You Did It Again: North Texas Giving Day Busts Previous Records With A Whopping $37,307,196 For 2,518 Nonprofits Thanks To 142,892 Gifts

Well, dang it! Once again Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day broke all past records hauling in $37,307,196. Gee, don’t you just love the 142,892 North Texas givers who made it happen? Whether its multi-million-dollar buckeroos or the legions of $25 donors, this neighborhood shines in the world of giving. You simply can’t even fathom the appreciation … [Read more...]

From The Pop-Up Stands To The Mega-Events, North Texas Giving Day Is Raising Awareness and Millions For Area Nonprofits

By 3 p.m. today the North Texas Giving Day tote board was busting with more than $18.5 M and over 74,000 gifts. Throughout the region all types of activities are also busting loose thanks to Communities Foundation of Texas! Over at Highland Park Village NTGD flags were waving and at Starbucks, Just Say Yes!’s Celia Weitzel and Lindsay Moreau were womaning a table for … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Is Underway With More Than $6M In Less Than Four Hours

At 6 a.m., did you discover that you were the most popular person in the world when your emailbox filled with “Today’s the day” type missives? Yup. You were warned. North Texas Giving Day has become the Olympics of area fundraising with nonprofits promoting their causes via all types of means — emails, TV, print media and carrier pigeons. Okay, so maybe not carrier pigeons, but … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Imagination Fort Worth

“Imagination Fort Worth is proud to have served the Fort Worth and Statewide community since 1989, by filling an important need-access to quality, educational, enriching arts programs that not only enhance children's knowledge of the arts, but all the major academic subjects as well. Our programs are strengthening student's school engagement, school achievement, social … [Read more...]

North Texas Giving Day Booster: OurCalling

“Nonprofits fighting poverty in North Texas are facing an uphill battle. With one of the highest poverty rates in the country and a rapidly growing population, this recipe yields a growing mass of people struggling to survive. On top of that, nonprofits are strapped for resources to meet these growing challenges. “It's in this desert of resources that the North Texas Giving … [Read more...]