Entrepreneur, Engineer, Executive, Educator Bobby B. Lyle To Receive The J. Erik Jonsson Ethics Award On March 29

Like the late Dallas Mayor J. Erik Jonsson, Bobby B. Lyle has worn many hats. Both have been known as accomplished entrepreneurs, engineers, business executives, philanthropists and community leaders. Despite an age difference of more than 40 years, they also had visions of greatness for North Texas and the entities that would make the region world class. While Erik built … [Read more...]

UPDATE: J. Erik Jonsson Patron Party At Old Red Museum

There's been a change of plans but only slightly. Think back to the news about the J. Erik Jonsson exhibition at Old Red Museum that will open on Monday, November 4. Originally, it was announced that a patrons party would take place on the night before (aka Sunday, November 3). Well, it seems that someone looked at scheduling and decided that it might be wiser to hold the … [Read more...]

The Old Red Museum Announces “J. Erik Jonsson: Dream No Small Dreams: Dallas In The 1960’s”

If you think it’s hot now, just wait till November when all the activities surrounding the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination take place. The events that are being planned are considerate, well-thought through and of a historic nature. The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture has just announced plans for an exhibition and special event … [Read more...]