Crystal Charity Ball Committee Does A “Mary Tyler Moore” Singalong For CCB Chair Pam Perella On The Eve Of The Children’s Nonprofit Gala

T’was the night before Crystal Charity Ball and all through the Anatole the finishing touches were being polished up for the 2017 fundraiser for the Dallas County children’s nonprofits. With nails broken and fashionably torn jeans, the committee had finished their three days of installing the “Evening In The Alps” finery in the Chantilly Ballroom. To celebrate their year of working under the leadership of 2017 Chair Pam Perella, a champagne get-together was held in a suite high atop the hotel.

When Pam started her reign a year ago, she announced that the internal working theme would be TV shows of the ’70s. Still it became known that Pam’s fav program had been “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” How simply wonderful and typical of ever-smiling Pam.

But as CCB Underwriting Chair Leslie Diers noted tonight, “Mary Tyler Moore died just days later.” That might have put a crimp on the POA, but this was a Pam project and the energy and collaboration continued in a MTM spirit.

Anne Besser, Leslie Diers, Cheryl Joyner and Elizabeth Gambrell

Tonight as a surprise for Pam, the committee led by Pam’s chief lieutenants (Anne Besser, Leslie, Cheryl Joyner and Elizabeth Gambrell) led the group in singing the theme song of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” with the lieutenants tossing their berets as the end.

Stacey Walker, Lisa Cooley, Caren Kline, Connie O’Neill and Angela Nash

While the CCB team is a gangbuster in raising funds for area charities, they had better not think about going professional with their choral singing. Still, Pam, with husband Vin Perella supporting her, was truly touched by the moment, the laughter and her cohorts.

Vin and Pam Perella

Another surprise was the arrival of Matthew Trent’s donation to the silent auction. For ages, Silent Auction and Special Gifts Co-Chairs Anne Besser and Cheryl Joyner had been crossing their fingers for the arrival of Trent’s handiwork. Alas, it arrived just that night and too late for the catalogue. As the ladies opened the box, they discovered a beautiful gold necklace with a brilliant gold fish highlighted by white sapphires valued at $15,000+.  BTW, Event Producer Tom Addis has truly created an Alpine experience, from a skiers’ hut to the aroma of fresh-cut firs. And that’s just for the cocktail party!

TACA Custom Auction Item #4: Barbara’s Favorite Things

This TACA Custom Auction package is for those with designs. It’s the creation of tapping the creative brain of TACA Custom Auction Gala Chair Barbara Daseke.

Barbara’s Favorite Things* (Value: $40,000)

Barbara Daseke (File photo)

Barbara Daseke (File photo)

Whether it’s having penguins do laps in her pool, hiking through the mountains of South America with husband Don Daseke or picking out the right fabrics for a client’s penthouse, Barbara Daseke lives a life that few could even imagine. Known for her white, spiked hair and never-ending smile accompanied with laughter, she’s doesn’t just make an impression. She’s a standout.

From decorating to jewelry, she just has a way of putting things together. Perhaps that’s why they tapped her for this package. It will include a shopping spree at the Allan Knight Showroom in the Design District and Carla Martinengo in The Plaza at Preston Center.  (Of course, you know that Allan’s is usually only open to design professionals).

To help you on your purchase, you’ll be able to have up to 10 hours of “design consultation by Barbara Elliott Interiors. (That’s Barbara Daseke’s company, but you knew that.)

And what goes better that pretty things for the mansion than some bling. Well, Matthew Trent has provided just that with a handcrafted gold ring.

* Courtesy of Allan Knight Showroom, Carla Martinengo, Matthew Trent 
and Barbara Elliott Interiors

Despite Construction At The Plaza At Preston Center, The Elisa Project Kick-off Party Jam Packs Matthew Trent

Despite the construction that seems to have swamped the Plaza at Preston Center resulting in a proliferation of valet parking stands and relocation of merchants to new digs, life and partying continues on. At least it did at Matthew Trent Tuesday night. The occasion was the kick-off countdown for the Seventh Annual Life Lessons Luncheon benefiting the Elisa Project.

Robin Bagwell

As Rhonda Sargent Chambers arranged necklaces, earrings and elegant goodies on “Amy The Model,” who was a half-foot taller than anyone in the room, the

Jan Osborn

boutique filled with about 70 guests. Luncheon Co-chairs  Robin Bagwell and Jan Osborn were totally surrounded by guests, while the handful of men including Norm Bagwell checked out the counters of jewelry, possibly with the

Robert Weatherly and Sharon Seagraves

upcoming Valentine’s Day in mind. When Robert Weatherly arrived, Elisa Project Executive Director Sharon Seagraves was the first to greet him.

Speaking of men, the March 28 luncheon’s speaker Brad Lamm should be quite a draw. In addition to his fame from The Dr. OZ Show, Brad himself has faced the battle of eating disorders. This issue is not limited to young girls and women.