La Fiesta De Las Seis Banderas Moms Celebrated The Gala’s French Flair At Chanel Dallas Boutique With Sips And Lipsticks

Making the rounds Thursday, February 23, was a killer. As awards were being handed out by Rainbow Days at the Bush Center, it was a scamper to Highland Park Village’s Chanel, where Chanel Dallas Boutique Director Pilar Bleakley hosted a reception for the mothers of the 2017 La Fiesta de Las Seis Banderas duchess and escorts. Can you say, “Blow out!”? La Fiesta Co-Chair … [Read more...]

Fajitas Under The Stars Had La Fiesta De Las Seis Banderas Guests Partying At Denise and Larry Wolford’s Backyard Oasis

Those who thought that North Texas had been evacuated due to the arrival of summer temperatures flirting with the three-digit plateau were dead wrong. And if they wanted proof, they just needed to try to maneuver their car along Lakeside around dusk on Friday, June 17. It was as tight a fit as bark on a tree. As one luxury SUV tried to negotiate the drive with cars parked … [Read more...]