Faith And Liberty Will Never Be Near “Daddy” Again … Thank Heaven


How did the last 16 years slip by so quickly? So much has happened. An African American/Caucasian was elected president of the U.S. Social media replaced the major means of communications. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were sparkly newlyweds. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were sparkly newlyweds.

But two little sisters never knew any of this. They never attended high school. They never got the thrill of getting their driver’s license. They never had a date. Instead, they faced a horror that still rattles even the most scarred veterans.

Those little girls were Faith Battaglia and Liberty Battaglia. Faith was only 9 years old and Liberty was just 6. Like many kiddos, Faith and Liberty were going through a state of familial transition. There had been loud voices in their home that had led to their Mommy being hurt and Daddy packing up his stuff. But it wasn’t for a business trip or an overnight sleepover. Daddy had moved to a loft in Deep Ellum. It wasn’t like their home with their yard and neighbors. But it had to do with their parents working things out.

Part of the deal was for Faith and Liberty to live with Mom and visit with Daddy.

But on Wednesday, May 2, 2001, that “visit with Daddy” became an ordeal that turned stomachs of even the toughest types and to this day still haunts all who recall first hearing about the murders.

Daddy terrorized his wife by calling her up and torturing her, with little Liberty asking, “Why are you trying to put Daddy in jail?” Faith’s screams were heard in the background as she witnessed Daddy shooting obedient Liberty. Their mother helplessly heard Daddy aim and silence Faith’s screams of horror. What were the girls’ final thoughts? Confusion? Pain? Terror? Betrayal? All those and so much more.

Daddy then left his dead daughters and headed to a tattoo parlor to have a needle brand two roses on his arm in their memory.

Tonight Daddy had another needle inserted. He claimed that he would join Faith and Liberty. No, he will never join them. There is a very special place in hell for this Daddy.