2018 KidneyTexas Inc. Board Members/Officers Announced

Mary Lee Cox and Therese Rourk (File photo)

Sandy Secor (File photo)

Donna Arp Weitzman (File photo)

Annalee Aston and Joanna Tollenaere (File photo)

With the year ahead, new leaderships are being revealed for the are nonprofits. 2018 KidneyTexas Inc. President Mary Lee Cox has announced the following lineup of board members including Sandy Secor as president-elect, Donna Arp Weitzman as 1st VP membership, Annalee Aston and Joanna Tollenaere as 2nd VP luncheon, Kendra Karlock as 3rd VP charity selection, Jeannie Nethery as recording secretary, Jennie Gilchrist as corresponding secretary, Stacey Wiggins as treasurer, Cindy Hanson as treasurer-elect, Natalie Taylor as historian and Andrea Alcorn as parliamentarian.

Serving at advisory board chair will be Mary Lee’s daughter/past KidneyTexas Inc. President Therese Rourk.