MySweet2018Goals Series Kicks Off Tomorrow

Donna Arp Weitzman and Herb Weitzman (File photo)

Brent Christopher (File photo)

To kick off a brand new year of 365 days, the annual MySweet2018Goals series kicks off this week thanks to Donna Arp Weitzman and Herb Weitzman and Brent Christopher. Some goals will be funny; some will probably be impossible to achieve; some will be great food for thought. They keep coming in.

But what if during this year  

  • a cure for just one form of cancer was found
  • first responders actually had a stay-at-home day because there were no incidents requiring them
  • a local won a Pulitzer Prize
  • having an animal was a privilege
  • a diabetic never had to test their blood sugar again
  • we aimed for the stars instead of selfies
  • all museums had one free-admission day
  • no parent had to have “a meeting” about their child
  • hunger was replaced with fulfillment
  • being color blind was more than a state of eyesight
  • a vaccine was created for Alzheimer’s and other diseases
  • nonprofits were overwhelmed with volunteers
  • a child was born who could heal the discord of the ages

Sure, those are pretty hefty goals, but little goals eventually lead to bigger ones.