JUST IN: National Eye Institute Awards $2.7M+ For The Retina Foundation Of The Southwest’s Eileen Birch’s Work In Amblyopia

The Retina Foundation of the Southwest is probably being overloaded with notes of congratulations. Thanks to the efforts of Crystal Charity Ball Pediatric Vision Laboratory Scientific Director Eileen Birch, the National Eye Institute has awarded a five-year grant of $2,751,645 “for her cutting-edge research projects aimed at helping infants and children with lazy eye (amblyopia).”Eileen Birch*

Having earned her Ph.D. from the University of California in 1979, Eileen was granted a fellowship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1980-1982. Following her fellowship, Eileen was hired by the Foundation and has “dedicated her life to conducting sight-saving research at the Retina Foundation of the Southwest,” a nonprofit eye research institute dedicated to preventing vision loss and restoring sight through innovative research and treatment.

According to the Foundation, “Lazy eye is reduced vision in one eye, affecting one to two children in every classroom. It is one of the most serious and most common threats to a child’s vision.”