A Night To Remember’s Meet And Greet With Jennifer Hudson At The Winspear Was A Warm Get Together For CitySquare

The Winspear green room was more like a hot house on the night of Saturday, September 9. With at least three portable mini-heaters blowing away, it would have made an orchid feel right at home.

On the other hand, for guests preparing for CitySquare’s meet-and-greet with A Night To Remember concert headliner Jennifer Hudson, it was a bit toasty.

The reason for the hot times was the songbird’s concern for her voice. And anyone who had heard Hudson’s singing, they would understand and downright defend her need for warmth.

Stephanie Fox and Nick Sowell

After briefly cocktailing in the Hamon’s suite that was truly decked out, the top-drawer types like Stephanie Fox and Nick Sowell, Caleb Tam and Vy Duong, Jillian Jaccar Conry and Gerardo Diaz Blanco,  Erica  and Jack Thomason and Gernise and Terry Flowers lined up for the grip-and grin outside the green room. Inside Co-Chairs Wendy Messmann, Sherel Riley and Tiffany Touchstone-Hawkins were joined by CitySquare’s Brenda and Larry James.

Sherel Riley, Wendy Messmann and Tiffany Touchstone-Hawkins

On cue, Jennifer arrived in a denim shirt over a black top. While her smile was nearly blinding, her skin was what the cosmetic industry only wishes to achieve. She looked so rested and relaxed.

Without hesitation, she walked up to one and all in the room and greeted them. It was almost like she was ready to settle back and spend the evening chatting with them.

Larry James, Jennifer Hudson and Brenda James

But the handlers recognized there were dozens of big spenders waiting for a brief howdy-do and a quick photo. Jennifer’s one request as she walked over to the backdrop was, “Don’t shoot my feet.” All eyes shot to her feet. Were there extra toes? A tattoo? Nope. They looked as normal as could be. But who cared? It was the face, the smile and the voice that mattered.

And the concert proved that all three were in marvelous shape. For her reward, Jennifer and her crew toddled back to The Joule for a good night’s sleep, knowing that they had raised funds to help combat homelessness in Dallas.

Highland Park United Methodist Church And CitySquare Join Forces To Fight Poverty

Such words as collaboration and partnering are such sweet words when it comes to nonprofits tackling issues facing the community. Such a joining up has just been announced. Highland Park United Methodist Church and CitySquare are coming together to “fight against the causes and effects of poverty in Dallas…This unique partnership aims to raise awareness, while working to overcome growing and deepening poverty in the city.”

Paul Rasmussen (File photo)

Paul Rasmussen (File photo)

Larry James (File photo)

Larry James (File photo)

According to HPUMC Rev. Paul Rasmussen, “Nobody fights poverty more effectively than (CitySquare CEO/Rev.) Larry James. To bring his level of leadership and match it with our resources, we think we will forge an unbelievable team. Together, we are absolutley going to make a difference in the city of Dallas.”

Plans call for CitySquare’s Rev. Larry James to “be appointed to the clergy at HPUMC. Rev. James’ objective is to educate and inform about the issue of poverty and to enlist the congregations at HPUMC and their East Dallas campus, Munger Place Church, in strategies and action to challenge it. He will facilitate opportunities for members and guests to use their talents and treasures to make a difference at CitySquare in the lives of those in need across our city.”