A Human’s Holiday Celebration Is A Pet’s Night Of Fear And Anxiety

This Fourth of July promises to have clear skies just perfect for firework displays throughout the North Texas area. Why you may not even have to leave your mansion to hear the ka-booms and see the flashes overhead.

Anxious pooch (File photo)

But while such a sight is breathtaking and all in the best spirit, the sounds and sights can be devastating for some… like pets.

According to Lost Dogs of America, more dogs “run away from home over the Fourth of July holiday than any other.” 

Here are some tips to prepare for that “just in case” situation:

  • Make sure your pet is microchipped and, most importantly, that its registration is current.
  • Do not take your pet to Fourth of July festivities.
  • Take your dog for a walk during the day. The cat doesn’t need to take a stroll.
  • If you’re set on taking the pooch to a parade, remember the pavement is going to be hot. So, walk and have them sit on a grassy spot and bring along some water. You may not get thirsty, but you’re not wearing a fur coat.
  • Secure them in an indoor crate with the TV and/or music playing, preferably in a room with window shades down.
  • The ASPCA has provided a free app to help you locate your pet, just in case the night results in their running away from home.
  • Ask your vet for advice specifically on how to deal with your animal companion’s anxiety.

BTW, have a current photo of your pet? Even if you don’t have a camera, you can take a cellphone picture. It will be vital if your pet does make a mad dash, so that you can immediately post on social media as well as distribute handouts.

Today’s Birthday Will Require No Gifts

Golly, it’s a scary time to be breathing air. World markets are panicky over the European Union. Terrorists are turning a Muslim holiday period into a terrifying time. Sharks have been scoring big numbers in the ratings. Even mosquitoes are making Olympic participants have second thoughts.

But things haven’t really changed. There have always been challenges.

Fireworks (File photo)

Fireworks (File photo)

It was 240 years ago today that a group of white fellas in breeches and waistcoats were facing certain death by signing their “John Hancocks” to a document that had treason written all over it. Representing the 13 colonies, they didn’t have the conveniences of jet travel, high-tech communications or even air conditioning. Why, they hardly knew each other! And some of them didn’t particularly care for the others. They came from different backgrounds with varying degrees of education and knowledge. But they shared one thing and that was the desire to be free.

And while this “declaration for independence” wasn’t a perfect statement for all human rights, it served as a foundation for eventual equality for all people.

Tonight when the fireworks dazzle the evening’s sky, remember that 240 years ago this country experienced a painful struggle with similar flashes of light. Only these were cannons giving birth to a nation that most never thought would last.

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth Of July For The 242nd Year In A Row

Old Glories

Old Glories

Birthdays are celebrated with candles on cakes and party favors. The United States does it with fireworks and flags.

Happy 242 years!

Holidays Ain’t So Wonderful For Critters

After all these years, it’s finally happened. The 4th of July is taking place on a Friday. Translation: Very long weekend starting with parades, flags and fireworks on Friday.

Why Addison’s Kaboom Town is even getting a head start by exploding the sky with dazzling lights Thursday evening!

Find your fav spot to park your car and watch the skies fire up with sparkling fireworks.

Concerned canine

Concerned canine

On the other hand, your four-legged companions aren’t going to take kindly to all those flashing light high above. For all they know, it’s the dramatic end of the world. Check with your vets about how to handle the situation.

If you’re late to the game, the Emergency Animal Clinic will be up and available for your needs. This group of vets and techs is simply remarkable in handling holiday and after-hour calamities.

Today We Celebrate Our Legacy

Sorry to be a bit MIA, but we’re watching a marathon day of “John Adams” and “1776.” They both remind us that the birthing of this nation 236 years ago was gutsy, daunting and world changing.

Thank you, founding fathers and mothers. Your great-great-great grandchildren continue to be blessed by your courage, sacrifices and wisdom.

MetroPCS Fair Park Fourth Solves A Lot Of Problems For A Wednesday Holiday

MetroPCS Fair Park Fourth*

Alas, the Fourth of July falls right in the middle of the week. Translation: No three-day weekend getaway. Shoot. But not to worry. You can save on gas and time by just heading over to Fair Park for the MetroPCS Fair Park Fourth.

The hoop-la isn’t limited to the free fireworks show sponsored by Gold Metal Recyclers in the Cotton Bowl that commences at 9:30 p.m. Starting at 4:30 p.m., the Friends of Fair Park have arranged for a plethora of activities including a patriotic program featuring the Dallas Wind Symphony under the direction of Don McKinney, live music, kids activities, carnival games, “dancing water” shows and more. (Warning: The dancing water show in the Esplanade Fountain is for watching, not joining in.)

Tom Lea mural at Hall of State (File photo)

And the best part is that admission to Fair Park’s six museums (African American Museum, Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park, Dallas Historical Society/Hall of State, Museum of Nature & Science, Texas Discovery Gardens and Texas Museum of Automotive History) is reduced from 4:30 to 7 p.m. So you can check out Fair Park’s treasures in air-conditioned surroundings and avoid the July heat.

As for the eating part, you can bring a picnic or buy food from concessionaires, but no alcoholic beverages or glass bottles are permitted. Oh, and leave your “firearms” and fireworks at home.

MetroPCS is the title sponsor of Fair Park Fourth. Other sponsors are Ben E. Keith Beverage Company, Budweiser, Gold Metal Recyclers, Baylor Healthcare Systems, Coca-Cola and Green Mountain Energy. Media partners are WFAA, Univision 23, Al Dia, The Greensheet, 98.7 KLUV, K104, Smooth R&B 105.7, La Que Buena 94.1 FM, 1270 AM La Voz del Pueblo, and 90.9 KCBI.

So, after you check out your favorite 4th of July parade, head on over to Fair Park for some priceless “cheap” thrills.

* Graphic provided by Friends of Fair Park

MySweetCharity Check List For July 4th Holiday Weekend

MySweetCharity’s Queenie has been playing “1776” over the PA system at the MSC headquarters since the doors opened this morning. Not only did she demand that the MSC elves perform a sing-along, she’s planning to continue playing the musical for the rest of the holiday weekend.

The good news is that Queenie notified the elves that if each came up with a holiday tip for the MySweetCharity community, they could escape. . . uh, leave. (WARNING: Queenie will remain in the office with her music playing just in case some generous person announces that s/he is giving a sizable donation to a nonprofit.)

Here’s the list to keep everyone a little safer, sounder and more dazzling.

First, let’s start with the “Duh Items”:

  • Make friends with a designated driver. They’re the most priceless thing in the world during a holiday weekend. Tell them that you’ll pick up their tab for dinner, if they’ll stay perfectly sober.
  • Check on elderly neighbors and relatives. They don’t handle heat well, but then who does? Still. . .
  • DO NOT leave your munchkins or pets in the car for one iota of a second. Yes, we hear that every year and it’s so “Duh!”, but already one of the police dogs died in Greenville from such a situation.
  • Speaking of pets, be prepared. There are going to be fireworks every night. You may like them, but animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) don’t realize it’s all

    Horses before 4th of July fireworks

    in fun. They see them as a terrorist attack. Think ahead of time and check with your vet on how to reduce the anxiety factor. Also, put your emergency vet clinic’s phone number on speed dial.

Next, consider the “Stay Healthy and Beautiful Items”:

  • Buy and slather on sunscreen. Even if you want a deep tan, you don’t want skin cancer and/or future skin that looks like hard-worn alligator boots.
  • For every glass of alcohol or soda, drink a glass or two of water.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses. You’re just too cute to suffer from sunburned scalps and dry eyes. What’s that? Unless you’re hairless on top, don’t use sunscreen on the top of your head. It’s pretty darn messy and you’ve never been known for that.
  • Pest spray: The mosquitoes have been behaving themselves so far, but they just might be holding back for a 4th of July smorgasbord and you’re a tasty little morsel.
  • If you’re roughing it and taking an ice cooler, put a damp rag in a plastic bag. When you start getting a tad bit warm, take the rag out of the bag and put it on the back of your neck.
  • Blondes vs. Brunettes fans with fans

    Dig through your granny’s stuff and find her charming hand fan. If your grandmother was not a fan of fans, you can pick one up at places like Party City for less than $4. You would be amazed how good those old-fashion contraptions are and you don’t need a battery. At last year’s Blondes vs. Brunettes, the stands were awash with fans in action.

Finally, there are the “Giving Back Opportunities”:

  • Put a cooler filled with bottled water in your car. When you see someone working outdoors like a policeman or city worker, roll down the window and hand them a bottle.
  • Carter BloodCare would love to see your vain side. Oops, slight typo. Meant to say “veins.” Blood is so needed this time of year and it’s literally lifesaving. The Carter team will be holding “Addison 12 Hour Give” from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 4th at Addison  (east of Surveyor on Belt Line Road). And, no, you won’t have to fight the Addison Kaboom Town! crowds. That’s taking place the day before on July 3rd.
  • On the 4th, make your tip a little more so. Workers on holidays truly appreciate the extra change.
  • Speaking of gratitude, it costs absolutely nothing. . . not one penny. . . to thank people.

Today Is Quite A Day! Thank You, John And Tom

It was just 234 years ago today that the Declaration of Independence was signed.

It was just 184 years ago today that both  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died within hours of each other.

Today is a day to be remembered for a new nation’s birth and the passing of its fathers.