Get Shot Up Before The Season’s Flu Gets You Down

That weekend cold front was a brisk reminder to start preparing for winter ahead. There are cashmere sweaters and thigh-high boots to bring out from hiding in the closet. Kitchens are heating up with soups, meat loaves and homemade breads. Lemonade and icy drinks are being replaced by hot chocolates and Irish coffee. Noses are detecting the scents of pinion wood burning in chimineas and fire pits.

Connie Yates and Tom Thumb

And speaking of noses, it’s definitely time to get the infamous flu shot.

To make the “ouch” a little less painful, Tom Thumb’s Connie Yates is offering a 10% off coupon on groceries up to $200, if you get your shot in one of its pharmacies. Why not get “shot up” at Tom Thumb’s and use your coupon for holiday feasting. Or, better yet, load up on canned food goods and donate them to your favorite food bank. The coupon is good through March 31!

And, no. Connie didn’t pay for this flu reminder.

MySweetCharity Reminder: Do Yourself A Favor And Get Shot

While Ebola virus is getting all the news coverage, healthcare workers stress that the upcoming flu season is a great concern, too. The good news is that a flu shot can reduce your chances of catching influenza.

Bargain hunters: If you shop around, you just might find a pharmacy that will also provide an added incentive for getting your arm stuck.

And while thinking about preventative measures, consider cutting down your chances of encountering pneumonia. When combined with the flu, the twosome is the fifth leading cause of death in this country. But pneumonia is preventable. Yup, they’ve come up with a vaccine and strongly recommend it for those under two and over 65 and other vulnerable types.

Here’s an idea. If you’re going to get a flu shot in one arm, why not get a pneumonia shot in the other arm. After all, you don’t want one arm to feel left out.