North Texas Smarty Pants — TAG And Lee Park Jr. Conservancy — Make Kentucky Derby A Two-Day Fest Of Fundraising

Tired of hearing about event collisions? You know. That’s when two or three very interesting fundraisers are scheduled at the same time like this past Wednesday, when the luncheon slam-bang — Linz Award, Planned Parenthood and the Virginia Chandler Dyke — had guests making Solomon-like decisions. Not everyone can be a Janie McGarr, who attended the Linz VIP reception in the Omni’s Trinity Ballroom and then scooted on over to the Omni’s Dallas Ballroom for Planned Parenthood.

But how about some good news about two groups that had competed for the same type of guests and managed to make it all work this year?

Horse racing (File photo)

Back story: In past years, the Kentucky Derby has had the BrainHealth’s Think Ahead Group (TAG) and Lee Park Junior Conservancy holding their fundraisers at the same time to see the Run for the Roses. Ah, but this year those brainiacs came up with an idea — a two-fer by holding their event the night before to get the momentum underway plus celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Gee, no wonder they’re so dang smart!

So, here’s how North Texas is gonna celebrate the Kentucky equine race:

  • Harold Scherrell, Alison Percy, Scott Caldwell and Dan Hunt (File photo)

    Friday, May 5 (8 p.m.-midnight) — TAG holds Cinco de Derby at Marie Gabrielle with margaritas and mint juleps complementing Mexican food. If you haven’t been to Marie Gabrielle, don’t tell a soul. It’s Dallas proper’s sweetheart of an oasis within the concrete forest. Proceeds benefit the Discovery Group, a program at the Center for BrainHealth that “works to improve quality of life after an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.” As for tickets, non-TAG member tickets are going for $87 and members save $20 for their $67 tickets.

To keep things rocking and rolling, wake up late morning and put on your prettiest frock and nattiest duds and prepare for fashionable strutting and horse racing watching. (Editor’s note: put tea bags on top of those partied-out eyes for 10 minutes before applying the makeup.)

  • Tyler Stevens, Gay Donnell and Camille Cain Barnes*

    Saturday, May 6 (4 – 7:30 p.m.) — For the big spenders, the 9th Annual Day at the Races Co-Chairs Camille Cain Barnes and Tyler Stevens announced at the kick-off party at Vineyard Vines that there will be a VIP private champagne reception at Arlington Hall and Lee Park starting at 4 p.m. But, please let the jeans, cowboy boots and leather fringe take the day off. This one demands true southern comfort sundresses and seersuckers topped off with smashing hats. Well, after all, there is a competition for the Best Dressed and Best Hat. If it’s a pretty day, there will be lawn games. But if it’s one of those drizzle days, don’t despair. (Alliteration is everything, don’t you know!). Inside Arlington Hall there will be a silent auction, a wagering table, live music and watching the Derby on major screens. Remember? You’re there for the Kentucky Derby. Tickets are available now with Lee Park Junior Conservancy members getting a thrifty $125 per person and non-members paying $150. For that VIP special, it’ll be $500 for two and it include “an invitation to attend the Patron Party in April.” Love perks!

If you haven’t been to either or both of these events, stand in the stand-out corner. There isn’t a zit in the crowd and even AARP types suddenly become young fillies and stallions.

* Photo provided by Lee Park Junior Conservancy

Lee Park Junior Conservancy Closes Down The Summer Around Hotel ZaZa Pool With Announcements For The Upcoming Year

Those millennials really know how to close down the summer in style. A passel of Lee Park Junior Conservancy (LPJC) peeps were at the Hotel ZaZa on Wednesday, September 7, to bid a fond farewell to the warm season. But along with the partying by the pretty peeps, there was news about the upcoming year for the Conservancy. Here’s a report from the field:

Lee Park Junior Conservancy End of Summer Party*

Lee Park Junior Conservancy End of Summer Party*

Last night the Lee Park Junior Conservancy hosted an End of Summer Poolside Party at Hotel ZaZa. Over 100 young professionals attended, with many new faces in the crowd. The event is a way for LPJC friends to gather and visit about their summer, hear updates from the Conservancy and meet others who are interested in learning more about the organization. Hotel ZaZa’s Riley Nail provided an assortment of delicious summery appetizers and donated 10% of bar sales back to the group.

The LPJC hosts many social events, but is dialing up service opportunities and business networking with other main Conservancy members this year. Several guests decided to join the JC, including 2010 “The Bachelor” Jake Pavelka.

Lauren Ives, Ryan Kirkham, Gay Donnell, Dominique Patton, Tiffany George, Nicole Jacobsen, Petrushka Dickinson, Anne DeFillipo, Sarah Jones and Joe Atkins*

Lauren Ives, Ryan Kirkham, Gay Donnell, Dominique Patton, Tiffany George, Nicole Jacobsen, Petrushka Dickinson, Anne DeFillipo, Sarah Jones and Joe Atkins*

But it wasn’t all fun and membership driving. There was news! The announcement of the LPJC’s new board of directors, who include President Lauren Ives, Vice President Anne DeFilillpo, Secretary Tiffany George, Treasurer Sean March, Membership Co-Chairs Francesco Mainetti and Ryan Kirkham, Service Chair Sarah Jones, Underwriting Co-Chair Joe Atkins and Brock Bridges, Volunteer Chair Petrushka Dickinson, PR Chair Nicole Jacobsen and Events Chair Dominique Patton.

Camille Cain Barnes and Tyler Stevens*

Camille Cain Barnes and Tyler Stevens*

And speaking of LPJC events, plans were also announced about the 9th Annual Day at the Races. Co-Chairs Camille Cain and Tyler Stevens will be in charge of the signature event on Saturday, May 6, that will take place at Lee Park with loads of beauties and beaus in their finest “classic Kentucky Derby chic” attire. And, yes, the 143th Run for the Roses will be on the big screen.

* Photo credit: 
Clark Cabus

Lee Park Junior Conservancy Creatively Revealed The “Goosebump-Making” 2016 Day At The Races Net

There are ways of announcing the results of fundraisers. There’s the good, old familiar check presentation. But then there is the more creative type, like the way the Lee Park Junior Conservancy did in reporting the results of their annual “Day At The Races.”

Teffy Jacobs, Kirsten Williams, Doris Jacobs and Whitney Brune*

Teffy Jacobs, Kirsten Williams, Doris Jacobs and Whitney Brune*

Since Co-Chair Wendy Messmann was unable to attend, Co-Chair Kirsten Williams drafted Honorary Chair Doris Jacobs to help in the presentation at the Trunk Club. Each was “given large cards with numbers on them to post in the right order. While the theme song from ‘The Price Is Right’ played, they made several attempts to the delight of the crowd, finally arriving at $81,460, double the previous year’s net income. Junior Conservancy President Whitney Brune Carroll said that she “got chills and goosebumps” when the number was announced.

And that amazing total couldn’t have come at a better time. According to Lee Park and Arlington Conservancy President/CEO Gay Donnell, “Lee Park has lost several trees that the Conservancy is looking to replace. Arlington Hall is also facing replacement of equipment that has aged since the Hall was restored 14 years ago.”

Thea Van Loggerenberg, Dean Driver and Sara Jones*

Thea Van Loggerenberg, Dean Driver and Sara Jones*

The sponsors of the winning fundraiser included Exxir Group/Nazerian Family —Thea Van Loggerenberg, Doris Jacobs, Four Roses Bourbon — Kent Grindinger, TRUNK CLUB, Consilium Lifestyle Collections—Dean Driver, The Barre Code Design District—Lori Lesneiwski, US Trust/Bank of America Private Wealth Management, Bailey Banks & Biddle/Longines, NorthPark, Whole Foods, Prashe/Flora & Eventi, Allie Beth and Pierce Allman and Sue Krider Dallas Real Estate.

* Photos provided by the Lee Park Junior Conservancy

Lee Park Junior Conservancy Friends Tried On Chapeaus And Adult Beverages Prepping For 8th Annual Day At The Races

After the brutal beating parts of North Texas took the night before, it was amazing that anyone but insurance adjusters would be busy or collision centers would be celebrating on Thursday, March 24.

But leave it the nonprofits to keep hustling on Good Friday eve.

The WaterTower Spotlight Gala patrons were sipping grown-up beverages with a spectacular view of the Addison Natural beauty thanks to WaterTower supporters Barbara and Don Daseke.

Over at NorthPark’s The Theodore patio, about 100 of the Lee Park Junior Conservancy members and friends checked out all types of Derby fashions from NorthPark merchants. After all, the “Eighth Annual Day At The Races” will be taking place on Saturday, May 7, to celebrate/watch the 142nd Kentucky Derby. To still the chill of the cold front that landed in town, patio heaters and glasses of wine kept guests warmed.

Smart Hats

Smart Hats

In the farthest part of the patio, Stefani McMurrey had a pop-up hat boutique of her Smart Hats for guests to try on Derby-friendly chapeaus for possible wear at Lee Park’s Arlington Hall.

When asked if Stefani’s hats would be showing up at the Arboretum’s Mad Hatter’s Tea on Thursday, April 21, Stefani said, “Probably not.” Her reason was the Mad Hatter’s headwear tended to be of a different shape and size than Derby fashion.

On this evening, Co-Chair Wendy Messmann tried on a pink fascinator that went with her pink and white lace dress. It so impressed Wendy that she said the fascinator size would probably be her pick for the Saturday event.

Boyd and Wendy Messmann, Kirsten Williams and Peter Swanson

Boyd and Wendy Messmann, Kirsten Williams and Peter Swanson

Her Co-Chair Kirsten Williams in a black fascinator was getting more look at her ring finger. She and Peter Swanson had just gotten engaged the week before. Had they set a date? No. According to Peter, they were adjusting to being engaged.

Lee Park and Arlington Hall Conservancy President/CEO Gay Donnell reported that in addition to having NorthPark as the sponsor of the Lee Park fundraiser, Doris Jacobs would be the honorary chair and the Jordan Kahn Band would be returning to entertain.

Last year more than 500 broke past records for attendance, so you just know Wendy and Kirsten are out to have another record broken. Tickets start at $150.

Round Robin November 19: Mad Hatter’s Reveal, Art Of Film Patron Party And Vine And Dine

With Thanksgiving just one week away, the evening of Thursday, November 19, seemed like a Republican debate with all types of fundraising activities vying for attention. And, boy, did they get it!

The Lee Park Junior Conservancy was doing a very happy hour for the young professional crowd at Texas Ale Project on N. Riverfront. A percentage of sales was going to the group’s support for “the care and conservation of Lee Park and Arlington Hall.”

Mad Hatter’s Tea Reveal

Jocelyn White, Renee Farren, Connie Carreker and Nerissa Von Helpenstill

Jocelyn White, Renee Farren, Connie Carreker and Nerissa Von Helpenstill

And speaking of care and conservation, the Women’s Council of the Dallas Arboretum was filling Tootsie’s to sip champagne and more importantly to learn 2016 Mad Hatter’s Tea Chair Jocelyn White’s plans for the Thursday, April 21st fundraiser.

Connie Carreker hat

Connie Carreker hat

First off, the honorary chair should have been nobody’s surprise — Connie Carreker. And already living up to honorary responsibilities, Connie was wearing a hat that promoted the event reading, “Wish You Were Here” on the white sunhat brim.

With typical sparkling personality, Jocie revealed the theme for the event at the Arboretum would be “Steel Magnolias” with fashions on the runway in Rosine Hall from Tootsie’s and produced by Jan Strimple. Well, duh!

Tootsies fashions

Tootsies fashions

Steel Magnolias logo designed by Rongrong Devoe*

Steel Magnolias logo designed by Rongrong Devoe*

But she wasn’t finished. Unveiling the logo by Houston illustrator Rongrong Devoe for the heady affair, she announced that Linda Spina would be in charge of the judges, who would include Gary Riggs; “floral engineer” Shane Walker would be creating the luncheon centerpieces and Patricia Armstrong would be chairing underwriting.

With the announcement of the theme, smoke was seen arising from the heads of Women’s Council President Reneé Farren, Mary Lee Cox and Nancy Labadie on how their chapeaus would vie for prizes in the hat competition. The clock is ticking. Get those designs going.

The Art Of Film Patron Party

Brett and Lester Levy

Brett and Lester Levy

Brett and Lester Levy Jr.’s love of the late artist Andy Warhol was obvious to all as they entered the Levy home. In the entry of their Highland Park residence were the Warhol portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Chairman Mao.

Was this interest new? No, according to Lester, who’s also a photographer, he started collecting art when he was in his 20s.

And exactly what was the connection between the Levys’ Warhols and their hosting The Art of Film patron party the night before the Dallas Film Society’s fundraiser? Simple. The dinner and conversation with featured actress Isabella Rossellini would be taking place at The Space, where an incredible collection of Warhol drawings and photos would serve as a backdrop for the film lovers.

Seems so right, since Isabella was one of the late artist’s muses and friends.

Stan Levenson, Stacy Girard and Lee Papert

Stan Levenson, Stacy Girard and Lee Papert

In the crowd was Honorary Co-Chair Stan Levenson telling Art of Film Co-Chair Stacy Girard and Dallas Film Society President/CEO Lee Papert that wife/Co-Chair Barbara Levenson was under the weather, but she would definitely be showing up the next night fit as a fiddle.

Vine and Dine

At the Neiman Marcus flagship store in downtown Dallas, meantime, about 145 guests gathered for the eighth annual Vine and Dine event benefiting Ability Connection Texas, which provides a range of services for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Piper and Mike Wyatt and Margaret Stafford**

Piper and Mike Wyatt and Margaret Stafford**

The fundraiser, co-chaired this year by Piper and Mike Wyatt and Margaret Stafford, provided the nonprofit group with money to “empower individuals to live the best life possible by removing barriers that inhibit independence and autonomy.”

Now that Margaret has “retired” from her duties at PaperCity, she’s turned her sights to supporting various efforts like Ability Connection Texas in addition to watching son/Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford playing football on Sundays.

DeeDee Lee, Kayla Roughton and Inette Brown**

DeeDee Lee, Kayla Roughton and Inette Brown**

Pam and Vin Perella**

Pam and Vin Perella**

Among those enjoying the festive evening were new Uptown residents DeeDee and Jim Lee (they sold their big old home and decided to downsize and revitalize in the Uptown neighborhood), Debbie and Chuck Wilson, Lynn McBee, Meredith and Jack Woodworth, Kayla Roughton, Inette Brown, Kristin and Quintan Cockerell and Vin Perella with wife Pam Perella, who was receiving congrats on being announced just a couple of days before as the chair for the 2017 Crystal Charity Ball.

Jack Woodworth, Jeffrey Woodworth and Meredith Woodworth**

Jack Woodworth, Jeffrey Woodworth and Meredith Woodworth**

Following a cocktail reception on the store’s ground level, the guests moved up to the sixth floor Zodiac Room for a wonderful dinner prepared by NM Chef Kevin Garvin, complete with wines. Then there was a live auction.

* Graphic provided by the Women's Council of the Dallas Arboretum 
** Photo credit: Andy Keye + Whitney Photography

JUST IN: Lee Park’s Junior Conservancy Announces 2015-2016 Board Plus New Development For Day At The Races

Lee Park’s Junior Conservancy has grown dramatically in recent years. One of the areas that has seen the greatest growth has been the annual Day At The Races. It’s the “largest annual fundraiser for the Park and Hall.”

Just got word from Conservancy President & CEO Gay Donnell that last night the Junior Conservancy revealed the new slate of officers for 2015-2016, as well as plans “to take the event (Day At The Races) to the next level in terms of fundraising for the Park and Hall.”

The announcements took place at Hotel ZaZa’s terrace surrounding the pool. Oh, but you want to know who and what was announced. Here goes!

The 2015-2016 Board of Directors will be:

Samara Mele Cude, Sarah Jones, Whiteney Brune, Tyler Stevens, Kelly Dowling, Kirsten Williams and Anne DeFilippo*

Samara Mele Cude, Sarah Jones, Whitney Brune, Tyler Stevens, Kelly Dowling, Kirsten Williams and Anne DeFilippo*

  • President – Whitney Brune
  • Vice President – Tyler Stevens
  • Secretary – Kelly Dowling
  • Treasurer – Samara Cude
  • Membership – Anne DeFilippo
  • Events – Sarah Jones
  • PR/Marketing/Communications – Lisa Collins and Jordan Kragen
  • Volunteer – Lauren Ives
  • Day at the Races Junior Conservancy Chair – Kirsten Williams
Wendy Messmann, Gay Donnelly and Kirsten Williams

Wendy Messmann, Gay Donnelly and Kirsten Williams*

As for the Day At The Races, Gay reports they “sought an experienced co-chair from the community. We are so excited to announce that the first Community Chair will be Wendy Messmann, who will work in tandem with JC Derby Chair Kirsten.”

According to Wendy, “I am so happy to be the first Community Chair for Day at the Races. Arlington Hall and Lee Park are a beautiful oasis in the heart of Dallas and so many families make memories there. It’s my privilege to help spread the Conservancy’s mission and educate others about what it takes to keep this peaceful green space looking so lovely.”

Day At The Races will take place at Arlington Hall on Saturday, May 7. Well, of course, it will. That’s when the Kentucky Derby will run for the roses.

* Photo provided by Lee Park Junior Conservancy

And They Were Off And Running In Dallas For The Roses, BrainHealth And Lee Park With Big Turnouts

So the ladies of the Arboretum’s Women’s Council may have cornered the market when it comes to the world of whimsical hat occasions with its Mad Hatter’s Tea. But giving the Hatters a run for its money is Derby Day. No, not like the restaurant, but like the Kentucky Derby. Sure, it’s in Kentucky and the only local connection lately has been Lisa and Kenny Troutt‘s Super Saver in 2010, but you don’t have to be in Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


Briggs' estate grounds

This year the running of the roses fell on the same day as Cinco de Mayo (May 5), so it was definitely open to a slight tweaking of the usual horse-race celebration. But to do it just right took brains and that was no problem for the Think Ahead Group (TAG) Derby folks, since they were raising funds for BrainHealth. Co-chairs Ginna McLanahan and Molly Soper seamlessly blended the two celebrations with the theme, “Sombreros & Seersuckers.” They also man-

Faye Briggs

aged to bring the event back for a second year to Faye Briggs‘ estate, despite Faye’s having just gotten out of the hospital after a nasty lung infection. Most folks would have stayed in bed propped up with pillows watching the race on a big, old HDTV, but not Faye. No way. There’s nothing she loves more than raising funds and the fun of having young people filling the house and grounds.

Dr. Sandi Chapman

BrainHealth brain Dr. Sandi Chapman was thrilled with the turnout on the beautiful day. Last year’s event drew 200 and they doubled it this year making it TAG’s biggest fundraising event of the year. Perhaps that’s why everywhere you looked you saw all types of hats, sundresses, heels and good-looking people.

Briggs estate terrace

Despite delicious margaritas, mint juleps and other grownup beverages being served up, there

Lara Sorokolit

was more action than imbibing taking place. The entire back acreage of the Briggs estate was filled with a Taste of the South tent next to a taco

Katie Bivins

stand, a Southern Sips Bar, Derby Rafffle, Lawn Games & Lounge and  a Photo Booth with a Blue Grass Band playing away.  On the covered terrace, donuts were being made by Lil’ Bits Mini across the way from another Southern Sips Bar.

Keith Conlon and Catherine Schreiner

Perhaps that’s why getting on to the grounds became as challenging as a rocking horse winning the Ken-

Rachel Hawes and Kelly White

tucky Derby. While some guests simply gave up the wait for valets and parked their cars a block or so away, others patiently waited their turn as the non-stop car parkers raced the course. One older gent who evidently was not attending the party and found going against the lineup frustrating, saluted the waiting guests in a way that would have been scrambled out on television.

As some guests were leaving, a police car pulled up and an officer headed to the front door. Was he arresting the diminutive Faye for a too-successful party? Or was it illegal to have a horse politely standing in the front of the house to greet guests? Neither. He was just checking on “Mrs. Briggs” because everyone in the department is so fond of her. Dadgummit, here there might have been a TMZ moment of seeing Faye in handcuffs being led to the squad car.


Alden Katz, Jennifer Bock, Leslie Ford, Erin Jesberger and Abigail Baber

Across town at Arlington Hall in Lee Park, the Junior Conservancy held its 4th annual “Day at the Races” to raise funds for the “development, conservation and maintenance” of the park and hall. While it was a similar number of good-looking stylish types, the tone was much more in keeping with the Derby.

Norah Meier

Ladies’ hats were strictly Kentucky-types ranging from fascinators to big-brims. What else could be

Whitney Williamson

expected by a bit of southern comfort to go along with the look and that was supplied by Woodford Reserve’s mint juleps and fine southern cuisine? For entertainment, lawn games once

Diane Wilson, Sharla Stevanovic, Nicole Lee and Brittney Woodward

again were the civilized play with music provided by Justin Cash. There was one spot on the lawn fronting Turtle Creek where the men

Vladimir Stevanovic, Ashley and John Pope

gathered. Was it a hot babe? Hot, yes. Babe, not quite. It was a table where a craftsman was hand rolling cigars.

For the VIP guests Co-chairs Alex Baker and Lauren Lapeyre arranged access to the private terrace and “upgraded bar” complete with Herradura Tequila margaritas and Cinco de Mayo tidbits. You didn’t think they were going to actually ignore the Mexican celebration, did you?

Watching the Kentucky Derby

Ah, regardless of the ticket status, all gathered in the Great Hall to watch the race on the mega-screen when start time came. Whether you were born with a racing form in your hand or just loved the movie “Secretariat,” everyone got into the thrill of the moment as I’ll Have Another surprised all including Bodemeister.

Susan Rucks, Amanda Porter and Katherine Ritchey

Then it was back to partying both at Churchill Downs and in Dallas.

Share-A-Date: Day At The Races

Day at the Races (File photo)

Saturday, May 5: The Kentucky Derby may be celebrating its 138th year of running the horses at Churchill Downs, but the Lee Park Junior Conservancy is gearing up for its 4th Annual Day at the Races. Thanks to presenting sponsor Park Place Volvo, Arlington Hall at Lee Park will be brimming with gals in elegant chapeaus and nattily attired gents. Besides being a great excuse to party, the event also raises “funds for the development, conservation and maintenance of Lee Park and Arlington Hall.”

Because it’s such a civilized gathering in honor of the Derby, event co-chairs Alex Baker and Lauren Lapeyre have arranged for “fine southern cuisine and beverages, including Woodford Reserve mint juleps, cigar rolling, lawn games, live entertainment by Justin Cash” and “over-the-top raffle packages, race prices and best dressed and hat contests.” Of course, Junior Conservancy members get a discount on tickets, but who’s quibbling when you’re eating, drinking and derbying.

If it’s a beautiful day, then the rolling lawn leading down to Turtle Creek will be opened to the gathering . . . until the big race gets under way. Then all will head to the big-screen flat screens to see the “run for the roses.”

The VIP crowd will naturally get the perks of the day including “hassle-free check-in, passed hors d’oeuvres and premium southern cuisine, access to the private terrace and upgraded bar, including Herradura Tequila margaritas and sampling in honor of the Kentucky Derby’s Cinco de Mayo date.”

You did know that May 5 is also Cinco de Mayo, didn’t you? Do you think they’ll be serving ceviche and tequila shots in Louisville? Neither do we.

Tip of the Hat to Lee Park Conservancy's Day at the Races

Saturday afternoon Lee Park Conservancy head honcho John Williams looked around Arlington Hall and outside at the various patios and lawns leading down to Turtle Creek. Everywhere he spied gorgeous young people being utterly charming, carefree and chumming around. Lovely young women in fabulous hats and Jay Gatsby look-alikes in bow ties and natty attire were crowding the place to attend the Junior Conservancy‘s “Day at the Races” and watch a very soggy Kentucky Derby.

While the race itself didn’t take place until 5:30-ish, the party started at 2:30. Who needs a race when you have fun just watching people and the clothes. Each one had a tale.

For instance, blond relative-newlywed Natalie Metzger Lesikar (pictured) was in a hotter-than-legal pink sundress. It wasn’t hers. Nope, it belonged her “grandmother.” Well, not really her real grandmother, [Read more…]

Will Lookin at Lucky be Center of Attention at Lee Park Saturday?

If you want to impress your friends between now and Saturday afternoon, just toss out,

Lookin at Lucky is starting to look better as the leader now that Eskendereya has been pulled due to injury.

You’ll be so-in-the-know regarding Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Now, if you want to really impress them, just ask what time they’ll be attending the race. When they raise their eyebrows, just confess that you’re talking about Park Place Volvo’s “Day at the Races” from 3 to 7 at Lee Park’s Arlington Hall. Did they really think you were taking off for Kentucky, when all the fun will be in Dallas?

Since it’s being tossed by the Lee Park Junior Conservancy, you can expect lots of beautiful people, an abundance of refreshments, and civilized frivolity.