The Senior Source Honored 2017 Spirit Of Generations Awardees Diane And John Scovell With Some Tricks And Treats

Hyatt Regency Dallas guests probably thought that Halloween was getting an early start on Tuesday, October 31. Passing them by were a blonde in black attire topped off with a black cowboy hat and red cape, a person in oversized cowboy costume, cheerleaders and munchkins in red T-shirts reading 2027 Panthers.

Actually, all these characters were on site as part of The Senior Source’s Spirit of Generations Luncheon honoring longtime Texas Tech loyalists Diane and John Scovell, as well as present the 2017 Molly H. Bogen Service Award to Lori Daniels.

Fred and Jan Hegi

Bob White

Carolyn Miller

As the Landmark Circle filled to capacity for the VIP reception with Gail and Gerald Turner, 2016 Spirit Awardees Jan and Fred Hegi, 2011 Spirit Awardee Carolyn Miller, 2010 Spirit Awardees Marnie and Kern Wildenthal, Sarah and Alan Losinger, Caren Kline, Kristen and Jim Hinton, Tucker Enthoven with her mom Julie Ford, John and Betty Crawford, Debbie Oates, Brent Christopher, Robin Robinson and Margo Goodwin, The Senior Source President/CEO Cortney Nicolato and Bank of Texas Dallas Market Executive Bob White welcomed the crowd.

Diane Scovell

One or two of the group admitted that they had headed to the Anatole, where the event had been held in the past. But since John had built the Hyatt along with the world-renowned tower, it was only right to honor him in his hotel.

One guest was huffing as she arrived after parking her car in the satellite parking lot. She admitted that the lunch was just the second time that she had been to the Hyatt and climbing the hill in high heels for John was a labor of love. The next time she was gonna valet.

Alan White and John Scovell

Mary Montgomery and Kristi Hoyl

At 11:30 the Landmark Ballroom was filling with longtime friends of the Scovells like Texas Tech buddy Alan White was tableside with Pat SchenkelKristi Hoyl and Mary Montgomery spied each other across the way. They were both in similar dresses… Alan Walne was still sporting a sling due to surgery…Former Senior Source President/CEO Molly Bogen arrived to hugs from Lindalyn Adams …’nother former Senior Sourcer Betty Houser reported that after a year off for “temporary retirement,” she was considering a return to the nonprofit sector… and Pat McCallum, Barbara Stuart, County Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia, District Attorney Faith Johnson and Brad Cheves.

Pete Schenkel, Brad Cheves and Alan Walne

Betty Houser and Stephanie Russell

Just past noon Senior Source Board Chair John Taylor III got things started by introducing Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church Senior Pastor Rev. Matthew Ruffiner, who gave the invocation, and Luncheon Chair Carol Lupton Huckin and Diamond Underwriter Baylor Scott And White Health CEO Jim Hinton addressed the crowd as lunch was served.

In presenting the Bogen Service Award with Molly to Lori, Cortney told how Lori had served in various capacities to help the elderly. Lori even created an underwear donation drive called “The Reverse Panty Raid” and a gift drive for the holidays. That first year, “ten seniors were adopted.” Last year 200 personalized gifts were delivered to clients.

Lori Daniels, Cortney Nicolato and Molly Bogen

Lori recalled how she had joined The Senior Source after seeing a notice in The Dallas Morning News for a volunteer opportunity. That was 20 years ago. Since that time, she has involved friends, family and especially her husband, Jim Daniels.

A video was shown detailing the countless programs that The Senior Source provides. Just last year they accommodated 33,000 “older adults.”

As the lights came up, a couple of white rocking chairs were now on the left side of the stage in front of a row of faux hedges with twinkling lights. In the back of the ballroom, cheerleaders and other characters waited.

Red Raider and Masked Rider

Following the video, Cortney asked that guests visit a senior and text donations. She then explained that while the fundraiser often took place around Thanksgiving, this year “We’re just trying to mess with you today and do it on Halloween.”

As Cortney left the stage and Diane and John took their places in the rocking chairs. A voice over the PA revealed how it was a Scovell tradition at Halloween that trick or treaters must do a trick before getting a treat. In keeping with that idea, it was announced that Stage Fright Events had been hired to screen the masses who seek their 15 minutes of fame “on the Scovells’ front porch.

John and Diane Scovell

The skit provided laughs as one of the screeners proved not to be the sharpest tack in the box saying that

  • John had met Diane when she was a traveling rodeo clown. No, Diane had been a rodeo queen in Brady. And they met in college — Texas Tech, of course.
  • John’s dad, Field Scovell, had been “Mr. Spandex Bowl.” No, Field had been Mr. Cotton Bowl.
  • John had built the Eiffel Tower. No, he had built Reunion Tower.
  • In college, Diane and John were named Mr. and Miss Texas A and …. No, they were named Mr. and Miss Texas Tech.

Preston Hollow Elementary School third graders

The first to tryout were future Hillcrest Panthers/third graders from Preston Hollow Elementary, who sang “Skin and Bones.” [Editor’s note: It was pretty darn adorable.]

Next up was the Reunion Tower Ball that texted via the big screen that it and the Scovells go back 39 years. For its trick, the revolving ball displayed a lit pumpkin.

Reunion Tower

Texas Tech cheerleaders

The final tryout on stage was the Texas Tech crew including the cheerleaders shouting “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar. All for seniors  stand up and holler.” With that the Tech fight song played, Masked Rider and Raider Red arrived on stage and the guests stood.

With the Diane and John still rocking, Underwriting Chair John Crawford replaced the Stage Fright team and told how the Scovells had made a dynamic impact on Dallas education, business, health and environment by looking “to the future with a reverence for the past.” In the Scovell world, “Success is a team sport.”

John Crawford, Carol Huckin, John and Diane Scovell and John Taylor

John Taylor and Carol joined John Crawford in presenting the award to the Scovells.

After receiving the award, John Scovell retired to his chair and Diane admitted, “I want to shut the doors and get around to everybody…We’re appreciative and so very uncomfortable. It’s kinda not our style.” She asked everyone who had been involved with any of the Scovell projects for the betterment of Dallas. It seemed like all but a handful stood. At one point she told how their sons had been such troopers even when John coached them in soccer but knew nothing about the sport.

It was now time for John to address the group by defending his soccer skills. “My father told me early on. He said, ‘Son, if you can’t use your hands, it must be a communist sport.’ That was my introduction to soccer.” He then had Diane join him at the podium. Once again he recalled something his father had told him, “He had spent a lot of time at events like this and he said, ‘Son, if you’re to speak and have a nice audience, here’s what you tell them. You stand up to be seen. You speak up to be heard. You sit down to be appreciated.”

And from the audience’s response, the Scovells were truly appreciated.

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MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: The Spirit Of Generations Award Luncheon

Preston Hollow Elementary School third graders

Red Raider and Masked Rider

Texas Tech cheerleader

Some guests at the Hyatt Regency probably thought that Halloween was being celebrated early on Tuesday, October 31, with Hillcrest 2027 graduates, Texas Tech Masked Rider and Red Raider walking through the lobby area. Actually the future Panther grads and Tech mascots were on hand for The Senior Source’s annual Spirit of Generations Luncheon honoring Diane and John Scovell.

John Crawford, Carol Huckin, John and Diane Scovell and John Taylor

While the post is being finalized, check out the notables in attendance at MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

MySweetCharity Opportunity: Spirit Of Generations Award Luncheon

According to The Senior Source’s 2017 Spirit of Generations Award Luncheon Chair
Carol Huckin,

Carol Huckin*

We have some big changes happening at this year’s Spirit of Generations Award Luncheon. First of all, we will be gathering at a different venue when we present this year’s award to Diane and John Scovell, whose civic engagement, entrepreneurial vision and outstanding leadership have helped transform the Dallas landscape. For those who may not know, John is the Co-Founder/Chairman of Woodbine Development Corporation. His first project, and the one that remains his pride and joy, was the Hyatt Regency with its landmark Reunion Tower. As such, the event will be held there. The luncheon will also be held earlier than in years’ past, so mark your calendars now for Tuesday, October 31, from 12 to 1:30 p.m., at the Hyatt Regency.

The Scovells’ contributions—in real estate, education, the nonprofit sector and more—have had a huge impact on our community and they will continue to benefit generations to come. We are thrilled to be honoring them.”

Diane and John Scovell**

But, don’t worry. Amidst these changes, some things will certainly stay the same, like the luncheon’s trademark humor and brevity.

The Spirit luncheon is The Senior Source’s biggest event of the year—bringing together 1,000 supporters to celebrate the honorees’ universal appeal and ageless spirit that transcend the generations. Monies raised at the event are critical to The Senior Source’s operation of programs and services which are provided to more than 30,000 older adults annually through community engagement, support, independence, advocacy, financial security and protection.

Individual patron tickets begin at $150, and tables start at $1500. For more information, please call 214. 823.5700 ext. 6120 or [email protected].”

About The Senior Source
Since 1961, The Senior Source has served greater Dallas as the go-to nonprofit for aging services.  The agency offers personalized assistance, protection, and connection support to all older adults in greater Dallas for these individuals to “Thrive.” A United Way service provider, The Senior Source offers comprehensive programs for those 50 years of age and older. For more information, contact The Senior Source at 214.823.5700 or visit You can also find The Senior Source on Facebook at or Twitter using the handle @theseniorsource. 

* Photo credit: Kristina Bowman 
** Photo provided by The Senior Source

Surrounded By Family And Longtime Friends Alan White Accepts 2016 Henry Cohn Humanitarian Award

North Texas had had its fill of rain on Thursday, June 2, and still the wet stuff fell, causing hairstyles to droop and traffic to clog up. With the latter in mind, Lee Ann and 2016 Henry Cohn Humanitarian Awardee Alan White started off early from their home in Uptown to the Westin Galleria. But luck was with them, as the traffic jam was southward bound.

Alan and Lee Ann White and Diane and John Scovell

Alan and Lee Ann White and Diane and John Scovell

Even better, they arrived early enough to pose for the obligatory photos and check out the Westin ballroom with their pals Diane and John Scovell. It was noted that John had papers in his hand. The reason? In addition to being one of Alan’s oldest buds, he was also serving as the evening’s emcee.

In the meantime, in the reception lobby there was a large bowl of water on a table. One guest told his friends he was going to go get a glass of the wet stuff. Luckily, he was advised that the arrangement was for the Jewish custom of handwashing before a meal at which bread is eaten. The now-informed chap headed to the bar for a drink instead.

Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse

Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse

Lois and Ross Finkleman

Lois and Ross Finkleman

As the reception hall filled with bold-facers (Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse, Patty and James Huffines, Crawford Brock, Ann Sappington, Cate and Jeremy Ford, Toni and Boone Pickens, Diane and Ron Howard, Hill Feinberg, Susan and Bill Hayner, Donna and Herb Weitzman, Joan and Alan Walne, Helen and Frank Risch, Marla and Mike Boone, Larry Schoenbrun, Phyllis and Ron Steinhart, Lois and Ross Finkleman, Andrew Pool, Neil  Goldberg, Lana and Barry Andrews, to name a few), Lee Ann reported that son Michael Fowler had indeed been busy. In addition to recovering from oral surgery sans painkillers, he had just been named Addiction and Recovery Resource Associate at Highland Park United Methodist Church. The Whites were preparing to greet another grandchild in a couple of months, thanks to Amy and Logan Passmore. Lee Ann herself had been very busy, revealing that the Whites’ two-year-long project of building a new home was nearly completed, with a move-in date of June 15… Micki and Mike Rawlings were preparing for a four-day getaway in Mexico to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary…Pat Smith arrived just in time for dessert with husband Emmitt Smith, who’d already made the rounds, including drawing a hug from Jerry Jones.

Marla and Mike Boone

Marla and Mike Boone

Michael Fowler

Michael Fowler

Amy Passmore

Amy Passmore

Micki and Mike Rawlings

Micki and Mike Rawlings

As the program began, first up was Jonathan A. Greenblatt, a serial entrepreneur turned CEO of the national Anti-Defamation League, who eloquently explained the ADL and the Henry Cohn Humanitarian Award, with just one little hiccup (“How many here read the Dallas Morning Herald every morning?” he asked the crowd at one point). The Cohn award, we learned, was established by the ADL’s North Texas/Oklahoma Regional Board to pay tribute to an outstanding community member who inspires leadership in preserving liberty, counteracting bigotry, and advancing the cause of human rights and equal opportunity. Then Jonathan gave the floor to Scovell, who recalled growing up with Alan in Lubbock before introducing a tribute video featuring the likes of Feinberg, Lee Ann (Alan “has got a heart the size of Texas,” she said), and J.J. Gomez, a top executive with White’s PlainsCapital Bank. “Race, color, or creed have never made a difference to” Alan, J.J. said. “I’m the poster child for that!” Added Truman Arnold, one of the evening’s event chairs along with Hill: Alan is “just a good guy.”

Alan White

Alan White

With that it was time for Marcy Helfand, the ADL’s regional board chair, to take the podium and present Alan with the 2016 Cohn award. Beaming and sincere, the man of the hour began his remarks: “I do appreciate all that’s been said. I subscribe to what [the award] is. And I’m humbled, grateful, and appreciate” of the honor. Then the veteran banker expressed his appreciation more specifically, beginning with Lee Ann. “She’s truly been a great partner … and opened the door for me to so many relationships,” Alan said. “She’s the air beneath my wings, and it takes a lot of air to keep me up!

“My friends have taught me so many lessons. Harold and Annette [Simmons] were so instrumental to me. He was a giant of a man, and had a huge heart,” Alan went on, referring to the late billionaire businessman. “Boone Pickens—there’s a character! He taught me that when you lose, you move on. When you get knocked down, you get back up. … Jerry and Gene [Jones], you talk about the strength of the family! They take on a lot of criticism. Jerry’s taught me that you take the criticism and let it roll off your back.

Boone and Toni Pickens

Boone and Toni Pickens

Barry Andrews and Emmitt Smith

Barry Andrews and Emmitt Smith

“Lana and Barry Andrews are so generous. I can’t say enough about them,” Alan said, gazing out at the big crowd and preparing to wrap up the memorable evening. “These people have all taught me a lot.”