Take A Break From Spring Break And Get Those 2018 Awards For Excellence In Community Service Nominations In Pronto

It’s hard to think about fall when spring break is in full swing, but just try for a second or two. Come Thursday, November 1, the Dallas Historical Society will be presenting its 2018 Awards For Excellence In Community Service at The Fairmont Dallas. The recipients will be folks who have “demonstrated generosity of spirit, civic leadership and ability to encourage … [Read more...]

Children Medical Center Foundation’s Kern Wildenthal Farewell Tribute Dinner Was Filled With Friends, Fans And Family

It was billed as a farewell tribute dinner to Children’s Medical Center Foundation President Kern Wildenthal hosted by Children’s Health System of Texas CEO Chris Durovich and his wife Christina Durovich. But the dinner in the Pecan Room at Harlan Crow's Old Parkland on Tuesday, June 7, was more of a love fest for more than 80 members of the Kern fan club. They ranged from … [Read more...]

Wildenthal Gift, Cheryl Pollman’s Award And Sons Of Serendip Highlighted VMLC’s “Wings Of Spring” At The Perot

A lot of fellas probably would have made plans for Monday, April 4, to head home, get in some comfy clothes, and settle down in their fav chair with a brewski in one hand and a snack a reach away to watch the NBA finals. But then they realized they had been scheduled to head to the Perot Museum for VMLC fundraiser Wings of Spring, A Celebration of Literacy. So, the coat and … [Read more...]

Marnie And Kern Wildenthal Establish $100,000 Endowment Fund For VMLC

In each of the last four or five years, current and previous board members of the VMLC (Vickery Meadow Learning Center) have gotten together to catch up and trade ideas about the nonprofit’s work teaching English literacy skills to non-English-speaking adults and young children in diverse, low-income neighborhoods. And, this year was no exception. On Friday, February 12, … [Read more...]

Dallas Historical Society’s Awards For Excellence Luncheon Recognizes Some Of The Best Of Dallas

When one thinks of the history types, lots of ho-hums and yawns come to mind like that 9th grade teacher who had never heard of Bono or Lady Gaga. But the Dallas Historical Society proved that they were replacing any thoughts of cobweb images with cool mover and shakers of today. And managed to do it without losing respect of the area’s past heroes-heroines and … [Read more...]