partners Cards does it take to hit that goal? OK, so we had to use a calculator to learn 16,666.66 cards.

The duo who made this happen were the 2010 chairs Maggie Cooke Kipp and Molly Nolan (pictured right with Maggie Cooke Kipp). It was easy to spot them because they were wearing “platinum” blouses and the biggest smiles in honor of the occasion.  Actually, they didn’t raise one million. Nope, they raised $1,003,080. And you know every penny counts when it comes to supporting The Family Place.

TFP Development Director Melissa Sherrill admitted that it “took a lot of marketing” to reach the $1M goal. “We (Americans/Dallasites) were ready to shop this year,” she added.

TFP Executive Director Paige Flink (pictured) explained that the economic downturn in recent years has created a double-trouble situation — an even greater need for services and fewer coffers to help provide for those needs. That makes the accomplishment of the million dollar plus even more amazing.

Luckily, many of those supporting the Partners Card were present including Bank of Texas’ Bob White (pictured), who announced a belated Christmas gift.

“It’s our pleasure to be involved. . . you all do the work, we just come along aferward and put our logo on things. . . It’s not easy to raise one million dollars especially in 2010. That happened because you had people for 18 or 19 years before faithfully doing the work, year after year. So,” Bob continued, “I’m honored to announce tonight that we are committing to this partnership again in 2011!”

Talk about a man who knows how to be popular at a party! And talk about a party. Remember it was a nose-to-nose gathering. What were they talking about?

  • Sue John and Susan Wilson (pictured left with Sue John) were chatting about Ron Chapman‘s talk at the Dallas Woman’s Club earlier in the day. First thing he told the assembled group was Suzie (Humphreys) is doing great — living in the Hill Country and traveling through the world giving talks. The man still knows what women want to hear.
  • Partners Card Board Member Jennifer Lott was wearing a neat cocktail dress that fiancé Chris Blackwell picked out as a Christmas gift. They’re planning on a September wedding in Maui with a honeymoon in Bora Bora.
  • Family Place volunteer Lisa Mareuglio was in a side room comparing notes with Dallas Morning News advertising associate Arnette Harris (pictured right with Lisa Mareuglio).
  • Past Chair Brynn Bagot Allday was updating friends on the flap earlier in the day about husband Taylor‘s Green Room rumors. Seems there was a question about the restaurant/bar’s being open or closed. According to Brynn, Taylor had decided that the end of the year was a good time to temporarily close the place, work on the menu and fix some of the things. She thought it was scheduled to reopen on the 18th, but hadn’t gotten the confirmation from Taylor.
  • With shocked expressions, Jeanne Marie Clossey and David Nichols (pictured right with Jeanne Marie Clossey) were caught off guard to learn that Bill Lively had been named president/CEO of the Dallas Symphony earlier in the day. Jeanne Marie had chaired the Performing Arts Center grand opening, which Bill had spearheaded. When asked if she would come out of retirement to help Bill raise $150-million in the next five years, she raised her sky-blue eyes to the ceiling and said, “No, no, no!” with David repeating, “No, no, no!” But then someone nearby added, “You know promises are made to be broken.”
  • Andrea Weber was checking out items in a less crowded side room with Teffy Jacobs. Did you know that Andrea is starting a fashion blog?
  • Jennifer Buxton was in Hue stockings and Italian shoes she bought in London and JB Hayes was wearing Manolo Blahnik from Barneys with Spanx leggings. When the twosome was asked who made the ultimate, very best opaque stockings, a chorus of DKNY rang out.

And the celebration continued past the 8 o’clock bye-bye time, but not to worry. They’ve already started working on next year’s Partners Card.

Sip, Shop And Save With Partners Card At Gucci Wednesday

Early reports from Partners Card shoppers are daunting! Experienced, shop-til-you-drop types are loving the thrill of the killer purchases. Those more timid types are a little wary of the activity initially, but they’re getting into the swing of things. You’ve got to admit that shopping in Dallas has never been for the faint of heart.

A great place to exercise your Partners Card is Wednesday night (tonight) at the new GUCCI boutique in NorthPark from 6 to 8 p.m.

According to co-hostess Rhonda Sargent Chambers, “Partner’s Cards are available in-store for $60, with 100% of your purchase supporting The Family Place programs and entitling you to enjoy a 20% discount on any purchase now through November 7th.”

You not only can do your holiday shopping and impress your friends with gifts, but you can also help The Family Place.

Partner Card Season Announced!

Start planning — the 2010 Partners Card dates have been announced! From Friday, October 29 thru Sunday, November 7, it will be cardholders’ hunting season.

Whoa! Don’t go bothering to get your card yet. The $60-cards go on sale in mid-September with 100% of the proceeds going directly to The Family Place. Also, 20% of each purchase goes to The Family Place.

Don’t thank us!  Thank the presenting sponsor Bank of Texas and more than 750 participating merchants/services in Arlington, Grapevine, Plano, Southlake and Dallas, of course.  Oops! Also, don’t forget to thank Chairs Maggie Kipp, Molly Nolan and Gina Roidopolous. You go, girls!