Retiring Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan And Carol J. Adams Are Celebrated For 30+ Years Of Dedication To The Dallas Community

It’s hard to imagine The Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan and his wife Carol J. Adams retiring. For more than 30 years, they have been mainstays in the Dallas community, First Presbyterian Church Dallas (FPC) and its congregation and The Stewpot clients. Over the years, they have brought to light the challenges facing the homeless and providing means to help.

Bruce Buchanan and Carol Adams*

But that’s exactly took place amid a three-day celebration honoring the couple and ending Bruce’s 41 years as a Presbyterian minister.

Starting Friday, November 17, the clients and Stewpot staff honored Bruce with their tributes, program and farewell lunch at The Stewpot.

On the following evening,  Toast, Roast and Boast – a night of music, dinner, tears and laughter took place at The Statler with Bruce and Carol celebrating with their friends, family, past and present congregants and so many others from the citywide community.  Thanks to The Statler and the generosity of Fanchon and Howard Hallam and other underwriters, the evening was made possible.

The next day Bruce performed his last service as a Presbyterian minister on Community Ministries Sunday. Due to construction in the FPC sanctuary, the service was held at Scottish Rite Cathedral. Bruce’s and Carol’s sons, Doug Buchanan and Ben Buchanan performed the music for the service with their four-hand piano duo. Doug had been commissioned by FPC to write the anthem for the service in honor of his parents.

Mayor Mike Rawlings presented Bruce with The Dallas Proclamation from the Mayor’s office honoring Bruce’s service to the citizens of Dallas. The service ended with the congregation endorsing Bruce as Associate Minister Emeritus of FPC of Dallas.

With bagpipers playing, the congregation then marched from Scottish Rite Cathedral to Encore Park, where a reception was held with music, chili picnic and more tributes for Bruce and Carol.

The events were spearheaded by Amy Dresler, Margie and Ray Francis, Fred and Jan Hegi and Joan and Elvis Mason, along with The Stewpot and FPC staffs.

* Photo credit: Stephen Shore Photography

Brace Yourself — North Texas Giving Day To Dominate Thursday

If you’re emailbox has exploded with nonprofit reminders that Thursday is North Texas Giving Day, there’s good news and a warning.

North Texas Giving Day*

North Texas Giving Day*

First the good news: Within 36 hours the flood of activities and requests will turn into thank yous and there will be a year before the explosion reoccurs.

Now for the warning: Starting at 6 a.m. Thursday is going to busier than the day before a presidential election. But it will definitely be friendlier and more fun. There will be all types of events throughout North Texas and even more requests for donations.

It may seem like an overload, but please realize that more than 2,500 nonprofits are trying to accomplish two things:

  • Raise money that is dearly needed.
  • Raise awareness of their organizations and their missions. Believe it or not there are actually some nonprofits that even you might not have heard of (Darn! Hate ending that sentence with a preposition).
Joe and Jennifer Clifford (File photo)

Joe and Jennifer Clifford (File photo)

The Communities Foundation of Texas team has been working tirelessly for months to provide these nonprofits with a platform to achieve these two goals. Why even Jennifer Clifford has stayed just to help make it a record breaker! You did know that her husband First Presbyterian Church Dallas Rev. Joe Clifford has moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to head up Myers Park Presbyterian Church, where Jennifer will soon be headed.

So, forgive the deluge of emails and hoopla, but it’s all being done for the betterment of North Texas.

BTW, if you want to get even with the NTGD organizers, overload the donation online site. The MySweetCharity elves still giggle about 2011 when you blew the circuits with your kindness.