The Great Girl Scout Cookie Debate Nearly Results In An Elf Brawl

The debates have not ended! The MySweetCharity espresso barroom was the scene of a near brawl this afternoon. With her eminence Queenie sitting on her throne as judge, she listened to two teams of elves argue, complain and decry the lack of knowledge of the other group. At one point it got so ugly that one debater stuck his purple tongue out.

Girl Scout S’more*

Girl Scout Samoa*

The subject? Which Girl Scout cookies were better — old favorite Samoas (aka Caramel Delites) or the new cookie on the block S’mores? The S’mores team argued that there are S’mores and then there are S’Mores. The Samoas group claimed the other side was nuts not to love the coconut-laden Samoas.

Girl Scout Thin Mint*

At one point it got so ugly that one debater stuck his … that’s right … purple tongue out. Queenie had had enough and ordered a time out. After 10 minutes Elder Elf notified the old gal that it hadn’t worked. In fact the elf gallery was now complaining that both sides were wrong. Thin Mints topped the other two and they were staging a protest in front of the MSC headquarters.

Making a Solomon decision, Queenie told Elder, “Get me a crate of each and I shall make the final decision.”

Elder sought the request here to provide Queenie with crates of cookies. One can only suspect that Queenie’s New Year’s resolution of losing that 50 pounds was history, as she waddled to her chambers with a wheelbarrel filled with the boxes of cookies.

But don’t wait to learn Queenie’s decision. The Girl Scouts are officially kicking off sale of the cookies (Girls Scouts S’more, Thin Mints, Caramel deLites/Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, Shortbread/Trefoils, Do-si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich, Lemonades, Savannah Smiles, Thanks-A-Lot, Toffee-tastic and Trios) on Friday. They (the cookies, not the Scouts) can be ordered directly from a Scout or online.

Girl Scout cookie sales*

And look to downtown Dallas Friday night for dazzling signs of the great cookie takeover. The Bank of America Plaza will shine green and white; One Arts Place’s unique green square will dazzle; and the Omni Dallas Hotel will feature “the Girl Scout logo in green displaying the message, ‘Cookie Time.’”  

* Photos provided by the Girl Scouts

Diets Will Be Darned As The Girl Scouts Cookies Season Approaches

Scrub those diet plans, but don’t feel a pang of guilt. You’re doing it for a cause…a great cause. It’s the Girl Scout cookie season. Every cookie sold will contribute to the organization that is instilling leadership qualities in young women. Thanks to the cookie program, Girl Scout Cookie Professionals learn about “goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.” Gee, sounds like an incubator for CEOs.

Girl Scout Cookie Professionals*

Girl Scout Cookie Professionals*

And just in case your brain has been in sleep mode, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas has been making news on its very own with the creation of its STEM Center of Excellence.

Come on and admit it. You ran out of your fav cookies months ago and swore that you would really, truly stock up this year. So, why not save your pennies, make your list and prepare for the great Girl Scout cookie sales to get underway.

Six Girl Scoutt Cookies*

Six Girl Scoutt Cookies*

Just in case you don’t have a cookie professional in the household, you can check here to find your nearest fix. It’s so much easier than hunkering down in your kitchen and making your own. However, the Girl Scouts, being thoughtful and industrious, have provided recipes that are kissin’-cuzzins to the cookies like “Touch of Coconut Baklava,” “German Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Torte,” “Thin Mint Cupcakes,” “Peanut Butter Icebox Dessert,” “Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Pie,”  and “S’mores Frosted Crispy Bars,” to name just a few.

BTW, did you know “the first-known recorded version of a ‘s’mores’ recipes can be found in an official Girl Scout publication from 1927”? It was credited to Loretta Scott Crew and was originally called “some mores.” Bless Loretta for that one.

Since it doesn’t start officially until Friday, January 15, you can sweat off the holiday fat cells in preparation for the Samoas and Thin Mint huggable ounces.

* Graphics provided by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

MySweetCharity Elves Are OD-ing On Girl Scout Samoas Despite Dallas Morning News‘ Robin Plotkin’s Boo-Hoo Reviews

Girl Scouts cookie booth sales (File photo)

Girl Scouts cookie booth sales (File photo provided by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas)

Sorry to learn about The Dallas Morning NewsRobin Plotkin’s bad tastebud experience with the Girls Scout of Northeast Texas cookies annual sell-athon. On the other hand, the MSC elves have been acting like try-outs for a resurgence of “Breaking Bad” as they wallowed in Samoas.

OMG. It’s been so ugly around here. Elder Elf was forced to bring back a case of the chocolate-and-coconut cookies, only to have them gobbled up the moment the tops were ripped  open.

Note to Robin: You might want to have your tastebuds checked, or move over to the Samoa way of decadent chomping. It may not be healthy, but it’s fundraisingly wonderful and ends this month.

Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas Are Ramping Up To “Make Someone Feel Important” With Cookies

Like that nightmare of a blind date that your former best friend set you up on, diets can be a bore. Sure, both sounded great at first, but then reality set in.

We just knew that you needed a reason to be decadent and drop the New Year’s diet plan, so is your get-out-of-jail opportunity — Girl Scout Cookie Time!

On Friday, January 10, the cookies will be rolling in your direction. The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas will “sell, deliver and collect money” with cookies.

Yes, it is “an integral part of the Girls Scouts’ Business and Economic Literacy initiative for girls in grades K-12,” but let’s be honest. Like as honest as your scales are when you step on them — nobody needs to know but you why you bought a case of cookies. It’s the cookie factor of life. Yummy, hit-the right-taste bud, OMG delish factor that hits at killer times during the day.

Here’s the game plan:

  • Friday, January 10 — Door-to-door sales begin
  • Friday, January 17 — Booth sales begin
Mary Kay Entrepreneur patch*

Mary Kay Entrepreneur patch*

Ah, but there’s a new cookie player this year — Mary Kay! Adorable pink Mary Kay Entrepreneur patches will be earned by Girl Scout troops who have achieved “a goal of at least 50 packages during the 2014 Cookie Program.”

It seems only right since Mary Kay believed — “You should pretend everyone that you encounter has a sign around their neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ How do you think you customers want to be treated?’”

Ah, do you heard the sound of Samoas going and people feeling important? Then the Girl Scouts have just made another sale.

* Graphic provided by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas