Sponsor Reception At Canary Boutique Benefits Jonathan’s Place And Its Upcoming A Chance To Soar Luncheon Featuring Jeannette Walls

Jonathan's Place, which offers a variety of services to help abused and neglected children, says it's facing a roughly $1.28 million budget shortfall this fiscal year. So it's counting on its seventh annual A Chance to Soar Luncheon fundraiser on Tuesday, April 3, to help close the gap. On Tuesday, February 6, it also welcomed the support of about 100 guests who turned out for … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Jeannette “The Glass Castle” Walls To Keynote Jonathan’s Place’s 7th Annual “A Chance To Soar Luncheon”

After last year’s gangbuster fundraiser featuring Olympian Simone Biles on stage and Dirk Nowitzki in the audience, Jonathan Place’s 7th Annual A Chance To Soar Luncheon organizers decided they needed bigger digs for the event on Tuesday, April 3. According to Jonathan’s Place CEO Allicia Graham Frye, “We’ve already sold so many tables that we had to move to a larger venue … [Read more...]

Soup’s On! Luncheon Provided Fun For Chefs And A Lesson That Homelessness Is Not Limited To Strangers

While Downtown Dallas Kingpin John Crawford was doing his state-of-the-downtown presentation Tuesday at the Omni Dallas, Dallas Mayor "Big Mike" Rawlings wasn't there. Nope. Sporting a new haircut, he was over at Union Station front row center for the Soup's On! luncheon benefiting The Stewpot. While this pick of the two lunches was tough, he probably was loyal to his … [Read more...]

Soup’s On! Patron Party Showcases Tuesday’s Jeannette Walls And Auction Art At Jan And Fred Hegi Home

Jan and Fred Hegi's very, very special home that is magically blended into the environment of gurgling streams and tree-shaded grounds was opened up, much to the frustration of traffic, for the patrons of Soup's On! today night. While the home may have been a major draw for guests, a couple of other items soon attracted the key attention of guests. First, there was … [Read more...]

While Nine Cooks Will Be In The Kitchen Tuesday For “Soup’s On!”, Jeannette Walls Will Tell Quite A Tale

The area temperature grids look more like the Titan at Six Flags. Up and down and all around. It's this kind of weather that harvests a bounty of colds and flus. Ah, but you did get your flu shot, so not to worry about that one. But still there's nothing like a hot bowl of soup, especially if it didn't come in a can. Does anyone make soup from scratch?Yes. In fact, some of … [Read more...]