JUST IN: 2017 ReuNight Honorary Chairs Include Such Dallas Icons As Andersons, Joneses, Kirks, Nasher-Haemiseggers And A Pickens

The 2017 ReuNight Co-Couple Chairs Jennifer and Richard Dix and Kristi and Ron Hoyl are taking full advantage of having The Family Place’s high-roller fundraiser at the legendary Statler on Wednesday, November 8. After all, the former hotel had been the site of some of Dallas’ most memorable galas way back when. Ah, memories! For instance, that October 20 night in 1973 when oil baron Ed Cox threw a little soiree for his daughter Chan Cox. The grand ballroom was turned into an undersea grotto with aquariums placed in the walls and Skitch Henderson and his orchestra performing in a pirate ship. Just around 10 p.m. the Jackson Five performed on stage to the delight of the thousand heavy hitters.

But over the years, the hotel was upstaged by newcomers like the Hilton Anatole, the Hyatt Regency, the Ritz Carlton and the Omni Dallas Hotel. The Statler fell upon hard times. But thanks to a recent gazillion-buckaroo renovation, she was rejuvenated into a multi-use, luxury high-rise complex with residences, hotel rooms, offices and restaurants.

Charlotte and Shy Anderson (File photo)

Gene and Jerry Jones (File photo)

While the Dixes and Hoyls had already scheduled “unofficial Statler mascot” Llinda Llee Llama … no, not the original, but one of her great, great grandllamas… to be available for photo opps with the 200 guests in the Statler Courtyard Garden, they weren’t satisfied. They wanted something to “pay homage to Dallas icons.” So, they set their sites on some local heavy-hitting headliners to serve as honorary chairs. Boy, did they land ’em — Charlotte and Shy Anderson, Gene and Jerry Jones, Ron Kirk and Matrice Ellis Kirk, Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger and T. Boone Pickens.

Ron Kirk and Matrice Ellis Kirk (File photo)

David Haemisegger and Nancy Nasher (File photo)

T. Boone Pickens (File photo)

Goodness! Talk about having folks who represent everything from sports and politics to retailing and energy. Makes perfect sense, since these are the elements that have made Dallas the powerhouse of Texas kingdoms.

The three-course dinner with wine pairings in the Grand Ballroom will be followed by a “curated live auction of luxury goods and trip packages.” Then it will be dancing on the original Statler dance floor and/or having a nightcap or two at Waterproof, the pool-deck bar.

Want to join the llama and other mamas and papas to support The Family Place? Here‘s where you can get your place at the dinner table.

Crystal Charity Ball Platinum Dinner Kicked Off The 2017 Fall/Winter Fundraising Season With Friends, Food And A Flourish Of Photos

Well, yahoo! The fall fundraising season of 2017 kicked off with a surprise refresh for an annual event! Once again the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show Platinum Dinner took place at the Dallas Country Club. But it had all types of adjustments and they were rewarded with a manicured thumbs-up.

Sure, the evening of Tuesday, September 5, had a hint of a cool front. But it also was the day after Labor Day weekend, which is considered a tricky situation for most event planners since folks are just settling back into their post-summer routines.

Ralph and Barbara Babb and Shelly Slater and Clay Huffstutter

But as the crowd gathered in the reception lobby, it became apparent that the fears were unwarranted. While the 10 Best Dressed proved their stuff, the rest of the 270 guests held their own fashionably, too. One of the first on the scene was Dallas Cowboy head man Jerry Jones, who was immediately surrounded by Comerica’s first couple Barbara and Ralph Babb and emcee Shelley Slater and husband Clay Huffstutter. About 15 minutes later Gene Jones arrived, all in black, and asked someone if she was the first Jones on the scene. When she learned Jerry was already in the ballroom, she registered surprise: “I told him to be here at 7:15, and he listened to me.”

Gene And Jerry Jones and Charlotte Jones Anderson

Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse

Daffan Nettle and Pam Perella

Lee Bailey told Mike Wyatt and Niven Morgan that after waiting months—or was it years?—she had a brand new steering wheel for her Rolls… Shelby Wagner was back from the family country place with Niven and Claire and Dwight Emanuelson. Claire claimed it was a great getaway, thanks to the property’s six dogs that kept things lively… Ola Fojtasek came with her mom Jacqueline Fojtasek and jeweler Ross Ameringer… Also returning back to north Texas were Annette Simmons and Jerry Fronterhouse. According to Jerry, “We were getting cabin fever in Carmel.” When asked if they were still in newlywed status, Jerry didn’t hesitate, “No longer. We’ve been married 16 months,”… Others who had just returned to North Texas were Ann and Matt Schooler, from Utah, and Lee Ann and Alan White, from Aspen. Said Alan of the Colorado town: “When I hang it up, we might go there to live.”

Gary and Cindy Turner and Ann and Matt Schooler

Jacqueline Fojtasek

Christi Urschel

From the left: (back row) Vicky Lattner, Michaela Dyer, Ann Dyer, Emilynn Wilson, Di Johnston and Susan Roberds; (front row) Beth Layton, Linda Secrest, Nancy Carter and Angie Kadesky

Chatting it up, this crowd would have been happy as ducks in Exall Lake with just the cocktail party, but the chimes called them to the ballroom, which had never looked better. CCB Chair Pam Perella, Event Chair Christi Urschel and event planner Tom Addis had set up the floor plan with the entire wall at the far end of the room draped in sheer white curtains, along with bigger-than-life individual photos of the 10 Best Dressed (Anita Arnold, Delilah Boyd, Katherine Coker, Janie Condon, Lisa Cooley, Tucker Enthoven, Pat Harloe, Julie Hawes, Amy Hegi, Piper Wyatt) and Hall of Famer Charlotte JA.

One 10 Best Dressed husband, upon spying the photos, chuckled that the photos of the husbands should be on the opposite wall.

When it came to sitting down, that exercise went into slo-mo until Shelly went on the PA advising all to settle down. Originally, WFAA’s Ron Corning had been slated to emcee the dinner. But just weeks before he had fallen in Santa Fe, resulting in a broken knee cap, surgery, cast/brace, crutches and rehab for weeks to come.

But Shelly’s call to chairs worked, and the show got underway, with Pam welcoming all and Ralph showing his and Comerica’s appreciation for the work of CCB.

Then Shelly introduced the 10 Best Dressed. As each woman stood, she was presented with a token of appreciation.

Shelly Slater

When it came time for the announcement of the Hall of Famer, Shelly first introduced past HoFers (Annette Simmons, Lee Ann White and Gene Jones). First announced was Lee Ann, who looked a bit startled upon hearing her name. She thought she was being called out, due to her talking with Gene during the introduction.

In a break from the program, Shelly told how she’d first met Charlotte. Looking at the Jones’ table on the front row, she then revealed that Jerry would be introducing his daughter.

Taking the podium, the Jones patriarch recalled having watched Charlotte caring tenderly for her babies year before, adding that, in order to gain the same empathetic feeling, “Every husband should have to be a father first.” 

Jerry Jones

Next Jerry looked at Charlotte and said, “You’ve been a part of the Dallas Cowboys since I fired Tom Landry!” (Then he murmured, jokingly, “I still can’t get a joke out of that.”) With that, though, he turned serious, remembering Charlotte’s important role in persuading NBC to televise the halftime, “Red Kettle” Salvation Army show during the Cowboys’ traditional Thanksgiving Day game broadcast. “That was probably the most important thing we’ve done as the Cowboys,” he added, “and we wouldn’t have gotten it done if not for you, Charlotte.” (Ever the businessman, he said that the TV time was probably worth $2 billion over the years.) Tearing up, Jerry said, looking at Charlotte: “We’re here tonight to honor you.”

With that, Charlotte, with husband Shy Anderson next to her, smiled and hugged her dad and received a standing ovation.

After that, the crowd settled down to a dinner of baby greens, shoestring cucumber, baby tomatoes, red onion, shaved Romano cheese and lemon thyme vinaigrette; grilled filet and herbed sea bass, roasted fingerling potatoes, cauliflower puree and heirloom carrots and wild mushroom ragout; and a dessert of chocolate caramel hazelnut gateaux.

For more photos of the evening, check MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

2016 Art Ball Auction Item #3: VIP Front Row Experience

In North Texas, not all art is confined to the AT&T Performing Arts District. There is a large number of folks who swear that Dallasites consider sports to be an art form. So, naturally 2016 Art Ball Live Auction Chair Trisha Wilson whipped up a live auction package that is strictly top-drawer sports for this Saturday’s Dallas Museum of Art fundraiser.

VIP Front Row Experience (Value: Priceless)

_MG_5714 Gene and Jerry Jones File photoEven if you don’t like sports, you’ll love making your friends envious as they see you where they only dream of being. For the Dallas Cowboys, the winner of this package will be joined by three guests in Gene and Jerry Jones’ personal box. And you just know what that means. Loads of top-notch food and beverages, pre-games festivities and appears by the Cowboys cheerleaders. And, of course, there will be exclusive access to the field, so you can wave at all of you buds in the stands.

For a Texas Rangers game, there will be box seats for 12. And instead of just taking home a program and selfies, the winner will have a Rangers shortstop Jurickson Profar autographed jersey and baseballs autographed by retired Rangers battling champ Michael Young, Rangers’ Manager Jeff Banister and retired Rangers catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.

As for the Dallas Mavs, no box seats here. No, siree. There will be four courtside seats and, of course, a lot of folks up in the stands wondering, “How come?”

The only problem with this package is that it will totally spoil you for future games. But why not spoil yourself or your favorite sports aficionado?

Compliments of Gene and Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys), Julie and Jim Turner (Dallas Mavericks) and Taunee Taylor (Texas Rangers)

* Graphics provided by the Dallas Museum of Art

Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas Deliver With Women Of (All Ages) Distinction, While Another Sweetheart Disappointed Elsewhere

There you go! It’s those times where you try to multi-task and you totally mess up. That’s how Wednesday, November 19th started off. Drat!

Alison Levine and Gene Jones

Alison Levine and Gene Jones

The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas’s “Women of Distinction” luncheon was a name-popping affair. Lifetime Achievement Awardee Gene Jones looked more spectacular than ever with white shredded-edge cuffs and collar. Such a fashion setter, the brunette showed off a couple of gams in black opaque stockings. Whoa! Those legs were joined by a bunch of others in black. Just shows that when the temperatures drop down, the stockings pop up on the scene.

Ashlee Kleinert and Nancy Ann Hunt

Ashlee Kleinert and Nancy Ann Hunt

Woman of Distinction honoree Nancy Ann Hunt was joined by dotter Ashlee Kleinert, but she soon found herself in conversation with the Dallas Women’s Foundation’s Ros Dawson and keynote speaker Allison Levine.

Both Gene and Nancy were pleased to see the upcoming generation of Girl Scouts represented by the 2015 Young Women of Distinction Hockaday senior Meredith Burke and The School for the Talented and Gift at Townview Center senior Cameron Wicks.

Meredith Burke

Meredith Burke

Cameron Wicks

Cameron Wicks

Over at a table Ruth Altshuler was trying to keep a low profile, but forget it. She soon found herself chatting with young Girl Scouts, Bobby Lyle and Luncheon Chair Elizabeth Gambrell.

Katy Menges was your typical proud mama bear. Her daughter Lyric Menges was on target for her Girl Scout goals, just like her mom.

Couldn’t stay for the luncheon because of another one taking place at the Winspear. But due to “restrictions” that one got scratched for coverage. It seems that the headliner‘s handlers put a kibosh on photos during the grip-and-grin come together. Too bad. She didn’t look that bad from afar.

Boo-hoo! Should have stayed at the Girl Scouts. Evidently Alison was a memory maker and user-friendly by one and all.

BTW, if you saw all that brouhaha about the Girl Scouts going digital in selling cookies, relax. The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas are going to take a pass on participating in the hi-tech program this year. According to sources, they “will evaluate phase one of the Digital Cookie platform at the end of the current cookie season and make a decision about its implementation in our council for the 2015-2016 season.”

So, the traditional booths and direct door-to-door sales will continue for the upcoming season that starts January 15, 2015, with the addition of new flavors Rah-Rah Raisins and gluten-free Toffee-tastic.

Super Bowl XLV Wrap Up: Private Party At Victory Center, Hilary Swank in Preston Hollow, Maxim Party At Fair Park And Passby At Grey Goose

It’s the final day of the media search for VIP encounters before the Super Bowl. After the Prince concert debacle, the media is a bit on edge on who is in town and who isn’t. Rumors are flying that Brad and Angelina are holed up in a Beverly Drive mansion. The thought of trick or treating along Beverly passes quickly. Am hearing that the big blowout events with mega stars are proving to be busts. Stars are showing up late and only staying for a scant few minutes, if they show at all. Makes Friday night’s Audi Forum all the more precious. But tonight’s roster is stellar. The first one is a private party given by PlainsCapital first couple Lee Ann and Alan White where no cameras are allowed. Second one is at Lillie and Phil Romanos’ estate in Preston Hollow hosted by Hilary Swank for The Giving Fund. It was ranked as #1 last Super Bowl by ESPN. The last official event of the evening is Maxim‘s Party Powered by Motorola which is considered the hot party that some media outlet claimed last year as THE party. If there are two seconds to rub together, will hit the Grey Goose Lounge where Jeremy “Entourage” Pivens is holding court. Celebrity hunting season is closing tonight with guaranteed WOW opportunities.

Follow the jump to find out how swell searching ended with frost-bitten fingers. [Read more…]

Gene And Jerry Jones Added Hearts Of Texas Reception To Their Super Busy Agenda

You would think Gene and Jerry Jones (pictured right with Gene Jones) had enough swirling around in their ho-hum lives last Wednesday. Not only do they have something called the Super Bowl coming up, they had just learned that President Obama might be dropping in for the football rumble at Cowboys Stadium.

So it was no surprise that they were just a little late in arriving home at their party for the Volunteer Center of North Texas reception honoring the Hearts of Texas Awards Luncheon recipients (Linda Custard, Interstate Batteries and the Episcopal School of Dallas). Why shoot! With their right-hand Gal Friday KJ coordinating the arrangements, they knew everything was under control.

After driving through friendly but official security at the gate, guests were greeted by co-host Elaine Agather (pictured left with Bill and Linda Custard) at the front door. She seemed to know everyone of the 85+ guests on sight without hesitation but with a hug. Charles Wyly was sans Dee and had to leave early to join Dee for a friend’s birthday celebration at Cafe Pacific.

Gene compared notes with Dr. Bobby Lyle, who had gone to Philadelphia with Jones daughter Charlotte, where she chaired her first meeting of the national Salvation Army. Gene told Bobby, “Charlotte is really counting on your help for the Salvation Army.” She got a big, old Bobby smile of assurance in return.

Over in one corner, Communities Foundation’s Brent Christopher introduced Phyllis and Richard Bernstein to a guest saying, “We’re very grateful that Richard and Phyllis are so generous.” To this comment, Richard, who is a big supporter of the Volunteer Center, chuckled, “It gets me into Jerry Jones’ house!”

And what a house it is. Not surprisingly, many guests found their way to the library. Why? That’s where they saw the three Cowboys’ Super Bowl trophies and rings on display. The rings themselves look more like mega tiaras for Barbie.

While the Super Bowl riches seemed to stand out among the many Jones treasures, they weren’t the only “WOWs!” in the room. For instance, the night’s sky was painted on the ceiling. An insider claimed that interior designer Sherry Hayslip had had it painted with the position of the stars the night the Joneses bought the Cowboys.

However, not everything in the library revolved around the Cowboys. Over in a corner on an easel was a document signed by Thomas Jefferson, who had absolutely no connection with the Cowboys. So don’t get the impression that the house is a glorified Cowboys Stadium suite. Ah, far from it.

Artwork was in abundance without being too much through every inch of the place, creating a perfect setting. Ross Perot was standing near the kitchen, waiting for a cup of decaf coffee and looking at some of the incredible artwork. . . .Caroline Rose Hunt (pictured) found a comfortable spot in the living room to visit with friends. She reported that she was going to the doctor the next day “for the last time” for her wrist. Recalling her dear friend Charles Simmons, who died earlier this month, Caroline said that when they first met he said, “I’m retired, but I’m not idle.” She then told a friend that she had received many notes and cards of support after his death, and thought at one point, “Charles, I wish you could see these.” The friend said, “I bet he could.”

With the help of KJ’s sounding the dinner chimes, Elaine took her place on the winding staircase and told the crowd about the upcoming Feb. 23 luncheon at the Hilton Anatole.

To kick things off, Elaine announced that co-chair Jan Pickens’ (pictured right with Bob Pickens) was especially memorable since it was also her birthday.

Elaine then attributed her own involvement in “Hearts of Texas” to her other co-chair Ruth “Mrs. Dallas Philanthropy” Altshuler. She recalled how Ruth called her saying, “You might want to help us with the Volunteer Center.” As usual, Ruth and husband Ken shook their head as if they had minimal involvement.

With Volunteer Center CEO Julie Thomas (pictured) looking on with pride, Elaine moved on to reminding the group of the people and organizations that would be honored at the luncheon.

Then it was back to chatting with the Super Bowl on the tongues of many. Nancy Halbreich, who swore she would be watching it on TV, was weighing the situation if the Chicago Bears were involved. Husband Jeremy is the CEO/Chairman of Chicago-based Sun-Times Media (as the Chicago Sun-Times).

Gene admitted that the “Super Bowl is taking on a life of its own. Now with the president; I don’t know if they’ve ever had a president and former president. . .” and raised her eyes to heaven.

(Editor’s note: Thanks to research by Alan “Dimples” Peppard, whose birthday is Tuesday, it was discovered that the NFL claims that no sitting president has ever attended a Super Bowl. Happy birthday, Alan!)

Just in the nick of time, Jerry (pictured) arrived after entertaining the leaders of North Texas Super Bowl XLV committee at Cowboys Stadium. But no complaints. When Jerry arrives, the air crackles with energy.

JJ said, “We’re a five-star event with Homeland Security just for the Super Bowl. What are we if the president comes? Would be off the Richter scale.”

When pressed about rumors on a pre-Super Bowl announcement regarding the naming rights for Cowboys Stadium, he said, “No, nothing to announce.” But he didn’t discount the possibility.

But all the talk of a sitting president attending the North Texas Super Bowl turned out to wishful thinking when the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears Sunday. Oh, well, guess they’ll just have to settle on a former president to be in attendance.