An Unexpected Change Proved A MySweetCharity Boon



Change is disrupting. And when it happens unexpectedly, it can really throw a wrench in the familiar routine. That’s what happened this week at MySweetCharity. On Tuesday, the usual “eblast” to subscribers missed the “automatic” 6:03 a.m. delivery. To get the news out, it had to be sent out manually by the MSC elves. But what was delivered was a different format than the usual. And the feedback was immediate and remarkable about “the new look.”

Uh, oh. How to make that “new look” happen again but on time? Well, the MSC elves tried to make it happen on Wednesday and Thursday, but there were hiccups. Today, success.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to the disruption, but Tuesday’s lemon has resulted in today’s lemonade. The elves appreciate your patience and understanding.

April Is Going To Be Gangbusters, So Fasten Your Seat Belts



Having just emerged from her wrinkle-remover chamber, Queenie arrived at MySweetCharity headquarters to find not an elf in sight. This simply couldn’t be. After all, MSC elves have no life outside MSC. Clearing her throat, nothing happened. Hmm, that usually gets results.

She announced, “The last elf to appear will have lunch with me today.” With that, all elves popped up. No one wanted to be the last one.

Beckoning Elder Elf over, Queenie raised her perfectly engineered right eyebrow and asked, “So, what’s up?”

Trembling, Elder stammered trying to speak. Queenie harrumphed, “Enough with the theatrics. Just put a subject and verb together and tell me exactly what’s the problem. Was the croissant delivery late?”

Elder straightened up and said, “It’s April.”

Queenie wasn’t getting it. She replied, “So? It usually follows March.”

Elder explained that due to the area spring breaks taking place throughout March, nonprofits had moved their usual March events to April. Thus, April had become overloaded with fundraising activities.

From the gleeful look on her face, Queenie still didn’t get it. “Oh, just think of all the fun there’ll be had in April. Lunches, cocktail parties, dinners, lectures, patron parties, announcement receptions, check presentations! Loads and loads of opportunities to raise money for nonprofits. I simply can’t wait to see Tim, Hoda, Goldie, Martin, Amal, Tommy, Brene and the rest! I wonder if I’ll have time to get away for Elizabeth’s private birthday party?”

With all that name dropping, Elder realized that a reality check was necessary at this point. “Ma’am, you really need to look at the MySweetCharity Calendar. The Calendar elves are being treated for finger bruising from posting all the events. The other elves are hyperventilating at how all these activities are going to be handled.”

With that Queenie put on her reading glasses and pulled up the April calendar. With eyes bulging out, her head started spinning like a hula hoop. She returned to her wrinkle-remover chamber.

MySweetCharity’s Queenie Discovers Wondrous Things On Thanksgiving

Opening the doors to the main brain room of MySweetCharity headquarters, Queenie was filled with lifted nose and closed eyes this morning. For just a moment, she looked like Julie Andrews on top of the mountain. To the amazement of old and new, Queenie was happy.

Elder Elf approached her trying not to break the moment saying, “Your wondrous one, what has pleased you on this day?”

He was a tad bit worried since the elf staffing was on a holiday schedule and she might have noticed a shortage of short ones.

Like Scarlett O’Hara charming the Tarlton twins, she sashayed her way to her throne adjusting her newest tiara. Looking at Elder, she said, “I must confess today didn’t start out as I had planned. A distant, health-conscious cousin invited me to something called ‘The Turkey Trot,’ and you know how passionate I am about animals. Well, it turned out to be masses of people in T-shirts, shorts and running shoes. There wasn’t a gobbler in sight.”

Elder asked, “Did you take part in the run?”

Narrowing her overly-surgically-enhanced eyes Queenie said, “Heavens, no! I found my way back to MySweetCharity headquarters and took a wrong way down a hallway I had never seen. At the end of the passage, I discovered the most amazing site since Howard Carter discovered King Tut’s tomb. There was this room with so many wondrous things. And as if that wasn’t enough, there were the most amazing aromas arising from this room.”

As Queenie went into one of her mind-wandering periods, Elder and the vet elves gave each other the slinky eye.

Elder asked, “What was so amazing about this room?”

Queenie with closed eyes reliving the moment and head tilted to sky above recalled, “There were cabinets in which you could put bowls and they would come out in seconds with the most aromatic scents. When you plunged your spoon into the containers, the results were tantalizing. There was another shelf that produced buttery croissants and succulent delicacies like apple lattice and sweet potato pies that bubbled. Across the room was this huge cupboard. When I opened it, there were all types of frozen custards!”

No one had the heart to tell Queenie that she had discovered the MySweetCharity kitchen with its microwaves, ovens and Sub-Zero.

Have a happy and safe food-fest with friends, families and favorite critters.

MySweetCharity Opportunity Series Elves Head To Hibernation

The MySweetCharity Opportunity series is done. The elves in charge of the series have been led to the MSC hibernation units for recovery. During this time, they will rest on mattresses stuffed with feathers from angel wings. They will be covered with blankets woven with the down of baby hummingbirds. Chinchillas will massage the elves’ fingers that have been pounding keyboards for six weeks. Their blood-shot eyes will be bathed in virgin water from Arctic glaciers. Persian kittens will softly knead the elves’ backs that have become crooked from weeks of bending over computers.

Eventually, the elves will emerge stronger and ready to tackle the next series — MySweetCharity Wish List. But please don’t submit any wishes until the elves emerge, or they just might not emerge.

As MySweetCharity Elves Stress, Queenie Once Again Rises Above The Fray

When Queenie arrived at MySweetCharity headquarters this morning, she looked remarkably refreshed. As she bustled to the gourmet coffee bar, she took note of the elves busily updating the MSC yacht. In addition to not being at their traditional workstations, their little eyes were pulsating and their complexions were plaid. That only happens when elves have been stressed and/or have lacked sleep.

Narrowing her eyes and stretching out her neck to examine the situation more closely, Queenie asked Elder Elf, “Why are the elves working on the yacht instead of the day’s posts? Why do they looked so battered? And why are they wearing those gray wraps instead of their adorable TGIF outfits?”

Looking worse for wear, Elder Elf stepped away from supervising the yacht repairs and said, “Ma’am, between the past nights of lightning, thunder and flooding, I fear none of us have gotten a decent night’s sleep. It’s been so awful that they’ve had to wear ThunderShirts. Even the seahorse stables have flooded. We’re preparing the yacht for evacuation just in case, this situation continues. Obviously, you have proven once again how you can withstand such calamity. You look positively radiant.”

Instead of receiving this information with compassion and appreciation, the old girl shook her head and said, “What?”

Elder repeated his report that was once again met with a cranky look. Then she smiled and said, “Oh, wait, I forgot to take my earplugs out this morning. So, what was that you were saying, Elder?”

Elder simply smiled and returned to the yacht. Queenie left for an appointment with Annie Leibovitz to shoot Queenie’s selfie.

Help MySweetCharity Elves Skinny Up Fat Fingers

For many the holidays have officially ended and it’s back to heavy-duty keyboard pounding. While hitting the keys, check your plans for 2015. Oops! Found an event that needs to be on the MySweetCharity Calendar? Submit it!

By having it posted, you’re letting other event planners know that they might want to rethink their scheduling something that day.

It’s a free service, unless you want to dress it up with a logo and a lengthy description of the event.

Plus, you’ll be helping the MySweetCharity elves, who have finally returned to the workshop. Like many they’ve put on a tad bit of weight, especially their fingers. Seems when elves lift mugs of hot chocolate and hot shortbread, their digits fatten up. Their chubby little thumbs and fingers need to work off the weight by exercising on the keyboards.

May Your Christmas Be Filled With Music

Queenie and the MySweetCharity elves have packed their bags and are heading to Just Room Enough Island to celebrate the North Pole elves’s hardwork. They’re even expecting the Irish leprechauns, British hobbits, Mexican duendes, French faeries and other worldly whimsicals to join them. It’s going to be a grand time of lighter-than-air dancing, drinking ultra-rich cocoa and dining on delights prepared by Mrs. Claus and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

However, before Elder Elf blew out the last candle at MySweetCharity world-headquarters and put away his quill, he sent word that the elves had left behind a gift. Starting a bit after midnight, they’ve arranged to have all types of Christmas music to play during the day starting with an all-out choir and ending with a restful lullaby or two.

So, if you need some music to while away the hours, check MSC.

Merry Christmas to all and to all — thank you.

Change Of Plans: MySweetWishList Series

It seems that the elves have gotten themselves into a situation. It’s a good situation, but it also requires some adjustments. When they announced the return of MySweetWishList, they thought they’d get a couple or three wishes.

Suggestion: Do not have the elves predict any elections, guess your weight or read your palm!

Instead the wishes have been flowing in like the White Rock spillway during a thunderstorm.

Some of the requests are for itty-bitty needs that most folks take for granted. Others are a bit more substantial but their being granted would make major differences in the lives of those in need.

Because of this development, the posting of MySweetWishList is going to be ramping up starting Monday.

Just wanted you to know that sometimes it’s nice when the elves are wrong.

Following Thursday’s Storm, Queenie Recommends Celebration For MySweetCharity Elves

This morning as Queenie arrived at MySweetCharity headquarters, Elder Elf greeted her but warned her to be prepared — the elves were in shambles.

(Please recall that when MSC elves tear up, guacamole-like substance flows from their teeny tiny eyes. The place looked like Ojedas on a Friday at noon.)

When Queenie asked the reason for the overload of green stuff, Elder said, “They’re worn out and devastated. The elves’ itty bitty homes were wiped out Thursday night due to the winds.”

Queenie in her compassionate way pursed her pouty lips and asked, “Why are they upset?”

Elder, realizing that Queenie was in need of a tactful reality kick in the derriere, said, “Queenie, whose brilliance outshines the greatest star in the Milky Way, the elves’ cottages are in ruin. All is lost! ”

Looking up after admiring her highly buffed toenails, Queenie tilted her head slightly — “Pshaw! That, my dear Elder, is stuff. Was a life lost? No. So, the loss of stuff is an inconvenience, but it’s temporary, frustrating and replaceable.”

Elder did the shifty eye, as the elves looked quizzically at each other. He asked, “Oh, one who has never encountered a question without an answer, how should we proceed?”

Straightening her head so her tiara stayed in place, Queenie replied, “The elves’ houses were made of marshmallows, chocolate chips and cherries. Gather the remnants up and bring out the ice cream that has been melting in the walk-in frig. We shall have a party to celebrate our good fortune that nary a soul was lost. Afterwards we will rebuild the homes with sturdier stuff, like peppermint sticks, lollipops and peanut brittle.”

North Texas Giving Day Update: $17M In And Eight Hours To Go

The MySweetCharity elves have been searching through their lockers for their custom-made designer strait jackets. You know, the ones with the itty-bitty initials by a couture designer. After all, they figure the team at Communities Foundation of Texas would need them by midnight.

North Texas Giving Day*

North Texas Giving Day*

It’s just 10 hours into the 18-hour North Texas Giving Day raise-athon and the $17M+ mark has been passed. According to the MSC accountant elf and his abacus, they’ve hit $1.7M per hour and still have eight to go.

Let’s keep the dough rolling in. There’s still time to blow out the Internet system and phone lines.

BTW, for those who wonder, the MSC elves also have marvelous designer sheets for padded walls and, of course, they match the strait jackets.

* Graphic provided by Communities Foundation of Texas

A Christmas Day Feast Lost And Found Thanks To The MySweetCharity Duchess Of Great Acts Of Kindness

Christmas Day was rather chaotic around MySweetCharity headquarters. The MSC elves had planned a true feast at the end of the day for the Clauses and their North Pole elves. Unfortunately, while we were out untethering the reindeer from Santa’s sleigh, the MSC pandas snuck in and ate everything. To make things even worse, the electricity went out, so there would be no movie watching nor video game playing as planned.

We were all in tears and fears. Whatever would we do? And what would Queenie do when she woke from her holiday nap?

But she surprised us. . . even Santa’s elves, who knew well of Queenie’s temperament.

As she entered the Great Room with lantern in hand, she had tears running down her old, fat cheeks. Was it because of the disaster that had struck our celebration? No, it seems that she had just been notified by carrier pigeon that the Duchess of Great Acts of Kindness had made an “extremely generous donation” to buy toys for extremely needy children on behalf of MSC.

Looking around the room, Queenie asked why everyone else was crying, too. When we told her of the loss of our Christmas dinner and electricity, she told one and all to “dry up and get over it.” Immediately she sent elves scurrying for scented candles. Next she told the pixies to scrounge up board games and jigsaw puzzles. Then she turned to the brownies in from Santa Fe and told them to light up the mammoth fireplaces with pinon wood. Grabbing the sugar plum fairies, she hauled them into the kitchen. That in itself was amazing, because most of us didn’t think she knew where it was. A half hour later, the entire headquarters was smelling wonderfully and glowing. Just then Queenie and fairies emerged with all types of fixin’s — peppermint cocoa topped with marshmallows, homemade eggnog shooters, frosted cinnamon rolls, a 2’ tall smore, vanilla sundaes with peanut-brittle sprinkles and a sea-salt covered caramel cake.

The rest of the evening games and puzzles were played by candlelight and the burning logs. Everyone seemed to look so much better in the glow of the flickering lights. And conversations and giggles flowed as the games and puzzles were underway. A sugar high was achieved by all.

As the last of the other elves fell asleep in their trundle beds, Queenie waddled back to her hibernation chamber with a smile. I asked her if the reason was the fact that she had saved the day for MSC’s holiday celebration? No. She said the party had been fun, but it was the Duchess, who had inspired Queenie to appreciate what MSC had, and not what they lacked.

MySweetCharity Elves Test Drive Dallas Streets

If you’ve been watching the TV newscasts, then you’re sure that Dallas is indeed entombed. So, three of the MySweetCharity elves ventured out. One put on skis and headed to the market to pick up fixings for gumbo, brownies (the edible type) and Tabasco.

The second one hitched up the unicorns to their sleigh and took off slowly for the feed store. Seems the dodo birds needed new socks and the miniature whale wanted a muff.

Within an hour, the first two were back with all their list complete.

The third elf decided to scout out the Hilton Anatole to see how dicey the parking lot was. Not! Evidently the hotel staff has gone into hot overdrive by clearing the driveways and parking areas. They’ve even arranged for an area for Uber to park their vehicles. The walkway leading from the valet drop to the hotel is covered and has a bank of heaters.

So, if you’re going to leave home-sweet-home for CCB or for your feed store, here are some tips:

  • Use common sense.
  • The biggest challenge will be getting out of your neighborhood. The main streets are relatively clear, but stay in the center lane.
  • Drive slowly. Duh!
  • Don’t park under a tree if possible. The trees are having a very rough time with the weight of the ice.
  • Have a full tank of gas. You just don’t know if you’ll be stuck in some kind of traffic jam.
  • Put a blanket or two in the car. You probably won’t need it, but it will look so comfy and cozy.
  • Be generous with your valet parker. They’re out in frigid conditions to make sure that you and your car get together safely.
  • Drive slowly. Oh, did we already say that?

If you’re that worried about the conditions, stay put. Your safety is paramount to all of us.