2016 Mission Olé Dazzled Chicken Scratch And The Foundry With Over-The-Top Festivities And Funding For Trinity River Mission

The only problem for 17th Annual Mission Olé guests on Thursday, October 27, was the arrival. As the newcomers’ luxury vehicles tried to locate the Trinity River Mission fundraiser at Chicken Scratch and The Foundry, some took a premature left turn and found themselves in an apartment parking lot. Once recovering from the wrong-way turn, they were faced with vehicles with … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Mission Olé Hauls In A Big Net For Trinity River Mission

All that partying at the Trinity River Mission’s 17th Annual Mission Olé on Thursday, October 27, paid off big time. Event Co-Chairs Lesley Chambless, Ann Kellogg Schooler and Margaret Spellings just got word from the bean counters that the fundraiser at Chicken Scratch netted … not raised… netted $315,000. That’s nearly double from last year’s Ole. TRM CEO Dolores Sosa … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Opportunity: 2016 Mission Olé

According to Mission Olé Event Co-Chairs Lesley Chambless, Ann Kellogg Schooler and Margaret Spellings, “Trinity River Mission invites you to support our children at its 17th Annual Mission Olé fundraiser to be held on Thursday, October 27, 2016. This year’s Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)-inspired celebration will be held at Chicken Scratch and The Foundry, … [Read more...]

Round Robin October 29: 16th Annual Mission Ole And Stars And Stripes Film Festival Sponsors Party

Thursday, October 29, proved to once again return Thursday to its status as the busiest day of the week. Earlier in the day there were The Dallas Opera’s First Sight luncheon and fashion show at the Winspear and Mosaic’s 5th Annual Partners and Possibilities Luncheon at the Addison Conference and Theatre Center north of town. That was just the warm up for the evening’s … [Read more...]

Mission Ole Patrons Got A First Look At Greg Nieberding’s Labor Of Love

A couple of guests kept asking homeowner/Mission Ole Chair Greg Nieberding if his home was Texas contemporary. The ever diplomatic and patient Greg just kept smiling and saying, “It’s midcentury contemporary.” Actually, it was 2015 miracle. Greg had just laid his hands on the 58-year-old home only a block away from a former First Family back in May. The Jack … [Read more...]