Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas Soared With Awards And Former Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison At Women Of Distinction Luncheon

Just days before the Boy Scouts opened their campfires to include girls. That shot over the Girl Scouts’ heads may have shuddered the higher ups, but the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas hardly took notice. They were marching ahead with their Women of Distinction Luncheon and future plans for their organization.

Led by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas CEO Jennifer Barkowski, they were marching ahead with their Women of Distinction Luncheon on Friday, November 3, at the Omni Dallas and the vision of their organization.

Marianne Staubach, Linda Perryman Evans and Sarah Losinger

By 11:30, the Trinity Ballroom was already filled with Jan Hegi, Margo Goodwin, Connie O’Neill, Tom Campbell, Linda Perryman Evans, David Martineau, Marianne Staubach, Sarah Losinger, Becky Bowen, Tracy Lange and the Cooley ladies (Lisa, Ciara and Bela). Just minutes later a big voice signaled it was time to fill seats that had boxes of Girl Scout cookies as gifts from Marianne and Roger Staubach. Being dutiful types, they followed orders, so Event Co-Chairs Laura Downing and Susan Glassmoyer could take their places at the podium to welcome the guests with a dozen of uniformed girls representing all segments of the program standing behind them.

Susan Glassmoyer and Laura Downing with the Scouts

They were followed by emcee Clarice Tinsley, who asked all in the room who had any connections with the organization to raise their hands. Up went 85% of the room.

Jennifer Bartkowski, Shelly Goel, Kit Addelman and Clarice Tinsley

Jennifer Bartkowski, Emma Rose Shore, Kit Addelman and Clarice Tinsley

Jennifer Bartkoski, Todd Williams, Kit Addelman and Clarise Tinsley

She was joined at the podium by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Ambassador Brynna Boyd to co-anchor, but first they had to have a selfie. Clarice thanked various sponsors like AT&T, Lyda Hill and Nancy Ann Hunt. She was then joined on stage by Jennifer and Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Board Chair Kit Addleman, who helped her present the following awards:

  • Young Women of Distinction Award — Shelly Goel and Emma Rose Shore
  • Man Enough to Be A Girl Scout Award — Todd Williams
  • Women of Distinction Award — Sara Martineau and Nina Vaca

Jennifer Bartkowski, Sara Martineau, Kit Addelman and Clarice Tinsley

Jennifer Bartkowski, Nina Vaca, Kit Addelman and Clarice Tinsley

Following a video focusing on the Girl Scouts program like the STEM Center of Excellence, Jennifer told the group that girls are the largest untapped resource in the country. She explained the formula for female leadership involved four factors:

  • Girl Potential
  • Girl Scouts leadership
  • STEM programming
  • Caring adults

Describing the Girls Scouts program in Dallas as ground zero thanks to the STEM Center, the plan calls for 2.5M girls to be a part of the STEM program by 2025. Thanks to the support of the community, 4,000 girls will be able to utilize STEM.

When the question of how to make sure every girl can have access to the Girl Scouts opportunities, Jennifer looked out at the crowd and said that if each guest gave $100, it would result in $500,000 to support the Girl Scouts mission.

Just before breaking for lunch, Clarice reported that the day’s goal would be revealed on the thermometer appearing on the room’s four screens.

During lunch, Scouts with sacks collected donation envelopes.

At 12:27, Angela Ross  introduced a video on STEM. When the lights came up Brynna was back at the podium to introduce keynote speaker Dr. Mae Jemison, “the first woman of color to go into space.”

Brynna Boyd

Angela Ross

Immediately Mae group hugged the guests by reporting that she had recently been made an honorary Girl Scouts for Life. She then told the generations of gals that in future dealings “make sure you have a position at the table.”

Mae Jemison

Recalling her youth in the 1960s, it was a time when everyone was being able to participate thanks to civil rights, women’s rights, etc. People wanted to put Mae in a box. Would she be a creative type or a scientist?

Back in those days no one considered that a person…let along a woman could be both. In her love of both the creative and scientific worlds, she took an Alvin Alley poster on her flight into space.

In hindsight, she learned — “I think, I wonder, I understand.”

Currently working on the 100 Year Starship, Mae admitted that in today’s world, “We are living with things that were developed in the 50s and 60s like lasers, genetic research, etc.”

She left the room of women and men with a sobering note. According to a report in the New York Times, in a Google search, parents Google two times as much “Is my son a genius?” and “Is my son slow?” On the other hand, parents searched the following questions about their daughters: “Is my daughter fat?” and “Is my daughter ugly?” 

Mae’s response was that parents “have to support their girls.”

Actress/Advocate Geena Davis Was Part Of The Top-Tier Panel For The Dallas-Fort Worth Comerica Bank Women’s Business Symposium

Comerica provided 500 gals the opportunity to hear from a top-tier line up of females about the challenges, opportunities and advances for women in business. On hand to be part of the panel on Friday, October 13, at the Dallas Mariott Las Colinas was actress/advocate Geena Davis, who created the Geena Davis Institute on Gender. But it was more than listening and learning. It was also celebrated with a nice check presentation for ChildCareGroup. Here’s a report from the field:

Five hundred guests gathered to learn, connect and grow at the inaugural  Dallas-Fort Worth Comerica Bank Women’s Business Symposium, a sellout, on Friday, October 13, at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas.

Julia Wellborn, Nina Vaca, Deborah Gibbins, Geena Davis and Jennifer Sampson*

Geena Davis, award-winning actress and founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, headlined the event, while the luncheon opened with a local Power Panel featuring Deborah Gibbins – CFO, Mary Kay Inc.; Barbara Lynn – Chief District Judge, United States District Court for Northern District of Texas; Jennifer Sampson – CEO and President, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas; and Nina Vaca – Chairman and CEO, Pinnacle Group / Comerica Incorporated Board of Director Member.

Jamie Gwen*

Peter Sefzik*

Long-time California Comerica Women’s Business Symposium emcee Celebrity Chef Jamie Gwen made sure the jam-packed program flowed smoothly with Texas Market President Peter Sefzik on-hand to welcome guests and share how Comerica is not only investing in women externally, but also internally with professional development opportunities for its colleagues.

The Power Panel moderated by Julia Wellborn, Comerica Bank’s Executive Director of Wealth Management, proved to be a lively discussion and dialogue — the panelists covered a variety of topics from mentoring, landing that coveted seat at the table to how they have dealt with gender discrimination.  They also provided insight on their road to success and the importance of helping other women succeed.  

Vaca applauded Comerica Bank Chairman and CEO Ralph Babb for his commitment to empowering women and fostering an environment for them to succeed. Comerica Inc. recently appointed its third female, president and CEO of Commercial Metals Company Barbara R. Smith, to its Board of Directors, which also includes Vaca and Jacqueline P. Kane, retired Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs at The Clorox Company.

Davis then shared her perspective on gender equality and why it should matter to us all with the underlying theme that if women are seen in certain positions and/or roles, it encourages other girls and women to pursue these opportunities / careers.  She also highlighted a few key studies conducted by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media that indicated there still is a significant gender gap in the entertainment and media industries as it relates to casting roles and featuring women in a non-traditional sense in media campaigns.

Margareth Aviles, Tori Mannes, Catherine Pistor and Julia Wellborn*

Haynes & Boone, Winstead PC and Bodman PC sponsored the Women’s Business Symposium — a portion of the event proceeds benefited the ChildCareGroup. Comerica North Texas Women’s Initiative representatives presented Tori Mannes, the CEO of the ChildCareGroup, with a check for $10,000. The ChildCareGroup provides or manages the early care and education for more than 14,000 Dallas-area children from low-income families. Because of donor support, these children have better learning environments; well-educated, caring teachers; and involved parents—key components to a good start in life and a solid foundation for the future.

The Women’s Business Symposium concluded with an open networking reception, providing an opportunity for guests to mix, mingle and exchange business cards and contact information in support of helping each other further their careers and personal growth.

* Photo credit: Lisa Means

JUST IN: Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas Announces Sara Martineau And Nina Vaca Women Of Distinction And Todd Williams Man Enough

Susan Glassmoyer and Laura Downing (File photo)

For those emerging from Samoa and Thin Mints rehab and in need of a Girl Scout fix, there’s great news. The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas have just announced plans for their annual Women of Distinction Luncheon. It’s already been announced that Dr. Mae Jemison will be the keynote speaker, thanks to Luncheon Co-Chairs Laura Downing and Susan Glassmoyer.

But now comes word that the fundraiser on Friday, November 3, at the Omni will honor Sara Martineau and Nina Vaca on stage receiving the Woman of Distinction Award.

Sara Martineau (File photo)

Nina Vaca (File photo)

According to Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas CEO Jennifer Bartkowski, “It is an honor to recognize Nina, Sara and Todd for their exemplary leadership and lifelong commitment to serving our Dallas community. Empowering and supporting girls is the key to our future, because they are the innovators, leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. It comes down to a simple truth – when we invest in the advancement of girls, we are not only helping them reach their fullest potential, we are also investing in the future success of our businesses and communities. We are incredibly thankful that each honoree recognizes the importance and value of empowering girls.”

Todd Williams*

As for the second male to be recognized by the Girl Scouts for his understanding and support of the Girl Scouts’ mission, Todd Williams will be presented with the Man Enough to be a Girl Scout Award.

Regarding the Young Woman of Distinction, stay tuned. It will be announced “late summer.”

BTW, last year’s luncheon impressed vet munchers with the fact that it ran right on schedule.

Tickets are available here, but no, there will be no cookies as incentives.

For the full-blown release, follow the jump:

*  Photo provided by Girl Scouts 
of Northeast Texas

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Les Femmes Du Monde Luncheon Honors Six Outstanding Women Of The Year With Pomp And Smiles

Alyce Heinrich

Alyce Heinrich

Les Femmes du Monde President Alyce Heinrich explained that the organization benefiting Children’s Health and the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth had taken a slight shift. To attract more young members, it had been decided to adjust its annual Woman of the Year fundraiser. This year it would be Women of the Year, one to represent each of Les Femmes’ six decades.

Nina Vaca, Gina Ginsburg, Pat Smith, Lynn McBee and Regina Bruce

Nina Vaca, Gina Ginsburg, Pat Smith, Lynn McBee and Regina Bruce

The class of 2014 included Virginia Chandler Dykes, Gina Ginsburg, Lynn McBee, Margaret McDermott, Pat Smith and Nina Vaca.

In the crowd at the Harlan Crow Library on Thursday, October 16, were Honorary Co-Chairs Faye Briggs and Yvonne Crum, Ruth Altshuler, Gillian Breidenbach, Holly Reed, Ka and LL Cotter, Martha Ann Schneider, Linda Ivy, Mary Lee Cox and Markita Thompson. Ralph Gorman was sporting some remade Nocona boots that had suffered mud overload from a previous Cattle Baron’s Ball. The boots looked pretty spiffy with the decorated metal toe caps. Loyal husbands Emmitt Smith and Scott Ginsburg hot-footed it upstairs to see the second level of the library.

Martha Ann Schneider and Marine escort

Martha Ann Schneider and Marine escort

Last of the honorees to arrive was centenarian Margaret McDermott in her wheelchair. Instead of Margaret taking the arm of one of the Marines escorting the ladies into the building, a ramp for her magically appeared.

Margaret McDermott

Margaret McDermott

Then it was class photo time, with Lady Margaret as the centerpiece. It seemed like everyone wanted time with her afterwards, but there was the luncheon in the main room. Ah, but more steps. This time a couple of the Marines gently lifted her and chair downward with Margaret smiling.

Alyyce revealed to the 120+ guests in the Harlan Crow Library that once she had managed to lock down the location, she went after the luncheon chair. She lucked out with a call to Regina Bruce. From that point it was just tapping the six. Unfortunately, Virginia was not able to attend the event due to a stay in the hospital.

Speaking of hospitals, Doris Jacobs reported that husband Jack was doing well following surgery.

Lunch in the library

Lunch in the library

After an invocation by Dr. Sheron Patterson, emcee Suzie Humphreys handled the day’s program. It all came off without a hitch.

Three little Crows

Three little Crows

By the way, the next time you’re in the Crow library. check out the ceiling. Opposite the stage, you’ll see a scene of trees. Peeking out of a clusters of branches are three “little Crows.”

Just In: Les Femmes Du Monde Reveals Six To Be Celebrated At Women Of The Year Awards Luncheon At Harlan Crow’s Library

The Les Femmes du Monde gals have been dropping hints of change in the air about their annual Woman of the Year Award L. Tonight the waiting ended and Luncheon Chair Regina Bruce and Les Femmes President Alyce Heinrich let the cat out of the bag. Or, rather they revealed a collection of impressive kittens at Ka and LL Cotter’s home. Instead of doing a solo honoree, they’re breaking with tradition and celebrating six outstanding women, each representing a decade of Les Femmes du Monde.

Drum roll, please.

Virginia Chandler Dykes (File photo)

Virginia Chandler Dykes (File photo)

Gina Ginsburg (File photo)

Gina Ginsburg (File photo)

Lynn McBee (File photo)

Lynn McBee (File photo)

Margaret McDermott (File photo)

Margaret McDermott (File photo)

Pat Smith (File photo)

Pat Smith (File photo)

Nina Vaca (File photo)

Nina Vaca (File photo)

The six are Virginia Chandler Dykes, Gina Ginsburg, Lynn McBee, Margaret McDermott, Pat Smith and Nina Vaca.

And to add to the “Wow!” factor, the Women of the Year Awards Luncheon will be at the Harlan Crow Library on Thursday, October 16, with Faye Briggs and Yvonne Crum as honorary co-chairs.

During Les Femmes du Monde’s 54 years, the organization has donated “more than $2M to the Dallas Council on World Affairs, now called the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth and more than $670,000 to Children’s Medical Center.”

In the past the following women have been named Les Femmes du Monde’s Woman of the Year: Doris S. Dixon, Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler, Caroline Rose Hunt, Annette Strauss, Vivian Castleberry, Mary Kay Ash, Ebby Halliday, Catherine Crier, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Laura Bush, Juanita Miller, Nancy Brinker, Gloria Campos, Florence Shapiro, Liz Minyard and Gretchen Minyard Williams, Karen Hughes, Billie Leigh Rippey, Dee Wyly, Anita Perry, Yvonne Crum, Geraldine “Tincy” Miller,Dr. Gail Thomas and Mary Lee Cox.

Along with sponsorship availability, ticket information is available at the Les Femmes du Monde website.