MySweet2018Goals: Sandi Chapman

Sandra Chapman (File photo)

According to Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas Founder/Chief Director/Dee Wyly Distinguished University Professor Sandi Chapman,

“My goal is in your head. Yes, you! Your brain. Your BrainHealth. In 2018 I want to dramatically transform the way healthy individuals of all ages think and act to keep their brain more fit. 

“We all have a stigma about our brain and fear loss of its dependability. Why wouldn’t we all strive for a healthier, more resilient brain as a major New Years’ Resolution? Because until now, people didn’t realize they could do something to improve brain performance – to physically change their brain’s ‘software’ and make it run more efficiently with greater energy.

“To tackle the grandest challenge of our time, we will launch the 3rd BrainHealth Initiative, teaming up with 25+ brain health experts from around the world. The lead goal is to translate new discoveries into actionable steps to fortify brain performance and inoculate against decline. You can, regardless of age can increase brain performance over time.

“In 2018, I’m setting out to show you, the best brain years are ahead of you! We just opened the Brain Performance Institute as part of UT Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth. That means evidenced-based brain health offerings- classes, trainings, assessments, apps, lectures, online cognitive trainings, monitoring of brain performance. My 2018 is about encouraging you to care for your brain like you do for your body.

“My vision is to energize Dallas as the epicenter for Innovative Thinkers and to attract major brain health enterprises and technologies to this region. Looking into the near future -Dallas will become the go-to place to harness our fullest brain potential.

“If you’re like me, you need an actionable step one to dive into the New Year. Here’s an idea. Starting in February we will have a lecture series every Tuesday night – ‘The Brain: An Owner’s Guide’* covering topics ranging from Sleep, to Happiness, Alzheimer’s and Technology and our Brain in our modern world.

“My goal for 2018 is to you see your face in the audience. The more we learn, the more we share, the better we can be at any age!”

* Visit to get your tickets or learn about other 

MySweet2018Goals: Whitney Strauss

Whitney Strauss (File photo)

According to new AdvoCare Foundation Executive Director Whitney Strauss, MySweet2018Goals are

  1. “Make hundreds, thousands…millions more children healthier by combatting the causes of childhood obesity in Dallas but throughout the US.
  2. “Make my own household healthier by paying attention to food labels, exercising regularly, cooking at home and cutting out sugar
  3. “Take up a dance class because no better way to stay fit then doing something you love
  4. “Travel, read and pursuit a passion
  5. “Hug my boys and read up on how to handle a teenager – because I will have one in my house this year!”

MySweet2018Goals: Lynn McBee

Lynn McBee (File photo)

According to The Dallas Opera Board of Directors Chair-Elect Lynn McBee,

“Get on top of the clutter and piles that are everywhere!”

MySweet2018Goals: Brent Christopher

According to Children’s Medical Center Foundation President Brent Christopher,

Brent Christopher (File photo)

“The second busiest pediatric emergency department in the whole U.S. is right here at Children’s Health. And, on the Dallas campus, it’s time for an overhaul.  So, one of my top professional goals in 2018 is to help more people across North Texas know about the four-year plan getting underway to create a double-decker emergency department at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. There will be lots of ways that everyone can be part of ensuring that this state-of-the-art resource is available for their kids and grandkids when they need it most for many years to come.

“Personally, I aim to be pedaling my bike more often, exploring all of the fantastic new trails that continue to connect Dallas—often across land I’ve never seen before, but right in the heart of the city. 

“Hopefully, these two goals won’t intersect, though, because I’d rather not do anything that involves having to make my own trip to the ER!”