DFW Restaurant Week’s Food And Wine Night Celebrated The Kick Off Of the 20th Annual Fundraiser With Cadillacs, Grazing And Sunshine

Heat and sunshine didn’t dissuade folks from attending the DFW Restaurant Week’s Food and Wine Night party on Thursday, August 3. Taking over the entire One Arts Plaza driveway, food stations were set up along the sides with a stage at the far end facing the mega high rise.

Cadillac owners were pleased to find out that they were due free valet parking courtesy of Restaurant Week Co-Sponsor Dallas-area Cadillac dealers. Only problem arose when the valets couldn’t tell a Cadillac from the other makes.

Then there was trying to get into the party. It required IDs’s and tickets to receive the required wristbands. Some guests though the bracelet translated into free grazing only to find out that all was not gratis. One gal had a mini-sticker shock when she discovered that her adult beverage had a price tag. Oops!

One Arts Plaza driveway

Cadillac on display

As the sun set, the crowds sought the shady side of the driveway or headed into the air-conditioned lobby. Luckily, as the sun set, guests found conditions more user friendly. Still those fountains the center sure did look inviting. But so did the food and those spiffy Cadillacs on display.

Marijke Lantz, Bill Durbin and Susan Arledge

Elise and Daren Martin

Anna and Benson Kurian

Looking cool as a margarita were bare-shouldered types like newlywed Elise Martin with husband Daren Martin, Susan Arledge, Bill Durbin, Marijke Lantz, Anna Kurian with husband Benson Kurian wearing his comfortable Toms, Allyson  Hartenstine, Gable Mansfield, Chase Badzik, Pedro Armstrong and Danielle Abril, who had to borrow a blouse from cohort Carly Mann’s closet.

Allyson Hartenstine, Gable Mansfield, Chase Badzik, Carly Mann, Danielle Abril and Pedro Armstrong

The 20th Annual Restaurant Week officially got underway with a preview weekend on Friday, August 4, with more than 100 area restaurants serving up vittles during its run to break up the doldrums of August and with 20% of every meal going to North Texas Food Bank or Lena Pope!

One By One Debuts With Instagram Photos At One Arts Plaza

Dallas is getting so in the mainstream of hi-techiness. Its first ever curated Instagram art show — One By One — had its very own reception at the lobby of One Arts Plaza. Hosted by Jeyson Pae‘s InstaDFW, the Tuesday, May 20th party kicked off the exhibit of 40 area photographers and 20 out-of-the-region types that will be available for viewing through the fourth week of June. All. . .that’s right, all … the photos were taken with smartphones and were posted on Instagram by professional and novice photographers. The youngest one checked in at age 15.

Jeyson Paez and Flip Caderao

Jeyson Paez and Flip Caderao

The show was curated by bearded photographer Trey Hill.

Trey Hill

Trey Hill

But they’re not just for viewing. They’re up for bidding, Dallas’s third-favorite indoor sport. (OK, so you know the first fav, you can only guess what comes in #2. That’s right — shopping!)

The minimum bid is $50, but it all ends on Friday, June 20. Beneficiaries of the exhibition of 100 photos are One Arts Plaza’s hood types like TACA and the Dallas Arts District.

According to Hamilton Sneed, this exhibit is just the first of many quarterly projects that will take place at One Arts Plaza.

One By One exhibition

One By One exhibition

If you get a chance, mosey on over to One Arts Plaza’s lobby. Not only is it free for the viewing, and indoors, you just might be inspired to take your smartphone to new heights.

BTW, if you do check out the exhibition, drop by and say “Hi” to the TACA team.