Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show And Neiman Marcus Scored A Home Run Bringing The Fundraiser Back To “The Store” With Posen And Pearls

Thomas Wolfe once declared, “You can never go home again.” Leave it to Neiman Marcus and Crystal Charity Ball to prove that old adage is so off base. On Friday, September 15, the 2017 Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show and Luncheon was a love fest bringing the more-than-popular children’s fundraiser back home to the Neiman Marcus Downtown flagship.

Unlike the past couple or three years when the CCB Fashion Show took place in the store and an OMG tented venue in the adjoining parking lot, it was decided to move the whole package into the building’s various floors.

Sixth floor

Entrance to Michael Flores Salon

While regular shoppers and visiting tourists were surprised at the hundreds of top-tier fashionables filling the first floor for the official reception, one gent was gently turned away from dining in the sixth floor Zodiac. It wasn’t due to his natty Bermuda shorts. Rather, the restaurant was closed for the day due to the CCB, as well as Nancy C. Roger’s reception in the Michael Flores Salon celebrating the 10 Best Dressed (Anita Arnold, Delilah Boyd, Katherine Coker, Janie Condon, Lisa Cooley, Tucker Enthoven, Pat Harloe, Julie Hawes, Amy Hegi, Piper Wyatt) and Hall of Famer Charlotte Jones Anderson.  Before the elegant 11 arrived for the Cristal doings after their run through of the show on the second floor, NM Downtown PR Marjon Henderson admonished them that they were to be back on the second floor no later than 11:15 a.m.

For first timers, it was a shock-and-awe moment when they saw how Fancy Nancy, Michael F. and her go-to-Gro designer Nathan Johnson had turned the entry into a whimsical tunnel of greenery, white flowers and rose petals strewn along the way and highlighted by chandeliers. Nathan admitted that he and his crew had worked around the clock to create and install the masterpiece that would be history by noon.

Michael Flores and Nancy Rogers

Pam Perella, Robyn Conlon and Claire Emanuelson

And, of course, the flutes on the silver trays screamed Cristal. You were expecting Kool-Aid? BTW, the “C” in Nancy C. Rogers does not stand for Cristal.

Just past 10:30 a.m., the hostess arrived to greet guests like 2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella, 2018 CCB Chair Claire Emanuelson, 2014 CCB Chair Robyn Conlon, Dallas Snadon, Gina Betts, Vicky Lattner, Di Johnston, Nancy Carter, Angie Kadesky, Mike Wyatt, Vin Perella with daughter Lauren Perella, Ryan Wilson, Debbie Breard, Niven Morgan and Shelby Wagner, Joan Eleazer, Bela Cooley, Sue Gragg, Becky Bowen, Dixey Thornton, Ginger Auer, Tanya Foster, Alicia Wood, Leisa Street, Lynn McBee, Nancy Carlson, Capera Ryan, Sam Boyd, Beth Layton, Muffin Lemak, Ann Dyer, Shelle Sills and DeeDee Lee.

Vin Perella, Lauren Perella and Ryan Wilson

Vicky Lattner, Di Johnston, Nancy Carter and Angie Kadesky

Second floor

In the meantime, the rest of the store was buzzing. As NM special events mastermind Sandy Marple was finishing up with the dress rehearsal, fashion show featured designer Zac Posen arrived with Celine Mariton on the second floor that had been turned into a red carpeted showroom cloaked in black and as narrow as an arrow’s shaft.

Sandy Marple, Zac Posen and Celine Mariton

On three sides were tiers of gold chairs with comfy red, purple and taupe cushions. Down the middle of the room was a back-to-back row of the chairs. At one end of the room was Zac Posen spelled out in gold on both sides of the runway entrance. Zac was blown away by the reconfiguration of the couture salon that he knew so well. Whipping out his cellphone he took a shot of the room.

Fourth floor

Luncheon table

Just two floors up,tables were in the final stages of being set up for the seated luncheon. Table hosts’ assistants were making sure that place cards were in the right spots. Even fashion show featured designer Zac Posen’s team had provided mementos for the guests. Some were gifted with Zac-designed scarves and others received Zac sunglasses.

Back to the second floor

Then the bewitching minute arrived with the 10 Best Dressed and Charlotte scurrying down to the second floor for the presentation. Eventually the guests from both the first-floor reception and Nancy’s party made their way to the second floor with elevators and escalators moving nonstop.

As the sold-out crowd of more than 500 started filling the gold chairs, CCB Reservations Co-Chair Paige Slates looked over the setup and smiled. She and Tiffany Divis had been in charge of reservations and admitted that until all the derrières were in place, they weren’t going to be satisfied.

Laura Bush and Lee Ann White

Nancy Dedman and Joan Schnitzer

Sarah and Ross Perot and Lisa Troutt

Kelli Ford

Mary Clare Finney

As guests finally settled down, a voice announced NM Fashion guru Ken Downing, who arrived from backstage to the podium set up midway across the aisle from Annette Simmons, Nancy Dedman, Joan Schnitzer Levy, Lee Ann White, former first lady Laura Bush, Sarah and Ross Perot and Lisa Troutt. Like a fashion version of a Texas A&M yell leader, Ken extolled his love and support of Zac — “My mother has pictures of Zac all over the house. There’s not a picture of me anywhere.” According to Ken, one of Zac’s first ventures outside NYC was Neiman’s in Dallas and he fell in love with “his girls.” Upon learning that he would be the featured designer for the CCB event, Zac texted Ken and asked him to put the show together for “our girls.” Ken continued saying the show wasn’t “just a fashion show. The show is a gift from my heart and from Zac’s heart to all of you.”

Karen Katz

He then introduced NM President/CEO Karen Katz who welcomed the group and said it was only right to bring the fashion show back to “our house” for the company’s 110th anniversary year. Karen was followed by 2017 CCB Chair Pam Perella and Fashion Show Chair Christi Urschel, who thanked all for supporting the organization providing millions of dollars for Dallas children’s charities.

Julie Hawes

Charlotte Jones Anderson

With that Ken returned to the podium to present the 10 Best Dressed and Hall of Famer. It came off without a hitch. Ken provided the commentary with touches of ad libbing. Blonde Julie Hawes dropped her red fur jacket midway and dragging it the last lap.

Zac Posen fashion

Zac Posen fashion

Zac Posen gown

Zac Posen gown

Then Ken stepped aside, the podium was removed and the models took their turn in Zac fashions — adorable frocks for cocktail parties, black short shorts and billowing ball gowns. One or two appeared to channel Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain dress.

Margot McKinney

Margot McKinney jewelry with Zac Posen gown

Highlighting the outfits were necklaces, earrings, bracelets and all sorts of exquisite bling provided by fourth-generation Australian jeweler Margot McKinney, who made headlines when she bought a harvest of 85,000 baroque pearls.

Zac Posen

For the finale, it was a standing ovation with Zac doing a victory lap.

Back to the fourth floor

As the fashionable guests made their way to the fourth floor for lunch, the 10 Besties and Charlotte took their places for group photos with Zac, Margot, Ken, Pam and Christi.

From the left: (standing) Katherine Coker, Anita Arnold, Delilah Boyd, Charlotte Jones Anderson, Pat Harloe, Lisa Cooley, Tucker Enthoven and Julie Hawes; (seated) Janie Condon, Christi Urschel, Pam Perella, Amy Hegi and Piper Wyatt

From the left: (standing) Katherine Coker, Anita Arnold, Delilah Boyd, Charlotte Jones Anderson, Pat Harloe, Lisa Cooley, Tucker Enthoven and Julie Hawes; (seated) Janie Condon, Margot McKinney, Ken Downing, Zac Posen, Amy Hegi and Piper Wyatt

Then they joined the others for the meal “inspired by” Zac’s new cook book, “Cooking With Zac” due out in October. Guests donned their new found sunglasses for photos. Fancy Nancy sent bottles of Cristal to the10 BD tables. Ken and Zac shouldered it up. Karen joined up with three generations of Jones girls (Gene, Charlotte and Haley Anderson)…Christi celebrated with her mom Linda Carter, husband Hal Urschel and BFF Sarah Perot.

Haley Anderson, Charlote Jones Anderson, Karen Katz and Gene Jones

Linda Carter

Elsa Norwood, Susan Palma, Patty Leyendecker and Tiffany Divis

As the guests dined on the fourth floor, a truck parked along South Ervay was being loaded with the gold chairs, the black showroom was being disassembled and the couture salon was back in business.

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Grovel Alert: 2nd Annual Rising Stars Luncheon

Dak Prescott (AP Photo)

Ben Lange (File photo)

Unlike former Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott hasn’t exactly been making the speaking rounds.  Perhaps that’s why Wednesday’s “2nd Annual Rising Stars Luncheon” benefiting After-School All-Stars North Texas is nearing SRO status at the Dallas Country Club.

According to ASAS North Texas Board Chair Ben Lange, the fundraiser that will have Brad “Voice of the Dallas Cowboys” Sham interviewing the football wunderkind is within one or two tables of selling out.

Nancy Rogers and Gina Betts (File photo)

Chaired by Gina Betts, the fund raiser is being presented by Nancy C. and Richard Rogers.

One of the surprises for organizers has been the number of papa and mama bears who are bringing their kids to the luncheon. Seems that the recent show of munchkins attending The Jonathan’s Place’s “A Chance to Soar” with featured speaker Simone Biles has caught on. Makes sense. Such events provide an excellent opportunity to expose youngsters to role models.

Consider this news to be a “last call” shout-out, so get one of those last spots now by emailing  Liz Arrington or calling her at 469.330.4970.

JUST IN: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott To Be Keynote Speaker At After-School All-Stars’ 2nd Annual Rising Stars Luncheon

Dak Prescott (AP Photo)*

With all the rumbling about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo‘s probably being released, there’s also news about the “presumed” (wink, wink)  starting quarterback Dak Prescott off the field. 

The too-good-to-be-true former rookie, who rallied the team and North Texas to Super Bowl dreams, is going to be the keynote speaker for the 2nd  Annual After-School All-Stars Rising Stars Luncheon on Wednesday, May 17.

Yup! Luncheon Chair Gina Betts knows all the ingredients for a sell-out event and she’s done it once again. In addition to have bowtie-wearing Dak at the podium, she’s arranged for Nancy C. and Richard R. Rogers to be the presenting sponsor.

The question is, “How quick will the luncheon at the Dallas Country Club sell out to benefit After-School All-Stars North Texas?”

BTW, this is one of those splurge events meaning splurging on a VIP-type ticket will have perks like a VIP reception before the luncheon. Tickets and sponsorships are available now!

* Photo courtesy of After-School All-Stars North Texas

JUST IN: 33rd St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Show Designers, Patron Party And Raffle Item Plans Revealed

2017 St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show*

With the Christmas holidays in the rear view mirror, retailers are filling shelves with all types of sweetheart deals getting folks in the mood for St. Valentine’s Day. And this year the stars are truly in alignment for the 33rd Annual St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show. Unlike many years past, this year’s “Affair of the Heart” will indeed take place on Tuesday, February 14!

Nancy and Richard Rogers (File photo)

Presented by Nancy C. and Richard R. Rogers, the extravaganza will take place once again at the Meyerson with the fashion show under the direction of event producer Jan Strimple.

And, boy, has red-haired Jan been busy. She’s been scurrying around Highland Park Village cherry-picking the very best from Brunello Cucinelli, St. John, Market, Escada, Etro and Carolina Herrera.

Heather Randall (File photo)

While on the subject of Highland Park Village, in addition to being the fashion show and luncheon sponsor, HPV’s Jimmy Choo will be the site of the patron party on Tuesday, February 7, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. In addition to a percentage of Jimmy Choo sales benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of North Texas fundraiser that night, the luncheon/fashion show raffle items will be revealed and chances will be available for purchase. Word has it that trips are gonna be included in the items with American Airlines serving as the “official travel sponsor.” Just imagine what a hit it would be to win a trip to give your special Valentine that evening over a cozy dinner!

Event Chair Heather Perttula Randall has arranged to use “two floors for the luncheon. Priority placement for the Main Floor for the luncheon will be based on giving level and time of receipt of your contract.”

The champagne reception will start bubbling at 10 a.m., so lock down your ticket. Then splurge and buy yourself a red, hot outfit to the St. V-Day lunch.


St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon Chair Heather Randall Revealed Plans For February Event, As Leukemia Survivor Bennett Williams Made Funny Faces

Having recovered from Halloween and heading toward the fall/winter final fundraising period, the St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon crowd gathered some 75 strong at Lisa and Clay Cooley’s sweet estate. Thanks to a delayed start by the rain gods, the golf-cart shuttle moved seamlessly across the bridge and to the main house.

Lisa Cooley and Jill Rowlett

Lisa Cooley and Jill Rowlett

Dee Wyly

Dee Wyly

There, such folks as Jill Rowlett, Dee Wyly, Kris Sanger, Elizabeth Gambrell, and Claire and Dwight Emanuelson settled in the living room to hear the plans, except for Angela Nash, who hunkered down in the balcony overlooking the first floor.

Clay Cooley and Dwight Emanuelson

Clay Cooley and Dwight Emanuelson

Heather Randall

Heather Randall

St. V-Day Luncheon Chair Heather Randall reported that the presentation of Highland Park Village fashions would take place on Valentine’s Day itself (aka Tuesday, February 14) at the Meyerson Symphony Center. This year’s theme would be Affair Of The Heart with Tracy and Ben Lange serving as honorary co-chairs, Gina Betts and Michael Flores as advisory co-chairs and Daffan Nettle and Yvette Ostolaza as underwriting co-chairs.

Kirsa Willliams, Bennett Williams, Keith Williams, Ava Williams and Ellie Williams

Kirsa Willliams, Bennett Williams, Keith Williams, Ava Williams and Ellie Williams

She then reeled off some of the sponsors (the fundraising goal is $1M) and introduced Spirit of Tom Landry Character Awardee Bennett Williams. While his mom, Kirsa Williams, thanked guests for making funds available for leukemia and lymphoma research and development, Bennett sat on a couch with his dad, Keith Williams, and his sisters, Ava Williams and Ellie Williams. Kirsa’s sincerity was so moving as she described her son’s being diagnosed at 13 months (imagine: 1,207 days of chemotherapy). Still, she was a bit upstaged by Bennett’s making funny faces. Hey! He’s just a kiddo surrounded by a room full of adults, and the hour was getting late. And, like his predecessors, who have also managed to conquer the blood disorder, he’s still a youngster at heart.

Big surprise for some was the presenting sponsor news — Nancy C. and Richard Rogers. The surprise was due to Nancy’s claiming that she was officially retiring. However, if you read between the lines, she probably meant that she was just backing off of chairing events, but would still support certain fundraising with her attendance and support.

Tickets are already available starting at $300 and, of course, sponsorships run the gamut.

JUST IN: Nancy And Richard Rogers’ Million-Dollar Challenge For Genesis Women’s Shelter And Support Was Matched Today

While most folks would be crying their eyes out if they were a million dollars poorer today, ’tis not the case for Nancy and Richard Rogers. Sure, they’re out $1M, but they aren’t boo-hooing one bit.

The reason is that they challenged folks to raise money for Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support. The challenge was a million-buckaroo match for the Genesis Luncheon that Nancy was co-chairing with her legal eagle buddy Gina Betts today at the Hilton Anatole.

Nancy and Richard Rogers

Nancy and Richard Rogers

Ron Corning and Tyler Perry

Ron Corning and Tyler Perry

Last night at the underwriter party, Nancy was fretting a bit on whether the match was gonna happen.

Word just arrived that thanks to 1,500+ luncheon guests, sponsors, underwriters and friends, the challenge was indeed met. The Rogers are thrilled that they’ll be writing a million-dollar check to support Genesis’ battle against domestic violence.

BTW, Tyler Perry’s talk and conversation with WFAA’s Ron Corning on stage at the luncheon knocked it out of the park. But more about that later.

JUST IN: Nancy And Richard Rogers Just Upped The Ante For The Genesis Annual Luncheon Bigtime

Nancy Rogers and Jan Langbein (File photo)

Nancy Rogers and Jan Langbein (File photo)

At last week’s St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show and Luncheon, blonde philanthropist Nancy Rogers was seen in a one-on-one conversation with Genesis Women’s Shelter’s platinum Jan Langbein. Were they talking about what they did over the St. Valentine’s weekend? Were they comparing notes about politics? Were they discussing the Academy Awards?

No way. It was much bigger than any of that stuff and was just revealed.

Tyler Perry*

Tyler Perry*

Nancy, who is co-chairing the annual Genesis Annual Luncheon on Friday, May 6, with her legal-eagle buddy Gina Betts, has presented Jan with a major buck-a-roo of an offer. It seems Lady Rogers and her sweetheart husband Richard Rogers will match any and all donations and underwriting up to… now, hold on to your breath… $1M. As if the Rogers do any that isn’t bigger than big!

This luncheon is gonna be a knock-out-of-the-park with Tyler Perry as the speaker and Ron Corning serving as emcee.

It’s gonna be at the Hilton Anatole’s Chantilly Ballroom, but at the rate it’s going they may have guests doubling up at the tables, so get your reservations in now. And remember, big donations and underwriting do have perks.

* Photo provided by Genesis 
Women's Shelter

JUST IN: Tyler Perry To Be Keynote Speaker At Genesis Shelter’s Annual Luncheon

Fess up. There are people you just know you know, but you really don’t know. Come again? Sure, you’re a loyal follower of TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and can recall each episode of Oprah like the alphabet. But come on. Do you really know those folks really? Well, for instance what about Tyler Perry. Sure, he’s known for being buds with Oprah, Will Smith and Janet Jackson. Why he even laid hands on Bishop T.D. Jakes! And then there are his incredible successes across the board like his books (New York Times’ best-selling “Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life”), his movies (the Madea’s series, “The Single Moms Club,” ”Good Deeds,” “Temptation: Confesions of a Marriage Counselor,” “The Butler”, etc.), TV productions (“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”, “The Haves and the Have Nots”) and his advocacies (abuse, homeless, civil rights, hunger).

Tyler Perry*

Tyler Perry*

But he didn’t always have it so sweet. Sure, he looks cool now, but there was a time.

Born in New Orleans, “his father’s answer to everything was to beat it out of you.” According to sources, the young Perry “attempted suicide to escape this father’s beatings.” It was years later that Tyler learned that the man whom he had known as the paternal figure in his life was actually not his “biological father.”

It was in the 1980’s when Tyler was watching Oprah and heard how the “sometimes therapeutic effort the act of writing can have, enabling the author to work out his or her own problems.”

This epiphany led to his writing, producing, acting and becoming a role model for men and women.

So, what does Atlanta-based Tyler have to do with Dallas? Get your calendars out for this one. Gal pals Gina Betts and Nancy Rogers have arranged to have Tyler be the keynoter for the Genesis Women’s Shelter’s Annual Luncheon. Yup, you read that right. The powerhouse Betts/Rogers team is co-chairing the event on Friday, May 6, at the Hilton Anatole.

Here’s a thought. Why not get three tickets? One for your best friend; one for your best fella and one, of course, for yourself. Imagine them as the ultimate Christmas gifts that even Santa couldn’t deliver!

* Photo provided by Genesis Women's Shelter

St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon And Fashion Show Kick-Off Party And ReuNight Eve Reception Kept Fundraising Going Into The Night

After a day of honoring veterans on Wednesday, November 11, the fundraising efforts for North Texas continued into the night throughout the area.

Michael Flores and Gina Betts

Michael Flores and Gina Betts

Over at the Mockingbird Room in Highland Park Village, St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show Co-Chairs Gina Betts and Michael Flores were rallying the troops with plans for the Leukemia and Lymphoma of North Texas sweetheart of a fundraiser.

The twosome have arranged for Amanda and Brint Ryan to serve as honorary co-chairs for the Tuesday, February 16th event with fashions from HP Village.

Yes, it’s a couple of days after the right-official St. V-Day, but love is always in the air, don’t you know?

Luke Lange, Tracy Lange and Livia Lange

Luke Lange, Tracy Lange and Livia Lange

In the crowd hearing the deets were Platinum Presenting Sponsor Nancy Rogers, Joyce Fox, Holly Davis, Angela Nash, Nikki and Crayton Webb, 2015 St. V-day Chair Lisa Singleton, Pat Holder, 2016 Tom Landry Award recipient Luke Lange with his folks Tracy and Ben Lange and his sister Livia Lange.

Faerber bracelet

Faerber bracelet

Speaking of Nancy, it was tough keeping up with her. She had a full dance card! Seamlessly, she headed over to Forty Five Ten, where Brian Bolke was hosting a private little gathering.

The occasion was for folks to check out to the Faerber collection of marvelous antique necklaces, bracelets, broaches and baubles to benefit Thursday night’s Family Place fundraiser’s ReuNight that was being co-chaired by Lady Rogers and Robert Weatherly.

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke

Claire Emanuelson

Claire Emanuelson

On hand were ReuNight Honorary Co-Chair Claire Emanuelson, Rainey Fogiel, Shelby Wagner, The Family Place’s Paige Flink.

One guest admitted that she wasn’t able to stretch the budget to qualify for the $1,500-a-head ReuNight dinner at Oak. Then with a twinkle in her eye, she smiled that just perhaps she could get herself an early Christmas gift since Brian was donating a percentage of the purchases to ReuNight.

Broadway Producer Debra Black And Philanthropist Nancy C. Rogers Warned Of One Of The Deadliest Cancers — Melanoma

The long-legged ladies of North Texas like Olivia Kearney, Nancy Carlson, Karla McKinley, Kathleen Hutchinson, Amy Turner, Dallas Snadon, Lynn McBee, Michelle Hartmann, Yvette Ostolaza, Tanya Foster, Nelda Pickens, Muffin Lemak, Ginger Reeder, DeeDee Lee, Piper Wyatt, Claire Emanuelson, Nancy Halbreich, Joan Schnitzer Levy and Lisa Ogle were MIA from the local cafes at noon on Friday, September 25. They were at Christie’s over on Oak Lawn but not to bid on any exquisite items. Rather, they were there for a lunch-and-learn session on a killer — melanoma.

Kathleen Hutchinson, Sonia Black, Amy Turner and Dallas Snadon

Kathleen Hutchinson, Sonia Black, Amy Turner and Dallas Snadon

Joan Schnitzer Levy

Joan Schnitzer Levy

Michelle Hartmann and Yvette Ostolaza

Michelle Hartmann and Yvette Ostolaza

Nancy Carlson, Nelda Pickens and Karla McKinley

Nancy Carlson, Nelda Pickens and Karla McKinley

What’s melanoma? Yup, some may call it a skin cancer disease. So, what’s the big deal? The big deal is this member of the cancer family has been pretty stealthy, until recently. It has just recently gotten headline coverage thanks to one of its latest victims — President Jimmy Carter, who was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma.

Capera Ryan, Nancy Rogers and Debra Black

Capera Ryan, Nancy Rogers and Debra Black

Brook Hazelton

Brook Hazelton

But the day’s gathering hosted by New Yorker Debra Black, Nancy Rogers, Capera Ryan and Christie Americas President Brook Hazelton proved the disease had hit those at the table. Nancy’s father had died from melanoma and her husband Richard Rogers has successfully battled it.

New York Broadway producer Debra had firsthand knowledge of the steps in recognizing and battling the disease. She told the longer-than-long table of guests how after her dermatologist had failed to cure a “Plantar wart” on the bottom of her foot, she decided to seek another opinion. It turned out that the problem wart was melanoma.

Debra Black

Debra Black

And if Debra hadn’t been more persistent in finding the real source of the problem…well, Debra might not have been among the living, let alone at the lunch.

Instead of knocking her for a loop, it only created a mighty opponent. Using her experience, her contacts and her energy, she created the Melanoma Research Alliance to fund research and to spread the word. Thanks to underwriting by Debra and her husband Leon Black, “100% of every donation to MRA goes directly to melanoma research. MRA is ranked among the top five grant-giving disease foundation by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.”

Jennifer Wargo

Jennifer Wargo

With Dr. Jennifer Wargo from Houston and Lauren Leiman of MRA among the seated guests, tales of skin cancer abounded. Her sources and the scary numbers resulting in this deadly skin cancer brought the importance of the day’s lunch to fruition.

Even Jennifer admitted that she, like most of those at the table, had swathed themselves in Baby Oil for those perfect teen tans. It became apparent that “the tan should be banned and the fair (skin) should be fine.”

Philanthropist Nancy C. Rogers’ Champagne Reception At YSL For Cattle Baron’s Committee Was “In The Bag”

Highland Park Village Senior Marketing Manager Rachel Michell was making a last minute check like a dorm mom of the 70’s on the evening of Wednesday, October 8. Was all in place? Yup.

Over at Beretta, the partying of the blue-jean set was spilling out on the sidewalk and almost into the street. On the other side of the Highland Park Village Theatre, it was a different story.

YSL lizard purse

YSL purse

In front of the Saint Laurent salon, a Bentley was running as its owner Nancy C. Rogers hosted a champagne-fueled fest for Cattle Baron’s committee. Eying a spectacular black crocodile YSL handbag, Nancy bought it. But not for herself, for heaven sake. Nope! She no sooner told the YSL staff to wrap it up, than she turned around and gave it to CBB Co-Chairs Cindy Stager and Jill Tananbaum to add to the CBB Big Board auction for the October 18  fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at Gilley’s. The price tag of the purse? A nice monthly mortgage payment in the five-figure range.

Jill Tananbaum, Cindy Stager and Nancy C. Rogers

Jill Tananbaum, Cindy Stager and Nancy C. Rogers

Just back from delivering three-plane loads of supplies to Cabo San Lucas, Nancy reported that Cabo residents were pulling together after being slammed by Hurricane Odile. She also added that the Humane Society in San Lucas was also in a recovery mode. BTW, all of the Rogers pets were shelter rescues.

As the champagne flowed and a couple or three flutes shattered on the floor, the place filled up with gal talk. Christina White told JB Hayes that daughter Caroline was showing sign of diva-ism. She simply refuses to dress before arriving at her destination.

Sunie Solomon

Sunie Solomon

Samantha Wortley

Samantha Wortley


Fashionistas Sunie Solomon and Samantha Wortley proved that the CBB fashion spectrum ranged from flirty shorts to leg clinging slacks with matching boots.

Joanna Clark reported that Sunday’s coin count at Change Is Good for Community Partners of Dallas was in. The 92,807 coins had added up to a whopping $16,886.14.

Katy Bock and Holly Deason

Katy Bock and Holly Deason

Others in attendance were Katy Bock, Holly Deason, Carol Seay, Nancy Gopez, Cara French, Isabell Novakov and Lisa Ogle and a nicely dressed security gal packing more than her lipstick in her purse.

Co-Hosts Nasiba Hartland-Mackie And Nancy Rogers Kick Off The Mario Testino Exhibition With A VIP Din-Din

You’ve got to hand it to Nasiba Hartland-Mackie. With her baby due in just a couple of weeks, she still managed to co-host the Friday, September 19th opening night VIP-ish festivities for photographer Mario Testino‘s “Alta Moda” exhibition at Dallas Contemporary. But then she had Nancy Rogers as her co-hosting partner, so it was pretty obvious that the activities were going to be extremely successful with beautiful and smart art lovers. But while Nancy looked picture perfect as always, she had been working on a second project  helping the Cabo San Lucas residents recover from the September 14 hurricane. In addition to putting together three plane loads of “relief items and food” for Cabo for the humans, she was also helping Los Cabos Humane Society.

Ah, but back to the Testino festivities. Here’s a report from the field on the two-day launch:

“This past weekend saw the opening of ‘Alta Moda,’ an exhibition by photographer Mario Testino at Dallas Contemporary.

Nancy Rogers and Nasiba Adilova Mackie*

Nancy Rogers and Nasiba Hartland-Mackie*

“DC Executive Director Peter Doroshenko said, ‘It is important to have a major photography exhibition of Mario Testino’s work at Dallas Contemporary. As a bi-lingual museum, this seminal exhibition will bridge Latino culture and contemporary art for all audiences in Texas.’”

“The weekend of festivities to mark the exhibition coming to Dallas was kicked off on Friday with an intimate fundraiser reception at the Dallas Contemporary, followed by a dinner on the rooftop terrace of The Joule Hotel, co-hosted by Nasiba Hartland-Mackie and Nancy Rogers. The crowd included John Clutts, Tammy Cotton Hartnett, Thomas Hartland-Mackie, Georgina Hartland, Rajan Patel, Shelle Sills, Julie Hawes, Michael Flores, Gina Betts, Brian Bolke, Muffin Lemak, Shelby Wagner and Carly and Justin Fields.

Rajan Patel, Georgina Hartland and Thomas Hartland Mackie*

Rajan Patel, Georgina Hartland and Thomas Hartland-Mackie*

“Mario said, ’I am Peruvian and it is one of my missions to celebrate my country’s rich culture on a world stage. I hope that through this exhibition I am able to do that. The Dallas Contemporary is such a dynamic institution and I am delighted to bring this body of work there.’

Erin Wasson and Mario Testino*

Erin Wasson and Mario Testino*

“The following night opening was attended by special guests, including Erin Wasson, Tim Headington, Michael Tregoning, Chandra North Blaylock and her husband Daniel and Anna-Sophia van Zweden, as well as curator Alison Gingeras and fellow artist Piotr Uklanski.

“’Alta Moda’ is a series of photographic portraits of Peruvians from the mountainous region of Cusco wearing traditional and festive dress. The works present a bold departure for Testino from his work for fashion magazines, investigating both Peruvian traditions and the history of photography. The exhibition will be on view at Dallas Contemporary from Sunday, September 21 through Sunday, December 21, and is supported by The Joule Hotel, Nancy C. & Richard R. Rogers and Burberry.

* Photo credit: Jenifer McNeil Baker