Change Of Plans: MySweetCharity Opportunity Series Is Going Into Overdrive


Whoa! With all the MySweetCharity Opportunities being submitted for the annual series, the upcoming months are gonna be gangbusters. Already this year’s crop of opportunities has surpassed last year’s number, thanks to North Texas nonprofits taking full advantage of the series.

Since it will conclude on Thursday, August 31, the series is ramping up the posts to share with you the programs that provide some pretty amazing opportunities.

BTW, the MSC elves are putting in for overtime because the MSC Calendar emailbox is busting with new submissions. Keep ’em coming in. Here’s a link to the submission form.

Remember, busy elves are happy elves.

Was There Something You Forgot Before Heading Out For The Summer?


Vacation plans are made. The kids are tapping their fingers waiting for the final bell of the semester. You’ve bought enough sunscreen to cover Big Tex. You’ve made reservations for the pets to go to camp, while you’re away.

But wait! There was that something that you were supposed do. Yup, it was really important when you thought of it. Something about a calendar. That’s it! You wanted to make sure that you got your upcoming nonprofit events on the MySweetCharity Calendar. No problem. Here’s the link to submit any and all nonprofit events. It’s free unless you want to add bells and whistles.

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

As for staying in tune with the North Texas news, people and happenings, don’t worry that pretty gray matter one iota. MySweetCharity will continue to keep you up-to-date on the goings on. Take MSC to the beach, the mountains or wherever you may go. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll have MSC.

BTW, if you subscribe to MSC, then you’ll get your daily fix around 6:02 in the morning as usual.

Area Mailboxes Explode With Promises Of Future Fundraising, Fashion, Food And Fun For The Final Four

As folks are returning from summer sojourns and are unpacking their Horizons and unloading the family Newmar, their postal carriers are filling their snail-mailboxes with invitations galore for the “final four” months of 2016. What a great reason to get a new letter opener!

Condoleezza Rice (File photo)

Condoleezza Rice (File photo)

Jenna Bush Hager**

Jenna Bush Hager*

Donna Karan*

Donna Karan**

Venus Williams***

Venus Williams***

Jerry Seinfeld*

Jerry Seinfeld****

From the famous faces (Condoleezza Rice, Jerry Seinfeld, Jenna Bush Hager, Donna Karan, Venus Williams, etc.) due to chat it up for nonprofits to the walk/runs that will have early-morning sneakers pacing around the area, it seems like almost every day has something for everybody. Of course, there will be luncheons, fashion shows, black-tie galas, auctions, awards, parades and more cocktail parties than a bartender can shake and strain.

The final sprint of 2016 for North Texas nonprofits is at the starting line. For the faint of heart, advice: do not look at the MySweetCharity Calendar’s next four months. But on the other hand, if you’re into fundraising, fashion, food and fun, then the Calendar is a feast for the imagination and your accountant, who will gladly deduct your donation at tax time.

BTW, if you have a fundraiser that hasn’t been posted, submit it here pronto.

‘nother suggestion: Get your tickets now for the activities on your “Must-Attend List,” because you’re not going to be happy with yourself when the “Sold Out” post is published.

* Photo provided by Family Gateway 
** Photo provided by The Family Place 
*** Photo provided by Junior League of Dallas 
**** Photo provided by CitySquare

There’s A Good Reason For Being A Bit Worn Out And Ragged



Nerves on edge. Why? In addition to a slew of thunderstorms playing havoc with daily routines and allergies making even the burliest types look weepy, the past weeks of fundraising activities have taken a toll on locals. The good news is that the end of the gnarly weather, pollen blowouts and the non-profit round-the-clock events are winding down.

Happily, all that fundraising work has paid off. For some like Genesis Women’s Shelter and The Family Place, it tallied success in the million-dollar range. Still, there are loads of others who have worked tirelessly for lesser goals and are either celebrating them or nearly achieving them.

But don’t go a’thinking that summer means everything is going to dormant. No way! That’s the time when the roll-up-the-sleeves preparations take place to get ready for the final sweep of fundraising of 2016. So, if you have an event that gets a date and a location for the fall or 2017, don’t forget to submit it for the MySweetCharity Calendar.

Two Great Fundraisers Were Victims Of A Head-On Collision

An unfortunate situation took place Friday, April 1. It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. It was the taking place of two fundraising luncheons that divided the efforts for those in need. At the Hilton Anatole, Community Partners of DallasChick Lit Luncheon was celebrating its 10the anniversary with 1,100 and Tim Gunn on stage.

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn

Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb

Over at the Dallas Country Club, Today Co-Host Hoda Kotb was the featured speaker for more than 350 at the Interfaith Dallas – Family Services‘ (formerly known as Interfaith Housing Coalition) Interfaith Auxiliary Luncheon.

Both speakers were beyond remarkable, with guests from each event swearing theirs was the best in ages. But one has to wonder, “What if….?”

What’s that? “What if….what?” It’s, “What if they had been held 24 hours apart?” The guests probably could have squeezed enough money out of their budgets and time to attend both, thereby supporting CPD as well as Interfaith. In turn, they would have been the recipients of two memory-making programs.

Sure, organizers are at the mercy of speakers’ and entertainers’ schedules, but if such a collision of fundraising can be prevented, it really benefits all.

One way to avoid similar situations is to check the MySweetCharity Calendar. If a fundraiser is already on a particular date, then it might be wise to pick another date. Basic MSC Calendar listings are absolutely free to provide the information for one and all. Bells and whistles can be added for a minimal cost.

April Is Going To Be Gangbusters, So Fasten Your Seat Belts



Having just emerged from her wrinkle-remover chamber, Queenie arrived at MySweetCharity headquarters to find not an elf in sight. This simply couldn’t be. After all, MSC elves have no life outside MSC. Clearing her throat, nothing happened. Hmm, that usually gets results.

She announced, “The last elf to appear will have lunch with me today.” With that, all elves popped up. No one wanted to be the last one.

Beckoning Elder Elf over, Queenie raised her perfectly engineered right eyebrow and asked, “So, what’s up?”

Trembling, Elder stammered trying to speak. Queenie harrumphed, “Enough with the theatrics. Just put a subject and verb together and tell me exactly what’s the problem. Was the croissant delivery late?”

Elder straightened up and said, “It’s April.”

Queenie wasn’t getting it. She replied, “So? It usually follows March.”

Elder explained that due to the area spring breaks taking place throughout March, nonprofits had moved their usual March events to April. Thus, April had become overloaded with fundraising activities.

From the gleeful look on her face, Queenie still didn’t get it. “Oh, just think of all the fun there’ll be had in April. Lunches, cocktail parties, dinners, lectures, patron parties, announcement receptions, check presentations! Loads and loads of opportunities to raise money for nonprofits. I simply can’t wait to see Tim, Hoda, Goldie, Martin, Amal, Tommy, Brene and the rest! I wonder if I’ll have time to get away for Elizabeth’s private birthday party?”

With all that name dropping, Elder realized that a reality check was necessary at this point. “Ma’am, you really need to look at the MySweetCharity Calendar. The Calendar elves are being treated for finger bruising from posting all the events. The other elves are hyperventilating at how all these activities are going to be handled.”

With that Queenie put on her reading glasses and pulled up the April calendar. With eyes bulging out, her head started spinning like a hula hoop. She returned to her wrinkle-remover chamber.

A Gentle Reminder: Submit Those 2016 Events For MySweetCharity Calendar

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

Before totally closing your books for 2015 for the holidays, think ahead. That 2016 event that has been buzzing in your head needs to be put on the MySweetCharity Calendar.

With March being pretty empty due to spring breaks taking place all through the month, April is starting to look like Central Expressway during rush hour.

And then there’s the fall! Yipes! The Dallas Symphony, North Texas Giving Day, Zoo To Do, Cattle Baron’s Ball, Crystal Charity and others are already staking their claims on dates.

To get your event on the Calendar, just click here, fill out the form and submit. This free service is thanks to the good folks at Baylor Health Care System Foundation and PlainsCapital.

Get Those 2016 Events Submitted For MySweetCharity Calendar



Before going totally into “holiday mode” where turkeys and Black Friday dominate brain cells, consider the longterm future. Are there any 2016 events that need to be posted on the MySweetCharity Calendar?

It’s easy. It’s even free unless you want to add bells and whistles to the listing. Just “submit” the info and let the world know that your event is scheduled. It gives fair warning to other event planners that they might want to rethink the timing of their fundraiser.

BTW, there’s already a problem on the 2016 horizon. It’s the month of March. Yipes! It seems the various school districts are taking their spring breaks at different times during the month. Here’s a brief rundown of the schedule spring breaks:

  • March 7-11: Highland Park, Jesuit, Richardson, Ursuline and SMU
  • March 14-18: Dallas Independence School District
  • March 21- 28: Hockaday and St. Mark’s School

Now if there are no munchkins in the household, it may not seem like a big deal. But for fundraisers, it could mean a major migraine, since many potential guests may be making plans to head out of town with the kiddos.

Alas, last year was so lovely when all the schools took the same week off.

This situation means that fundraising efforts will be crammed into February, April and May to make up for the March madness.

So, get those events and their dates in pronto!

North Texas Giving Day Booster: Spark!

“As you may know, North Texas Giving Day 2014 raised $26.3 million in support of local nonprofit organizations. It’s remarkable to think about the sheer impact that kind of financial support has on our community.



“I’m here to share a smaller tale. Spark! is a brand new non-profit children’s venue — a place where kids in second grade through high school can interact with the arts, unleash their creativity and fulfill a natural desire for discovery. We participated in Giving Day 2014 for the very first time, using it as an anchor event to stimulate interest and excitement for our first-ever fund raising event. We achieved fabulous results:

  • “74 donors total – 53 first-time donors (72%)
  • “Individual donations totaling $13,506
  • “Bonus Prize from CFT for matching grant – $2500
  • “Total revenue from CFT (including bonus funds, matching grant, & prize) – $33,791

“I’m thrilled to say there is more to our story. In the fall of 2014, Spark! had just signed a lease for space but had not yet begun build-out. Today, Spark! occupies 11,000 square feet of built-out space and is open to the public.



“Donations from the community help us serve children in the Metroplex. What is the impact Spark! has on a single child? Here’s an example: In April, we celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Week and invited 24 students from Communities in Schools to experience creative immersion. These students practiced recycled art by designing and painting hubcaps to be installed on our wavy bridge. Spark! opened the week of June 9 and that week, two of these students and one teacher visited Spark! for a second time. The young lady in this photo found her hubcap hanging from our bridge. She shared her pride and joy in a video now posted on YouTube. The exercise of figuring out how to decorate a hubcap will lead to deeper and stronger problem-solving skills as she matures and this boost to her self-esteem will help build her confidence. The perceived risk-taking of exploring the Spark! environment and exercising her creativity provide positive reinforcement that she’ll apply to her next growth opportunity. Repeat visits to Spark! will continue to build self-esteem, develop problem-solving skills and produce the types of experiences that lead to more successful academic performance and stronger career possibilities.

“There’s no doubt that North Texas Giving Day (which will take place on September 17 this year) provides a huge community impact, and the millions of dollars raised are just mind-blowing. Giving Day helped Spark! complete build-out to start serving children, leaving a lasting impact on all of the children who have visited. When you divide the millions of dollars raised into individual stories like ours, you come up with one very popular commercial expression of value… ‘Priceless.’”

-By Beverly Davis, executive diretor

* Photo credit: Spark!

Get Dates Locked Down On The MySweetCharity Calendar Pronto

The rest of the 2015 MySweetCharity Calendar is already starting to fill up. Even 2016 is starting to pop with fundraising activities. If you have an event and want to “stake your claim” on that date, submit it for posting on the calendar, so others won’t “cramp” your style.

It’s easy to do. Just hit this link or the graphic “Submit An Event,” fill out the form and click “Submit.” That’s all you have to do.

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

It’s a free service unless you want to add some bells, whistles and extras to it.

BTW, if it’s an invitation-only event, go ahead and submit it. No address will be published, but it will let others know that there is something going on at that time. That just may cause another group to rethink that date.

May Isn’t Slowing Down One Iota

It’s May! It’s May! Thanks to the weeks of rain, everything is as green as a leprechaun’s shamrock garden.

Alas, some folks are starting to crater a bit. And why not? Just looking at the MySweetCharity Calendar for the past month is enough to send one into overload rehab.

But hold off. The first three weeks of May are pretty daunting as the nonprofits sprint to the finish line of spring fundraising. Golf tournaments, fashion shows, announcements, galas, patron parties, luncheons, dinners, unicorn races…no, forget that last one. It was canceled.

So, be nice to yourself. Close your eyes, take a very deep breath and realize that there are countless people you’ll never know who will benefit from your May daze.

The Perfect Day To Stay Put And Catch Up

Leave the roads to the emergency vehicles

Leave the roads to the emergency vehicles

If you’re in North Texas, you’re probably sitting in your warm and comfy home. Good for you! There’s no need to be out in the white stuff. The emergency vehicles need to have free rein on the roads.

But back to your day. You’ve already checked your fav websites. The snow has only provided enough material to make an anorexic snow person. You’re patting yourself on the back for stocking up on soups, batteries and “stuff” over the weekend. How smart you were to visit the Arboretum and Zoo (they’re both closed today) when the temps were higher. You’re thinking about pulling out that 3D jigsaw puzzle you got for Christmas or watching your entire collection of “Downton Abbey.” Cabin fever and boredom haven’t quite set in…yet.

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

However, when the thrill of sitting still does get ho-hum, think about checking your calendar of upcoming events. If you find one that needs to be posted on the MySweetCharity Calendar, now is the perfect time to get it in. Just click this link, fill in the form and submit. The MSC Calendar staff will do the rest.

MySweetCharity Calendar Wants Your Event

MySweetCharity Wants Your Event!

MySweetCharity Wants Your Event!

When the MySweetCharity Calendar was created, it was to help serve as a traffic cop preventing a collision of events on the same day at the same time.

A question has been raised about “By invitation only” gatherings like patron parties. Should they be listed or not? Those events are included on the calendar but do not list the location or hosts. The reason? To prevent party crashers while still letting others know they may want to rethink their plans.

So, get those calendar listings in pronto. The MySweetCharity Calendar is filling up with all types of activities. It’s simple to do. Just hit this link, fill out the form and click “Submit”.

MySweetCharity Submit An Event

“Submit An Event” box on MySweetCharity Calendar

And if an event comes up in the future, just go to the MySweetCharity Calendar and you’ll see the “Submit An Event” box in the right hand corner. Click on it and you’ll next see the form. Simple!

Help MySweetCharity Elves Skinny Up Fat Fingers

For many the holidays have officially ended and it’s back to heavy-duty keyboard pounding. While hitting the keys, check your plans for 2015. Oops! Found an event that needs to be on the MySweetCharity Calendar? Submit it!

By having it posted, you’re letting other event planners know that they might want to rethink their scheduling something that day.

It’s a free service, unless you want to dress it up with a logo and a lengthy description of the event.

Plus, you’ll be helping the MySweetCharity elves, who have finally returned to the workshop. Like many they’ve put on a tad bit of weight, especially their fingers. Seems when elves lift mugs of hot chocolate and hot shortbread, their digits fatten up. Their chubby little thumbs and fingers need to work off the weight by exercising on the keyboards.

It’s Time To Get Fall Fundraising Events On The Radar

So today was supposed to be the end of the tunnel for the Spring fundraising, but it appears those nonprofits just keep going like the Energizer Bunny on super-super steroids. They’re prepping for the Fall fundraising season when those glorious Queen B’s swarm back to the Dallas hive to make Dallas even more fantastic.

If you have a future event (2014-infinity), hit this link and share the info, so the MySweetCharity Calendar elves can post it. This way you’ll get the word out about your event and warn other event planners of the date being yours. Let’s try to avoid those nasty train wrecks of events that end up reducing the cha-chings factor.

Help MySweetCharity Calendar Elves Fight Obesity

Thank heaven, you’re back at your desk! The holidays are behind us and 2014 is charging ahead. To keep the MySweetCharity Calendar elves busy, we need you to submit your events. Over the holidays, the darlings got downright plump from sitting around with nothing to do but eat sweet rolls.

Submit An Event

Submit An Event

How to have your event included? It’s simple. Just hit the “Submit An Event” link, fill out the form and hit the “Submit” button.

It’s free, unless you want to add a photo, logo and event description.

Thanks to your help, our tubby elves will be back in fundraising shape soon.

Thursday Is Looking Scary

MySweetCharity started the MSC Calendar to prevent perfect storms like this Thursday. It’s ugly . . . really ugly. It just might be the most over-scheduled day of the year.

And Friday and Saturday don’t look much better. Don’t look unless you have a strong constitution.

By submitting your future event now, you’re letting other event planners know that they might want to rethink the date of their fundraiser.

It hurts to think that generous donors and guests are having to make a Solomon-like choice between which of the fundraisers they’ll support/attend. Do them a big favor and pick dates carefully.

So, just click Submit An Event, fill out the form, and let the world know the date of your event. It’s free unless you want some bells and whistles.

MySweetCharity Calendar Is Alive



The MySweetCharity Calendar just went live with more than a hundred events in upcoming months. But we need more nonprofits events and you can really help. Just click the “Calendar” tab above. That’ll take you to the February calendar. When you hit the “Submit Event” in the right hand corner, you’ll discover a form just made for filling out. If you have a 501(c)(3) activity that directly benefits the Dallas area and is not controversial, send it on in.

And even if you don’t have an event to submit, cruise the calendar. When you place your cursor over an event, click it and see what happens. A few that are fun to check out are

  • St. Valentine’s Day Fashion Show & Luncheon on February 12
  • TACA Silver Cup Luncheon on February 22
  • Fresh Faces of Fashion on March 22
  • Chick Lit Luncheon April 5
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea on April 11
  • Nexus Auxiliary Luncheon on April 22

Thanks to the good folks at Highland Park Village, the calendar is available for one all to use “for the good of Dallas.”

[Editor’s note: The elves may be giggling and taking credit for “their project,” but they couldn’t have done it without master web designer Shauna Callaghan. Double clinks of mugs of hot cocoa for Shauna.]

Now, let’s get busy, fill the calendar and raise money and awareness of the area nonprofits!