Round Robin October 29: 16th Annual Mission Ole And Stars And Stripes Film Festival Sponsors Party

Thursday, October 29, proved to once again return Thursday to its status as the busiest day of the week. Earlier in the day there were The Dallas Opera’s First Sight luncheon and fashion show at the Winspear and Mosaic’s 5th Annual Partners and Possibilities Luncheon at the Addison Conference and Theatre Center north of town. That was just the warm up for the evening’s … [Read more...]

First Sight Shoots Down The Stodgy Opera Image With Mulberry Pop-Up Shop, Flash Dancing Mob And Designer Fashions

The sun was shining and there was no need for furs unless the guests were really hungry to bring their fuzzies out of storage on Thursday, October 29. Many were still in recovery mode from the night before’s Neiman Marcus/NorthPark kiss-kiss, hug-hug celebration. Speaking of which, NorthPark’s Nancy Nasher may have channeled the Energizer Bunny Rabbit or had a clone made. … [Read more...]

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: The Dallas Opera’s First Sight

The Dallas Opera’s First Sight luncheon and fashion show at the Winspear has quickly given other similar fundraisers a run(way) for their money. The October 29th event presented by NorthPark had Mulberry fashions on the catwalk, plus five especially created designs representing TDO’s 2015-2016 operas. The opera house lobby was filled to the gills with ladies and gents nattily … [Read more...]

JUST IN: Dallas Opera’s First Sight Fashion Designers Revealed

One of the highlights of the Dallas Opera’s First Sight is the parade of knock-out “opera-inspired” fashions created by local designers. And from the list of designers slated to present at the Thursday, October 29th luncheon, it’s going to raise the standard once again. Here’s the list of designers and the operas that will inspire their creations: Geoffrey Henning — … [Read more...]

Round Robin October 23 (Daytime): First Sight And Encore Park Sculpture Wall Unveiling

Duh! Duh! Duh! That was the chorus being sounded by the end of Thursday, October 23. Too many places to go, events to cover and people to see. If something’s left out, it’s because memory cells were shot down during the day. First Sight Dallas Opera’s Keith Cerny has become the GNG of the Dallas Arts District. GNG? Good Neighbor Guy. Instead of hunkering down and acting … [Read more...]