2017 Junior Cattle Barons Ball Celebrants Created Pillow Artwork Before Attending Disney On Ice At American Airlines Center

As the princesses and princes lined up at American Airlines Center for the Disney on Ice performance on Sunday, March 19, there was a VIP gathering already underway at AAC's Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Club for the ultimate royals. They were the kids from Children’s Health and Children’s Medical Center who had locked horns with the ultimate dragon — cancer. But they weren’t just … [Read more...]

2016 Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball Partied With Painted Faces And Hula Hoops Before Heading To The Circus

On Sunday, August 7, the Cattle Baron's Ball Baronesses and their kids held the annual Junior Cattle Baron's Ball honoring the munchkin cancer warriors from Children's Health and Medical City Children's Hospital at a party at American Airlines Center's Old Number 7 before the Barnum and Bailey Circus. There were kid-friendly swag bags and loads of food, but the real action was … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: 2016 Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball

While many were in faraway places or sleeping in on Sunday, August 7, Cattle Baronesses Mary C. Corrigan and Lisa Ogle were hustling down at AT&T Arena for the annual Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball. The event celebrates munchkins and their families, who are battling childhood cancer. And what were the two most popular items at the party? Well, you’ll … [Read more...]

Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball Cowboyed Up And Booted Cancer For A Three-Ring Party

On Sunday, August 2, the Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball commenced in the Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Club in the American Airlines Center just before the very special guests took their seats for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Joining their CBB parents, youngsters like Sloane Ogle, Izzy Ogle, Stella Wynne and Ford Wynne helped hand out the gift bags and welcomed … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: 2014 Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball

Wow! This morning has been filled with jewelry. Makes you want to get a new jewel box. But how about some photos of other types of gems? You know the kind that only get bigger and bigger thanks to great health care and fundraising. Have we got a deal for you! The MySweetCharity Photo Gallery just posted pictures from the Saturday, April 12th Junior Cattle Baron's Ball … [Read more...]