Grovel Alert: 31st Attorneys Serving The Community Luncheon

It’s getting down to the bare nitty gritty. The 31st Attorneys Serving The Community Luncheon on Friday, June 23, at the Anatole is just a hair’s breadth from being filled to capacity. With “Hamilton’s” Christopher Jackson as the featured speaker for the event benefiting Junior Players, it’s no wonder.

Christopher Jackson*

According to Junior Players’ Executive Director Rosaura Cruz-Webb, “Junior Players is celebrating its nearly sold out status with a Luncheon Ticket Lottery in the spirit of Hamilton: An American Musical and Junior Players’ mission to provide free arts education programs. Through the Luncheon Ticket Lottery, people who are passionate about the arts can be ‘in the room where it happens’ to hear a star of Hamilton. This, of course, was inspired by the fabled Hamilton Ticket Lottery on Broadway, in which theater fans can enter the lottery for a chance to get a pair of front row tickets to Hamilton for $10 a person. A Hamilton for Hamilton.”

The ASC Luncheon Ticket Lottery will take place on Thursday, June 15, at V-Eats Modern Vegan at Trinity Groves. Lottery entrees will start at 6 p.m. with the drawings taking place at 7:30. Here’s the trick — if your ticket is pulled, then you “will be able to receive the ticket for an optional donation of $10.” Adding to the pluses of winning, two of the ticket winners will have the opportunity to meet Christopher.

The lottery event is open to the public with V-Eats providing food and drink specials with 15% of orders benefiting Junior Players. For entertainment, there will be performances by the Junior Players, of course.

But if you’re not feeling all that lucky, then go ahead and get one of the few remaining seats here.

* Photo provided by Junior Players

“Hamilton” Lyricist/Composer/Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Shared His Interest In Alexander Hamilton At The Nasher Salon Back In 2012

Back in March 2012 the Nasher Sculpture Center was still hosting its Nasher Salon. On this occasion they had a fellow from New York in. The crowd wasn’t as big as those for Kevin Bacon and Kristen Chenoweth, but those in attendance walked out with stars in their eyes knowing that they had seen something remarkable.

Luis Miranda and Lin-Manuel Miranda (File photo)

Luis Miranda and Lin-Manuel Miranda (File photo)

The speaker was a young fellow who had been accompanied to Dallas by his father, Luis Miranda. While he wasn’t a Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence OMG-stop-me-in-my tracks type, there was something about him even from a distance that sparkled with “extra special.”

The chap was Lin-Manuel Miranda, who had just collected a Tony for his “In the Heights” production.

During his chat with SHN CEO Greg Holland, Lin mentioned that Alexander Hamilton had caught his eye. Seemed a bit strange for a hip-hopper like Lin to link with an American revolutionist Hamilton. He explained then that “after picking out the biggest, fattest biography he could find at Borders (remember Borders?), he’s working on The Hamilton Mixtape, a hip-hop album based on Hamilton’s life. According to Lin, Hamilton lived the American Dream before there was an America. Same fights they had then, we’re still having: size of government, etc., on Fox and MSNBC. Fights were bitter and personal. Sex/drugs/murder — hip hop.”

Fast forward: Today’s the hardest ticket to buy on Broadway is “Hamilton.” Yup, you guessed it. Lin not only wrote the lyrics, but he also composed the music and is currently starring in the musical.

BTW, you’ve got to see how Lin and Hamilton chorus celebrated the 40th anniversary of “A Chorus Line.”

If you can’t make it to NYC or wait until ticket availability in the fall of 2016, then enjoy Lin celebrating his marriage to Vanessa Nadal back in 2010. It’s simply joyous! BTW, the twosome added a son, Sebastian, to their productions in 2014.