Equest Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon And Style Show Ponied Up With Fashions, Awards And Laughs Thanks To Chair Beth Thoele

Beth Thoele and Angie Kadesky

There are those rare people in fundraising who literally break the ice much to the delight of others with their oops and refreshing spontaneity. On Tuesday, October 3, Equest Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon Chair Beth Thoele rose to the pinnacle of those ranks of endearment.

Initially, it was a challenge with the weather. One guests swore, “Houston shipped their humidity up here.”

Equest team

Still, the ladies marshaled on as they checked in at the club’s porte-cochere just past the Equest mini-ambassadors, Cisco and Dare, and the dapper riders on their steeds. While the equine set was quite content on the club’s lawn, the guests like Equest Board of Directors Chair Andy Steingasser, Sarah LosingerCara French, Melinda Rathke, Nuz Morshed, Allison Presser, Stacey Walker, Emilynn Wilson and Joanna Clarke discovered rows of beverages awaiting them. One gal announced, “There’s a mimosa with my name on it.”

Inside the club, the ballroom was filling to the max with the likes of Equest Women’s Auxiliary President Angie Kadesky, Equest Executive Director Lili Kellogg, Sarah Losinger, Lisa Cooley, Linda SecrestJennifer Dix, Pam Perella, Leslie Diers, Christie Carter, Claire Emanuelson, Amy Hegi, Libby Hegi, Leigh Anne Haugh, Jennifer Swift and Vicki Howland.

Nuz Morshed, Melinda Rathke and Allison Presser

Leslie Diers, Pam Perella, Christie Carter and Claire Emanuelson

But according to schedule, the infamous voice over the PA system stressed the need to get guests in chairs, which this crew did.

Considered the little sister of the Crystal Charity Ball (perhaps that’s because so many past chairs, presidents and attendees are CCB-ers), there was a certain panache in the air.

Robyn and Don Conlon

Unlike the week-ago KidneyTexas Runway Report with celeb emcee Ron Corning with a glittery crutch and KLUV’s Jody Dean raising funds with a live auction, this one is traditionally as proper at your grandmother’s thank-you notes. Instead of a live auction or the fearful shout-out for funds, there is just a certain simplicity that keeps things a-going.

Reins of Hope scarf

 After Equest Women’s Auxiliary President Angie Kadesky introduced Tova Sido for the invocation, Beth arrived at the podium to present Honorary Chair Robyn Conlon with her husband Don Conlon at her side and daughters-in-law Marybeth Conlon and slowly-becoming-blonde Megan Conlon.

Elisa Summers and Heather Washburne

Beth then announced that a one-of-a-kind scarf had been created by Katherine Coker celebrating Equest and would be on sale at the lunch for $150. She then introduced Mother of Equest Women’ Auxiliary Founder Louise Griffeth, who reported that despite last year’s anonymous matching offer, they were gearing up to top that number for the Equest Hooves for Heroes and other programs supported by Equest. The 2017 Equest Awards for Community Service Co-Honorees/sisters Elisa Summers and Heather Washburne were presented Tiffany boxes by a couple of hunky dressage-attired fellas.

But this year there was an unplanned twist. It was Beth. Sure, she had a script, but it didn’t always go as planned. For instance, in announcing that she was handing over the “reins” to 2018 Luncheon chair Heather Randall, she said, “Good luck.” But there was a slight tone in Beth’s voice that resulted in the crowd busting out in laughter. Beth quickly recovered saying that she meant really, sincerely good luck. The laughter only continued.

Veronica Beard fashion

Hadleigh fashion

Lela Rose fashion

Escada fashion

Etro fashion

Market fashion

Carolina Herrera fashion

Then it was on with the show with fashions from HP Village merchants Veronica Beard, Hadleigh’s, Lela Rose, Escada, Etro, Market and Carolina Herrera. Naturally, the willowy, poreless models were upstaged by the adorable munchkins in Hadleigh’s fashions.

The show was well edited with HP Village merchants videotaping their merchandise on the catwalk.

So as the guest adjourned to their tables, what was the talk of the day? St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon Co-Chair Nancy Gopez was receiving congrats on moving the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of North Texas fundraiser to NorthPark Center… Table talk was about what TV shows were being watched — “Game of Thrones,” “Rain,”  etc. ….Tanya Foster was snapping shots of The Garden Gate centerpieces with a spanking new iPhone 8 Plus. Seems husband Pete Foster was using Tanya as sort of a guinea pig and was holding out for the iPhone 10… Lisa Ogle was writing a check for a scarf or one of the centerpieces…Mary Meier-Evans had to duck out early and get back to work at Sons of the Flag.

Despite all the festivities and laughter, no one knew that in the days preceding, red-haired Beth had been masterfully juggling another life issue… her mother-in-law had been in hospice and died the weekend before. But that is Beth. She champions on with compassion and without a glimmer of self-pity.   

For more photos of the fashions and faces, check out MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Equest Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon And Style Show

Beth Thoele and Angie Kadesky

During the fundraising luncheon circuit, some guests get jaded by the very scripted and rehearsed speakers at the podium. On Tuesday, October 3, at Brook Hollow Equest Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon and Style Show Chair Beth Thoele received great vibrations as her refreshing and off-the-cuff remarks broke the guests into smiles, chuckles and one really big laugh.

Elisa Summers and Heather Washburne

Robyn and Don Conlon

Following Beth, the awards presentation of the Community Service Award to sisters Elisa Summers and Heather Washburne and recognizing Honorary Chair Robyn Conlon, the runway was filled with an array of Highland Park Village fashion curated by fashion producer Jan Strimple.  

Veronica Beard fashion

Hadleigh fashions

Lela Rose fashion

Escada fashion

Etro fashion

Market fashion

Carolina Herrera fashion

While the post is being prepared, check out the peeps and fashion at MySweetCharity Photo Gallery.

Equest Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show And Luncheon List Of Highland Park Village Merchants Participating In The Annual Fundraiser Revealed

Equest Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show and Luncheon Chair Beth Thoele just revealed the list of Highland Park Village merchants for the Equest fundraiser “Reins of Hope” at Brook Hollow on Tuesday, October 3.

Lela Rose (File photo)

Hadleigh Shaikh (File photo)

Equest finale (File photo)

Six of ’em are returning with the latest fashions of the season — Carolina Herrera, Escada, Etro, Hadleigh’s, Lela Rose and Market. Joining the veteran retailers will be first-timer Veronica Beard.

The fashion show will be produced by Jan Strimple with Robyn Conlon serving as honorary chair.

Zoo To Do Guests Had A Hoot Of A Time At Escada

There are party animals and then there are party animals. And when the Zoo To Do crowd makes up the guest list, there are bound and determined to be some of the Dallas Zoo’s ambassadors among the group.

Carol Glendenning, Diane Brierley, Cassie, Carol and John Levy

Carol Glendenning, Diane Brierley, Cassie, Carol and John Levy

Flighty fella

Flighty fella

On Tuesday, May 17, the two-legged types and critters gathered at Highland Park Village’s Escada salon. Since husbands/Zoo To Do’s Silver Safari Co-Chairs Don Brierley and Don Glendenning had other commitments, their better halves (aka Diane Brierley and Carol Glendenning) joined fellow Co-Chair John Levy and his wife Carol Levy and other guests like Lee Bailey and former Escada GM Melissa Rathke to check out the fashions and food benefiting the zoo.

While the humans arrived via the front door, the ambassadors snuck in through the back entrance. Don’t you just know those celeb types are always sneaking in side doors to avoid the paparazzi?

One of the literal highlights of the occasion was the owl, who upon spying the table of appetizers decided to take flight for the spread. Thanks to his handler Cassie’s leash, his airborne antics didn’t ruffle any food, fashions or feathers except his.

Results Are In: KidneyTexas Luncheon

Kidney Texas Luncheon chair Emilynn Wilson has been promising the results of September’s KidneyTexas luncheon at the Dallas Country Club for ages. But she wanted to make sure every penny was counted and even then she double-checked that total a couple of times.

Finally, she announced the results Tuesday at Highland Park Village’s Escada surrounded by friends, fans and beneficiaries —$190,558 to be “disbursed” among UT Southwestern, Children’s Medical Center and Camp Reynal.

Kyra Barnett, Stephen Pottoore, Emilynn Wilson, Dyann Skelton, Thanh Tran, Mark Edwards, Ellen Haynes, Amanda Billings, Kern Wildenthal

BTW, here’s a note about how photos are taken among the well-heeled sets: Name tags are verboten when being photographed. Everyone is assumed to know everyone, don’t you know. So, when the photogs line folks up to be “shot,” name tags are slapped on the back. Now you know, as if you hadn’t already been slapped on the backside. Wink, wink.

Another note of interest: When it comes to having a hands-on involvement, Emilynn is the real deal. Not only did she supervise the luncheon, she borrow the tableclothes from a “dear friend” and had them laundered meticulously before returning them. Emilynn wanted the occasion to be special even down to the linens.

Despite Tornadoes Hitting Area, KidneyTexas Kicks Off “Ladies Who Luxe” Plans For Fashion Show and Luncheon

With tornadic weather engulfing the Dallas area, the KidneyTexas gals proceeded with their announcement party at Escada Tuesday night.

Here’s the scoop: This year’s theme will be “Ladies Who Luxe” with Emilynn Wilson chairing the fashion show and luncheon at the Dallas Country Club on Monday, September 17. Honorary Chair will be Dr. W. Phil Evans, clinical professor of Radiology at UT Southwestern, the George and Carol Poston Chair in breast cancer research at UT Southwestern, 2012 president of the American Cancer Society. . . and a kidney cancer survivor.

Beneficiaries will be Children’s Medical Center and Camp Reynal of National Kidney Foundation of North Texas.

Fashions will be presented by Escada. Duh! That’s why they had the announcement party there, silly.

Salvation Army Auxiliary Celebrates Escada’s New Look And “Friendly” Price Tags

Escada interior

Despite Tuesday night’s rain burst the debut of Escada‘s refreshed boutique in HP Village was a home run. While a drenched valet made sure the guests suffered nada a raindrop, the elegant interiors of the couture store were elegant and a perfect backdrop for some pretty stellar clothes.

Barbara Sypult

Checking things out were guests of the Salvation Army Auxiliary, who know their fashions. Barbara Sypult was just back from Mexico and in a bright green Escada jacket. . . that she bought at the annual Salvation Army sale a couple of years ago. Over browsing through the rods of outfits was Joyce Fox who admitted that she was rather taken back by the very pleasing-on-the-eye price tags.

Melinda Rathke and Patti Flowers

Escada store maven Melinda Rathke, sporting a new hairstyle from Frédéric Fekkai,  admitted that prices were very favorable to clientele in celebration of the re-opening. In addition, 10% of sales was being turned over to the Salvation Army.

Paul Buckter and Pam Busbee

Salvation Army luncheon chairs Pam Busbee and Patti Flowers were delighted that only was the sun coming out just as the Escada doors opened, but plans for the 20th annal Fashion Show & Luncheon on Monday, May 2, at Brook Hollow Golf Club were right on schedule.

Crystal Charity Ball’s New Members Receive Their Wands And Check Out Escada Fashions

It’s traditional that sorority pledges go through a program that both unites them and challenges their sense of humor before final initiation. From flying kites to being interrogated by upper classmen, they suffer through all types of experiences.

Debbie Oates

Evidently this routine is not part of the plan for the new members of the Crystal Charity Ball. For their official get together with the sisterhood, they didn’t have a Monday night dinner at the sorority house. Nope. They attended an Escada fashion show at Debbie Oates’s place in Preston Hollow. This was not the normal drill. Usually the annual show is held in the Escada shop in Highland Park Village, but due to renovations, there just wasn’t enough space.

Alas, even Debbie’s generously sizable place was challenged to accommodate all the women, both Crystal Charity Ball members and Escada models and personnel. So the Oates garage was transformed into a changing area complete with carpeting. Just imagine couture clothes, stylists and picture-perfect models dressing up in your garage.

Cordelia Boone, Connie O’Neill and Susan Farris

CCB Chair Connie O’Neill got things started by welcoming one and all with the adorable new pledges Janie Condon, Margaret Hancock, Paige Slates, Peggy Meyer, Kristina Whitcomb and Suzanne Droese seated in a row sans Kristi Hoyl, who couldn’t make it. She’ll probably have to write a review of this month’s Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to make up for it.

When Connie put a shout-out thank you to Debbie for hosting the event, there was no Debbie. A few minutes later, the hostess snuck in and admitted that she had been sampling the food provided by Lisa Garza.

Janie Condon, Peggy Meyer, Suzanne Droese, Nancy Carter, Emilynn Wilson, Margaret Hancock, Kristina Whitcomb and Paige Slates

Before the fashion show began, New Member Liasons Nancy Carter and Emilynn Wilson came forward with top hats and a multitude of wands. They called each of the pledges up to receive their wand to magically raise funds for CCB. Wouldn’t you just love to have one of those wands?

Escada model

Then it was time for the show. With Dallas Escada boutique manager Melinda Rathke watching from the

Peggy Meyer

sidelines, the show was underway with Escada’s Hector “the Latin from Manhattan” Carrasquillo describing details of each piece. The colors, fabrics and designs received high marks from the gals, especially newbie Peggy Meyers. She was wearing a jacket that was shown in the show.