2014 Partners Card Tri-Chairs Announced Plus The Return Of Bank Of Texas As Presenting Sponsor

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Partners Card*

Partners Card*

How about the new tri-chairs for The Family Place‘s 2014 Partners Card? Heading up the shopathon from Friday, October 24 through Sunday, November 2 will be Lisa Bhattacharya, Andrea Cheek and Diana Hamilton.

Adding to the excitement of the announcement is Bank of Texas is stepping up once again as the presenting sponsor.

The team has big stilettos to fill, but this threesome is ready to take on the challenge.

* Logo courtesy of The Family Place

Partners Card Once Again Surpasses The Million $ Mark For The Family Place

Congrats to the Partners Card Co-Chairs Annika Cail, Sara Rastegar Friedman and Katy Wilson Duvall. This year’s effort raised $1,150,884 for The Family Place.

Not only did they bring in the cash, they may have changed the marketing plans for some in the hood.

The announcement was just made at Museum Tower before the cold weather hit.  Only goes to prove that spending does save money and changes lives.

Lululemon’s Window Creates Uproar

Lululemon window*

Lululemon window*

Yipes! All heck is breaking loose on Facebook and over at D’s ShopTalk. It seems Lululemon at NorthPark posted the following message in their window over the weekend

“We do partners yoga, not partners card!”

Shall we start a pool on how long that message stays in the window? If you would like to let your feelings be known, here’s their corporate email address. We’re sure they’d love to hear from you.

On the other hand, if you would like to know what merchants do participate in The Family Place‘s Partners Card program, here is the list!

Suggestion: Lululemon pr team, remove the message and make a nice donation to The Family Place.

UPDATE (12:35 p.m.): Stop the pool. The Family Place’s Paige Flink just reported the following: “Lululemon says they have taken down the sign and that they will be reaching out to The Family Place to teach yoga to our clients. Your efforts were successful.”

If you still want to share your thoughts with Lululemon corporate, you might want to compliment them for their changing directions.

* Photo credit: Paige Flink


The Skies Over Dallas Were Filled With 114 Red, White And Purple Balloons Floating Skyward And Representing So Much

Balloons floating above

Balloons floating above

The sky was spectacularly clear today, except for a few wispy clouds and 114 balloons. It’s not too late. If you look outside, you just might see one of the white, red or purple balloons floating by. There were exactly 114 of ‘em.

114 balloons being released

114 balloons being released

Let’s face it. Balloons are synonymous with birthdays, celebrations and happy occasions, but in this case it was a mix of happy and not-so-happy. Sadly, they represented the 114 women who were killed in 2012 due to domestic violence in Texas. But seeing them as a group winging their way into a beautiful blue sky with temperatures in the 70’s made one feel the women’s spirits were free of all the worldly problems they had faced in life.

Paige Flink

Paige Flink

The balloon release was held at The Family Place following a lunch and presentation to various groups who work with TFP. The timing was just right. In addition to October being National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the occasion was also a part of TFP’s 35th anniversary and orchestrated by TFP’s Paige Flink and her hardworking-always-amazing staff. Greeting guests in the facility’s lobby, the staff had created a large wreath bearing the names of each of the 114.

The wreath of purple

The wreath of purple

Of that statewide number, nine women were from the Dallas area. During a presentation inside the TFP dining room, current residents stood holding purple balloons in the shape of stars and reading the Dallas-area victims’ names, the names of their killers and those they left behind.

The Family Place residents reading the names of Dallas victims of domestic violence

The Family Place residents reading the names of Dallas victims of domestic violence

Then the guests, residents and staff took the balloons outside and released them. It was poignant watching the balloons drift away to be lost forever, like the lives they represented.

Friday starts the Partners Card program that will raise money to fund TFP’s program to help people, both men and women, escape violence and create healthy lives for themselves and their families.

MySweetCharity Opportunity: 2013 Partners Card

Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman*

Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman*

According to the 2013 Partners Card Co-Chairs Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman,

“It’s almost time for Partners Card again! We are so excited to announce the annual 10-day shopping fundraiser benefiting The Family Place will be held October 25 through November 3, 2013. There are so many wonderful retailers participating this year, we hope you will join us in supporting Partners Card and The Family Place as you are shopping for those fall must haves! As one of the most popular shopping events in the Dallas Metroplex, we wanted to remind everyone this fundraiser is the only sale where you truly save. That is, save lives and support the critical work of The Family Place, one of the longest-serving family violence service providers in the state.

“We are excited to announce some new things this year. With a 2013 Partners Card, Goodson Acura of Dallas will offer 10% off MSRP towards the purchase of all remaining 2013 TSX models. Goodson Acura of Dallas and Audi Dallas will also offer a 20% discount on service and parts. In addition, an Audi Dallas Ride & Drive event benefiting Partners Card will be held Saturday, October 26 from 10 to 5 p.m. at NorthPark Center, and a Goodson Acura Ride & Drive event will be held Sunday, October 27 at The Shops at Legacy from 12 to 5 p.m.  Also new this year, Galleria Dallas will contribute $5 per Partners Card sold through a Galleria Dallas retailer.

Beth Rafferty*

Beth Rafferty*

Shay Geyer*

Shay Geyer*

“We are also excited about this year’s honorary co-chairs, Beth Rafferty and her daughter Shay Geyer of IBB Design Fine Furnishings.  IBB is an award-winning, all-inclusive design firm and home furnishings store that features everything from classic traditional to more traditional/contemporary looks. Beth, a well-known interior designer and founder of IBB, along with her daughter Shay, a professional interior designer since 2001, are adamant about giving back to the community and have supported The Family Place for many years.

“Over the past 20 years, Partners Card has become the largest fundraiser for The Family Place and is one of the most popular shopping events in the Dallas Metroplex. In 2012, Partners Card celebrated its 20th anniversary with more than 750 participating retailers and restaurants selling 14,600 cards and raising $1,115,854 for The Family Place. In its history, the community has helped raise more than $13 million through the Partners Card program.

“Partners Card is a 10-day shopping spectacular that rewards cardholders with unbelievable savings at some of Dallas’ top stores and restaurants. With the purchase of a $70 Partners Card, shoppers receive 20 percent savings at more than 750 participating retailers in Dallas, Arlington, Grapevine, McKinney, Plano, Southlake, Richardson, Frisco, Coppell, Flower Mound, Denton, Colleyville, Las Colinas, Irving, Mesquite, Addison, Garland, Rockwall and Lewisville. One hundred percent of the sale of the $70 Partners Card goes directly to The Family Place and has helped it grow into one of the longest-serving family violence service providers in the state.

“Individuals may purchase a Partners Card from any participating retailer or restaurant, card-selling individual, direct mail or visit www.partnerscard.org.  Partners Cards will go on sale September 1, 2013.  For more information, contact the Partners Card Hotline at 214.443.7754 or email [email protected].

* Photos provided by Partners Card

Just In: Partners Card 2013 Honorary Co-chairs Announced

More honorary co-chairs are popping up like sunflowers! Partners Card 2013 tri-chairs Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman just sent word on the honorary co-chairs for the spend-athon benefiting The Family Place’s October 25 -November 3.

How smart they were to pick a mom/daughter team who understands and appreciates both shopping and fundraising.

Who is the twosome?

Shay Geyer (File photo)

Shay Geyer (File photo)

Beth Rafferty

Beth Rafferty*

Beverly Drive cover girl Shay Geyer and her mom Beth Rafferty!

These two have time and time again supported a plethora of nonprofits like Dwell with Dignity, The Women’s Council of the Arboretum, Family Gateway and Equest and still found time to run their 40,000-square-foot IBB Design Furnishings.

Photo provided by The Family Place

Rescheduled Partners Card Kick-off Was A Fashionable Kick

Katy Duvall and Sarah Friedman

Katy Duvall and Sarah Friedman

Annika Cail

Annika Cail

2013 Partners Card Co-chairs Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman wisely decided to postpone the kick-off party of the 21st Family Place fundraiser back on May 21. With tornadoes sweeping through Oklahoma like a Roomba and threatening weather in North Texas, they realized that many would be fearful to face potential chancy conditions.

So they held the event at the Westin Galleria on Wednesday, June 5, not knowing what the headcount would be. After all, some had already taken off for vacations.

Surprise! The place was packed. Since the indoor party was adjacent to the hotel’s pool, many changed from their very proper business attire to more casual but not too casual. For instance, some of the gents still wore their suit jackets but doffed the ties. The gals like Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Holly Davis were baring shoulders in cute sundresses. And opened-toed wedges showcased a rainbow of painted toenails with last year’s favorite black being replaced by a soft teal. As one person pointed out, “Toe cleavage abounds this time of year.”

Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Holly Davis

Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Holly Davis

Cary Deuber decided that her hair needed some instant “oomphing,” so instead of going to a blowout, she gathered her hair in a ponytail on top of her head, applied a “contraption” with faux hair, undid the ponytail and had a glamorama head of curls and swirls.

Renee Rouleau, Maggie Kipp, Shay Geyer and Cary Deuber

Renee Rouleau, Maggie Kipp, Shay Geyer and Cary Deuber

Unfortunately, one of those who couldn’t make the event due to previous out-of-town commitments was The Family Place head honcho Paige Flink.

What did she miss? Details about this year’s Partners Card program, which takes place from October 25 to November 3, providing a “20% discount at more than 780 Dallas-area retailers and restaurants.”

Once again the good folks at Bank of Texas will be the presenting sponsor.

As soon as the cards go on sale and it’s revealed which stores will be participating, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, start making your shopping list of Partner Card opportunities.

JUST IN: 21st Partners Card Kick-off Is Postponed

If you were planning on attending the 21st Partners Card Kick-off party tonight, you can scrap that plan.This message was just received:

“Due to inclement weather the 21st Annual Partners Card Kick-off Benefiting The Family Place event tonight will be postponed to Wednesday, June 5.”

So, why not take the night off?

The Family Place Partners Announce 2013 Leadership

With the new year comes new leadership. The Family Place Partners have announced the leaders of their various fundraising projects for The Family Place.

  • The 2013 Family Place Partners president will be Jennifer Burns with Jennifer Tobin serving as president-elect.
  • Texas Trailblazer Award Luncheon on Thursday, September 26, will be chaired by Barbara Durham and her daughter Julie Rado.
  • Partners Card program will be chaired by Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman.
  • You already know that Jenifer Strauss Dannhauser, Stacy Girard and Lindsay Jacaman are chairing the 2013 Neiman Marcus Stiletto Strut on Thursday, April 25.

The Family Place’s Fundraising Ranged From Partners Card At NorthPark To Trailblazer Awards Luncheon At The Omni Dallas

The Family Place‘s Executive Director Paige Flink was a busy gal Tuesday and Wednesday. Well, she’s always busy, but this time she barely had time to change earrings.


Tuesday night she was at NorthPark for the Partners Card Southern Sellers Soirée. The Northern one took place last Thursday at Shay Geyer‘s IBB Design in Frisco. The Soirées “celebrate and honor cards sellers and sponsors like jeweler Jerry Szor that make it possible to continue Partners Card and bring hope to local victims of domestic violence.”

But Tuesday night it was outdoors in NP’s center courtyard and the weather couldn’t have been better. With The Road Crew playing “Rock with You,” “Car Wash” and “Let’s Stay Together,” guests found themselves dancing, dining and drinking. But not Paige. She doesn’t let a little thing like a party stop her campaign to curb domestic violence and abuse. She reminded folks that last year volunteers sold 16,000 of the precious discount cards resulting in $1M, which in turn helps The Family Place grow its programs.

Long-term, Paige has her sights on two goals:

1. Expand education programs for youth. This include bullying prevention and teen-dating violence prevention.

2. Expand economic empowerment of women who come to The Family Place. This includes education, jobs skills, job training and job placement.

Dawn Spalding and Connie Nash

For the PC’s 20th anniversary, Paige and PC Co-chairs Gay Donnell, Kathryn Henry and Dawn Spalding have raised the stakes with the hope of selling 20,000 which would haul in $1.4M. Paige is very good with round numbers.

Robert Weatherly

To sell that number, it takes volunteers like Robert Weatherly, who joined The Family Place board this year. In trying to sell more than 100 cards, he’s already selling them via Facebook, where he has 1,000 friends.

Robert also has another goal in mind. He wants to raise around $70,000 for The Family Place to have a full-time nurse-practitioner on its “Safe Campus” full-time. Currently they only have a nurse part-time, who can only see about 20 patients while there.


Paige Flink and Maggie Cooke Kipp

It seemed like Paige was leaving her house just as the paperboy was delivering the morning paper. She had to hustle to the Omni Dallas for the 2012 Trailblazer Awards Luncheon benefiting The Family Place. 600 were expected and some were greeted by an Omni staffer in the Omni driveway who advised guests as they approached, “If you’re going to valet park, you’re going to have a wait after the lunch.” Hmm, not a good sign.

Ebby Halliday

But once inside the crowd in the reception area outside the Trinity Ballroom grew and grew. One of the highlights was Ebby Halliday all in white seated on a couch, that soon took on the look of a throne as guests lined up to pay homage to the 101-year-old. Have you noticed that both centenarians Ebby and Margaret McDermott, who is a year younger than Ebby, are partial to white? It almost makes them glow.

Lloyd and Amanda Ward and Dr. Loc and Anh Trieu

Ah, but what many didn’t realize was that just a few floors upstairs, an ultra-private reception was taking place with the Trailblazer honorees (Liz Minyard and Kathryn Hall, Lynn Goldstein and Verizon’s David Russell), Event Co-chairs Anh and Dr. Loc Trieu and Amanda and Lloyd Ward), Honorary Co-chairs Diane and Daryl Johnston with their old friend and guest speaker Don McPherson.

Diane and Daryl Johnston

Only one missing was Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who was to receive the Man of Influence Award. He had a good excuse. Had to be in China.

After loads of coffee and photos, the VIP’s moseyed on to the Trinity Ballroom, except for Amanda, who had to scamper back upstairs. Seems she forgot her purse. Hey, it happens.

Before the program began, CBS-11’s Brendan Higgins did a very nice job of emceeing. When Dr. Jackie Roese did not appear to provide the blessing, Brendan did a shout-out for someone to sub in. From the front row, Honorary Co-chair Daryl brought Fr. Stephen Swann to the stage. Just as Fr. Swann concluded the invocation, Jackie arrived. She had been in a car accident. Not to worry. She was safe and apologetic for being late.

At 12:22, Paige (“I don’t know why you’re scripting me?”) reported to the room of people that at that moment there were 87 women and children in the shelter and emphasized how much these “clients” and others depended upon proceeds from the luncheon and donations.

Then it was time to hand out the awards. All went seamlessly.

Craig and Kathryn Hall, Don McPherson and Liz Minyard and Paul Lokey

Verizon’s David Russell accepted The Family Place Advocacy Award saying that Verizon accepted no-longer-needed cellphones to be recycled for victims of domestic violence. “We’re the only ones doing that. We’ll take the other guys’ stuff.” AT&T’s Holly Reed, sitting at a table just a row away, must have loved that. (Editor’s note: AT&T has a similar program, but their phones go to the military serving overseas.)

Real-Life Hero Lynn Goldstein simply said, “I’m not a hero,” despite having been one of the original people to start The Family Place.

Liz and Kathryn accepted their award for their work at the North Texas Food Bank saying, “We were very young when we started the North Texas Food Bank 30 years ago. Our goal was to eliminate hunger. That didn’t work out” due to growing demands on area resources. Naturally, they also plugged Art in the Park, their October 11 fundraiser in Frisco with Emerald City.

At 12:28 Daryl introduced his former college teammate, saying that Don had deserved to have won the Heisman Trophy instead of Tim Brown.

The former NFL player/radio talk show host/social advocate admitted that he couldn’t see the people in the room because the lights were turned down and the spotlight on him was rather blinding. Someone must have heard him, because the house lights brightened.

During the next 18 minutes, Don told the group:

  • “To prevent family violence, you’ve got to work on it every day.”
  • “I don’t think we should wait for bad things to happen to act.”
  • Trayvon Martin was shot [and murdered] and there were marches about it. We don’t march about the women who are murdered every day.”
  • Addressing the men in the audience: “Men, make this your issue. We need to raise the next generation of men not to be abusive.” (Applause)
  • “We raise boys not to be women. Language from an early age (‘You throw like a girl’) tells boys not to show emotions or that he cares.. . . It also says that women are less than.”
  • “I am not going to build up my son by degrading my daughter.”

In the audience, Paige and 600 heard the message. Now, they must spread the word to others.

MySweetCharity Opportunity: Partners Card

Kathryn Henry

According to Partners Card Co-chair Kathryn Henry:

“This year, The Family Place is thrilled to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Partners Card, a combination of shopping and saving lives that has become a Dallas staple. The program, presented by Bank of Texas, will begin Friday, October 26 through Sunday, November 4, 2012.

“I am thrilled to co-chair the 20th anniversary of Partners Card with Gay Donnell and Dawn Spalding, and to work with Kimberly and Justin Whitman, this year’s honorary chairs. It is such an honor to be a part of this milestone year for Partners Card.

“In 1993, The Family Place launched Partners Card with only 175 participating retailers and raised a modest $90,000. Throughout the years, the program has grown tremendously with more than 750 retailers participating today, including local boutiques, high-end retailers, nationally owned retailers, and local restaurants from across the Metroplex. 100 percent of the sale of each $70 Partners Card goes directly to The Family Place. In its history, Partners Card has raised an incredible $12.1 million for The Family Place, and the program has surpassed the million-dollar mark for the past two years.

“Partners Card is The Family Place’s largest annual fundraiser and has helped The Family Place grow into one of the longest-serving family violence service providers in the state. Funds raised through the Partners Card program provide family violence victims emergency shelter; counseling; medical care; day care and after-school programs for children; job, technical and life skills for adults; and much more.

“The 10-day shopping spectacular allows cardholders unbelievable savings at some of Dallas’ top stores and restaurants. With the purchase of a $70 Partners Card, shoppers receive 20 percent savings at more than 750 participating retailers in Dallas, Arlington, Grapevine, McKinney, Plano, Southlake, Richardson, Frisco, Coppell, Flower Mound, Denton, Colleyville, Las Colinas, Irving, Mesquite, Addison, Garland, Rockwall and Lewisville.

“Partners Cards go on sale in mid-September and individuals may purchase a Partners Card from any participating retailer or restaurant, card-selling individual, direct mail or The Family Place Web site. For more information, visit www.partnerscard.org, contact the Partners Card Hotline at (214) 443-7754 or email [email protected].”

Photos provided by Partners Card

Partners Card Results Are In And Are Record-Breaking Once Again

Andrea Weber, Kelley Schadt, Nancy Scripps, Paige Flink and Bob White

Remember Partners Card back in late October and how you’re still in rehab from credit card OD-ing? It was for a very good cause — The Family Place. But you’re still wondering how much good was achieved. 

Not to worry. A week ago Thursday The Family Place hierarchy and fans gathered at Bachendorf’s to hear the results like election night.

Believe it or not, the total was a whopping $1,040,937 that beat all previous records.

“After reaching the million-dollar milestone in 2010, we knew we had to push for another record-breaking year,” said The Family Place Executive Director Paige Flink. “The situations we have seen in families seeking help this year have been overwhelming. The results from this campaign help support the life and death services provided at The Family Place. With our goal of not turning away clients who need safety, these funds will help close the funding gap we have for 2011.”

While it seems like $1M is becoming a common number bouncing around fundraising efforts nowadays, it’s still a breathtaking accomplishment in this time. Countless numbers of volunteers spend incredible numbers of hours to reach those seven figures. Congratulations to the Partners Card team for another year of success.

Photo credit: George Fiala

Dallas, Get Shopping!

The Partners Card

Sure, the Rangers may have lost the World Series, but Dallas’s favorite sport is underway — the legendary Partners Card shopping spree.

If you haven’t gotten your card, get it now!

You can shop at Dallas best retailers, benefit The Family Place and get amazing discounts until November 6. So, get shopping.

Mystery Speaker Is Unveiled At Meeting Of The Family Place’s Partners Women’s Auxiliary

The 60 guests at Maggie Kipp‘s home Wednesday evening were there for The Family Place Partners Women’s Auxiliary membership meeting. To entice the gals to attend, a tantalizing ingredient was added to the mix of business and wine — “a secret special guest speaker will take you behind the veil.”

Melissa Sherill

With Jan Harbour making the rounds of serving wine, FP Development Director Melissa Sherrill, who is six months pregnant with twins, was the ringmaster of the evening. She led off with her check list of FP business —

  • Hadley Galt updated all on the Oct. 6 Texas Trailblazers Award luncheon at the Hilton Anatole where Pulitzer Prizer winner Sheryl WuDunn will speak and Margot Perot will be the honorary chair.
  • Stiletto Stutt will once again benefit The Family Place at Neiman Marcus Downtown.
  • The Partners Card

    Partners Card Co-chair Nancy Scripps reported that the 10-day sale-a-thon will take place October 28 – November 6 and they’re hoping to repeat last year’s success of hitting $1M in sales and selling more than 15,000 cards.

Jan Harbour

Then it was time for the mystery guest. No, wait! Jan had to make one more sweep of the room with a bottle of wine.

Mystery Speaker

Now, the ladies were ready. In walked a figure in a hijab. It was Gloria Godat Snead-Amarilla, who had helped found the Chiapas Project and had traveled to more than 100 countries. With the veil covering her face, she told the group that she was going to speak on the problems facing Muslim women in multiple countries.

“Ladies, this is not a fashion statement. This is a bondage statement.” She went to say that as an American Christian woman, she had a driver’s license, mortgage, property, etc.

Looking around the room, Gloria then said, “But if I were a Middle Eastern Muslim woman, I’d be the exception, not the rule.”

Gloria Godat Snead-Amarilla

With that she removed the veil and discussed the limited rights that Muslim women have in this day and age. Gloria reminded the assembled women that as recently as 1967, legislation gave Texas women certain new rights, and that women’s suffrage was passed in 1920 — only 91 years ago.