On Mother’s Day A Box Of Chocolates Is Nice, But A Piece Of Jewelry Would Be Sweeter For More Than Just Your Mum

Kendra Scott Gives Back Party*

Mother’s Day is up ahead. Of course, brunch is a must on Sunday, but what about a little “trinket” to commemorate the occasion? Jeweler designer Kendra Scott and Children’s Medical Center Foundation may just have the sparkle to add to the lady of the day.

On Wednesday, May 10, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the six area Kendra Scotts will host a Kendra Gives Back Party with a three-fer. The three parts are you not only can purchase “a beautiful piece of jewelry,” but 20% of every sale will benefit Children’s Health and if your “purchase ads up to more than $100, you’ll be entered to win a piece from the new Summer Collection.

Seriously, wouldn’t a little bling be so much better than a box of chocolates or a toaster? Plus, your gift will benefit mothers with children at Children’s.

* Graphic courtesy of Children's Medical Center Foundation

Moms Are Awesome Creatures

Mothers are the world’s strongest creatures. They inspire. They enforce. They cherish. They nurture. They love their children enough to say, “No.” And when it comes to walloping their child to prevent them from harm…well, don’t get between them and their cub.

In way back times, a junket to the grocery just required a mother tossing the kids in the backseat and turning up the radio to squash the complaints. Today, a mom going anywhere is right up there with a general maneuvering troops.

This Sunday our country will honor “Moms.” Too bad because that thought should be year round. They deserve our respect, our prayers and our awe.

And for those women who have decided not to have children or weren’t allowed to due to a quirk of nature, let’s celebrate them, too. They are the greatest of Auntie Mame’s, who are the first to step in to buffer the angst that can sometimes develops between munchkins and mums.

If you can’t take your mother to brunch or even thank her, then why not make a donation to an organization in her name.