A Human’s Holiday Celebration Is A Pet’s Night Of Fear And Anxiety

This Fourth of July promises to have clear skies just perfect for firework displays throughout the North Texas area. Why you may not even have to leave your mansion to hear the ka-booms and see the flashes overhead. But while such a sight is breathtaking and all in the best spirit, the sounds and sights can be devastating for some… like pets. According to Lost Dogs of … [Read more...]

Today’s Birthday Will Require No Gifts

Golly, it’s a scary time to be breathing air. World markets are panicky over the European Union. Terrorists are turning a Muslim holiday period into a terrifying time. Sharks have been scoring big numbers in the ratings. Even mosquitoes are making Olympic participants have second thoughts. But things haven’t really changed. There have always been challenges. It was … [Read more...]

Happy Fourth Of July For The 242nd Year In A Row

Birthdays are celebrated with candles on cakes and party favors. The United States does it with fireworks and flags. Happy 242 years! … [Read more...]

Holidays Ain’t So Wonderful For Critters

After all these years, it’s finally happened. The 4th of July is taking place on a Friday. Translation: Very long weekend starting with parades, flags and fireworks on Friday. Why Addison's Kaboom Town is even getting a head start by exploding the sky with dazzling lights Thursday evening! Find your fav spot to park your car and watch the skies fire up with sparkling … [Read more...]

Today We Celebrate Our Legacy

Sorry to be a bit MIA, but we're watching a marathon day of "John Adams" and "1776." They both remind us that the birthing of this nation 236 years ago was gutsy, daunting and world changing. Thank you, founding fathers and mothers. Your great-great-great grandchildren continue to be blessed by your courage, sacrifices and wisdom. … [Read more...]