MySweet2018Goals: Donna Arp Weitzman And Herb Weitzman

Donna Arp Weitzman and Herb Weitzman (File photo)

According to Donna Arp Weitzman and Herb Weitzman,

“Herb and I have competing goals: 

“First, he wants to gain weight (how disgusting). I have wanted to lose 7 pounds for now 31 years.   

“Our second goal is to promote more awareness and raise more money for our charitable organizations. We are national fundraising chairs for the MD Anderson Neurodegeneration Initiative. It is a coordinated effort between MD Anderson, MIT and Baylor. They are partnering to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.”

M.D. Anderson’s Living Legends Luncheon To Feature Two Pros Of The Greens — Ben Crenshaw And David Feherty

Ben Crewshaw*

Ben Crewshaw*

David Feherty*

David Feherty*

You do not have to be a golf groupie to be part of the MD Anderson’s “A Conversation With A Living Legend” luncheon on Monday, November 3, at the Hilton Anatole. Sure, Austin-born, golf great Ben Crenshaw will be the headliner with his amazing story of both professional success on the greens (PGA wins including the memorable 1995 Masters victory, and Ryder Cup) in addition to having Graves’ disease. Thanks to his mentor the late Harvey Penick, Ben’s putting has become the stuff even the pros dream of.

And who will be interviewing this formidable legend? Irish-born, golf loving, never-shy David Feherty. Feherty himself played the professional golf circuit, but changed direction and is now a commentator on NBC’s Golf Channel. The exchange between Crenshaw and Feherty will be fascinating for even those who have never even played putt-putt golf.

Deborah Gunter is chairing the event that is being presented by Andrews Distributing Company and ATT.

The funds raised will go to MD Anderson’ Cancer Center’s Moon Shots Program, a comprehensive effort to accelerate the fight against cancer. Tickets are available here.

BTW, please don’t wear your cleats to the luncheon.

* Photos provided by MD 

JUST IN: Greta Is Going To Talk With Tony

The MD Anderson folks tend to have two heavyweights in for the Living Legend Luncheon — an interviewer and an interviewee. As previously reported, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be the interviewee at the Wednesday, May 9, luncheon at the Hilton Anatole.

Now, word comes that Fox NewsGreta Van Susteren will handle the interviewing side of the twosome.

What’s that noise? It’s the tickets selling quickly!

Just In: Sir Richard Branson To Be MD Anderson’s 22nd Annual “A Conversation With A Living Legend

Sir Richard Branson

There are no two ways about it. Sir Richard Branson is a one-of-a-kind. With that roguish smile, twinkling blue eyes and that adventurous spirit, he seems to be almost magical. Why, at the age of 20 he founded Virgin, a mail-order record retailer that eventually became a record stores, studio and one of the top record companies in the world.

And then, of course, there is Virgin Airlines, Virgin Galactic and major philanthropic programs. But you already knew that.

Despite all his global activity and commitments, Sir Richard has arranged his schedule to be the headliner for the MD Anderson’s 22nd Living Legend Lunchon

Miles O'Brien

Wednesday, January 4. Seated in the chair opposite Sir Richard will be former CNN reporter Miles O’Brien.

Don and Ana Carty

This coup has been pulled off by luncheon chairs Stephanie and Hunter Hunt and honorary chairs Ana and Don Carty. Underwriting the lunch at the Hilton Anatole will be Andrews Distributing Company and AT&T.

Thank heaven and MD Anderson! January was starting to look a bit dull, and now we have Sir Richard for the new year.

Ross Perot Donates $20 Million For Cancer Research

While the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is seeking $50 million for the funding of the project, they should have looked closer to home. It seems that Dallas’ own Ross Perot (pictured) just committed $20 Million to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to advance personalized cancer therapy.

These monies will be divided between two newly-developed groups — Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy and a Center for Targeted Therapy.

“We are grateful to Ross Perot for his generous support in these extremely important areas of cancer research. With the completion of the mapping of the human genome, progress toward individualized cancer treatment has escalated, and now is a very exciting time to support the work being done in these areas,” said Dr. John Mendelsohn, president of MD Anderson. “These funds will enable our clinicians and researchers to advance the translation of science into new and improved cancer treatments. Ultimately, our goal is to make personalized cancer therapy the gold standard in oncology care.”

Attaway, Ross!